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June 2020

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Plans change for 2020 After Prom By: Stephanie Brozovich Editor-in-chief As the world experiences a global pandemic, many changes were made to daily lives. For students, this included the cancelation of school for the rest of the spring semester, along with all spring events. One of the major events canceled was the 2020 Prom. It was originally scheduled for April 18, with an Arabian theme. After the outbreak of COVID-19, the event was canceled. “I’m okay with it,” senior Seth Osner said. “I get to make money and play video games.” With prom being canceled,

the question arises of what the plans will be for after prom. The original plans for afterprom this year included going to the YMCA and proceeding as normal. All the events and planning is done by parents on the Project Prom Committee, including the scheduling and financing of the event. After the event was canceled, the committee worked hard on planning what to do next. The board still intends to plan an event for the upperclassmen to attend as they had already received donations and purchased prizes. The YMCA has also helped out by refunding their money.

“I would be excited if it got rescheduled,” junior Lucy Boyles said. “I was excited to go to the YMCA, and I was really looking forward to the activities, prizes and food.” As plans are remade, the committee still is faced with uncertainty as they accommodate the governor’s orders. They are working on a date to set as soon as possible, depending on what the expectations and restrictions will look like later. The committee’s ultimate goal is to have the Prom Preview, a dance and dinner and the fun activities and prizes. “The juniors and seniors deserve a night of memories

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Pages by: Natalie Drouhard Design Editor and our goal is to try to make that happen,” Project Prom president Melissa Winter said.

At the 2019 After Prom, juniors Amy Zoglmann and Dawson Martin ride tricycles for a game. Last year’s After Prom was held at the high school with various activities put together by the Project Prom committee. Photo by Lexi Fisher

COVID-19 brings uncertainty for 2020 Graduation By: Rachel Ward Staff member Not only did COVID-19 cut the senior class’s year short, but it also leaves a lot of unknowns with graduation quickly approaching. CSHS graduation was originally scheduled for May 17, but the school board is having trouble making plans because of the social distancing guidelines and stay-at-home orders being lifted. On April 30, governor Laura Kelly announced her plans for slowly opening the state back up, and the school board hoped to get some answers on what they can and cannot do for the seniors’ graduation. Before this speech was given, many students

were concerned about the plans for graduation. “I hope [graduation] happens on May 17,” senior Mallory Gillespie said. “It doesn’t matter to me if it happens as a class or individually; I just want to get my diploma and move on.” With lots of mixed emotions on what should happen and the realistic side of what will happen, seniors are split between if they want a full-scale graduation or not. “I hope that at Laura Kelly’s speech she opens things back up so that maybe we can have a graduation,” senior Neal Zoglmann said. “I hope that we can have some sort of graduation even if it’s not the full scale. I hope that we can still have something.”

However, Kelly announced that graduations were not going to be the traditional graduation. Later, Superintendent Clay Murphy sent an email to both parents and seniors stating two graduation options, including individual ceremonies on the original date of May 17, but only a few days later on May 7, he emailed again following a virtual meeting with Gov. Kelly, canceling all ceremonies until May 18. The May 17 date was then rescheduled a week later for May 24. The current plan is June 21. Leading up to this date, the board will see if the restrictions on gathering have been lifted and if a normal ceremony can take place. Whatever it will look like, hard

work and planning is taking place to recognize students’ success. “What I was hoping to see--the Class of 2020 together--may not happen,” principal Brent Harrell said. “As disappointed as I am for that, I am still hopeful that individual students can be honored in some way to show them our appreciation for accomplishing such an amazing milestone in their lives.” This year’s competitors for valedictorian are Collin Koester, Joshua Koester and Amy Zoglmann. As final grades were entered, Joshua was awarded valedictorian and Zoglmann salutatorian.


COVID-19 Timeline

June 2020

First Case November

USA First Case January 20

March 7

Kansas Schools Online March 18

Large gatherings Prohibited

Phase One May 4

Kansas First Case

End Online School

March 17

May 15

Phase 1.5 Limited Graduation

May 18

May 23

Phase Two June 1

Project Prom June 6

Full Class Graduation June 21

Phase Out June 29

Phase Three June 15

COVID-19 Reactions

June 2020 Kelly Doffing “I thought it was just another virus so I wasn’t worried.”

Jaden Herndon “I was a bit surprised. I’m glad some things could be opened, but I feel like she [Laura Kelly] should have waited and that this might cause the amount of COVID cases to rise again.”

Austin Doffing “I didn’t really know what it was or how it could affect me.”

Taylor Schulte “I was devastated when I found out. I cried knowing none of us seniors would get our last sport seasons, prom and graduation.”

Brennon Hekel “Since I wasn’t in actual school, graduation didn’t feel real with online classes. It doesn’t feel complete.”

Carson Clum “I didn’t think it was a big deal until they started canceling events.”

Collin Koester “I was disappointed because it was our last chance as a class to have fun together and experience things like prom and sports.” Amy Zoglmann “I was kind of disappointed and shocked when I heard about not having the normal one. It was kinda sad also having to have limited family.”

Madison Pauly “I was excited at first. I think it’s fine how they’re having us choose our prizes, I’m just sad I won’t be able to participate because I’ll be working.” Peyton Winter “I think the current plan is a good idea because even though it could still be limited, we may have a chance of graduating together as a class and at least try and have a somewhat normal graduation.”

Karlee Osner “I hope the spread of coronavirus decreases so I can go to college this fall and get back to normal life.”



