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    MY                 BUSINESS Home delivery of  traditional Basque               food

                                                                                    Libe Carazo Agirre

PRESENTATION: Hi, my name is Libe Carazo and I can consider an Enterprising person.   I have got 18 and I’m going to open my first business.It’s going to be home  delivery of typical Basque food,and we will carry it to your home in 45  minutes.  PRODUCT: We are selling food like beans, T­bone steak, cod to pil­pil,green pepper….

SETTING: It’s going to be setting in Arrigorriaga, there we are going to prepare all  the food that we are going to sell and we aren’t going to have there a  restaurant to have more time for do the food and this way we carry the food  in less time.

STAFF: I’m going to need 3 Basque chef and 5 delivery mans to start and if I see that  everything it’s OK with the time i will contract more workers

FOUNDING: 400 euro’s to rent the property        I'm going to ask for a credit 300 euro’s on food                              And use my savings The salary of my workers Expense of Water, light,gas…  Motorcycles and Motorcycles petrol *It’s something that i will love do. *I will be a good boss *I will be working unless i was the boss and i will have holidays when I want. *I’m convinced that it’s a good business and it can produce a lot of money

S *It doesn’t exist any business like mine, it’s something new. *Almost everybody loves home-cooked *It something to the people who doesn’t have time to cooked and the want to eat home-cooked food.


*Every business can go wrong *I don’t know if i can confront so much responsibility

W *I will need a lot of time *I will need 5 chef minimum *I will need a lot of delivery mans


Libe's business  
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