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Open Auto Transport: The What and How Open Auto Transport is one of the most economical choices to make when shipping a car. There are a variety of things to consider. However, a car owner must ensure that it is the best choice for them as an individual or a company. What is Open Auto Transport? When you need to transport your car, you can choose from different options, such as closed or open containers. While enclosed shipping has its benefits, open auto transport is more affordable, as well as faster. It uses a trailer that has no sides on it, exposing your car to any elements along the way, such as rain, snow, strong winds and dust storms. For most automobiles, this is not an issue, but those who own collectible cars may want to opt for an enclosed trailer. Open auto transport is not only for cars, but for SUVs, motorcycles, and boats. In fact, even heavy equipment can be hauled this way. How Open Auto Transport Works Open auto transport generally uses a large trailer that has the capacity to hold multiple vehicles. Most are able to haul 8 to 10 cars at a time. The trailer often has a double deck, in order to fit this many, and is used for long-distance travel. Each car is carefully driven onto a ramp, and then the wheels are secured into place. Cars are locked for safety, but any expensive personal items should be removed. The prices are lower for this auto shipping method, because more cars can be hauled -- therefore, reducing overall costs per vehicle. It does, however, depend on the routes and trailers available, as to what the total cost will be. On average, the cost for most open auto transport for cars will be between $500 and $1,000, for cross-country trips. If your car does not need to be transported very far, a tow truck or flatbed may be used. This is simply due to ease, as well as demand. Not as many vehicles need to be shipped across a city. Who Should Choose Open Auto Transport? Open Auto Transport is the best choice for many people and companies. Individuals may find it is the most convenient way to ship a car a lengthier distance. Other options would be to have someone else drive it, to push it, or to tow it with a trailer hitch. These are often not feasible choices, and open transport is the most affordable choice, after the others. Individuals who may require this service include vacationers, those moving, and those who have bought a car out of state. Companies, too, may like the affordability that open auto transport provides. It is one of the top choices for car dealerships, because multiple new vehicles can be brought on one trailer. Businesses that use company cars may also find this the best option. Whether you, or one of your clients, need to transport a vehicle, open auto transport should be thoroughly considered. When a reputable company provides the service, it provides a safe way to quickly ship your car. You may also choose services such as door-to-door transport when you schedule your trip. About CarCaddy: CarCaddy Auto Transport leads the industry in national auto transport, and offers international shipping, as well. Their philosophy to focus on the customer allows them to provide excellent service that earns repeat business. CarCaddy is the only company to offer tracking abilities, and their innovative ideas make them the standard in auto transport.

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Open Auto Transport: The What and How  

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