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Clink link below to visit our website: is committed to help you select and price the vehicle that best works for you and your driving needs. Once you have selected the vehicle that is best for you we will then assist you with the daunting task of finding the Best Price in your local area. After you have the price and the vehicle selected we will then offer you assistance with the location of the dealer that will best serve you with a quality test drive (not just take four right turns and back into the dealership) and the best quality delivery of the vehicle you have chosen. As the fastest growing internet based auto assistance program in the United States, we feel that it is our responsibility to share with you not only How to get the Best Price for a vehicle but to also share with you How to Select the vehicle that is Right for You. We have compiled an article that will help you choose which vehicle works best for you. 1.) Remove the Emotion from purchasing a vehicle and really focus on what you absolutely need in the next vehicle. We have seen consumers choose a vehicle based on how many cup holders it has rather than focus on how good the gas mileage (MPG) or the latest Crash Test Results are. This shows that most consumers focus on luxury comforts over safety and economy. We would like for you to focus on exactly what you musthave in your next vehicle . For example, ask your self these questions:

A.) WHO IS GOING TO BE THE PRIMARY DRIVER OF THE VEHICLE? Is this vehicle for you or your significant other? If the vehicle is for your significant other, have you involved them in the process of the vehicle search? If not…. Why Not?

B.) WHAT IS GOING TO BE THE PRIMARY USE OF THIS VEHICLE? Is this vehicle going to be utilized as a daily driver back and forth to work or is it going to be used simply as a fun “Weekend Vehicle”?

C.) DO YOU NEED A VEHICLE THAT CAN EASILY FIT INTO THE GARAGE? At we recommend that if you have a garage you keep the vehicle in the garage for maximum protection from the outside elements.

D.) DO YOU NEED A VEHICLE THAT CAN CARRY PASSENGERS FROM TIME TO TIME OR ALL THE TIME? The reason that this is a consideration is with the gas prices increasing over the years we have seen an increase in carpooling throughout the United States.

E.) DO YOU NEED A TWO WHEEL DRIVE VEHICLE OR A FOUR WHEEL DRIVE VEHICLE? The reason we ask you to really consider this is we have known consumers that have chosen their next vehicle based on a “Freak SnowStorm” that happened once in 15 to 20 years. Although we don’t discount the feelings you may have or how safe a four wheel drive vehicle is during a snowstorm or

icy conditions, we do know that once we ask this question most of the consumers realize that they are buying the very expensive four wheel drive vehicle based on a want instead of a need.

F.) A FEW OTHER IMPORTANT BASIC QUESTIONS ARE BELOW: 1. Do you need a automatic transmission or a manual transmission? 2. Do you need a 2 door or a 4 door vehicle? 3. Do you need a vehicle right away or do you have some time before you make a decision? ( always recommends that you take your time when possible to avoid costly mistakes) 4. Do you have a vehicle that you will sell (Trade In) to the dealership? 5. Have you researched what your current vehicle may be worth? (Trade In or Sell on your own?)

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