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Issue 58 Car & Leisure



Joy And Happiness


hey say that when times are hard,

My wife and our kids arrived late for the

she would be upset. Instead, he was wor-

there are real bargains to be had.

weekend and noticed that Lizzie’s husband Mark

ried about how David and Jim would view the

But is this theory really the case

and her cousin Gary were not at the camp-

purchase. Would they see it as disrespectful to

in practice, or is this just another

ground. When we asked where they were, Lizzie

their efforts all of these years? Or would they

urban myth? A quick look around in the market

told us about the frustrations with the boat.

understand that now they did not have deal with

place shows that bargains are far and few in be-

Gary and Mark had driven to the closest city to

the hassles of such a frustrating event year after

tween, and most cars, bikes and boats still sell

rent a boat.


for a fair bit of hard earned cash. At first glance

After about five hours with no signs of Gary

He quickly got his answer. David and Jim

it seems that the leisure side of the market is

and Mark, we were all wondering what could

were more than happy to be the first drivers and

very much alive and kicking, but ask anyone

have taken them so long. Soon, however, we

pull Gary behind his new boat. Both the smiles

who is trying to get out of a car, bike or boat if

observed Gary’s truck backing down the boa-

of David and Jim (and Gary for that matter)

they share this sentiment, and you will get an

tramp with a shiny yellow speedboat.

brought more satisfaction than any money could

astounding NO! The fact is that when you want something, there are no real bargains available, and you end up forking out top dollar for a luxury leisure

As I walked over to the dock with Mark, he told me that he had just witnessed an amazing thing. On their drive to the city, Gary had mentioned

buy. As a successful small business owner, Gary had the means to make this purchase. He had purchased the boat on a Saturday with his line

item. But when you want to sell it, it seems

his appreciation of David and Jim for the many

of credit, and then reallocated his finances to

that the market all of a sudden becomes a very

years they had spent getting the little boat

pay off the line of credit that next week. He also

tough place to navigate. Second hand values are

ready for the camping trip and the countless

talked about the use and enjoyment he and his

next to nothing, which doesn’t make any sense,

hours of energy trying to fix it so it would work

family would receive from the purchase. Regard-

because similar second hand items will still retail

just right for the kids and grandkids. Gary did

less of your approval of the purchase of a boat,

for top dollar according to the advertised prices.

not want David and Jim to have to do this any

Gary has worked his whole life building a busi-

Clearly something does not make sense, or does

more. Gary said that he wanted to put an end

ness and putting himself in a financial situation


to the stress and challenge of it all, and that he

to make this surprise purchase.

You see, when a dealer does buy second hand stock into his showroom, he has to consider

and Mark were going into town to buy a boat. With a few cell phone calls to friends in the

As I’ve shared this story with others, I’ve been asked if I was jealous of Gary purchasing

that there will be a substantial waiting period

city, Gary knew his destination. He walked into

a boat. The question makes me think. Is there

attached to that item before he will be able to

the dealership and asked about three different

a purchase that I would choose to make that

close a future deal on it. This waiting period

boats. After hearing about the third boat, Gary

could provide a sincere and authentic feeling

adds a serious amount of interest on top of said

asked what they wanted for it. Gary thought

of joy and happiness that Gary experienced? If

item. Obviously the faster an item sells, the bet-

for a moment and made an offer lower than the

there were — and I could afford it — I’d do it.”

ter off the retailer is, but the reality is plain and

asking price. The salesman went back to his

simple, the economy has slowed down consider-

manager and a deal was struck.

ably, and any new asset purchased should have a longer owning period attached to it. How then does a would be leisure enthusiast justify getting into this market without having a nervous breakdown along the way? The fact is that we buy these items to better our lifestyles, and strengthen our family relations. I recently stumbled upon a letter by one Michael H. It summed up what we should aspire to perfectly. I place it here in an attempt to address the above. “For the past 10 years, our family has gone camping with our friends Mark and Lizzie and their children. Lizzie’s dad, David, always brings a little vintage 1972 olive-colored motor boat that can barely pull one skier — or possibly two people on sea-biscuits. Every year on the camping trip, David has to tinker with the motor to even get it started. This year the motor was not cooperating at all. After a few hours of David and his brother Jim trying to get the motor out of first gear, they had finally called it quits. There would be no boating activities for this year’s camping trip. 58 Car & Leisure 04 Issue

I talked with Gary later. He told me that he wasn’t really worried about Sally’s reaction. He wouldn’t have purchased the boat if he thought

Cheers Ewald van Zyl


Introducing the new FordBantam. The bakkie that works harder than any other creature on earth. Now available in the smoothest diesel engine in its category, the 1.4 TDCi. The DuraTorq TDCi engine develops 50 kW and 160 Nm, while returning a fuel consumption fi gure of 19.6km/l.* Also available in 1.3 and 1.6 RoCam petrol engines. *Manufacturer’s fi gure.

