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he CarbSense eBook.

“the mindful approach to weight loss”. The CarbSense eBook was written because we understand that losing weight can be difficult, that is of course unless you get your body and mind to work together to help you achieve your goals.

about how you are going to keep the weight off in the future. The CarbSense eBook does three things it helps you understand why you put on weight and get fat, it then gives you some simple rules to help you lose weight and then it shows you how you can keep the weight off.

You may already know that our bodies are programmed at birth to put on weight, and this means that losing weight can be difficult which is exactly why the diets you have already tried have failed to help you in the past.

What makes our eBook different is that in addition to the clear cut factual and practical help it gives you, it is designed to be used in combination with our audio products which help you take control of you bad habits and unconscious mind to drive you towards long term success.

A healthy person will put on weight, or lose weight depending on just 3 factors, which are simply; what you eat, how much you eat and how active you are. Controlling these 3 factors is the job of both our conscious mind (what we choose to do and eat) and also our unconscious mind (which drives us to eat through hunger and habit). Confounding this is the fact that some food just tastes so good, and that means that we get a sense of enjoyment from eating.

The CarbSense eBook has been written by an experienced medical doctor who can cut through the marketing and the hype of all of the other diets out there to tell you the simple facts about what works and what doesn’t. These simple facts are backed up by medical research and proven scientific evidence giving you a clear picture of what you can do to lose weight.

Add all of these things together into the mixing pot and we have the reasons why we put on weight and also why some diets work for a while before you slip back to where you are now.

In short the CarbSense eBook tells you what to eat, how much to eat, when to eat it and how you can get away with cheating and not just lose weight but to also keep it off.

If you are reading this I am sure that you are interested in how to lose weight, I am also sure that you are concerned

Our audio products are designed specifically for weight loss by an experienced master hypnotist and NLP

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trainer who can help motivate you by tapping into the power of your unconscious mind through hypnosis. By being able to control our eating habits and drives we can control the amount we are eating so that we don’t eat to excess. The combination of eating the right things to tip the scales in our favour and gaining the mental energy needed for successful weight loss is why our approach is different and unique. Admittedly there are many other diets out there that help you lose weight for a short time before your weight starts going back on, additionally there are other hypnosis products that can help you with the mental side of weight loss but they give very little practical dietary advice about what to eat. The combined approach of how our products help you lose weight with the ‘Mind and Body’ working together is very powerful, we know the diet works! We also know that with continued application of the basic dietary rules we give you and with continual tuning of your mind the weight will also stay off.

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Introduction to the CarbSense eBook  

This is the introduction to the Carbsense eBook. Carbsense - "the mindful approach to weight loss"

Introduction to the CarbSense eBook  

This is the introduction to the Carbsense eBook. Carbsense - "the mindful approach to weight loss"