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Cardiff Academy 40-41 The Parade Roath, Cardiff CF24 3AB
 02920 409 630


Cardiff Academy Sixth Form College

“Our aim is to build confidence in each of our students by instilling in them the same passion, enthusiasm and scholarship that we have as teachers�



Cardiff Academy is an Independent Sixth Form College offering high-quality tuition from academically well qualified teachers with many years professional teaching experience in a wide variety of schools and colleges in the UK. Class sizes in all A-level and GCSE subjects are capped at a maximum of ten, thereby allowing each student an enormous level of academic support and individual guidance compared with other schools. Our educational ethos is centred entirely upon the individual student, their parents and the family unit as a whole. Our aim is to provide a caring, friendly, nurturing environment in which students are happy and secure and in which parents have easy and immediate access to those who teach their children.

respect Cardiff Academy is most unusual – possibly unique – in being run entirely by teachers. This key difference underpins everything we do. In particular it allows us to run The Academy more on the lines of an extended family than an “institution”. Consequently, the process of monitoring academic progress, guiding students through their problems, reinforcing self-belief and giving all students the confidence they need to set their academic and career sights as high as possible is the responsibility of the entire teaching staff. Cardiff Academy is best seen as a staging-post between school and University. Students at Cardiff Academy have freedom from the more anachronous and petty rules common at school. However, the other side of this coin is that the onus of responsibility for decision-making and its consequences falls much more on each student as an individual. This especially includes all aspects of student life associated with academic work, such as getting to classes on time, completing homework assignments to strict deadlines, producing work that is as good as it can possibly be, thinking critically and asking questions. Only in this way can students at GCSE and A-level develop the skills needed to survive at University where, of course, the rules are minimal and the ability to work independently and unaided is the key to success.

Dr. S.R. Wilson, Principal

Schools in the private sector today in both England and Wales are run mainly by business and marketing managers. In this 2



teaching and learning at Cardiff Academy is a really pleasant experience. Our student facilities include; • Two modern well-equipped Science Laboratories. • An ICT suite with several computers and internet access. Most students now bring in their personal laptops for use during individual study time. • A student Library for quiet reading and study. • A modern, well-equipped Art Studio and Photography Room • A large Music room with a piano and listening facilities. Students are encouraged to bring in their own instruments and/or use Sibelius software for use in Composition tasks.

Cardiff Academy does not aim to compete with big schools in the state or private sector as regards facilities. We believe that what matters much more than this, especially at GCSE and 
 A-level, is the quality of teaching combined with a supportive, nurturing environment in which students can learn and grow as individuals. This said, the facilities on offer to students at Cardiff Academy are very good indeed. The Academy itself is housed in an elegant double-fronted Edwardian building in an architectural conservation area of Cardiff called The Parade. Other independent schools, colleges, Departments of Cardiff University and English Language Schools are located close by giving the entire area an academic feel. As you would expect, all teaching rooms at Cardiff Academy are spacious, very light and well decorated. Because of this,

• A Student Common Room with digital TV and iPOD dock. • A Student Kitchen with microwave and coffee-making facilities. • A Student Games Room for table tennis. Despite the fact we have a student kitchen, most students prefer go off site to City Road – just two minutes walk away – to get their food and drink. Virtually every kind of food outlet from most parts of the world can be found somewhere along City Road. However, Subway, Rollcall and AJ`s appear to be most popular! 
 Another advantage in our location close to the centre of Cardiff is that it takes just ten minutes to walk from Cardiff Academy to Queen Street Railway Station, whilst Cardiff Central is only about fifteen minutes away. 3


A Level Courses

Two-Year A-Level Suitable for: Students wishing to repeat AS & Students currently in Year 11 Small class sizes [maximum of 10 students], expert tuition from subject specialists and an enormous amount of individual support ensures that students entering The Academy in year 12 can normally expect to achieve excellent grades at AS first time around. As all students know, entry to University is based largely upon AS grades achieved at the end of year 12. Because of this, many students who have underachieved at AS elsewhere often make the entirely logical decision to re-sit their AS year. 
 For those who decide on this choice the uplift in grades achieved at AS by transferring to Cardiff Academy is often considerable.

