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Campaign Assignment CAP 220: Fundamentals of Public Relations Ricardo Carbajal 4/14/2014


Career Center Campaign

Table of Contents INTRODUCTION……………………………………………..PG 2 SECONDARY RESEARCH………………………….……..PG 4 PRIMARY RESEARCH…………………………….…….…PG 8 STRATEGY AND TACTICS……………………….………..PG 11 BUDGET…………………………………………….………..PG 17 CAMPAIGN EVALUATION…………………………………PG 18 TIMELINE………………………………………….…………PG 19 APPENDIX A (references)…………………………..……….PG 20 APPENDIX B (survey)…………………..……………………PG 21 APPENDIX C (Mod Guide)…………………………………..PG23 APPENDIX D (Press Release)………………………………..PG 25 APPENDIX E (Tactic 1)……………………………………….PG 27 APPENDIX F (Tactic 2)……………………………………….PG 28 APPENDIX G (Survey Results)……………………………….PG 29 Digital 1 Pager………………………………………………PG 32


Introduction College can be a place for people to educate themselves and experience things that can you could not experience staying at home or just starting work immediately after high school. You can meet people from all around the country and sometimes from different countries. You can join clubs, organizations such as fraternities, sororities, or be a part of an intramural team. College is not just about going to class and studying all semester. There is so much to offer at universities across the whole country and people need to know about all of these organizations that these universities offer. Grand Valley State University is a great school to get into and involved with activities. GVSU offers career services to all students. People sometimes do not take the time to learn about them, which is a mistake on their part because it can definitely befit anyone at the university. They can help with their career goals, getting involved around the community, getting help with internships, and a lot more. There is so much more people are not aware of what is offered and that is why it is a concern for all these students at GVSU. Many universities across the country have the same problem as we do here at Grand Valley State University. Our attendance of students at our career centers are low, and every year does not get any better. The importance of the career center is valuable for many of the students across the country. The career center is a great way for students to learn from about the future and their careers. They can get advice about


Career Center Campaign

future interviews, have their resume’s checked, and even have virtual conversations with people who have the occupations students want to have. With the lack of attendance of students at the career center, it is hard to help and provide all of the beneficial values that the career center has. We the passion we share with our students, and the willingness to achieve for the better, I am certain we can achieve our goals with making Grand Valley State University a better place for learning, and for a higher awareness of the Career Center. Many universities probably do not have much interest in changing their ways to get a higher attendance rate but here at Grand Valley State, we want to increase the awareness of such a prestige facility. With the campaign I have, we can make sure we increase the attendance of students attending the career center. We want to have the best career center in the Midwest and we hope to achieve that after the campaign. It will help our University, it will benefit our students, and it will provide the staff to achieve their ultimate goal in making their clients a better student. To see all of the GVSU students succeed in life will be great. We can counsel students who are stressing about test, homework, or interviews. It is a great place to get help with internships. It is a great place for students, not just seniors to benefit from. We need to reach out to the students who do not have the knowledge, and awareness of the Career Center.


Secondary Research

There are many Universities and each one is unique in their own ways. Even though they are all different there are many similarities between each university. You will find a career service on each campus across the country. Career services have a lot to offer for the students. Career services have many names such as career center, career placement office, career office, and your basic career services office. It is a great place for students to go if they need academic advice, major advice, career advice, and much more. It is incredible how much career services have to offer on all of the campuses around the country. It is also incredible how many students do not take advantage of what is being offered. From all they do you would assume that students would take advantage of everything that is being offered. The problem is there isn’t much awareness about the career centers around the country. Many students do not know about career services, or what they have to offer. Students lack knowledge about career services. The counselors at career services are willing to help students to make sure they succeed during college, and for the future. Counselors will help you figure out what career is right for you by using self-assessment tools to examine the students values, personalities, interests, and abilities. They will help the students who are willing to get helped decide on an academic major that will help them meet their goals in the future. They also include career occupations. Counselors will point the students toward resources that they can use to gather information. They usually help out by getting


