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By Kilven Peter - Could you mention some of the dirtiest spots in your car? I am sure that car carpet will be one of them. Many people such as you yourself, children, friends, and even pets enter your car and tracking dirt by stepping on it. Besides, children and pets often create mess of spilling, as well. However, you do not need to be worry too much about this problem. If you know the tricks, cleaning car carpet is actually something easy to do. If you want to have those tricks, here they are. First, take your vacuum cleaner. Vacuum the entire part of the carpet carefully in order to pick the dirt up as much as possible. Therefore, in the next steps, you can clean the carpet in lighter effort.Second, you can continue to pretreat the stains on the carpet. You have to notice that different products will give their best performance for different types of stains. You can simply spray your hair spray to any ink stain on your car carpet. Blot it up with your towel to reduce the stain. For any coffee stain, you need to spray some glass cleaner solution and blot it up well.

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Third, you can prepare to clean the carpet. You can prepare a spray bottle, first. Then, you can mix 1/4 cup of vinegar, a teaspoon of dish cleaner solution, as well as hot water. Mix them well and fill the mixture to the spray bottle. You can use it to clean the entire part of the carpet later on.Fourth, you can

start cleaning the whole carpet. Spray the solution that you have mixed before and brush it well by using a hard bristles brush. I suggest you to clean it in circular motion in order to achieve the bet result. Besides, it will be better for you to work from a side of this car accessory to the other side. Fifth, leave the carpet for about thirty minutes to let the carpet absorb the solution. It will be very useful to help you get perfect cleanliness.Fourth, prepare a clean dry towel to blot the carpet well. You can also leave the windows of your car open if the weather is appropriate. Let them open until the carpet is completely dry.

You apply those steps at least once every six months in order to keep your car carpet clean and good looking. Just try it.There are many car carpet cleaners available in the market to support your work. Among those wide variety of options, you will easily find some cheap carpet cleaners that will help you to save more money. Get the best option that suits your needs well.

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Could you mention some of the dirtiest spots in your car? I am sure that car carpet will be one of them. Many people such as you yourself, c...