One-Year AS/A2/A-Level Suitable for:
 Students wishing to improve their A-Level grades in one or more subjects in one year.
 Students wishing to transfer to Cardiff Academy for Year 13 [A2]
 Students wishing to take one or more AS or A-Level subjects from scratch in one year At Cardiff Academy, it is possible for students to improve their overall grade at A-level in one year by attending both AS and A2 classes each week. This gives the best possible chance of improvement because it allows all AS and most A2 modules to be re-taken in both January and June. This same flexibility also allows students to study AS or A-Level subjects from scratch in just one year. Courses available AS and A-Level Subject List ANCIENT GREEK | ART & DESIGN | BIOLOGY | BUSINESS STUDIES | CHEMISTRY | ECONOMICS | ENGLISH LITERATURE | ENGLISH LANGUAGE | FRENCH | ITALIAN | GEOGRAPHY | GEOLOGY | GERMAN | HISTORY | ICT | LAW | LATIN | MATHEMATICS (STATS &/ OR MECHANICS) | FURTHER MATHEMATICS | MUSIC | MUSIC TECHNOLOGY | PHOTOGRAPHY | PHYSICS | POLITICS | PSYCHOLOGY | RELIGIOUS STUDIES | SOCIOLOGY | THEATRE STUDIES 4

Key Points: Small class sizes [no more than ten students per class] 
 Expert teaching from subject specialists, most of whom are also Examiners
 High degree of individual academic and pastoral support
 Regular exam-based testing and feedback
 Flexible subject combinations
 Expert, up-to-date University Admissions [UCAS] advice and support

Expert teaching from subject specialists

For further information regarding A-level Courses, to request a prospectus or arrange for an appointment please contact us by phone or e-mail.

Small class sizes [no more than ten students per class]



GCSE Courses

Repeat GCSE Suitable for: Students wishing to improve their GCSE grades in one year

Year 10 and 11 GCSE

A good set of GCSE grades is now essential as regards both employment and access to A-Level Courses. However, it has also become a vital element as regards University entry. For all kinds of reasons, many students fail to achieve their true potential at this first stage and then forever struggle to explain why. Those who come to Cardiff Academy under these circumstances do so because they wish to put these things right immediately.

Suitable for: Students currently in Year 9

Courses available

Students from other schools transfer to Cardiff Academy for years 10 and 11 for a wide variety of reasons. Common reasons include insufficient individual support because of large classes, disruption caused by classmates at school, bullying, dyslexia, lack of flexibility as regards subject combinations, lack of academic support for very bright students etc. Those who do make this decision rarely regret it. Almost always, they thrive and go on to achieve really excellent grades at GCSE. Most then return to take their A-Levels with us prior to going off to University. Some of the very best A-Level grades ever achieved by Cardiff Academy students have come from those who have spent both their GCSE and A-Level years with us.

In years 10 and 11, students at Cardiff Academy follow a “Core Curriculum” consisting of the following six subjects; The three Sciences as separate GCSE subjects
 Biology | Chemistry | Physics | English Language | English Literature | Mathematics Students may then choose up to four additional subjects from the following list;
 Art | French | Geography | German | History | ICT | Psychology Other subjects may be possible on request depending upon demand and teacher availability


Key Points: Small class sizes [no more than ten students per class] 
 Expert teaching from subject specialists, most of who are also Examiners
 High degree of individual academic and pastoral support
 Regular exam-based testing and feedback
 Expert, up-to-date advice and support as regards A-level subject combinations and careers For further information regarding GCSE Courses or to arrange for an appointment please contact us by phone or email.

Regular exam-based testing and feedback

High degree of individual academic and pastoral support



Extra Tuition

Although Cardiff Academy does not offer home tuition most of our regular teaching staff are willing to remain behind after school in order to provide one-to-one tuition to students from other schools under the general banner of “Academy Tutors”. Indeed, some are also willing to teach on this basis at week-ends and in holiday times. Private tuition is not a substitute for a full time Course of Study and can help only at the margins. This said, the Extra Tuition provided by Academy Tutors can be useful as regards firming-up understanding of material already covered at school, building confidence as regards examination technique, help with writing essays and extended reports, tackling difficult homework assignments etc. At its best, private tuition can even be fun!