Career Center Campaign

alumni who can discuss their careers with current students. Career services also offer to help students make a resume. Resumes are important and it can be hard to find jobs especially if your resume is not as best as it can be. They help students write their resumes and make cover letters. They often conduct workshops and provide individual resume critiques. Job interview preparation is important and career services offer that also. The campus career centers will sponsor workshops to help students learn how to present themselves well during a job interview. Career services offices do a good job in job placement, credential management, and graduate school advisement. They have job listings for students whenever they graduate. They help students and advise them to internships when they hear about them. The Career Centers can provide job fairs for students so employers can visit the Universities and try to recruit students who are about to graduate. They also can supply letters of recommendation for students who really need it. The staff can also help decide whether there are options for students to go and head to graduate school. Students on most college campuses are aware of their career service centers. There are just not educated with what exactly goes on in the career center. They assume it is the place to go when they need help with resumes, or to get tips on preparation for a job interview. Students know that they can depend on a counselor to help them out if they need it. The Career Centers do that but they go into more detail with what they do on a daily basis. Career service offices go much deeper than students assume. If students take advantage of their career services as soon as they get on campus then they will benefit more than your average student who never takes a visit to the offices. They provide you information to help the students find their strengths


and weaknesses. Counselors will help guide students to the right direction. They help you gain experience, gain your knowledge of your strength, and help students cope with any problems that they might be having. Many students choose not to go to career services because they have seen their upper classmen or older siblings who made it through college without having any problems of getting a job. That is not what the career services are for. Career services help to make their years on campus much easier than what it probably was for the former graduating students. Not everyone is the same, and not everyone gets jobs right out of college, especially during this time of the century. Career Centers help in any way possible to help students reach their mark that they want to reach. It is one thing if students get their first job, but with the help of career services they can reach that next step at their job and get promotions and be prepared for when or if that time were to come. For many college students, some do not know how to deal with certain tasks asked of them, especially freshmen, so it can be hard for them to achieve and receive the grades that they want. Some lack in knowledge about the career services and others are just not willing to give career services a try because they are shy or do not know what to expect when they arrive to the office. Freshmen at colleges are dealing with a lot of new experiences when arriving to college. Their lives change from what they are used to and some adjust well to the new environment while others suffer from the change. Those who struggle sometimes do not take advantage of all the help that is there for them on campus. Students are for the first time living on their own without their guardians guiding them to make good decisions. Students also get involved with


Career Center Campaign

social groups on campus which can consume a lot of their time each day, and being alone without someone to guide them and tell them what to do. Sometimes they forget what is more important to them. Some students do not have self-discipline which does not help them on reaching their goals. With all of these roadblocks for the students, college can be a difficult time to reach the career that the students plan on getting. The workload is another reason why students can get stressed out. They do not know how to cope with time management and if you fall behind it is in many times hard to catch up before the semester is over especially if they’re in extracurricular activities.

These are

all reasons why students should not shy away from career services but instead they should take advantage of everything they provide. They can make college easier and help them with their career paths and future goals. It seems that there are problems on all campuses for the attendees of students at the career service. Many colleges cannot seem to get their students to visit the career services. Many students go their whole four years at college without paying one visit to the career center. It seems that students who actually attend their career centers are pleased with the results and keep revisiting. Many students are aware of what is being offered at the Career center but not many take the time to just visit once which is a problem because everyone can benefit from it even if the students are receiving good grades. Career services offices across the country have so much to offer for enrolled students that can help students reach their goals. They help with any students and do not judge anybody who walks in to their office. Students do not take advantage of what they have in front of them. They help the student see the vision they have in front of


them and take values that they learn to make a plan to succeed. Every college student has a mission to get their dream job and career services can help students complete their goals and dreams.

Primary Research The primary target for the campaign is to seize as many of the Grand Valley State University students as possible. Male or Female, and age were not any of the concerns for this primary target. It is just a primary focus to get people who attend Grand Valley State University. Picking GVSU students was a must because they are the main people who would want to attend the career center on campus. Without the students then the career center would be pointless. The students were asked questions that related to the students major, their favorite social media, where they receive their information about GVSU or the career center, and more that could help us find the reasons of the lack of students who attend the career center. The survey will give a better understanding on how to promote and try to fix the problems GVSU Career Center may have. The majority of the people that were surveyed seemed to already have a major chosen. This shows that the students that were surveyed were not freshmen but students who have been at GVSU for a couple years now which helps figure out a few conclusions. By knowing that the majority of the people had their majors picked, it was possible to see if the people who took the survey utilized the career center or not. The question that was asked that was shocking with the results was, “if the students have ever heard of the career center.� 34% of the people who were surveyed have never 10