Senior Tori Kunz

Dragging Main

June 2020

Seniors Philip Ast, Kyler Alloway, Kaden Howard

Senior Brandon Solomon Junior Jonathan Wright, freshman Ben Ward, senior Thomas Snow

On May 16, seniors and community members dedicate a crusing main event to celebrate the graduates. Crusing main is an event that the community participated in every Saturday to come together during quaritine with COVID-19. Photos by Tatum Wykes

Senior Karlee Osner

Senior Seth Osner

Senior Amy Zoglmann and junior Dylan Martin

Senior Joshua Koester

Senior Cody Jones and alumnus Trenton Jones

Senior Rachel Ward

June 2020



Due to the outbreak of Covid-19, the Class of 2020 had two options for graduation. A ceremony would be held on two different dates, May 24 and June 21. Contributed photos

Seth Osner

Stephanie Brozovich Syndee Beal

Annette Berntsen

Peyton Winter

Tori Kunz

Kaden Howard

Sarah Salsbery

6 I, Kyler Alloway, will my smarts to Derrick Smith because he needs it. I, Kylie Ast, will my words of encouragement, positivity and the last of my energy to get through your senior year to my little sis Laci because she’ll need it. I, Philip Ast, will my rapping abilities to TK Maforo because he needs them badly. I, Bailey Barkley, will my artistic ability to Addie Barkley. I, Sydnee Beal, will my dignity to my sister Cassidy Beal. I, Annette Berntsen, will my luscious locks of golden hair to Mr. Harrell because… yeah. I, Stephanie Brozovich, will my flute skills and editing ability to Tatum Wykes because she’s gonna need it next year. I, Michayla Buck, will my smarts and tennis skills to Adrienne May because she’s an amazing person and I’m going to miss her. I, Austin Doffing, will my awesome tuba skills to Kade Bidwell; he’s gonna need it.

Senior Wills I, Kelly Doffing, will my signature dance wave to Ava Schulte so she keeps my tradition going. I, Jack Ebenkamp, will my Water pong skills to Heath Hilger because he cannot beat me and Joshua. I, Reagan Ebenkamp, will my ability to be funny to Lauren Mercer because she needs it. I, Austin Gibbs, will my meme knowledge to Isaac Meyers because he needs it

I, Mallory Gillespie, will my sass, sarcasm, attitude and ability to roam the hallways to Adrienne May so she can keep my spirit alive. I, Brennon Hekel, will my nickname “Jesus” to Owen Balman. I, Kaden Howard, will my sense of humor to Jonathan Wright, who is probably funnier than me already.

June 2020

I, Kara Koester, will my ability to win state tennis to Loren May.

I, Taylor Schulte, will my constant smiling to Lizzy Curry.

I, Adyson Koster, will my pink calculator to Colby Koster.

I, Wyatt Schulte, will my last second assignment clutch to Cole Schulte.

I, Victoria Kunz, will my ability to get swole to Laci Ast.

I, Brandon Solomon, will my ability to be myself to my brother Ian Solomon.

I, Jaylee Meyer, will my mom skills to Emma Zoglmann because she needs to keep everyone safe and always carry ibuprofen.

I, Jayden Stanley, will my yearbook Editor-inChief position to Cassidy Beal.

I, Karlee Osner, will my beauty to my brother Colby Osner, aka Cobo, because he always tells me he wishes he looked as good as me. I, Madison Pauly, will my ability to have energy to do homework and stay awake in the mornings to Lizzy Curry. I, Garrett Robinson, will my jump shot to Jose Robles so he can play basketball next year.

I, Collin Koester, will my quarterback abilities to Heath Hilger so he’s not better than me next year.

I, Megan Salsbery, will my ability to be on time to JoEleen Reep. I noticed she is late to class sometimes and I want to help her out.

I, Joshua Koester, will my pong skills to Colby Osner, so that maybe he will be able to beat me some day.

I, Sarah Salsbery, will my kindness to the underclassmen… some of them may not need it, but most of them do.

I, Rachel Ward, will my AR points to Ben Ward because his grade will need it. I, Peyton Winter, will my ability to make a fool out of myself during lip sync to Lance Pauly. I, Amy Zoglmann, will my smile to Emma Zoglmann because no one should have an RBF. I, Neal Zoglmann, will my memory to Sadie Schmanke because while it isn’t the best, maybe it’ll help her remember Stuco events and Scholars Bowl meets.

June 2020

Virtual Spirit Week



Students post pictures on social meda for Virtual Spirit Week. Stuco organized the event for everyone to participate in to continue to show their school spirit during the stay-at-home order.

Senior Neal Zoglmann

Senior Sydnee Beal and sophomore Cassidy Beal

Seniors Annette Berntsen, Nicole Campbell, Karlee Osner and Stephanie Brozovich

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Bus rides to

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Lip Sync

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especially Mo

le Day

Playing Super Smash Bros with my friends freshman year

Physical Science freshman year Bubbl the new dances e soc ng ni ar le d an e m t ti cer rs fi e th r fo p m ca them ith w hs ug la d Going to dance an s lk e best ta

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When I stall ed my car Making cards for the faculty and bus drivers at prom Sending that email about our lip sync es Jamming out on the car rides to football gam Transferring to Conway my senior year and getting to


know all the amazing people here

Running the four-by-fat with Annette and dropping the baton



After the cancelation of the 2020 Prom, students still dress up and take pictures in their outfits. The dance was canceled when all large gatherings were prohibited by governor Laura Kelly due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Contributed photos

June 2020

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