The most popular subjects and levels requested are; Mathematics GCSE years 10 and 11
 Mathematics AS and A2; M1, M2, S1, S2, C1, C2, C3, C4
 English Language GCSE years 10 and 11
 English Literature AS and A2
 Science GCSE
 Biology GCSE
 Chemistry GCSE
 Physics GCSE
 Biology AS and A2
 Chemistry AS and A2
 Physics AS and A2
 French GCSE
 French AS and A2 However, the academic strength in depth available at Cardiff Academy is such that virtually any subject can be catered for. From Astronomy to Zoology, from year 10 GCSE to Degree level and beyond, whatever your requirement might be there is normally someone here who can provide you with the help you need. For further information regarding Extra Tuition by Academy Tutors, including such things as cost and tutor availability, please e-mail us with your requirements and details.



Overseas Students

and because the adjustment has already been made to the British education system and, indeed, to UK culture in general. This is a powerful combination and, of course, Universities Admissions Tutors know it. This is why Universities are especially interested in students from overseas who offer A-levels taken in the UK and why such students often do so well at British Universities. Overseas Student Applications Cardiff Academy is a European and Commonwealth College. Consequently we restrict our overseas student intake to;

The UK is recognised across the world as a centre of excellence as regards the quality of its University Degree Courses. This is why more and more students from overseas are choosing British Universities every year. However, it is not always appreciated just how tough it is for overseas students to gain a good Degree from a British University. The main reason for this is the fact that UK nationals apply to University with A-levels, which, as regards the level of the work covered, are at least one or even two-years in advance of the qualifications offered by students from most other countries. This is why it makes sense for students from overseas to take A-levels prior to University application. Such students then have the advantage of applying to University on the same level footing as UK nationals as regards academic achievement. There is, in addition, an added advantage for those who decide to take their A-levels here in the UK. Such students often do better at University because their understanding of English Language is likely to be excellent

1. Nationals of a country within the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland. 
 2. Citizens of a British Dependent Territory. 
 3. Commonwealth citizen with permission to enter or stay in the UK because at least one grandparent was born here. 
 4. Dual UK/Other nationals presently living overseas or here in the UK. The list of EEA countries is as follows; Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Republic of Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden.


Initial Contact


The process of applying to Cardiff Academy for any student in one of the categories listed above is very simple indeed. All you need do is contact us by e-mail ( with brief details regarding such things as your educational achievements thus far and the A-level subjects you are interested in – most students take four subjects in year one. Tell us as much about yourself as you like; the more detail the better.

For those students who require it, we provide Cardiff Academy-approved homestay accommodation with local families. The cost (details on request) is very competitive, especially compared with most cities in England. There is also the possibility of acquiring a room with en suite shower in a modern student hostel close to the Academy.

 1. Provisional Acceptance 
 On the basis of the information you supply, and following further discussion, we will decide whether or not to issue you with a letter of Provisional Acceptance, usually by e-mail. 
 2. Formal Acceptance 
 You may secure your place at Cardiff Academy from the next academic year by; 
 * Completing and returning the Registration Form we send you. 
 * Providing us with copies of your educational certificates.

Tuition Fees Unlike most other independent schools and colleges in the UK, fees at Cardiff Academy for overseas students are the same as those for UK nationals. Another unusual aspect of Cardiff Academy is that we require no fees to be paid in advance. Once you have completed the Admissions Process, your place is secure. Once teaching has begun, invoices will be sent to parents in respect of fees for term one and, subsequently, before the start of terms two and three.

Once we have received your completed Registration Form and viewed your certificates we will issue you with a letter of Formal Acceptance. You now have a secure place at Cardiff Academy for the next academic year.