Career Center Campaign

heard of the career center which was astonishing. Most would assume that every student on campus knows or at least heard what the career center is and what they provide. The other 68% of the people who did heard about the career center, thirty of them said they heard about it from the GVSU Website, twenty said they heard about it from their professors, another twenty said they heard it from other students, and fourteen said they saw something about it on posters or banners. Zero people heard it from the social media or their parents. 8% said they heard it from orientation which was another shock because people would assume that in orientation they would mention the career center and even show them where it is located. 19% of the people said they never heard about it. This shows that GVSU is not doing a good enough job to promoting and showing what the career center has to offer for all of the enrolled students. The students were also asked “for the people who knew about the career center if they have utilized it?” Also, “how many times each year starting as a freshman?” 85% of freshmen never utilized it, 66% of sophomores never utilized it, 62% of juniors never utilized it, and 34% of seniors never utilized it. That is a large number of people who knows about the career center but doesn’t utilize it, not until senior year and even senior year numbers were ridiculous. Then the students were asked if they “have ever attended a career center event” and 86% of the students answered with a no. Another question also asked was “if anybody attended the student to professional conference in the past two years” and all of the people who took the survey all answered no. That seems ridiculous that everyone who took the survey said no. With that follow up question they were asked “what were their reasons for not attending one of the Career 11

Centers events?� 80% of the students said that they had no knowledge of the event. This shows that there is a lack of determination by the Career Center on having students attends their events. It seems like most of the people on campus should have an idea of these kinds of events. If these many students are not hearing about the events then the Career Center is not doing what it takes to informing them and we need to change that. There is a strong belief that that social media is currently not helping with getting more students familiar with the career center. Social media can be utilized on campus and it can help out the career center. Social media can become a big part of getting students awareness about the Career Center so they can utilize what they have on campus. Every student can gain knowledge of what the career center provides. It is agreeable that the Career Center has a lot of great opportunities for GVSU students but it is hard to get people to attend events or to utilize the career center when a lot of the student body at Grand Valley does not have knowledge or even knows something so beneficial is on campus for anybody to walk in and get help. Results The results are quite shocking but at the same time there was a prediction that the results were going to end up that way. Not many students know what the career center is or what they provided until they hear it from somebody or from somewhere. All students can benefit from the career center. From these results, there is no question GVSU needs to do a better job preaching about the Career Center to the students and especially at a younger age. Orientations, and transitions should show the incoming


Career Center Campaign

students where and what the career center is. It can help a lot of students start early that way and it can make their college experience a lot easier.

Strategy and Tactics The Career Center needs to increase their student’s awareness about the great opportunities that they offer. There is nothing more frustrating than knowing the majority of your students do not know much about the career center and what benefits it can provide for all GVSU students. There are strategies and objectives that we can do to make sure we can help the career center build on and to improve Grand Valley State University by giving their students what they deserve. There are some goals that we want to reach but we might not be able to reach a few. If we are able to reach one goal, then I think we will be satisfied as we will look for other ways to reach the goals we might've not gotten. Our main goal is to have many more students attend the career center than in recent years. We can use strategies and tactics to hopefully get there. We want an increase of attendance by 25%. This can help us give back to these students, especially the ones who want to use the career center who do not know much about it.

Action Plan

A. Objective 1: To increase awareness by 90%. 1. Strategy 1: Let the whole student body know about the Career Center. i. Tell all the students, freshmen or transfers on tours/visits. ii. Get shirts for Transactions 13

iii. Require professors to mention the Career Center 2. Strategy 2: Let the parents or guardians of all the students know about the career center. i. Send mail out to the parents/guardians. ii. E-mail each parent/guardians. iii. Phone calls. 3. Strategy 3: To advertise events that the Career Center holds. i. Put the events on GVSU websites front page. ii. Put posters all over campus. iii. Have professors give points for attending.

B. Objective 2: To use social media in a way that will educate the target audience. 1. Strategy 1: To make a Twitter page with 10,000+ students followers. i. Use faculty, alums, or popular GVSU pages ii. Tweet important information that attracts students. iii. Put pictures of how supportive it is. 2. Strategy 2: Advertise special events/prizes on Twitter pages. i. Events such as free pizza. ii. Give out prizes if students follow, RT/Favorite tweet. iii. Show notable alums attending events. 3. Strategy 3: Use all social media. i. Show more pictures on Instagram. ii. Make funny videos on Vine. iii. Get many likes on Facebook.