Motoring news Size Matters


ollowing the modern sentiment of ‘smaller is better’, BMW has unveiled a new addition to none other than their

Volvo Goes Auto


here’s good news on the way for Volvo fans in South Africa as the S40 2.0 litre petrol is now available with Volvo’s

Zooming Forwards


he exciting new Mazda3 has recently been released, and the design team has striven to push the Zoom-Zoom

X range. The new X1 will be the most

innovative new Powershift transmission.

driving experience to its limit and build on

compact of the range and will offer drivers

The Powershift technology significantly

the success of the original Mazda3 with

a versatile and sporting character in a car

cuts fuel consumption compared with

this new model. The redefined, reengi-

that also has enough room for hauling

a conventional automatic transmission

neered, and restyled sport compact is set

the kids around. Through its body design

and is aimed at buyers who prefer the

to upstage its predecessor with enhanced

the BMW X1 demonstrates self-confident

convenience of an automatic car as well

appearance, performance, fresh features

elegance, a versatile and sporting char-

as lower fuel consumption. The S40 has

and an unmatched level of refinement.

acter, as well as spontaneous agility. For

been around for a while, and the only

Offering two body styles, five trim levels,

the first time the features and character-

reason we are only seeing the petrol Pow-

and four separate power train options,

istics of a BMW X model are carried over

ershift now is because of high demand in

the new Mazda3 is expected to spread

in modern style into a unique vehicle in

Europe. So because the S40 is somewhat

the Zoom-Zoom spirit far and wide. The

the premium compact segment. The X1’s

known, I’ll rather take this opportunity

new Mazda3 includes both the four-door

interior is made up of beautiful modern

to explain what this car is really about,

sedan and the five-door hatchback.

materials and this is accentuated by its

Powershift technology. Powershift oper-

The four-door sedan is characterised by

trendsetting styling and typical BMW

ates in principle as two parallel manual

the flowing lines of its coupe silhouette

looks. The X1 has been designed to be

gearboxes. It has twin wet clutches that

and its air of greater sophistication, the

the ideal vehicle in an urban environment

work independently of one another. One

four-door sedan features a side view with

and beyond, its agility and size makes

clutch controls the odd gears (1, 3, 5 and

a relatively short appearance and high

manoeuvring in town easy and its interior

reverse) while the other handles the even

rear deck that give the cabin a well-toned

space and power makes it a comfortable

gears (2, 4 and 6). The two clutches oper-

appearance, and a rear view with distinc-

vehicle for the long road as well. As far as

ate alternately, with one engaging while

tive lines that converge to place focus on

power goes the X1 doesn’t fail to deliver

the other disengages. This means that

the cars centre axis. The cabin interior is

either, its small size is a great advantage

the engine attains full power in first gear

designed to give the driver a reassuring

here and its lower suspension gives it

and readies second gear simultaneously.

sense of confidence that allows him or

some sportyness that other X models

And when second gear has been engaged,

her to concentrate on driving. The audio

can only dream of. Its modern drivetrain

third gear is readied, and so on. This pro-

switches, the gear shift knob and parking

technology gives the BMW X1 superior

motes a continuous flow of power without

brake are positioned for easy operation,

performance and supreme efficiency all in

any disruption in power delivery or torque

and to create an environment that makes

one. Depending on the model variant, the

loss, resulting in extremely fast and silky-

operation safe and reassuring so that the

driver benefits from powerful, economical

smooth gear changes while maintaining

driver can focus on the road. The new

and low-emission petrol and diesel en-

acceleration throughout the gear changing

Mazda3 will be available in a choice of

gines, BMW’s intelligent xDrive all-wheel-

process. And as it is a Volvo you can be

three engines, a 1.6, 2.0 and 2.5 litre

drive technology, as well as a wide range

sure that the extras and interior won’t be

inline 4-cylinder DOHC 16-valve. The new

of BMW EfficientDynamics features includ-

disappointing either, so watch out for this

Mazda3 is poised to make itself heard in

ing Brake Energy Regeneration, Auto Start

Swedish monster coming to a dealer near

the South African market once again, so

Stop, and a gearshift point indicator. The

you soon.

be ready for it.

