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robert carbaugh selected works Academic Portfolio / 2010-2012

brooklyn cultural music center

university of oregon / thesis 2012 The Brooklyn Cultural Music Center is a new institution dedicated to the sharing and preservation of tradition through music. The BCMC serves as a reference point for collective identities, housing archives of recorded material, classrooms, a museum, an instrument library, practice rooms, and a performance hall to be utilized by the ethnic communities in the New York City Metropolitan Area. The building is conceived of as a resonating body – a focus from which the voice of tradition, culture, and heritage can be heard amidst the blur of contemporary society.

Automated exterior sunscreens mitigate sun exposure in afternoons/evenings

Stack effect flushes excess hot air Chilled beams

ECS STRATEGIES Ground source heat pump

Pipes fan out to both floors to moderate temperatures within building

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belmont ave. infill community library

university of oregon / spring 2011





The Sunnyside Community Library employs a functional and spatial organization tool embodied by a spine of books running through the center of the building. This creates two conditions: one of openness and ambient daylight, and a contrasting intimate environment enclosed within the book spine. The module of the bookshelf permeates the design and provides a rigid framework and unifying order for the building. Libraries are a place for knowledge and resource, as well as an anchor for the community where meetings and events can be advertised and held. Once in place, the library becomes an integral backbone to the community that it serves. Similarly, knowledge is the backbone to a library.

Offices and Showroom

university of idaho / spring 2010

Research and Development Workshop

Conference Rm

elliptigo world hq san diego “Cromoly steel tubing, some skateboard wheels, and wood boards for pedals, Alfa wasn’t much of a looker – but it worked.” -Commentary on the first ElliptiGO prototype The design takes inspiration from a resourcefulness and creative use of materials and components. Like the prototyping exhibited for the first ElliptiGO, the most seemingly mundane components and materials around us can be used in a thoughtful manner to create great enriching environments. Translating this concept to the redesigned headquarters, paint canvases are used to solve issues of lighting within the space in a unique manner.

Lounge R/R Showroom

Test Models Offices

The cloud-like formation consists of painting canvases mounted to track lighting to create a warm diffuse glow throughout the space. Complementing the artificial lighting, vertical baffles are used to create a visual barrier between the showroom and work spaces while bringing valuable daylight to the back. The canvas cloud forms a linear connection throughout the building, dramatically rolling into the showroom to take its place opposite the ElliptiGO bicycle. In doing so, it creates a dialogue between the innovation of ideas, and the finished product on display.

hand sketching

academic + personal / worldwide

photography personal / worldwide

Selected Works 2010-2012  

Architectural portfolio of my work while at the University of Oregon and the University of Idaho, 2010-2012.