C. Objective 3: Brand Recognition 14

Career Center Campaign

1. Strategy 1: Image i. Create a catchy image. ii. Attractive image. iii. Unique image. 2. Strategy 2: Advertise the image. i. Put image on posters/GVSU website. ii. Get a spot in Kirkhoff. iii. Make shirts. 3. Strategy 3: Positivity of image i. Survey about the image. ii. Show image at GVSU sporting events. iii. Have staff be positive about every student.

One of our first objectives is to increase the awareness of the student body by 90%. I think that all GVSU students should have awareness about the career center. The career center should have been mentioned to every student before entering into this campus when they enrolled. If everyone knows about the career center then there is no excuse as to why students shouldn't attend it throughout their years at GVSU. It is a great resource for students and if students felt like they just did not need the extra help then those students must’ve had a better mentor and advice for themselves. I think a strategy for the students to have awareness is to reach out to their parents and tell them the opportunities their children can have by walking over to the career center. I also think that every students that is enrolled in GVSU needs to be told about the career center. A tactic that we can do is for transactions in the beginning of the year, have the 15

experience students who are in charge of their groups, to take their students to the career center, show them the location and talk a little about it. The experienced students can talk about their experiences with the career center and tell them the benefits of it. All freshmen and transfer students do transactions so it is a way for the students to know about it and it can increase awareness of the career center. I also think a tactic to reach the parents is to send mail to the parents and have them read about it, and tell them in the letter that it can benefit their children. That can be an easy way for parents to mention it to their kids. We can also give out shirts to the all the students in transactions that has the Career Center logo and location on it. It can help give students think about the Career Center every time they look at the shirt, before they wear or it or even when they are doing laundry.

Another objective is to increase our Twitter followers by 10,000. If we are able to increase our followers then we can give out information to the students or give them updates via Twitter. It will be another benefit for the career center and it can help them have an easy way to reach out to the student body. A strategy we can do is go reach out to people who are apart of Grand Valley State University and who have a lot of followers. Those are the people we need to reach out to and help us reach 10,000. The tactic we can do is having our president, who many of the students follow and have him tweet about the career center. The president is not the only person we can go out for. We can try to get the GVSU main twitter page, the GVSU Lakers twitter page, and the football coach Matt Mitchell who all have many followers. We can have them tweet about the career center and emphasis how great and important it can be for the


Career Center Campaign

students. We can have them tweet about special days such as something like pizza day and have students go get free pizza at the Career Center and just give them a taste of where it is located and how welcoming the Career Center can be. We also can try to get alums that students look up to and have them tweet about their experiences about the career center and how it benefited them when they were at GVSU. Not everyone is a fan of Twitter so we can expand to other Social Medias such as Facebook, Instagram, and even the newly popular Vine. College students get lost on their phones every day because of these Social Medias and even if they aren’t paying attention to the GVSU sites, they still notice them. We just need students to like/follow our pages and it will benefit the Career Center a lot. We can also have giveaways from our Twitter page. We can have students follow us, and Retweet us for them to win a week of free food from any of our on campus food facilities. Any college student would want free food for a week. It can save them a lot of money and that can be a quick way for us to gain a lot of followers. Our third and final Objective is to make a logo for the Career Center and build the brand so it can be well known around campus. There are brands like the 20/20 that are well known because many students use it, and they have a desk in The Kirkhoff Center where thousands of students walk past each day. One of our strategies is to have our logo everywhere around campus. We can put the logo on posters and our website so students get familiar with what it is and what it represents. A tactic we can do is getting a desk inside Kirkhoff just like the one that 20/20 has. It would allow students to stop by if they have quick questions, or need some quick help. If the questions or help is complex then we can direct them to the Career Center to have them be helped. As 17

many successful business and organizations, we want to have a positive and recognized image. Every organization has an image that people notice even if they are not directly paying attention to it. If we were able to get a catch image that gets the students attention to just even think about the career center then we would have done our job. An image or log is something so small that can be so well known by many. If one has a positive image then it can be successful. If we were to make a brand for the career center that can catch students eyes, and have them look up about the career center then that would have us taking steps forward to increase awareness of the students and to help us make the career center a success. I feel with our action plan, we can take the steps to increase the attendance of the Career Center by 25%. With the strategies and tactics that I provided, I think we can reach the goals of our objectives and gain respect of the Career Center, and more importantly, awareness of the students.

