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PRODUCTS. Jumpin’Jack Flash

The traditional workshop trolley jack can be cumbersome and very heavy, added to which it also takes time to jack up a vehicle. Laser Tools’ solution comes in the form of these new pneumatic jacks. Their compact size means they’re easy to use where space is tight – including on a four-post lift – and they’re particularly useful on very low vehicles. They just need connecting to the workshop air supply and they’ll raise or lower vehicles in a few seconds without any effort.

Dedicated Follower Of Fashion

New for you

Dickies has introduced the fashionable twotone Lewiston jacket into its men’s premium range. The jacket is made from 96 per cent polyester and four per cent elastane and it’s designed to be worn outdoors, too. It comes in black with grey panels on its sides, inner arms and shoulders, with purple zip guards to give a great first impression when you arrive on site.

Bleeding Love

Brake bleeding and the Gunson Eezibleed are just about synonymous, and now the best-known kit on the market is available in a deluxe set. The Eezibleed Special Edition kit includes the standard Eezibleed kit components that use air pressure from the spare wheel to bleed both brake and clutch hydraulic systems, and also includes the Eezibleed multi-purpose cap, a brake-bleed spanner and a classic pen-type tyre pressure gauge.

Jive Torqueing

New from Laser Tools is this high-quality and accurate detachable-head, mechanical torque wrench supplied with a 1/4” drive ratchet head plus a selection of open-ended spanner heads, which enables accurate tensioning of difficultto-access fasteners. Particularly suitable when changing the engine pulleys where access is quite tight, the torque setting can be locked for continuous accurate work, and a sealed neck keeps dust and grit away from the torque mechanism for longer tool life.

What A Wonderful Weld

GYS’s new Gyspot Evolution PTI-s7 machine is a 14,500-amp transformer gun Spot Welder with lightweight arm and the latest fully automatic control system. Developed as part of a long relationship with Ford Motor Company, the Gyspot meets Ford’s latest certification standards, including technical welding specifications, with time, current and pressure being automatically set by the machine. Also part of the certification was Gys’s ability to provide effective aftersales support and technical help.





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