Members of Staff

included ten years as Head of English at Westbourne and ten years as Head of History at Cardiff Academy. In addition, Ron has extensive experience over many years as an Examiner at A-level for History for AQA, Edexcel and International Baccalaureate.

Mr. Jeffrey Brown B.Sc., PGCE | GEOGRAPHY, GEOLOGY

Maria Arenas B.Sc., PGCE, SPANISH Maria has a Masters Degree in law from the University of Seville, Spain. She is, in addition, a Graduate of the Bar Association Seville in Forensic Practice and before embarking upon a teaching career, ran her own law firm in Spain. Now she is also a qualified Spanish teacher, Certificated and recognized by International House World Organisation, the University of Barcelona and University Pablo de Olavide de Seville at all levels. Since arriving in this country Maria has been teaching Spanish (GCSE and A-level) in private schools and academies for nearly two years, however, she has many years experience working with all levels in oral and written communication, both basic and professional. Dr. Ronald Barnett Ph.D., B.A., PGCE | HISTORY Ron Barnett has a B.A. in Philosophy and a B.A. and Ph.D. in History from Cardiff University. Ron took his PGCE with the OU before embarking upon a teaching career. He has over thirty years teaching experience at all levels in secondary schools and Sixth Form Colleges in South Wales. Over the years he has taught both English Language and History to GCSE and A-level. His posts of Senior Responsibility have

Jeff Brown has a B.Sc. in Geography & Geology and a PGCE from Swansea University. He has almost forty years secondary school teaching experience at all levels in Geography and Geology. Over the years Jeff has held posts of Senior Responsibility including Head of Geoscience and Examinations Officer. He was, in addition, a School Governor for more than twenty years. Jeff has many interests outside academic life including Youth work with the church, running Summer camps both in the UK and Eastern Europe. Following the collapse of Communism Jeff was for many years involved in taking aid to Eastern Europe. He also spent time teaching English in these countries. Mr Byron Davies B.A; LLB; LL.M; PGCE | Law Byron Davies has a degree in Classics from the University of Wales Bangor, a LL.B from the University of London and a LL.M from Cardiff Law school. He also has a PGCE and a Post Graduate Diploma in Criminal Justice Studies. Byron has taught in a variety of schools, colleges and Universities in the UK for over thirty years and has, during this time, been Head of Classics, Head of Sixth Form and Senior Lecturer in Law at a large Sixth Form College. He is presently a Law examiner for both the WJEC and the Cambridge International Examination Boards and an associate lecturer for the Open university degree course in Law.


Byron has published numerous articles and law manuals, the latest of which is a Manual of Business Law for the Association of Business Executives. He is a Senior magistrate, sitting on the adult and family benches. Mrs. Jennifer Davies M.A. (Cantab), M.Litt. | ACADEMY VICE PRINCIPAL, FRENCH, GERMAN Jenne Davies has an M.A. from Cambridge University in French and German and a Masters Degree in French from the University of Bristol. She has qualified teacher status and has taught French and German at all levels in a wide variety of state and private schools and colleges both here in the UK and overseas for nearly forty years. She has, in addition, held many Senior Responsibility posts including Housemistress at Clayesmore School for three years and Head of Modern Languages, Head of Sixth Form and Head of General Studies at The Royal School in Bath for five years. She was also Head of Modern Languages at New College in Cardiff for four years. Jenne has been an Examiner at GCSE and A-level in both French and German for many years and has worked for a variety of Exam Boards including AQA, Edexcel, WJEC and International Baccalaureate. Together with her husband Paul and the late Anthony Huxley, Jenne is co-author of an authoritative guide to European Orchids called “Wild Orchids of Britain and Europe�. Jenne Davies has been the Vice Principal and a Director of Cardiff Academy since 1999. As such she is responsible, together with the Principal, for running all aspects of Cardiff Academy as a business and educational institution. She is also Student Welfare Officer, UCAS Advisor and Examinations Officer at The Academy.

