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Report from the CRYCentre for Cardiac Pathology (CRY CCP) By Jane Proudfoot, Dr. Mary Sheppard’s medical secretary at the CRY CCP.

Dr Mary Sheppard Consultant Cardiac Pathologist

Jane Proudfoot Medical Secretary

Saharnaz Vakhshouri Laboratory Technician

Alice Burrell Laboratory Technician

In the period of January to April 2013 we received 129 sudden death referral cases. We examined each case and produced a final report for the coroner and pathologist in an average of 13.7 days. As has been the trend in other years, January showed an increase in number of cases. Imperial Valve Course held at Imperial College London and to lecture Specialist Registrars at the Royal Society of Medicine and also to train Cardiologists in to the British Cardiovascular Society. Dr Sheppard spoke on sudden cardiac death to the London Medico-Legal Society in April 2013 and there will be a publication on the topic in the British Journal of Legal Medicine. One of Dr Sheppard’s important jobs is attending inquests where she meets families to discuss the individual case. She is always available to talk to the families if they have any concerns regarding the diagnosis. Since January 2013 Dr Sheppard has attended 6 inquests including

Diagnoses There is a wide spectrum of heart diseases that can cause sudden cardiac death and we were able to come to a specific diagnosis in all cases following the pathological processing and examination of the heart with consent from the families. The majority of cases of sudden cardiac deaths have normal hearts meaning it is electrical abnormalities of the heart that are the main cause of sudden death that are referred to us. Similar findings have

Manchester, Belfast, London and Woking. All these involve travel and represent a full day’s work in attending and giving evidence.

Staff news Emily Oosthuizen, our volunteer, is in her final year of Exercise and Health Science (BSc Hons) at the University of Brighton and has been volunteering for CRY since September 2011, spending her time this year at the CRY research centre. She was recently awarded winner of her placement category, here she explains the award:

been reported in studies in other countries in Europe and the USA.

Publications Dr Sheppard is working on two important papers at the moment; the most important is a publication of the results of the whole database of 2,500 cases we have received at the CRY CCP. The second paper is on arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy (ARVC) which is the largest detailed histopathological study of its kind in Europe. These papers will be important in highlighting internationally the work we do.

Meetings Dr Sheppard was invited to speak at several national and international medical meetings this year including the Royal Society of Medicine meeting on post operative deaths, the Working Group of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) in Marseilles, France and the European Association for European Cardiovascular Pathology meeting in Amsterdam. Nationally, Dr Sheppard was invited to lecture at the

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