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June 2012

In this issue... Membership Activity Educational/Training Workshops:  MATRIX™  Touchbase Interface/ InterfacExpress FAQ’s Reports:  Tracey Christensen, President  Sandi Gouchie, Charitable Foundation Chairperson  Ken Devoe, MLS Technology Chairperson

“Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.” -Aristotle

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July 31:

Backgrounder— Guardly Safety Application


Director Spotlight

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Condominium Principles 101 Educational Workshop Matrix™ & TouchBase Training Workshops (Pre-launch) Matrix™ & TouchBase Training Workshops (Pre-launch) Last day to enter data via Broker Load onto InterfacExpress No Brokerload—Members can still access Interface/ InterfacExpress CoreLogic will finalize uploads of MLS® data from Interface to Matrix™ and will make final preparations for the launch of Matrix™ Matrix™ & Interface/InterfacExpress™ will run parallel. Members will be able to access either system for 2 weeks. Matrix™ goes LIVE! Full access to Matrix™ Data entry via Broker Load onto Matrix™ begins Matrix™ and TouchBaseTraining Workshops (Post-launch) (Location to be confirmed) Last day to access Interface or InterfacExpress, unless a Member has pre-registered as a subscriber to Interface through Realty Server (registration information to follow at a later date) Matrix™ and TouchBase training workshops will continue for the remainder of the year. Time and location will be confirmed


April 31st 2012—June 18th 2012

NEW MEMBERS Anjali Sinclair Christina Siemak Shehzmeen Dewji-Bapoo Robert McDonald Joan Barnes Catherine Mehle Susan Jamieson Graham Mayne Nadine Waterfield Kim Dennis Heidi Smith Greg Martens Annette Rest Allen Olson Heather Krause Rene Boutin

Re/Max Real Estate Central Ab Re/Max Real Estate Central Ab Re/Max Real Estate Central Ab Sundance Realty & Management Coldwell Banker Ontrack Realty Coldwell Banker Ontrack Realty Re/max Sun Country Discover Real Estate—NEW BROKERAGE Century 21 Advantage Morrison Realty (1990) Ltd ReMax Real Estate Central Ab Re/Max Real Estate Sundance Realty & Management Inc Morrison Realty (1990) Ltd Re/Max Real Estate Central AB. County of Wetaskiwin No. 10

MEMBERSHIP TRANSFERS Rees Smith Edward Larkcom Sandra Knoll-Craig Rhonda Gustafson Maureen Moore Christopher Sereda Valerie Archer

Sutton Landmark Realty To Sundance Realty & Management Inc. Help U Sell Red Deer to Sanctuary Real Estate Ltd Residential One Real Estate to Morrison Realty (1990) Ltd Maxwell Real Estate Solutions to Morrison Realty (1990) Ltd Maxwell Real Estate Solutions to Morrison Realty (1990) Ltd True North Realty Corp to Royal LePage Network Corp 21 Westcountry Realty Ltd to Coldwell Banker R Family Realty

MEMBERSHIP TERMINATIONS Trevor Van Leeuwen Tania Rosenthal Debra Grabo James Wilson Tracy Lavigne

Re/Max Real Estate Camrose Mr & Mrs Real Estate Re/Max Real Estate Central Alberta Royal LePage Patrician Coldwell Banker Ontrack Realty


Help U Sell Red Deer


Central Alberta REALTORS® Association MATRIX™ TRAINING WORKSHOPS Red Deer College, College Boulevard, Red Deer


June 27, 28, 29 (Pre-Launch) July 9, 10 11 (Pre-Launch) July 23, 24, 25 (Post-Launch) (Location to be confirmed) TIME: Morning Workshops will run from 9:30-12:30 Afternoon Workshop will run from 1:30-4:30 WHERE: Pre-launch workshops will take place at Red Deer College June 27, 28, 29: Room 2500 July 9, 10, 11: Room 2601 WHO: Dave Marsh from CoreLogic will be the instructor WHY: This is an instructional workshop, not a hands-on workshop. Therefore, there is no need to bring your computer.  This 3-hour workshop will cover Broker Load Training and Matrix™ Training. Members will be see all the amazing features & programs that are included in Matrix™. COST:

Complimentary! Coffee and muffins will be provided upon arrival, both morning and afternoon.