Mrs. Meirwen Davies B.Sc., PGCE | SOCIOLOGY, POLITICS, LAW Meirwen Davies has a B.Sc. in Sociology & Law and a PGCE from Cardiff University. Over the years she has taught Sociology, Law and Politics at GCSE and A-level in a wide variety of schools and colleges in South Wales. Prior to teaching, Meirwen worked for many years as both Deputy Manager and Debt Counsellor for the Citizens` Advice Bureau in Cardiff. She is an Examiner in Sociology for the OCR Board and has many interests outside academic life including Youth & Community Work, Charity Work for the Church in Wales and is involved in fund raising for Orphanages in Bulawayo. Meirwen is, in addition, a qualified teacher of English as a Foreign Language. Mrs. Elizabeth Evans | B.AS., PGCE | PSYCHOLOGY Following many years working in the business and commercial sector whilst also bringing up her family, Liz Evans took her B.A. in Psychology and PGCE at Cardiff University. She has over ten years teaching experience in Sociology and Psychology at GCSE and A-level in a variety of schools and colleges in South Wales. Her interests include research methods in psychology, student guidance/counselling and youth work. In addition, Liz has been an Examiner for AQA in Alevel Psychology for a number of years. Mr. Brett George B.Sc., PGCE | MATHEMATICS | ICT Brett George has a B.Sc. in Maths & Physics and a PGCE from the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth. He has over fifteen years experience teaching Maths, Physics, Chemistry and ICT at all levels in both secondary schools and Sixth Form Colleges in the state and private sectors of education. His wider experience includes time spent in the then Soviet Republic of Maldova teaching English as a Foreign Language, Voluntary Work with Mentally Handicapped adults and 12

children in South Wales, teaching Basic Numeracy and ICT to Adult Learners, Educational Consultancy work for a website called Tutorson-Line and experience as an A-level Maths Examiner for the AQA Board. As well as teaching at Cardiff Academy Brett also runs his own Private Tuition Company called “The Maths Help Zone”. Mr. Mark Harris B.Sc., PGCE | CHEMISTRY | PHYSICS Mark Harris has a B.Sc. in Chemistry from the University of Glamorgan and a PGCE from the University of Wales, Newport. He is a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry and a Chartered Chemist (MRSC CChem) In addition to teaching at Cardiff Academy, Mark also tutors chemistry privately and is a senior chemist at a biotechnology company. In this role he has over twenty years’ industrial experience in the synthesis and analysis of a wide range of isotopically labelled chemicals, for use in research. His other qualifications include an HNC in Business Information Technology (Computing). Mr. Shane Holland MSC., B.Sc.B.A. | ART & DESIGN / MUSIC TECH Shane Holland has a B.A. in Art & Design from UWIC. He also possesses a M.Sc. in Music Production & Engineering and a B.S.c in Sound Technology. Shane has been a freelance artist and designer for ten years as well as completing numerous audio projects for film, animation, TV and Radio. He is a certified Apple Logic music production software user, completing all of the intensive training courses required. Before joining Cardiff Academy in 2008 Shane worked as an Art & Design Teaching Assistant in Howells` School in Cardiff..

Mr. Jeffrey Jones B.Sc., M.Ed., PGCE | ECONOMICS, BUSINESS STUDIES Jeff Jones has a B.Sc. in Economics and a Masters Degree in Education from Cardiff University. He is also a qualified teacher with a PGCE from Birmingham University. Jeff has over thirty five years experience teaching and lecturing on a wide range of Economics and Business Courses including A-level in many different schools and FE colleges in England and South Wales. He has been an Examiner at A-level in Economics and Business Studies for Edexcel, WJEC and International Baccalaureate for over twenty five years. Mrs. Sonia Warrell B.Sc., PGCE | CHEMISTRY Sonia Warrell has a B.Sc. in Chemistry and a PGCE from UCL. She has taught Chemistry for over fifty years at all levels in state schools, private schools and colleges in both England and South Wales. Her professional career experience includes ten years spent teaching prospective teachers at Teacher Training College. Sonia has, in addition, held the Senior Responsibility post of Head of Chemistry for over thirty years in both secondary schools and Sixth Form Colleges. Ms Eleanor Bram B.Sc, STATISTICS Eleanor Bram has a B.Sc in Actuarial Science from the LSE. Before embarking on her teaching career, she worked in Risk Management at the Head Office of Lloyds TSB in London. In 2008, she moved to Hong Kong where she began tutoring Statistics at A Level and undergraduate level. Since returning home, Eleanor has been appointed as Teacher of Statistics at A Level at Cardiff Academy. She also teaches both Pure and Applied Maths privately.


