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June 2011

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Coaster crazy! One success leads to many others. UNIVERSAL STUDIOS Universal Studios Singapore adds two rides from Zamperla

Disk’O maintains worldwide success.

Z RACING Zamperla’s newest interactive family ride.

AIR RACE Reach for the sky! Air Race sales take off.

Coaster crazy! One success leads to many others


ollowing the huge success of the customised roller coaster installed in Changzhou Dinosaur Park in China,

Zamperla’s roller coaster department has been involved in numerous other projects that will soon be thrilling park guests.

With many years of experience in building roller coasters, Zamperla’s standard coaster models continue to enjoy much success, with numerous installations completed around the world. Among our most recent examples are the new Volare in Changzhou Spring and Autumn park and the Speedy Coaster at Pecambaru Park on Sumatra Island, which you can read about elsewhere in this issue of Z News. In addition to the standard models, however, our Roller Coaster department has also been involved in the design and build of many customised coaster projects which will soon be in operation. The reason for this success is based on the knowledge and expertise displayed in previously completed, highly successful coaster projects, such as the Pony Express at Knott’s Berry Farm in the US, and the latest gravity coaster featuring a 550m long track and custom ‘dino’ themed train, installed at Changzhou Dinosaur Park – both prestigious projects that give Zamperla the credibility to work on other new and ambitious coaster designs.

But this is just a taster of our roller coaster success story. In the next issue of Z News look out for details of the Speedy Coasters we have installed at Adventure Island, the Air Force at Flamingo Land (both in UK), the Volare and Moto Coaster installed at Coney Island, US, and about the many other coasters we have supplied for 2011. If you are planning to add a new coaster to your park, make sure you talk to Zamperla. You’ll be surprised at what we can offer – and you’ll enjoy being part of our roller coaster success story.

News round-up

Chinese park’s phase two ‘takes off’ with Volare coaster The Chinese park Changzhou Spring and Autumn has introduced rides from international suppliers in its second phase of development and thanks to our excellent reputation Zamperla was chosen as one of those suppliers. Among the new rides at the park will be the first Volare coaster to be installed in China.

Trans Studio chooses Zamperla - again Following the success of a number of Zamperla rides in its first park in Makassar, Indonesian group Trans Studio has again chosen our company to supply a number of attractions for its second project, this time in Bandung. Guests at the new indoor park will be able to sample the excitement of Zamperla’s Midi Discovery, Power Surge, Waver Blaster, two dark rides and a monorail when they visit the venue.

Four new Zamperla rides for Pecambaru Pecambaru Park on Sumatra Island, western Indonesia, has added four Zamperla rides as part of an expansion of the venue. The rides chosen are a Family Swinger, a Sky Tower, a Wave Blaster and a Speedy Coaster, the family coaster that since its introduction at Coney Island in the US is enjoying much success.

Disk’O maintains worldwide success


he amazing success of the Disk’O continues, year after year and in an ever-

Parks throughout the world continue to recognise the popularity of the wellknown Disk’O from Zamperla and in the last two years many more examples of this successful ride have been installed. Among these are versions of the attraction at Liseberg (Sweden), Sarkanniemi (Finland), Chessington World of Adven-

growing number of countries. It’s a ride every park should have!

tures and Gulliver’s (UK), Ange Michel, Festyland and Parc du Bocasse (France), Shenzen East OCT (China), Moranbong Park (North Korea), Coney Island Luna Park (USA) and Rainbow’s End (New Zealand), to name but a few. And there are many reasons why the Disk’O has become such a worldwide phenomenon. It is a thrill ride suitable for almost all ages, is eye-catching both when stationary and when in action, provides roller coaster type thrills but in a flat fide footprint and has an innovative pedestal seat facing outwards which allows every rider to have a ‘front row’ seat maximizing the ‘feel free’ sensation. On top of all this, it is also a highly marketable attraction available for a relatively low capital investment. The latest country to see the installation of this proven winner is Australia, where Aussie World’s guests are enjoying the Giant Redback, a Mega Disk’O 24, tagged as “the Sunshine Coast’s most thrilling ride!” Additionally, a new compact version of the Disk’O Coaster 24 is due to open at Dream-

world in Queensland, and both rides follow the first version of the attraction to open in the Oceania region, this being a Disk’O Coaster 24 at Rainbow’s End in New Zealand. If your park doesn’t have a Disk’O, you and your guests are missing out! Zamperla offers many different sizes of the ride with a variety of themes to suit every park, shopping mall or carnival venue. Contact a member of our sales team and join the Disk’O club.