BMW X1 sDrive18d with rear-wheel drive and average fuel consumption to the EU standard of 5.2 litres/100 kilometres and a CO2 rating of 136 grams/ kilometre offers the highest standard of efficiency all round.

58 6 Issue Car & Leisure

The Grand Vitara - for a journey that’s a way of life.

SuzukiAuto_Car&Leisure.indd 1

12/12/08 12:03:37 PM

Motoring news A Green Land Rover?


he news spotlight moves onto Land Rover this month as they launch the world’s first production sports utility

Nissan Expands Range


issan SA is expanding the reach of its iconic Navara double-cab with the release of two new specification

Spirit Of Africa Heats Up


fter two months of gruelling 4x4 competition, Sarel van der Merwe, South African motorsport icon, announced

vehicle (SUV) with fuel-saving, emissions-

levels (dubbed XE and SE) bringing the

the sixteen finalists for this year’s Mitsubi-

lowering intelligent stop-start technology,

powerful strengths of this prestigious

shi Motors Spirit of Africa Trophy semi-

and here’s the good news, it’s available in

range to the wider audience of local bak-

finals, held in Kosi Bay, KwaZulu-Natal.

South Africa. The Land Rover Freelander

kie aficionados. Available for the first time

And you know the action is intense when

2 TD4_e, combines the British manufac-

in SA, Nissan has also unveiled the new

two teams tied for first place at the end

turer’s proven 2.2 litre TD4 turbodiesel

Navara King Cab configuration adding

of the competition. In joint first place was

engine with a slick-shifting six-speed

even further appeal for customers seeking

Herman Coetzee and Riaan Valentin from

manual gearbox and elements of the

added versatility and practicality, all in

group 6 and Tian Theunissen and Chris Pi-

company’s aptly named e_Terrain tech-

a high-value package. The three model

enaar from group 19, both teams standing

nologies, of which an advanced stop-start

variants making up the new line-up will be

on 1 400 points. A number of the finalists

system is the key component. As a result,

badged LE (top), SE (mid), and XE (entry)

were regular participants and several

the Freelander 2 TD4_e sips just 6.7 litres

respectively. The new range is still offered

qualified more than once. The benchmark

of diesel for every 100 km travelled in

with a choice of two engines, both produc-

was set early on in the competition and

combined driving, an amazing figure for a

ing enough twist to make rapid progress

the last remaining groups edged out the

large SUV. Now let’s get down to the stop-

on-road and short work of challenging

few hopefuls by matching the top score of

start system, in basic terms it reduces fuel

off-road conditions. It’s the 385 Nm of

1 400. The finals will run from 21 August

consumption and emissions by shutting

the 4-litre petrol V6, and impressive

to 29 August in Bilene, a beautiful coastal

down the engine as soon as the Freeland-

403 Nm from the 2.5-litre turbodiesel en-

town in Mozambique. “The standard of

er is brought to a stop. This will typically

gine, that help to endow the Navara 4X4

competition is extremely high this year

occur at red traffic lights, in bumper-to-

models with the best towing capacity in its

with competitors showing that their 4x4

bumper traffic, or at road construction

class, an immense 3000kg! With another

skills and expertise reign supreme,” said

sites where the vehicle may be stationary

thousand kilograms of cargo capacity in

Sarel. “Despite the cold weather, nothing

for a significant period of time, a thing

the loadbed, Nissan’s Navara is capable of

dampens the spirit of a true 4x4 enthu-

many South Africans have gotten used

some very demanding transporting duties.

siast, and we were delighted that the

to thanks to the large scale construction

Despite this undisguised machismo, the

Mitsubishi Tritons proved their mettle in

ahead of 2010. And whilst this technology

Navara remains an ideal family or leisure

these tough conditions and did not let any

may not reduce your commute time or

vehicle which is just as tough as the beefy

of the participants down,” adds Supervan.

frustration, it will definitely help save you

looks suggest. The Navara comes together

“The groups were extremely diverse, and

a lot on fuel. When the vehicle is stopped

as both a workhorse and a luxury 4x4

it was pleasing to have participants from

in these conditions it means that there are

without the price tag of an SUV, and this

all provinces in South Africa and as far a

zero tailpipe emissions and at the same

makes it a truly amazing new bakkie.

field as Zambia, Namibia and England,”

time engine restarts are instantaneous

concludes Sarel. So look forward to some

and consistently reliable, ensuring seam-

extreme 4x4 action at the end of August

less operation as soon as the accelerator

as the teams compete for the Spirit of

is pressed. And the technology has been

Africa trophy.

amazingly refined by Land Rover, when the engine is stopped it won’t affect in car entertainment and in extreme conditions the engine will opt to stay on to ensure climate control in the car isn’t interrupted. And all these impressive features are available in a car with arguably the best off-road pedigree in the world.

