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Don’t Buy a Smartphone, Tablet or Pad!…..For Now. Dick Betts is a National Speaker who brings four decades of business experience to his classes and seminars. For the past 12 years he has traveled North America presenting to all types of businesses but the Real Estate industry has been his biggest audience. His down-to-earth style of speaking and understanding the subject material he covers has led Dick to be one of the industries top speakers. He practices what he teaches in his own business life which includes coordinating his busy schedule and client management. Dick’s topics include Mobile Technology (he’s known as the guru of Smartphones); Web Presence/Marketing, and Business Management which includes Time and Customer Relationship Management. He understands the Facebook Generation and how to market on the web to reach the intended audience. Being involved in management most of his career, business building and presentations are very special to Dick. He’s often called upon to deliver Keynote addresses and provide hours of specialized training. In the past Dick has presented “Outreach” type programs for colleges and universities geared to entrepreneurs and small businesses of all types. The Real Estate industry is particularly attracted to Dick’s style of teaching so he is in steady demand by numerous National, State and Local Boards and Associations of REALTORS® throughout the United States and Canada.

Don’t Buy a Smartphone, Tablet or Pad! ….. For Now.

About 18 months ago I started reading articles by experts that Microsoft would dominate the mobile technology market by 2015. I was skeptical but added it to my presentations and have delivered the message since then. I could see Microsoft not laying down and watching as Apple and Android (Google) seize the ever growing market as the desktop and laptop market continues to shrink. Blackberry the once major player in the mobile market is in big trouble as stock has dropped from a high of around $150 to $10 now. Things can change quickly in this market if I told you in 2008 that Blackberry might not see 2013 you would have told me I was crazy. Oh how about Palm in 2007 did we think they would be GONE in 4 years? So why am I telling you not to buy anything mobile today? The big players in mobile technology are lining up to release new products this fall. Once we see what is released we can then decide what is the best device (for now). Please remember what I always preach when you purchase a device live with it for two years and don’t worry about the next generation released a week after you buy something. So let’s talk about what’s coming later this year; Microsoft (MS) expects to make a big splash this fall with Windows Phone 8 and the Surface Tablet. MS has a plan and is slowly releasing details causing high expectations and from what I have read the products will be equal to the big two Apple and Android. Getting on the same level with the big boys would be quite a leap for MS. Apple is releasing IOS 6 this fall with a laundry list of upgrades. I don’t have room to list all 31 enhancements so I suggest you Google “31 New IOS 6 Features”. For most of us we can use a handful of these improvements so we each need to look at the list. Android (Google) is stepping up highlighting how Android has more bells and whistles then Apple. The consumer is winning here as these two products keep pushing each other giving us more features many we will never use. Recently Samsung released the Galaxy S III to the disappointment of many. Again due to space Google “disappointment with Galaxy S III), this leads me to believe another release in a few months. BlackBerry (BB) this could be it for them with the scheduled release of BB 10 this fall. For BB to survive they need an iPhone style release selling millions of them quickly. The problem many were die hard BB fans but because no new releases consumers switched to either Apple or Android. Can they get the market back, only time will tell? So guess it will be an interesting fall and holiday season for many of you looking to upgrade or jump into the Smartphone, Tablet and Pad market. Please remember it’s not the shiny most bells and whistle device that works for you, rather it’s the mobile technology you will use for the next two years! Dick Betts National Speaker

Don’t Buy a Smartphone, Tablet or Pad!…..For Now.