Budget Expenses


Strategy & Tactics Objective 1: Awareness 90% S1: Students Awareness 18

Career Center Campaign T1: Inform newcomers T2: Shirts T3: Professors knowledge S2: Parents

$0 10,000 $0

Tours $5 T-shirt to 2,000 students Extra Credit

$11,993.7 3 $0 $0

$49 cents to each student Send E-mail Call

$0 $400 $1,890

Front page $4 a poster $1890 housing

$0 $0 $0

Alum Inform students Pictures Of CC

$587.50 $50 $0

$11.75 from papa johns GVSU bookstore money Successful Alums

T1: Mail T2: E-mail T3: Phone calls S3: Advertise T1: GVSU Website T2: Posters T3: Contest Objective 2: Social Media S1: 10,000+ followers T1: Notable pages T2: Information T3: Pictures S2: Advertise Events T1: Free Pizza T2: Giveaways T3: Notable Alums Objective 3: Brand S1: Image T1: Catchy T2: Contest T3: Unique S2: Advertise T1: Posters/Website T2:Sporting Events T3: Staff

$0 $0 $0

Catches people’s eyes Design of logo Unique logo

$400 $150 $paycheck

$4 a poster $15 a banner Respectful staff



Campaign Evaluation With our Campaign plan book completed, it is now easy to see what it takes to make the Career Center a successful operating place for GVSU students to learn. We have taken reasonable, measurable methods to possibly be successful. We have a 19

high price on our budget, but it is out of knowing that we can succeed using all the money to gain awareness to the Career Center. I am almost certain that with our plan we will not fail to get more students to attend the Career Center. Many of our students are going to know exactly what they can gain in attending such a prestige place. It will have an effect on our staff and students in a positive way. Our objectives can be measureable with our successful tactics that we will have. The first objective will increase awareness which will lead to a higher attendance rate for us. It will help us gain awareness in a fun matter. People will want our spectacular shirts, and will gain some class points by going to the Career Center. This will benefit everybody on campus. Other tactics will inform some of the most important people for these students, the parents. Parents are important for any college student to succeed. They have always been there their whole lives and now with the students being on their own it is hard for parents to know what goes on around campus. Reaching out to the parents will help students gain what they have on campus and it will help the Career Center because the student’s mentors will guide their students to attend events, and get help. The second objective will get into people’s phones, laptops, and computers. Society now a days depend on technology, so for us to get into their personal technological items will be important. Students also go into almost every day to go on their e-mails, use Blackboard, and get on their banner. These are where three of GVSU students’ most important information is, and they need to get on the main GVSU website to be able to get into those three things. If we are able to advertise and put our logo by those three items, then we can have more students check us out each and every day. It can be a way we can expand our awareness. The last objective is an easy way for students to have a positive view on the Career Center. It isn’t expensive and it does not take much time to do. We just need to have a logo that will be catchy, and that will stick with students. Having a positive and successful brand can help any organization, big or small. It is how we use the brand and where we put the brand. It will be beneficial and help us take measureable steps to increase the attendance of the Career Center.

Time Line


Career Center Campaign















Strategy & Tactics


Objective 1: Awareness 90%


S1: Students Awareness T1: Inform newcomers T2: Shirts T3: Professors knowledge S2: Parents T1: Mail T2: E-mail T3: Phone calls S3: Advertise T1: GVSU Website T2: Posters T3: Contest Objective 2: Social Media S1: 10,000+ followers T1: Notable pages T2: Information T3: Pictures S2: Advertise Events T1: Free Pizza T2: Giveaways T3: Notable Alums Objective 3: Brand S1: Image T1: Catchy T2: Contest T3: Unique S2: Advertise T1: Posters/Website T2:Sporting Events T3: Staff