58 8 Issue Car & Leisure

Marine news Setting Sail For Cape Town


he Cape Town International Convention Centre and V&A Waterfront will once again be a buzz when the annual

A Century Of Perfection


o celebrate 100 years of innovation Suzuki is showcasing its history and manufacturing prowess at Suzuki Plaza, a three-storey

Cape Town International Boat Show sets

heritage centre in front of its headquarters

sail for show number nine this year. Or-

in Japan. Enthusiasts can marvel at the first

ganisers have added another day to the

Suzuki outboard engine and chart its evolution

event, which will run over a four day long

up to the present day. Suzuki entered the

weekend from 24 to 27 September, due to

outboard market way back in 1965 with their

the 24th being a public holiday. The show

iconic D55 (5.5hp, 2-stroke) engine, apply-

is the single biggest showcase of the very

ing the company’s motoring expertise to the

best in boating, watersports and leisure.

marine sector. And since then they’ve been

On offer will be a full range of things to do

a leading force in the outboard market, from

in, under and around the water. Whether

the first stainless steel water pump housing

you are a seasoned or aspiring boater,

in 1973 to the groundbreaking fuel efficiency

you can experience the full spectrum

technology unveiled in recent months. In

of boating in just one visit to the show.

1980 Suzuki invented the first Oil Injection

What’s more is that there is something to

for outboards, and in 1985 first ventured into

suit any pocket, with visitors being able

the big engine market with its V6 engines, the

to find crafts ranging from as little as R1

DT150 and DT200. Two years later the DT200

000 to R30 million in value. And it goes

Exante won Most Innovative Products award

without saying that you’ll be able to find

from the National Marine Manufacturer’s As-

just about any kind of boat at the show

sociation (NMMA) for the advanced technology

this year, big boats, little boats, sailboats,

of its dual spark plug cylinder head, digital in-

paddle boats, powerboats, inflatable

strumentation and Suzuki monitoring system.

boats, fast boats, slow boats, fun boats,

In 1997 the award-winning DF60 and DF70

working boats – if it’s a boat and it floats,

were launched as the first Suzuki 4-strokes

you will find it at the Boat Show this

with Electronic Fuel Injection System. A

September. Visitors will indeed be spoilt

year later Suzuki became the first manufac-

for choice. From fractional ownership and

turer to win the Innovation Award from the

syndication to winches, nautical almanacs,

International Marine Trades Exposition and

to top-of-the-range imported water sports

Convention (IMTEC) two years in a row. This

craft, holiday destinations and fun water

was for the advanced technology of its Cam

toys for the kids, craft insurance cover to

Drive System with Timing Chain in the DF40

hull cleaning products – it’ll all be there.

and DF50. In 2003 the first Suzuki 4-stroke

What’s more is that these exhibitors are

V6 outboards were introduced as the lightest

the experts in the boating field offering

4-stroke outboard motors in their class with

more than just tangible items, but also

the largest displacement. Suzuki was the first

invaluable information and expertise –

manufacturer to convert its entire European

making them the people that prospective

outboard range from 2-stroke to 4-stroke.

boaters and seasoned professionals alike

Walk through Suzuki Plaza and you will travel

need and want to talk to.

back through ten decades of technological innovation to 1909 when Michio Suzuki founded the Suzuki Loom Works to build better, more ergonomic looms for Japan’s vast silk industry. Much has changed in 100 years, with the company moving on to cars, motorcycles and then outboard engines, but Suzuki’s focus on craftsmanship for the benefit of its customers is as evident today in its technologically advanced engines as it was 100 years ago.

58 10 Issue Car & Leisure

Marine news Comfort Is Key


n the 29th of June this year, Sea Ray International introduced its very first 10-metre model with a

Riviera 5000 Sport Yacht


ll boat lovers know that the Sydney International Boat Show is one of the boating worlds hotspots each year.

