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Different Auto Transport Services When it comes to transporting and shipping automobiles, people are often surprised at how many options are open to them, but different methods are better for different vehicles. The type of shipping that works best for a car may not also be the best for a truck, motorcycle, or SUV. There are also other types of transport for inoperable cars or boats as well. Here is a short guide to the different types of automobile transport that are commonly available. •

Cross Country Car Shipping: Many countries are able to ship your car or vehicle

anywhere around the globe, including to other continents like Europe, Asia and Latin America. Often this service is door to door, and includes shipping via roads, boats and more. •

Open Auto Shipping: This is the most commonly used method of auto shipping, and

involves your vehicle being placed on an open car trailer with other cars and vehicles that are being transported, secured in place and then driven from your door to your new door. These trailers are usually double deck haulers, and they often travel on all major highways. If you need your car transported a shorter distance, such as inside a single city, then a single deck, tow truck or flatbed truck would typically be used instead. This method of transport is an option for all types of vehicles, including boats, cars, SUVs, motorcycles and more. •

Express Auto Transport: Express auto transport uses either an open or an enclosed

trailer, and gets your vehicle to you in a period between one and three days based on your needs. This shipping is a premium service that has a small rate surcharge to ensure an on-time delivery, and is able to be booked and completed upon incredibly short notice for your convenience. •

Enclosed Vehicle Shipping: Enclosed vehicle shipping works in much the same way that

open auto shipping does, except your vehicle is transported in a trailer with a mechanism that keeps your vehicle level during loading and unloading, and the trailer is enclosed to keep your car safe from the elements during transport. Thus, your car will be safe from any dust, weather and debris while it is being transported, but it will still be driven on the major freeways and highways throughout the United States. This shipping method is usually available for a small additional premium. Most companies will transport multiple vehicles at one time to keep their greenhouse emissions and prices as low as possible.


International Car Shipping: If you need to transport your car across a national border into

a foreign country, you will need to select this shipping service. This still applies even if you are transporting a vehicle into the US instead of out of it. •

Specialized Vehicle Transport: This service is available for people who need to transport

a vehicle with unique or uncommon needs, such as transferring oversized vehicles, rare automobiles or making time critical shipments. This option is often open to customers of all types, whether they are relocating employees, purchasing a car online, travelling long distance, or they are a dealership transporting inventory. For more information visit us at

The different types of auto transport services  

Explains the different types of auto transport services and when a customer would choose them.

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