REGISTRATION (REQUIRED): Please visit the home page of Open & complete the PDF titled “MATRIX AND TOUCHBASE REGISTRATION” and return to Lauren McMurray. PH: (403) 343-0881 FAX: (403) 347 9080 EMAIL: PLEASE NOTE: Any Member, Administrative Staff and Unlicensed Assistant who attends a full ½ day (3-hour) MATRIX® Training workshop will receive full credit for completing the MATRIX® Broker Load Course, which will entitle them to Broker Load privileges when this function becomes available for the Matrix™ MLS® system. NEED MORE INFORMATION? CLICK HERE


Central Alberta REALTORS® Association TOUCHBASE TRAINING WORKSHOPS Sheraton Hotel, Red Deer



June 27, 28, 29 (Pre-Launch) July 9, 10, 11 (Pre-Launch) July 23, 24, 25 (Post-Launch) (Location to be confirmed) Morning Workshops will run from 9:30-12:30 Afternoon Workshop will run from 1:30-4:30 Sheraton Hotel, Red Deer Marseille Room June 27 Karen Salmon, REALTOR® from Calgary, will be the instructor June 28, 29, and July 9, 10, 11 Ken Devoe, REALTOR® with Century 21 Advantage, will be the instructor

WHY:  Some Members are presently using “In-Touch”, a member to member communication tool included with InterfacExpress. This tool makes it convenient and faster to set up appointments for showing properties listed by other Members.  The Matrix™ MLS® system does not come with a communication tool, however the Board of Directors are considering entering into a separate agreement with  TOUCHBASE REAL ESTATE, a company which provides this communication tool to Real Estate Associations as an “add-on” to the MLS® system. Because this is “stand-alone” software, there is a cost to the Association. $3.65 per member, per month is the fee charge by TouchBase. The Directors would like to receive feedback from all the members before they move forward and make this a permanent communication tool on MATRIX® COST: Complimentary! Coffee and muffins will be provided upon arrival, both morning and afternoon. REGISTRATION (REQUIRED): Please visit the home page of Open & complete the PDF titled “MATRIX AND TOUCHBASE REGISTRATION” and return to Lauren McMurray. PH: (403) 343-0881 FAX: (403) 347 9080 EMAIL: NEED MORE INFORMATION? CLICK HERE


Q: Will Matrix™ and Interface/InterfacExpress run parallel? A: Yes, both systems will run parallel until from July 18-July 31. Following July 31, only Member who pre-register before July 18th with Realty Server will be able to continue using Interface/InterfacExpress. Q: How do I register for Interface and/or InterfacExpress? A: Information on how to register will be posted by Realty Server at a later date. Q: Will I be able to Broker Load my listings on InterfacExpress after July 18? A: No, Matrix will be the only system where the data is Broker Loaded as of July 18 Q: Will I have to pay for Interface or InterfacExpress, if I become a subscriber with Realty Server? A: Yes, Members will be billed separately & directly for their subscription to access Interface and InterfacExpress. This monthly subscription fee will be in addition to the fee paid for the Matrix MLS® system. Q: What will the Interface/InterfacExpress subscription fee cost? A: There will be two subscription fees available. Members can subscribe to either Interface™ or PCS™ & InterfacExpress™, or subscribe to both. 

INTERFACE™ SUBSCRIPTION FEE: $29.95 per month (including Wireless PocketINTERFACE™)

&/OR 

PCS™ & INTERFACEXPRESS™ SUBSCRIPTION FEE: $19.95 per month (including Wireless PoketINTERFACE™)

Q: How will I be invoiced for my subscription to Interface? A: Members who have subscribed to recieve Interface &/or InterfacExpress will receive an individual direct invoice from the Association. Brokers will not be responsible for collecting the subscription fee on behalf of the member. Q: If I decide I no longer want to subscribe to Interface &/or InterfacExpress, how do I cancel my subscription? A: Members will contact Realty Server directly (not the Association), to cancel subscriptions. Q: Will I lose my PCS contacts once Matrix™ launches? A: Matrix™ & Interface/InterfacExpress will be running parallel, until July 31. During this time Members will have the opportunity to export/import their PCS contacts from one system to the next. Instructions to follow at a later date.


  

The new MATRIX ® MLS® system is fast approaching-just a little over a month away! The office staff have been very busy with final preparations for the switch and in putting together information and training sessions to ease the transition for our members. The decision was made to have the training at the Red Deer College, as the hotels have been unable to provide reliable internet connection on past occasions. Information will be provided to help you find parking and the correct room.

abilities rather than specific tasks. We are in the process of selecting a Search Agent and expect the search to be underway in August. Information about the application process will be provided once available, and all interested parties will be able to apply.

The overlap of the two systems is only 2 weeks (July 18-July 31)-not as long as we had hoped for. The cost (over $15,000) to duplicate providers for one month was prohibitive. REALTYSERVER will be sending a notice out to each of you, providing the ability to continue with their service as well. You may want to consider the option (even for an extra month) if you have any concerns about transitioning to the new system. However, you are able to attend as many of the training sessions as necessary, there is an excellent PDF library with the system (to guide you through the many features), and help is available to you.