Wally Sets Sail Once More


conic yacht builders, Wally, recently thrilled fans with two new breathtaking yachts in the making. The new Indio, which

hardtop, the brand new 305 Sundancer.

Manufacturers use the show as an oppor-

will be on show at the Monaco Yacht show

The boat, which was unveiled in Amster-

tunity to launch new and exciting vessels,

in September, and the Wally 130, which

dam, is a very exciting addition to the Sea

and none more than Riviera, Australia’s

is currently undergoing its sea trails. Now

Ray line-up. And this is evident as Marcel

largest luxury boat builder. And this

let’s take a look at both these ground-

Rijnbeek, General Manager of Brunswick

year was no different as Riviera unveiled

breaking new yachts, starting with the

Netherlands stated that, “this boat is an

their new 5000 Sport Yacht. Powered by

Indio. The new 30-metre sloop perfectly

immediate reflection of what Sea Ray

twin Cummins Mercruiser turbo diesel

embodies the Wally core values, and is

stands for, it is modern, innovative and

engines linked to the revolutionary Zeus

a showcase of the company’s most ad-

thoughtfully designed.” Available in three

pod drives, this new model builds on the

vanced technologies. She is a remarkable

types, with a windscreen, an arch and a

extraordinary success of the Riviera 4700

super yacht that impressed everybody at

hardtop, this boat is fully equipped with

Sport Yacht that won the AMIF Boat of the

her first appearance in the Loro Piana Su-

all of the comforts from home and perfect

Year award in 2007. The 5000SY is the

peryacht Regatta. The Indio combines all

to enjoy boating. Whether enjoying a nice

fifth member of Riviera’s European-style

the blue-water cruising amenities with the

day on the water, or boating around for

Sport Yacht family and replaces the shaft

maxi-racer performance, fulfilling the re-

days, this boat has it all. And it’s obvious

drive 4700SY. The new boat maintains

quirements and expectations of the owner,

that comfort has been a big focus point

and expands on the single-level lifestyle

who is surely a truly passionate yachts-

in the design of the boat, it even sports

design of the Riviera Sport Yacht line,

man. Every exterior and interior detail of

a wet bar for fresh water, a refrigerator

including an aft galley and stainless steel

the yacht has been carefully developed

to store cold drinks and drinkholders are

pillarless aft bulkhead door and fold-up

and designed by the Wally design studio

installed throughout the entire cockpit.

awning window that opens the saloon out

in close collaboration with the client. As a

The craft will also be easy to use as the

into the cockpit. The new 5000SY joins

result, all the elements integrate into the

standard dashboard is user-friendly and

a fleet of Riviera Sport Yachts that have

overall design of the Indio and contributes

has a compass, tachometer, speedometer,

achieved unparalleled success both in

to its appeal, reflecting the typical and

fuel level metre, oil pressure meter, water

sales and awards for the company. Beside

unique Wally approach to each project;

temperature & usage meter. This fresh de-

the 5000SY at the Sydney show will be

the coherence of design. Other exciting

sign is unlike anything ever seen on a Sea

the exciting new 5800SY that caused a

Wally news is of course the new Wally

Ray. The “U” shaped seating will comfort-

sensation during its launch at the Sanctu-

130, the 40-metre mega yacht, charac-

ably fit five-six adults and converts into a

ary Cove show in May, achieving sales of

terised by the innovative combination of

king-size bed for two when required. To

seven boats during the shortened three-

the water-ballast with the trim tab lifting

provide some outside light, there is also a

day event and drawing long queues of en-

keel impressed everybody onboard during

sliding window with a screen. This special

thusiastic boaters. Riviera themselves are

its recent sea trials. Luca Bassani, Wally

design is unique for a boat of this size, its

very excited by these new developments,

President and CEO, as well as experienced

sporty look and specifications makes this

and any aspiring or veteran yacht owner

and passionate sailor, who steered the

boat act like a sport boat, but the inside

should be as well, so look out for the new

Wally 130 a few days ago, enthusiasti-

shows something completely different;

Riviera models when they become avail-

cally reported that, “In eight knots of wind

the luxury space of a big sport cruiser.

able in South Africa.

she is already very fast upwind and very

Summarized, the new 305 Sundancer is

stable, this new mega yacht starts ‘asking’

an innovative and unique family boat to

for the water ballast only above 10 knots

enjoy trips on the water.

of true wind speed!” The first sea trials seem to confirm that the Wally 130 truly is the only cruising yacht in the World that can sail faster upwind than the maxi racer Alfa Romeo in the right wind conditions.

