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My experiences during this year 2010-11 During this year I have been through different experiences that have made me mature and see things in a different way. Now I’m going to explain you some of them. This year for me started very exciting, because just arrive I went to London with the school exchange and I stayed the first week of school out. We went the second week of September. First we went to the school and met the girls and after we start visiting the city. In the morning we visit the monuments and important things that we couldn’t miss like Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, British Museum, Tower of London, The Castle and different shopping centres and at five o’clock we arrive to the school, and with our girl we went home and stay with the family. There we did different activities, we could watch a movie or play family games, or we could go for a walk and go shopping. The family was very kind and they treated me very well, I was so good there, that I didn’t want to go home! Finally, when I returned home I explained all what I have done to my parents and they were very proud of that trip, because they saw that I returned a little bit more mature than I went. My father told me that this kind of opportunities only happens one time in our lives and we have to take advantage of them because they make us stronger and helps us to grow up. And I totally agree with him, this exchange was spectacular and unrepeatable and I will remember it all my life. And other experience that marked me was when I went to two concerts, Michael Bublé and Train. My father and I have the same musical taste and he wanted to go. I like very much both and at first I didn’t expect on going to see them, but my father surprised me on going to Michael’s one. One week later of Michael’s concert, my father listened on the radio that if you call now to Rac105 they gave you two tickets to go to Train’s concert. My father called and like they promised, they gave him two tickets. Finally he surprised me on going and I was hallucinating, I couldn’t believe the history, and I thought that he was kidding me. When I was going to the concert I realised that was true, I was going to Train’s concert, and that I have the best father I could ever have had. Those have been the most exciting experiences that I have lived this year I think. I have had a lot of great times but I wanted to explain you this ones. I hope you liked them! Berta Bellet.

My life this year This year the school began very early because of the week of holidays that we've had in February. The 7 of September I started the school and during the first and the second term I've been skiing, studying, going out with my friends...Like always, but there were some experiences that have made a change in my view of the life and the world. I went to the exchange which the school had organized to London. At first, I was very nervous with the idea of meeting my partner. I asked myself how she would be and if we would have a good relationship. Finally, I discovered that she was a very sympathetic girl, and really funny too. During that week in London, I could learn a lot about the English culture and not only with the cultural visits that we did to places like the British Museum or the National Gallery, I think I've learnt more in Anna's house (this was the name of my partner) than visiting all the other museums. Maybe because deal with English people is the best way to learn about England. I could realize that Anna was surprisingly open-minded. I was shore that she would have any problem to get on well with my friends in Spain. And as I had thought, when she came to Barcelona in October we had a lot of fun together without problems. th

Other experience really important for me this year was the first term exams that we had in November. At first, I thought that I wasn't able to study everything but if I hadn't studied as much as I did, I wouldn't have passed my exams. Third term was a little bit different because it was the final. The experiences that I have enjoyed more were the voyage to France and the Family Day but the most different was finish the Research Project. I felt very nervous but I kept on working and we did it well. Now, at the end of the school year, I can say that I've done lots of interesting things. The classes will be mixed next year and I will miss my class so much.

Cristina Sanz-Gadea

During this year I have had lots of experiences. In September I was able to do an exchange with a fantastic girl from London. I had to stay there for a week and then we carry on with the exchange and Sophie came to Barcelona and she stayed in my house. It was a great experience but I should visited more places in London. In November, I have done for the first time final exams. It was a very stressful week, but as I had worked hard, I passed all the exams. I thought it would be more difficult than it was. And then, arrived my birthday. Two days after my birthday, I arrived at home and I saw all my friends and then they told me that they love me. After we had dinner, all my friends begged me to go to the disco with them and I agreed. On Christma’s eve, my dad warned me not to go alone in the street as there had been lots of robs the last two weeks. For Christmas I was given money from my parents. I spent the last days of Christma’s holidays going shopping with my sisters buying the trendiest custom-made clothes. On March we had an extra holiday week. I went to Formigal with my family and we visited my sister, who is studying in Navarra. The last week of March I visited the south of France with the school. I learnt lots of things about french history and technology because we visited some things related with the NASA and airplanes. In easter holidays, I went to New York city. It was the best trip I have ever done. To sum up, I have enjoyed this year and I have learnt lots of new things. I am looking forward the summer to relax and have fun with my friends. Victoria Grau

This year could have been better? This year has been so amazing that I’ll never forget it. When it started I was skiing in Baqueira with my family, so I was able to celebrate the New Year with the best company that I could have . When sadly the Christmas holidays end, we had to come back to school to start the second trimester. As every year, I loved the first day of school after holidays, because all that we did was chat and ask each other what did Santa Claus brought us, but we knew our happiness was not going to be very long, because we must start studding if we didn’t wanted to fail.

Second trimester went by very fast, without realizing it, we found ourselves in the middle of trimester exams which were easier than I thought they were going to be. After doing the exams Marian my teacher told me that I might study a little bit harder, because I couldn’t get any 5 I must get at least an 8 in every subject. After exams and before starting the third trimester we had a holidays week in which I spend some time with my little cousins, those who I always tell: “do not cry that much”, and they told me to stop telling them what to do! They are only 5 and they act like adults. Here’s a picture that I have taken with them during our last trip to Granada.

Third trimester started with an amazing trip to Toulouse, Carcassonne and Colliure, where we had time to spend together with our classmates and the teachers whose dance at the bowling was so funny. The hotel was managed by a very unsympathetic man, who told us to shut up when we were just having a little fun. Despite this problem we have a great time in the south of France. If we hadn’t had that amazing time, we wouldn’t have fallen sleep in our trip back home. This last trimester, is being a little sad, as we know our walks are going to split up, because we are going to chose different “Bachilleratos”, but we know we’ll keep in contact, and if somebody needs help we will be all very pleased to help. And in this last days Marian told us “Don't cry before you are hurt.”, so she said that we do not have to be sat before the bad thing happens, and I think this is a great advice.

María Clavell