Amendments are being made to MLS rules 2.37 and 2.9. These are the rules that apply to what is allowable in the public remarks section. This rule is being rewritten for clarity purposes-as there seems to be increasing confusion as to what is allowable. We consulted other boards in the province and found Edmonton’s very clear with lots of examples.

The province continues to work towards a common MLS system. This summer I will be reviewing section by section the draft Harmonized MLS® Rules for Alberta. After consultation with other directors and members, I will be required to send feedback on them. Currently they are being reviewed by RECA, to ensure they are in alignment with their Rules and Regulations.

In conclusion, I would like to take the opportunity to thank the staff members. I don’t believe one of us understands how much work has been required to switch from one provider to another.

Currently every 10th listing is audited by our MLS® department. This practice was adopted from the Edmonton and Calgary boards. The directors recently discussed this practice and believed it was best for our association that the practice continue as is. This helps ensure that our data is The DATA DISTRIBUTION FACILITY is nearing completion and accurate and reliable. The error rate remains high so these we are planning on providing that to our membership this audits remain necessary. An occasional member may fall. (This is the dashboard that provides easy sending and complain about the frequency that they are being audited, yet it was not long ago EVERY listing was sent to the office. ensures accuracy of your listings to other websites.)

Wishing you all a beautiful summer. Respectfully,

The Succession Planning Task Force continues through the steps of finding a new Executive Officer. Considerable time Tracey Christensen and thought has gone into a job description, focusing on President 2012 - CARA


We know REALTORS® and those working in our industry care about their communities’ locally, provincially and worldwide. In the next couple of weeks you will receive a quick survey that should take no more then three minutes.

that REALTORS® are committed to a role as responsible citizens who believe in giving back whether that be by volunteering, donating financially, or using our professional knowledge to help make a difference in the world we live in.

Hello all, we are so close to the launch of our new operating system ‘MATRIX’. I am excited by the possibilities this new system will offer us and glad to let you know some dates. Our launch date is looking like July 18th. That means as of July 17th no changes will be made on the Realty Server program and everything will be running on the 18th on Matrix. There will be a period of time where we will not be able to do any changes such as price reductions, reporting of pendings or sales etc but hopefully this will be less than the 24 hours quoted. We will have use of Interface throughout this process its just no changes can be made on July 17th.

Throughout the process of the switch over there have been many people involved in this. Whether its our office staff or fellow REALTORS I appreciate everyone's help. Such an undertaking is not possible without everyone's help.

“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.” -William James Sandi Gouchie Please take the time to complete it and once we have Charitable Foundation Chair - CARA collected the data we will start using the information to promote the causes near and dear to your heart, showing

As for the training on the new system, Dave from Corelogics will be in Alberta prior to our launch to help us all through the change. Dave will be hosting training sessions at Red Deer College on June 27th, 28th & 29th along with July 9th, 10th & 11th prior to our launch on July 18th. There will also be a post launch training session on July 23rd, 24th & 25th. Please watch for updates on how to sign up for the training. Along with our board switching over to the Matrix a few boards in Southern Alberta will also be making the change so we will all be joining Grande Prairie as Matrix users.

Hope to see you all at the training sessions. Ken Devoe Tech Chair - CARA


Over 275 REALTORS® and Association executives converged on Parliament Hill to lobby MPs, Senators, and Cabinet Ministers. There were over 200 meetings held, including a private meet and greet with the Prime Minister and executive committee of your Board of Directors. The National's Rex Murphy spoke. Clinton White House staffer and CNN pundit Paul Begala gave us the scoop on the US election. Panels of journalists, political pundits and lobbyists engaged PAC reps on the latest twists and turns inside Ottawa backrooms. It was a political junkie heaven! REALTORS® built upon our industry's successful lobby on the Home Buyers' Plan. This program allows Canadians to borrow up to $25,000 from their RRSP for their first home purchase. It was introduced in 1992 and updated in 2009 as a result of our industry's PAC Network of REALTORS®. We called on the government to index the Home Buyers' Plan RRSP withdrawal limit to inflation, so it maintains its purchasing power. This would ensure tomorrow's homebuyers receive the same value from the program. We requested that the Home Buyers' Plan be available to Canadians after significant life changes : job relocation, the death of a spouse or a marital breakdown. This would help Canadians maintain homeownership when help is needed most. We asked the government to level the playing field for small investors by providing a tax deferral of previously written off depreciation (Capital Cost Allowance recapture) when investment property owners sell and reinvest the proceeds in another income property. This would remove a significant barrier impeding income property reinvestment. Many investment property owners are reluctant to sell because doing so leaves them with insufficient funds after tax to purchase another property of similar value.

