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Report from the CRY

Centre for Cardiac Pathology


By Jemma Reilly Ayton, Dr. Mary Sheppard’s medical secretary at the CRY CCP.

Dr Mary Sheppard Consultant Cardiac Pathologist

Jemma Reilly Ayton Medical Secretary

Dr Sofia de Noronha Research Assistant

Saharnaz Vakhshouri Laboratory Technician

Over the last four months the centre has received 64 sudden death cases.

The line graph shows our average turnaround time per month for the period of May to August in 2012. Our aim is to provide a final report within 14 days; as you can see each month has been much lower than our target of 14 days turnaround.

CRY update • Issue 58 • 13

CRY Update Magazine - Issue 58  

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