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June.July 2011 /CARBON

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Fashion through the Ages: 1950s Vintage

4 CARBON/June.July 2011

Known to much of the United States as a decade of war, the 1950's was also a decade of great style. Red lips, curled hair, and flattering cuts were all the rage. It was an era of glamour that the runways have lately been nodding to with the reappearance of the popularity of high-waisted shorts and pants. Celebs such as Dita Von Teese and Katy Perry have also helped to popularize this style in the current decade. And just in time for summer, high-waisted polka dot bikinis have been popping up everywhere. The high-waisted bikini is something that has not seen a lot of popularity because it's not thought of to be "sexy." However, that idea couldn't be more wrong. The highwaisted cut gives those with a little extra on their waistline that ability to hide their flaws, improving their confidence on the beach and letting them off the hook for their summer diet. Those with a tiny waist line have a chance to highlight just how small they are. Also, the cut brings extra attention to the legs, giving it definite sex appeal. I suggest throwing on some red lipstick and a pair of cat-eye shades to give the look that extra oomph when you're enjoying the lazy days of summer. By2011 Danielle Legler 5 June.July /CARBON

Photos by Hilary Pendleton

Enchanting lips for a garden date. Use a fuchsia lip color for making a beautiful first impression. Carbon recommends lining your lips with a lip stain marker. These markers are a new wave in lip color and act as a lightweight and easy to use liner. Choose a color tvat’y ywgwlar to tve lwp color you’ll be uywhg ahd lwhe away. Fill in your lips with a fuchsia toned lipstick. Choosing the right fuchsia tone is essential. Pick a fuchsia with gold undertones for a warmer skin tone, blue undertones for a cooler skin tone. Neutral skin

6 CARBON/June.July 2011

tones can wear either shade. When filling in your lips with color, start in the middle and use a brush to move the color outward. Lastly, clean up any smudges with a foundation dipped Qtip. Finish your look with a nude colored eye shadow and a translucent blush. Line your eyes with a carbon black eyeliner and lightly coat the upper eyelashes with a midnight black mascara. This is a modern twist on a classic look that will be sure to impress. By Hilary Pendleton

Funky Fixes: B e a u t y

Here are four easy tips for transforming everyday objects into beauty staples:


Whether you were pulling an all-nighter or dancing till dawn, white eye shadow is the key to looking refreshed in the morning. To achieve a bright-eyed look, dab white eye shadow on the inside corners of your eyes. [Carbon loves: CoverGirl Eye Enhancers in Snow Blossom]


If you are wh a vurry or ywgply doh’t feel lwxe pulling out your ironing board, reach for your hair straightener instead. Flat irons work wonders on more than hair; they are called wrohy for a reayoh‌ Uye tveg to de-wrinkle your favorite blouse or to keep a pesky collar from popping up.


Unruly eyebrows? No need to spend money on gels and grooming tools; a spare toothbrush and hairspray will tame your brows and give you a perfectly polished look. [Carbon loves: Dove Extra Hold Hairspray]


Oily hair? No problem. Pour a small amount of baby powder into the palm of your hand, then use your fingers to apply the powder to the roots of your hair; work in the powder until white is no longer visible. The baby powder will absorb excess oil and leave hair looking fresh.

June.July 2011 /CARBON 7

The Art of the Nail Tribal

8 CARBON/June.July 2011



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Photos by Kim Akrigg

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On the Fringe

Ombre fringe-pocket shorts retail for over $100, make your own for less than $20. Carbon shows you how. Supplies Needed:  Old pair of denim shorts  Long chainette fringe (white)  Spray paint (any color)  Permanent adhesive fabric glue  Unused toothbrush  Newspaper 1. Measure your fringe along the edge of your pockets and trim to desired size. Repeat on the alternate pocket. 2. Take your two pieces of fringe outside and lay one piece on the newspaper. Decide at what point you want the ombre effect to start on fringe and begin to spray that area of the fringe with your spray paint– we chose to use blue, but you can use any color. We found it easier to fold the fringe into half and spray. Flip the fringe over until the bottom is completely covered. Repeat on the other piece of fringe. 3. Create the ombre or gradient effect by spraying a bit of paint onto a section of the newspaper, rub the toothbrush bristles onto the paint and begin to brush just above the colored area on the fringe. Continue to do so until you’re happy with the look. Of course, repeat on the other piece of fringe. Let paint dry for about 30 minutes. 4. Bring the fringe inside and lay where it would be glued on the shorts. We decided we wanted our ombre to start higher, so we took them outside and repeated step 3. When you’re happy with where the ombre effect is on the fringe, then begin to line the outer edge of the pockets with the fabric glue. Don’t be afraid to be generous with the glue, you’ll want your fringe to stay in place. Attach the fringe to the pocket. Repeat on the other pocket. 5. The glue will dry quickly, about five minutes. Once dry, try on your shorts and decide how long you want the fringe to be. We decided we wanted the fringe to lay a couple inches below the hemline. Trim with scissors to desired length. 6. That’s it! Wear everywhere and brag about your creativity. 20 CARBON/June.July 2011


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Kingsley’s Corner


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Talking Underwear 24 CARBON/June.July 2011

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Up-Close Music 28 CARBON/June.July 2011

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trekking in tribal

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Brittany Pendleton Danielle Legler Hilary Pendleton Jared Mergens Kacey Knight Rachel Knebelsberger Hilary Pendleton Kacey Knight Kim Akrigg Brittany Pendleton Kacey Knight Kingsley Pendleton Natalie at John Casablancas 42 CARBON/June.July 2011

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