Philippa Watkins B.A, M.A, PGCE, ENGLISH | EFL | THEATRE Philippa Watkins has a B.A. in English Literature and Modern History from Liverpool University and a PGCE from Swansea University. She has a Masters Degree in Romano-Celtic History and is currently studying for a Masters Degree in English and Creative Writing at UWIC. As well as teaching at Cardiff Academy, Philippa is also a lecturer in Education at UWIN, where she has worked for five years.
 Philippa has nearly twenty years teaching experience. She has taught English Language and Literature to GCSE and A level in a number of secondary schools in South Wales, and for four years was Head of English at a secondary school in Newport. She taught for a year at a private school in Istanbul, Turkey, and was also project manager for Basic Skills Cymru, during a project to drive up literacy standards in South Wales. Mr. John Wickett B.A., PGCE | MUSIC John Wickett has a B.A. in Music and a PGCE from Cardiff University. He is a vastly experienced teacher, having taught Music at all levels in secondary schools and Sixth Form College in South Wales for more than forty years. His Posts of Senior Responsibility include many years as Head of Music at Llanederyn High School and Director of Performing Arts at Cantonian. It was John who, thirty years ago now, started the County High School Choir which, happily, is still thriving and which he still runs today. Apart from teaching GCSE and A-level Music at Cardiff Academy John also currently works for the CVG Music Service, teaches Music privately and plays for special events including accompanying Examination Candidates. Mrs. Mari Williams M.A. (Cantab.), PGCE | LATIN, ANCIENT GREEK Mari Williams has an M.A. in Classics from Cambridge University and a PGCE from UCL. She has taught Latin and Ancient Greek for almost

fifty years at all levels in state and private schools in both England and Wales. Her professional career experience also includes ten years spent lecturing in Latin and Ancient Greek on Summer School classes at Lampeter University. Mari has been an Examiner in Latin at both GCSE and A-level for many years and over this time has worked for a variety of Examination Boards including AQA, Edexcel and International Baccalaureate. Mrs. Ros Wilson B.Mus.(Hons), PGCE | Director of Marketing Ros Wilson has a B.Mus (Hons) degree and a P.G.C.E., both from Cardiff University. She has 36 years experience of teaching Music at secondary level in South Wales in both State and Private sectors, holding such posts as Director of Music and Head of Music and also teaching Piano, Voice and Clarinet. As an experienced accompanist for over 40 years she has worked with Soloists, Choirs and mixed Ensembles in many concert and examination situations. She has also performed as a Contralto soloist and has been a member of the BBC Chorus, the Polyphonic Choir and the Ardwyn Singers with whom she toured America, Canada and Europe. Other qualifications include certificates in Homeopathy and Indian Head Message. She is also a Reiki Master/Teacher and has trained as a Healer. Dr. Stephen Wilson Ph.D., M.Sc., B.Sc., PGCE | ACADEMY PRINCIPAL, BIOLOGY Steve Wilson has a Ph.D. in Marine Biology from the University of Newcastle, a Masters Degree in Oceanography from Southampton University, a B.Sc. in Zoology from the University of Wales, Aberystwyth and a PGCE from the University of Greenwich in London. He has published a number academic research papers - mainly on the love-life of lobsters. Steve has over thirty years experience of teaching and lecturing in Biology, Human Biology and Marine Science at 14

University and in FE Colleges, Sixth Form Colleges and secondary schools in both the private and state sectors of education in England and Wales. He has also held numerous positions of Senior Responsibility in various schools and colleges including Head of Biology, Head of Science, Student Admissions Officer, Examinations Officer, Senior UCAS Advisor and School/Industry Liaison Officer. He has in addition worked as an A-level Examiner in Biology for Edexcel, OCR and AQA. Steve Wilson has been the Principal and a Director of Cardiff Academy since its inception in 1999. As such he is responsible, together with the Vice Principal, for running all aspects of Cardiff Academy as a business and educational institution. He is also the designated First Aider, Fire Prevention Officer and Health & Safety Manager at The Academy.