Appendix 21

References (A) McKay, Dawn. (Sep 25, 2006) “What Do College Career Services Offices Do?” About Career Planning. 2014. Fouad, Nadya. (2009) “Need, Awareness, and Use of Career Services for College Students.” Journal of Career Asseessment. SAGE. GVSU Career Center – Grand Valley State University. (n.d.). Retrieved from Hannon, Kerry. (4/15/10) “Consider a School’s Career Services Before Applying.” US News. Education. Housing – Grand Valley State University. (n.d.). Retrieved from Meet Our Staff – GVSU Career Center – Grand Valley State University. (n.d.). Retrieved from Mission, Vision, and Values / Strategic Plan - GVSU Career Center - Grand Valley State University. (n.d.). Retrieved from T-shirt Prices – Prices Ranges on Custom T-Shirts – (n.d.). Retrieved from Pizza… On The Go! (n.d.). Retrieved from

Vogt, Peter. (Aug 10, 2009) “5 Reasons to Visit Your Campus Career Center.” Monster College.

Survey Questions (B) 22

Career Center Campaign 1. Have you defined your major yet?

Yes or No

2. Have you completed or are currently completing an internship in your

designated field?

Yes or No

3. Have you ever heard of GVSU’s Career Center?

Yes or No

4. If yes, how did you hear about the GVSU Career Center?

GVSU Website Professors Students/Friends Social Media Posters/Banners Parents Never heard of it Orientation

5. How many times each year have you utilized the GVSU Career Center

resources? (Select n/a for years of school you have not yet started) 23

Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior 5th/Graduate




4 or more


6. Have you ever attended a GVSU Career Center event (Examples: Student to

Professional Conference, Career Fairs, and Networking Events)?

Yes or No 7. Did you attend the Student to Professional Conference in 2013 or 2014?

Yes or No

8. If you did not attend the Student to Professional Conference, why not?

Did not have time to go to the event Did not know about the event Did not want to go to the event Did not have a way to get to the event

9. Rate these social media outlets in order of most used in your daily life. 5

being most used, 1 being least used. 24

Career Center Campaign

Pinterest Linkedin GVSU Website Vine Instagram Facebook Twitter

10. Order these social media outlets in order from which you receive information

regarding GVSU events and news.

GVSU Event Calendar Instagram Pinterest Twitter Vine Posters/Banners Linkedin Facebook GVSU Website


Individual Moderator Guide (C) INTRODUCTION State name, and who I am. Summarize my discussion and explain what I am trying to do. I will ask for a show of hands that had gone to the career service center. Then ask the ones who has gone if they benefited from it and to share their experiences there. Then I’ll ask the people who did not raise their hands why they haven’t gone and if they ever plan on going in the near future.


I. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Ask for your attention. Tell them that they are free to leave for an emergency or if they need to use the restroom but try not to. Do not use a cell phone. No laptops out. Feel free to ask a question anytime during the presentation. I would like to know as many peoples opinion if possible and to try to participate. This is a non-smoking session. Be mature about your questions and statements.


II. 9. 10. III. 11. 12. 13. 14.

Go around the room and get everybody’s name. After they say their name mention any extracurricular activity they are involved in.

Previous Experience What made you go to the career center? Were there a lot of people when you went? Do you still attend? Were the counselors helpful?


Career Center Campaign

IV. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. V. 20. 21. 22. VI. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. VII.

Previous ExperienceIf you have gone do you see yourself making more visits in the future? What is our image? Do we show that we care or do we not give much information? Do you value attending the career center? Would you recommend it to your friends? What could we do better to help out the students?

COMMUNICATION Where did you first hear about us? Does GVSU do a good job in informing the students about us? If not, what do you think we could do better to help advice the students?

Advertisement Have you heard about the career service center? You ever see any signs or ads about it? If so, did it catch your eye or was it plain and basic? Do you think we need to do a better job on sending out more ads? Should we use social media?


Thank you for your time and your honesty. Please feel free to see me for any more questions after.