Issue 58 Car & Leisure


Motorcycle news

The New FJS600 Silverwing


he Honda Silver Wing’s ample size, powerful performance and sumptuous comfort are well-deserving of its reputa-

Honda SA Development Supersport Hits The Streets


n keeping up with the expectations of our sponsor Honda SA, Magoo WRX made sure the Honda Development Bike was

Fast On Four Wheels Or Two


MW Motorrad Motorsport star Troy Corser caused a stir recently, swapping two wheels for four and piloting

tion as the luxury sedan of the scooter

present not only at the activations leading

the BMW Sauber F1 car around the leg-

world. This elegant vehicle cruises ma-

up to WesBank’s Street Race: Soweto and

endary Nürburgring circuit in Germany.

jestically along city streets, country roads

as the event was a much bigger success

and high-speed motorways alike, deliver-

than last years event. Magoo WRX also

monster – usually driven by F1 ace Nick

ing a riding experience of such effortless

ensured the Honda Development bike

Heidfeld – at a recent event for fans and

control and comfort that it feels like flying.

played a major role in the day’s entertain-

partners of BMW Sauber’s Formula One

The Silver Wing’s full-sized and razor-

ment by riding the bike in the display that

outfit. As part of the vehicle swap spec-

sharp styling incorporates spacious riding

the Interfile SA Motorcycle Championship

tacle, bike fan Heidfeld then got to grips

accommodation, superb wind protection

competitors put on the day.

with Corser’s works BMW S 1000 RR mo-

and all-day convenience. Its fuel-injected

The Honda NSF Cup was a big draw

Corser took control of the 700 hp

torcycle. Corser is no stranger to driving

twin-cylinder engine delivers delicious

card for many of Soweto’s big biking fans,

exotic cars but this was the first time that

surges of acceleration past queues in and

who contrary to popular belief are big

the double World Superbike Champion had

around the city, while heavy-duty suspen-

supporters of motorcycles. This was plain

sampled the awesome power of a Formula

sion and superior braking mean comfort-

to see when nearly 300 motorcycles of ev-

One racing car. Despite having competed

able, confident control in all kinds of traf-

ery description joined in for a lunch time

in the World Superbikes for over 15 years

fic. Capable of holding enough equipment

display. Lead out by the Honda Develop-

Corser was amazed by the BMW Sauber

for a weekend away, and with a broad,

ment class they made their way around

F1 car’s performance. “It was just awe-

comfortable tandem seat, its possibilities

the street circuit and entertained the

some!” he said. “The car feels so balanced

extend well beyond the city limits.

massive crowds as much as the national

and the brakes are fantastic. The tyres

riders did.

have unbelievable grip and the steering

The aerodynamic, full-bodied scooter design provides exceptional wind protec-

The Development bike was joined by

is very direct but still has a lot of feeling.

tion and riding comfort around town or at

both factory Honda teams, as well as a

I can’t believe how hard and late you can

higher speeds while a powerful liquid-

representation of all the manufacturers

brake either – I know I was braking too

cooled fuel-injected DOHC parallel twin

at the event and the crowds were thrilled

early and I would love to have a day or

engine pumps out breathtaking surges

by long wheelies and tyre destroying burn

two with the car to really see what I can

of acceleration with an easy twist of


do with it.”

its throttle. A large underseat carrying

All in all it was a massive success for

While Troy was revelling in the F1 car,

compartment holds more than you ever

the Honda Development plan and being

Heidfeld – who is an avid motorcyclist –

thought possible on a scooter.

on the stage that WesBank and the City of

was getting his teeth into Corser’s works

JoBurg provided has given huge impetus

superbike racer and was not disappointed.

balance of performance for easy, con-

to the plan and the many enquiries that

“It was a sensational experience,” said

trolled braking operation. But there is a

Vaughn Swanepoel and Neil Forbes had on

the BMW Sauber F1 driver. “I already had

Deluxe ABS version available that offers

the day will surely get the NSF Cup off to

lots of fun practicing on the street bike in

the smoothly confident braking control of

a very speedy start.

the morning, I had expected the factory

Combined disc brakes provide a smooth

Honda’s advanced Antilock Brake System. The FJS600 Silverwing will retail for R 79 999.00

58 12 Issue Car & Leisure

Superbike to be a huge leap over the production version when I got on track, but I was pleasantly surprised in the end.”

