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P6000K Car Video Recorder

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Features: 1) LCD screen size: 2.0LTPS (4:3) 2) Lens: 140 A + high resolution ultra-wide angle lens 3) Language options: English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Russian 4) Video: VGA/D1/HD (1280 * 960) 5) Video format: AVI 6) Photo mechanical: the VGA 7) Photo mode: JPG 8) SD card slot: a Micro SD 9) Microphone / Speaker: YES Product detail:

1.Ultra-small size, 180-degree swivel 140 degrees A + to the highresolution ultra-wide-angle lens with 270 degree rotatable display perfect combination of design, more convenient for all occasions for multi-angle, high resolution video capture, camera 2. Built-the 1/3.2-inch low noise high quality photosensitive no ultra-clear images in low light situations to capture 3. Day and night mode switching function 4. Automatic light-sensitive control dual super bright fill light function 5. Built-in lithium battery while charging recording function 6. Built-in microphone / speaker 7. To support high-capacity MICRO SD card 8. Self-through display to preview, capture the ideal picture 9. Anti-shake feature 10. Motion detection recording function 11. Circulatory function, a new file automatically delete old files recorded 12. Launch vehicle to automatically start the recording function 13. With a delayed start function to prevent the car to start an instant pulse current to damage the machine 14. Province screen mode Began to use tachograph 1 Power on: press the power button once, the blue indicator lights. 2 off: press the power button once, the blue light goes out. Note: tachograph will be prompted to automatically shut down after the low-power low battery.

Battery charging There are three ways to recharge the battery, the red charging indicator light will be lit in the process of charging, the charging time is about 180 minutes, the red charging indicator light will automatically switch off after charging is completed. 1. Use the power outlet for charging 2. Use of USB charging 3. Use the vehicle power charger Placed in storage card Micro SD memory card to the direction of the body, straight forward slot, know to hear the sound of the sound "card". Remove the card: move forward to promote the Micro SD card, you can remove the card pop-up.

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P6000k car video recorder  
P6000k car video recorder