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Our Products  Milling Tools Milling machines use milling cutters to do its operations with the aid of other machine equipment. Milling tools have different end mills and drill mills used for different purposes. Top picks consist of twin or single end cutting edges with teeth found at the end or at the sides.

Drilling Tools

There are mainly two types of carbide drilling tools; the steel cutting drills, and the iron cutting drills. The iron cutting drills are the ones used for drilling castiron materials. They function better than regular tools since cast-iron is highly abrasive and can wear out regular tools faster.

ď ą Reaming Tools

ďƒ˜Carbide reaming tools are specially engineered to cater to the most demanding applications in the world.

Benefits of using Carbide Tools for Cutting, Milling and Drilling Processes in Industries

ďƒ˜The exceptional hardness of solid carbide tools make them very useful in the machining industry. ďƒ˜Some of the benefits of these are as follows: firstly, they have a very tough resistance to wear.

What are Carbide Tools? ďƒ˜Carbide tools are equipment made of the compound carbide. ďƒ˜Carbide is a compound that consists of two elements; carbon and metals/silicon/boron. ďƒ˜Some of the metals may include tungsten, calcium, iron, or other examples. Carbide tools are very hard, as well as being intractable, as well as being long lasting when used in the machining industry.

Benefits of using Carbide Milling Tools

ďƒ˜Carbide milling tools work efficiently using its end mills that are of different diameter range for a particular function. ďƒ˜Both hard and soft machine operators become easy with these milling tools.

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Milling Tools, Drilling Tools, Reaming Tools, Benefits of Carbide Tools  
Milling Tools, Drilling Tools, Reaming Tools, Benefits of Carbide Tools  

We offering information about carbide tools including what are carbide tools, benefits of using carbide tools for cutting, milling and drill...