LAUNCHED Alfa Romeo MiTo 1.4 Turbopetrol

Mini Me(To) Powering the machine is the tried and tested 1.4 16v turbocharged engine that pumps out a healthy 114 kW of power at 5 500 rpm along with 206 Nm of torque


here can’t be a true motoring

the oblong shape of the headlights and the LED

driving but it was the few hot laps at Gerotek’s

enthusiast out there that does not

tail-lights. And I guess if any of you can remem-

Dynamic Handling track that allowed the Alfa to

have a soft spot for some or other

ber what an 8C looks like, you might agree too.

really shine in a segment that is full of hatches

So you have got the unique styling and look

that pretend to only handle well on paper. The

ber growing up around them and watching guys

you would expect from an Alfa Romeo, and when

car is low slung, and runs a firmer MacPherson

actually enjoy the notoriety that came with

you check out the power and drivetrain specs

set-up at the front and semi-independent with

owning them.

you know the dynamics are going to be good

torsion beam at the rear and made short work of


the course.

Alfa Romeo. I know I do, I remem-

The cars have become less temperamental, while the styling and emotion that comes with

Powering the machine is the tried and tested

This is all stuff you have probably heard about

owning an Alfa seems to have remained over the

1.4 16v turbocharged engine that pumps out

many times before when it comes to handling

years, the sales numbers sadly don’t reflect this,

a healthy 114 kW of power at 5 500 rpm along

and suspensions. But getting to stuff that does

but hopefully the introduction of the funky new

with 206 Nm of torque in normal mode and 230

not find its way onto every hatch on the road,

MiTo will change this. It should!

Nm in dynamic mode (I will get to these modes

like the MiTo’s Q2 electronic system that acts

in a moment) and makes for hasty progress.

only on the brakes to simulate the effect of a

to be built since the stunning 8C Competizione,

Alfa themselves claim a 0-100 km/h sprint in

self-locking differential.

which unfortunately never made its way here,

8 seconds and a 215 km/h top speed when

and is said to borrow certain characteristic traits.

making maximum use of the very easy shifting

limited slip diff fitted, the inner wheel loses grip

You get the frameless side windows, the three-

six-speed manual gearbox.

and the car runs wide (understeer) when you

The MiTo is the first all-new Alfa Romeo model

lobed motif that distinguishes the front bumper,

58 14 Issue Car & Leisure

The road out did allow for some spirited

On front wheel drive cars that don’t have a

accelerate hard out of a bend and slows you

down should you be on a track and ultimately can be quite dangerous on the road when not taken into account. With the Q2 system the traction control device brakes the inner wheel and redistributes the torque, applying it to the outer wheel with the greatest grip and this keeps your car tracking where you wanted it to go in the first place. But the good stuff for the everyday driver does not end here; the MiTo also adopts another state-of-the-art electronic device for maximum handling: the DST (Dynamic Steering Torque) system that complements the electronic power steering as part of the Vehicle Dynamic Control system. In detail what this means is that the DST makes it possible to apply a slight torque or nudge to the steering to suggest the correct manoeuvre for you to take. And this is meant to happen under very specific circumstances like to compensate for oversteer or when you brake hard on an uneven grip surface. I never felt it doing its work though. I have no doubt that it will do what it is said to do, but perhaps things within the car have to be more out of control than driving relatively hard around a tight and twisty track? Okay, so it has taken more than a moment to get into what the ‘Alfa D.N.A.’ device that is standard on the car means to you. But you will agree that there is quite a bit of technology crammed into this car and I am sure you want to know as much as you can about it. Back to D.N.A., in a nutshell you can merely prod a centre console switch up from normal mode to dynamic mode and then back down to all weather mode and instantly change the drive characteristics on the MiTo. This control acts on the engine, brakes, steering, suspension and gearbox, allowing three different vehicle behaviour modes based on the driving style best suited to the situation on the road or simply just the way you wish to drive the car. For track work and sporty all senses on full alert mode, dynamic is your choice, for more sedate softer control driving, normal is the way

to go and should you find yourself driving on dirt

can go into quite a lengthy options list that

or snow, all weather makes sense.

covers items such as a Bose Hi-fi system, the

I’ve got to be honest though, once I felt dy-

Blue&Me device that offers a hands-free opera-

namic mode, I never switched my launch drive

tion with a Bluetooth interface and advanced

back to normal for the rest of the day. The car

voice recognition, USB port, MP3 player and SMS

just felt like you would expect a potent little Alfa


Romeo to feel when in dynamic mode. Perhaps

Going even further you can get a dual-zone

if I was to live with one for a longer period, I

automatic climate control system and a pan-

would venture back to normal, but I doubt it!

