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Chairman’s Welcome Firstly, let me extend a warm welcome to the players, officials and supporters of Porthmadog Town FC to the Christiano Bernabéu Stadium for this afternoon's encounter; our first match in the Welsh Cup this year. Croeso cynnes i chi gyd. Mistakes are most often unwelcome in our (or any) business; about as welcome as flatulence in a crowded lift. In response, players are heard to howl (or worse) in frustration when mistakes are made, while coaches constantly try to eradicate the menace through ever greater growling recourse to hard work ‘till we bloody well get it right’. Needless to say, it’s not quite how we see it at Cardiff Met FC. This is because failure has an inherent intelligence about it. It’s through failure that we learn. If players succeed at everything asked of them in a session, then they obviously haven’t been stretched to the limits of their capability; they haven’t learnt anything new. Now this is not a recourse to overwhelming failure, or to repeated failure of the same task; a sure sign that no learning has occurred. Neither is it a case for the inherent desirability of failure; that would make little sense where performance related mistakes (especially for defenders) really matter. Rather, and maybe paradoxically, the belief goes that any success at an activity holds the seeds of its own demise; that is, complacency, a restricted search for new information, and a belief in ‘sticking’ to an old (once successful) formula, no matter what. The point made here is that failure is a more effective means of pursuing learning, progression and advancement; something we value very highly at the Club. The sign on my office door reads ‘No matter, try again, fail again, fail better’. If players don’t fail, they don’t improve. They must live at the edge of their capabilities where a degree of mistake-making is not avoided but invited. Things have to stretched to their natural breaking point, and sometimes further, on a regular basis. It’s the way of the explorer. As the recently departed Leonard Cohen reminded us, we shouldn’t fear the failure or the fracture. In his indomitable words; ‘There is a crack in everything that’s how the light gets in’. A good luck to all. Hwyl fawr. RJ


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Cardiff Met FC Programme vs CPD Porthmadog