Parents Section

General Policies Health and Safety Policy 
 Fire Risk Policy
 First Aid Policy
 Disability Policy Student and Parent Policies

All schools and colleges today are required to hold on file a wide range of formal policy documents relating to virtually every aspect of their dealings with students, parents, staff and the general public. Each of these documents is separately available – just click the links to view the pdf document.

Child Protection Policy
 Anti-Bullying Policy
 Student Disciplinary Policy
 Under-16 Attendance Policy
 Admissions and Enrollment Policy
 Fee Payment and Refund Policy
 Plagiarism Policy Staff Policies Staff Appointment Policy
 Staff Ethics Policy




self-assurance that you have given him will remain with him for life. I just cannot thank you enough—what a transformation! 

We receive many letters of appreciation from both parents and students every year. The following extracts are typical;

Hello! It’s been a very long time but I just wanted to get in touch and let you know how I was doing. I followed your advice and did an English degree in London. I am now an English teacher in a secondary school in north London! I absolutely love it and am really glad that this is the job that I ended up doing. It’s really hard work though, and it’s made me appreciate how much you all helped me when I was at the Academy. Thank you for everything ! 

I cannot speak highly enough of Cardiff Academy—you have an amazing place where young people can learn and grow and achieve with the full support and understanding of staff.
 I wish you all the very best success in the future and thank you and the staff for your hard work with B. You have all invested in his life and he is the richer for it.

May I take this opportunity of thanking everyone at The Academy for the levels of support, understanding and teaching which L. has enjoyed over the past 4 years.
 Given the health difficulties from which she has suffered, I have no doubt that the environment which you have created at The Academy played a big part in her achieving the results she needed to get to a good university to study her chosen subject of English.
 Once again, many thanks. Please feel free to produce this letter to Parents of any potential future students as an endorsement of what The Academy has to offer.

 Thank you very much indeed for all the support you and your team have given to A. over the last year. He has become confident, kind, and able to sustain interesting conversations, developing arguments etc. Even if he does not quite reach the predicted grades, (he and I are confident that he will!) the 

Dear Dr. Wilson and Mrs Davies,
 I don’t even know where to begin in telling you how grateful I 17

am for everything both of you have done for me! I am currently in my 2nd year of studying Dentistry and I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you both. I found all of the teachers in The Academy really caring, approachable and friendly throughout my 5 years. This teaching approach really increased my confidence towards my work and enabled me to work to my full potential.
 I have had some of the best years of my life in The Academy and I miss it lots!!

TO EVERYONE at the Academy,
 THANK YOU!! For letting me be a student here, bearing with me when I was ill, making lessons and school time enjoyable, listening to me when I had a “special “ moment (and we won’t say how often that was!!), letting me have the occasional rant , oh, and actually teaching me as as well! 
 I’ve had a brilliant four years and may, at some point, try to sneak my way back in!!

 We would like to thank everyone at Cardiff Academy for all the help, support and excellent teaching during the last four years, on behalf of S. and E. Their time at the college has had a huge impact on their futures. 
 Its been a wonderful four years and I will always have fond memories of my time spent at the Academy! 
 We would like to thank you very much for all the support and interest that you showed A. over the past two years. There is no doubt that he would not have achieved three A levels if he had not attended your school. The most important achievement of the Academy, however, was that A. was happy for two years and that you gave him back confidence in his own ability. He is delighted to be going to UWE and we will keep you informed of his progress.


Cardiff Academy Images


Images of Cardiff

Cardiff International Pool at the International Sports Village, Cardiff Bay

A stage of Wales Rally GB, hosted inside the 
 Millennium Stadium

Wales Millennium Centre

Cardiff Bay xx

Cardiff Academy Brochure 2013  


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