REALTOR® Resources: New Tool for REALTORS® Launching Soon! Have you always thought that Alberta REALTORS® should be able to see listing information province-wide, not just listings posted on their own MLS®? Thanks to AREA and support from Alberta real estate boards, this is soon to be a reality! Learn more here. *Reprinted from AREAhub Monthly

Online Marketing: Ugly Website Syndrome Do you suffer from ugly website syndrome? Does your website have a twin? Find out how to better develop a better brand image for your website with guest author Ryan Gervais. Get the answers. *Reprinted from AREAhub Monthly


Backgrounder – Guardly Safety Application

Q: What is Guardly? A: Guardly is a Canadian-based technology company that has developed a safety app and made it available to the general public for download. Once set-up is complete, 9-1-1 services and designated emergency contacts can be alerted with just one touch in the event that the app is triggered by the user. When emergency contacts respond, they are brought into a conference call setting where the appropriate course of action can be determined. Q: What exactly is AREA providing to its members? A: AREA members, should they choose to subscribe, will be provided one free year of the Guardly app subscription, to June 5th, 2013. Once the year of service has concluded, members may opt not to renew the service or have their subscription renewed at a 10% discount from the normal yearly subscription fee. Q: Why is AREA providing the service to its members? A: The very nature of a REALTOR®’s job presents many circumstances where safety can be compromised. Working late at night, in remote locations, hosting open houses, and even meeting clients for the first time all present situations where the risks to a REALTOR®’s safety are heightened. The Guardly app presents a peace of mind solution that AREA feels can have a positive impact on each and every member, as well as their clients. Q: What are the benefits to the general public? A: Although it is generally perceived that any risk to a REALTOR® would be from a client, there are many circumstances, medical or otherwise, where a client may be the one in need of emergency help. If a REALTOR® has downloaded the Guardly app, they will be better equipped to help a client in these types of circumstances. Q: Does the app work with all smartphones? A: The app has been designed to function on all smartphone platforms. Users with iPhone or iPod Touch, Blackberry, Android devices, and Windows Phone 7 are all able to download the app with full functionality. Q: Is Guardly being used by other real estate associations or in any other industries? A: Guardly has partnered with a number of real estate associations based in the United States, including the associations for California, Colorado, and Oregon. They have also partnered with over 60 Canadian universities to provide a free solution for campus security to students at those institutions.


President Brief description of what my position entails I chair all meetings of the Association. I keep informed of changes to our industry, determine impact to our membership, and represent our Association while attending Provincial and Federal meetings. I do a LOT of reading, thinking, observing and questioning. Length of service with CARA I have been a member of CARA for 8 years-although not concurrently. My husband and I now sell real estate together. This is my 3rd year serving on the Board of Directors. Hometown/places I’ve lived I was born in Swift Current, raised in Summerland, BC, became a registered nurse in Regina, SK, moved to Sylvan Lake in 1986, quit nursing in 1992 and became a REALTORŽ, met my husband Jake while trying to sell him a house, instead he convinced me to move to Coronation (he must have been very charming) married, have 4 children, and then moved back to Sylvan Lake (Hallelujah!) We have lived in the country most of our lives and have just become urbanites. Favourite part of being a Director for CARA Meeting the most interesting people, whether at our local membership level, or throughout the Province or country.


Hobbies, talents, and special interests outside of work My love is our 47 foot sailboat “Quo Vadis”, which is berthed on Vancouver Island. (In real estate terms-2 beds, 2 baths, and incomparable views) We ‘sneak’ away throughout the year and enjoy our second home on the water. Perhaps Jake and I have become adrenaline junkies-we recently bought new motorcycles as well (Kawasaki Concours). If you’re on the roads of Central Alberta and not sure if it was a bird or plane-well, that may have been us. That girl is fast! Favourite vacation/travel spots I’ve been to Denmark, Sweden, Haiti, Cayman Islands, Jamaica, Mexico, New Zealand, and a variety of different states and Provinces, but nothing compares to Desolation Sound or Cathedral Grove. My goals are to sail “Quo Vadis” to Princess Royal Island and find a Kermode bear, the Queen Charlottes and Alaska. Three words to describe me Witty, fun, sociable Something I’d like CARA members to know about me I do not make decisions unilaterally. My birthday is September 11 and I love presents, cards, cake and flowers. Favourite food Yellow Curry Chicken at the Bamboo Hut in Sylvan Lake Favourite type of music Anything but rap and techno- I am looking forward to hearing more Phillip Phillips Favourite movie The Notebook Favourite author Mark Nepo If I were stranded on a desert island, three things I would like to have with me Jake, a good Port, and dark chocolate (Should this happen on one of our adventures-please do not rescue.)

Association Update June 2012  

Association Update June 2012