(D) Media Contact:

Troy Farley – Director 206 STU Phone: (616) 331-3311 Fax: (616) 331-2070


Everybody Loves the Taste of Pizza Come one, come all, to the GVSU Career Center for Pizza

Allendale, MI: All GVSU students are invited to join the Career Centers staff for free, good tasting Papa John’s pizza on October 1 st, 2014. It will be located at the Career Center which is located in the Student Service Building on Allendale’s Grand Valley State University’s campus. This is an event so that the Grand Valley State students can get familiar with the location of the Career Services, and so that they can learn about all of the great opportunities that they offer. Many students benefit from the Career Center and get help all year round. This is an event where students can go, eat pizza, and meet new people. This even will take place on October 1st between 5 to 6 p.m., at the Student Service Building. You can ask any staff on campus to inform you where the building is 28

Career Center Campaign

located or you can view the campus map to learn the location. It is located at the center of campus. “Empowering students and alumni to attain career goals in support of a comprehensive and integrated liberal education.” That is the mission of GVSU’s Career Center, and that is what we strive to do each day a student walks in our facility. Our vision at the Career Center is “To be the premier college career center office in the Midwest, known and respected for: •

The higher caliber of career education, services and resources we provide to our students and alumni.

Our collaborative relationships with other members of the GVSU community, with other community organizations in West Michigan, and with employers throughout the Midwest.

Our contributions to the career services profession, and collaborations with our peers at other colleges and universities.”

This is a great way to combine our students with our staff and answer any questions that anybody at the event would have. It’s a great way to meet students and the faculty. With your favorite pizza at the event, it would be a crime for anybody to miss it. Who doesn’t love pizza?

For more details or questions, you can e-mail us at or you can call us at (616)331-3311. Thanks for your time and we hope to see you.


Appendix (E) COME GRAB A FREE T-SHIRT FROM THE CAREER CENTER! Want a cool shirt to wear? Then come grab one of our sweet shirts at the Career Center! Make all your friends jealous with this awesome shirt!


Career Center Campaign

Appendix (F) THE CAREER CENTER LOGO CONTEST! For all you artistic students, this is an opportunity for you to have your chance to design the Career Center logo for the next couple of years. This logo will be displayed all over campus, on posters, sporting events, GVSU Website, and even on our social media. If you think you have the artistic talent to compete for a creative, unique logo, then draw it to us and drop it off at our Career Center which is located in the Career Service Building on Allendale’s Campus.


Appendix (G) Survey Questions Results 1. Have you defined your major yet?

Yes (88.37%) or No (11.63%)

2. Have you completed or are currently completing an internship in your

designated field?


Career Center Campaign

Yes (16.28%) or Yes, but not in my field (4.65%) or No (79.07%)

3. Have you ever heard of GVSU’s Career Center?

Yes (67.44%) or No (32.56%)

4. If yes, how did you hear about the GVSU Career Center?

GVSU Website (22.22%) Professors (19.44%) Students/Friends (19.44%) Social Media (0%) Posters/Banners (11.11%) Parents (0%) Never heard of it (19.44%) Orientation (8.33%)

5. How many times each year have you utilized the GVSU Career Center

resources? (Select n/a for years of school you have not yet started)

Freshman (85.37% never) (2.44% 1) (2.44% 2) (0% 4) (N/A 9.76%) Sophomore (66.67% never) (15.38% 1) (2.56% 2) (2.56% 4) (N/A 12.82%) Junior

(62.16% never) (2.70% 1) (5.41% 2) (2.70% 4) (N/A 27.03%)


(34.48% never) (3.45% 1) (3.45% 2) (0% 4) (N/A 58.62%)

5th/Graduate (17.86% never) (0% 1) (3.57% 2) (3.57% 4) (N/A 75%)





4 or more


6. Have you ever attended a GVSU Career Center event (Examples: Student to

Professional Conference, Career Fairs, and Networking Events)?

Yes (14.29%) or No (85.71%) 7. Did you attend the Student to Professional Conference in 2013 or 2014?

Yes (0%) or No (100%)

8. If you did not attend the Student to Professional Conference, why not?

Did not have time to go to the event (18.60%) Did not know about the event (79.07%) Did not want to go to the event (9.30%) Did not have a way to get to the event (4.65%)

9. Rate these social media outlets in order of most used in your daily life. 5

being most used, 1 being least used.

Pinterest (6) Linkedin (7) GVSU Website (7) Vine (5) Instagram (4) 34

Career Center Campaign

Facebook (1) Twitter (1)

10. Order these social media outlets in order from which you receive information

regarding GVSU events and news.

GVSU Event Calendar (2) Instagram (6) Pinterest (8) Twitter (5) Vine (7) Posters/Banners (7) Linkedin (6) Facebook (1) GVSU Website (1)

Ricardo Carbajal


Campaign Assignment  

Ricardo's Campaign Assignment about the GVSU Career Center

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