Universal Studios Singapore adds two rides from Zamperla


niversal chooses Zamperla attractions for the first time.

Over the years Zamperla has worked with almost all the major park operators around the world and we are delighted to reveal that within the past 12 months we have also added Universal to our ever-growing portfolio of clients.

Universal Studios Singapore has in- opportunity to discuss with Universal stalled two classic Zamperla rides, a some of their plans for the future too. Telecombat on which riders can pilot their very own Pteranodont, and a Tea Cup ride with futuristic, post atomic theming. On both attractions, the Zamperla team once again demonstrated its ability to create attractive and compelling themes which enhance the ride experience. And in recognition of the success of these installations, we have received compliments from the project manager on all the work carried out by the Zamperla team, the experience they had with us and the competency and reliability we showed throughout the process. As a result, this has given us the

Z Racing – Zamperla’s newest interactive family ride.


he first version of the new Z Racing attraction will be installed in China and will feature two individual tracks


The thrilling new Z Racing puts drivers right in the heart of a motor racing themed experience. Two cars, each accommodating a driver and passenger (two adults), travel on two parallel tracks to replicate a real race. The cars incorporate interactive features which give the driver the opportunity to accelerate up to a maximum speed of 10 km/h and steer within a fixed angle range of + or – 15 cm from a central line.

of 450 metres, each incorporating a tunnel and bridges. It is sure to provide an amazing car racing experience for riders.

Each seat includes a safety belt restraint and the cars are equipped with an anti-collision system that cuts the power to avoid a collision between two consecutive vehicles running on the same track. Additionally, front and rear shock absorbers reduce the chances of damage to the cars if any contact occurs. The vehicles are designed and built to the highest quality and will inspire memories of the typical Bugatti style of a bygone era. Made of fibreglass, painstaking attention to detail has been paid to the finished product, with carefully designed lights and chrome plated parts, along with highly attractive paintwork. The ride incorporates bends of a minimum radius of 5 metres and slopes of

5° (9 per cent), therefore offering almost endless possibilities for custom designed track layouts. It has also been designed for outdoor use in all weather conditions, while the electric engines ensure no noise and no pollution, making it perfect for any indoor operation and for those management teams looking to more environmentally friendly. So if you are looking for a brand new ride experience to offer your guests, speak to a Zamperla sales representative for more details on the exciting new Z Racing!

Reach for the sky! Air Race sales take off.


he installation of the very first Air Race ride at Coney Island Luna Park in the US

The Air Race installed at Coney Island Luna Park, New York, in 2010 has proved a phenomenal ‘360°’ success and thanks to the attraction’s amazing, high thrill ride experience it was at the top of the rider rankings for the whole of the 2010 season. As well as providing thrills for riders, however, the visual impact of Air Race has also caught the attention of our customers who have vis-

has led to a series of additional sales of this popular new thrill ride. But this is just the beginning!

ited the new Coney Island park, which acts as something of a fully operational Zamperla showroom due to all the rides in operation there being from Zamperla. The stunning impact and popularity of the Air Race has been proven with further confirmed sales of the ride in the past few months to clients throughout the world, while negotiations for additional sales are also taking place. The

first of the most recent sales has been installed in Portugal, while a further three models are currently on the way to customers in the Far East. If you are looking for a great new centrepiece for your park that will drive your visitors wild with excitement, we’d be glad to welcome you to New York to show you Air Race in ‘360°’action.

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