oramic sun-roof, chrome wing mirror covers, a

What is reassuring then is that MiTo obtained

choice of 17-inch or 18-inch alloys, full leather

the maximum Euro NCAP rating of five stars

upholstery, cruise control, sports pedals, parking

with ease thanks to items like Vehicle Dynamic

sensors and a Visibility Pack which comprises

Control and seven airbags along with preventa-

auto-on headlights and wipers.

tive measure such as daylight running lights and LED tail lights. Inside the full house standard treatment

So while Alfa Romeos are clearly not everybody’s cup of tea, I really liked this MiTo as it offers you something that goes really well and

continues as part of the R228 500 package in

something that looks different at the same time

the form of remote central locking, program-

while not losing any of that Italian charm.

mable autolock, Hi-Fi stereo system with MP3

The new MiTo also comes with 30 000 km or

and steering controls, leather-covered steering

every 24 month service intervals, a 3 year / 100

wheel, electric windows and mirrors, climate

000 km warranty as well as a 6 year / 90 000

control, sports seats and a full on-board com-

km service plan as standard.

puter. Have some extra cash to part with and you

Mark Jones


Lexus RX350 and RX450h

Hybrid Hero

56 Car & Leisure 00 Issue

Issue 56 Car & Leisure


Lexus recently introduced the all new generation RX, consolidating the premium SUV position and its place in the South African market with a range that includes the country’s only petrolelectric hybrid.


he development process for this

and returns a fuel consumption figure of 10.6

fresh and up to the minute in the face of newer

global model began with a mar-

litres per 100 km on the combined cycle.

generation models.

ket survey to find out exactly how

Second generation Lexus Hybrid Drive tech-

The RX450h as with the RX400h, shows subtle

nology ensures the RX450h has class leading

design changes over the petrol powered RX350.

they most liked about it, and what they felt it

CO2 emissions of just 148g/km and a combined

The front bumper is altered with additional air

lacked. It was an excercise relevant to all SUV’s,

cycle fuel economy of only 6.3 litres per 100 km.

intakes to cool the Lexus Hybrid Drive System.

but the outcomes and identified solutions have

Mated to an Atkinson cycle 3.5 litre V6, the PER-

The familiar blue hues are reflected in the badg-

all been engineered into creating the new RX as

FORMANCE HYBRID, with total system output up

ing, while the three lamp LED headlight treat-

an answer to the SUV markets demands.

to 220 kW, offers petrol V8 levels of performance

ment will become the face of the PERFORMANCE

with the economy and torque characteristics to

HYBRID family.

customers were using the RX, what

As has become the norm for Lexus in South Africa, the two derivatives will be available in two high levels of specification offering a pack-

rival that of turbo diesel SUV’s. An intuitive multimedia interface now controls

Safety is taken care of by Lexus’ acclaimed Vehicle Dynamic Integrated Management (VDIM)

age of features as standard. As a result, the line

on board functions. Known as Remote Touch,

that combines all safety systems holistically,

up will include RX350 SX and RX350 XE, while

the device replaces the previous touch screen

including the new part-time-all-wheel drive

the PERFORMANCEHYBRID models will be known

system in order to create interior space and

system. Ten airbags are standard, including dual

as RX450h SX and RX450h LXE, the latter defin-

improve on board functionality. The device now

knee airbags for front seat occupants and side

ing the ultimate level of luxury for a premium

controls Hard Disk Drive Navigation with voice

airbags front and rear. Active headrests are also


activation and Bluetooth connectivity and on


The RX350 features a refined 3.5 litre V6

board memory that can store up to 2 000 songs.

engine with dual VVT-i. Maximum power is 204

The Lexus RX’s design remains stylish yet

kW at 6 200 rpm, while 90 percent of the 346

unique, with a shape that has evolved and con-

Nm is available between 2 300 and 6 200 rpm.

tinues in the new generation RX. Its rakish roof

Driven by a six speed automatic transmission

line emulates more of a coupe stance, reinforc-

and with Active Torque Control All Wheel Drive,

ing its sporty attitude towards the SUV segment,

the RX350 does 0 – 100 km/h in eight seconds

but in its latest incarnation while remaining

The RX350 and RX450h are backed by a four year / 100 000 km full maintenance plan and a three year / 100 000 km Lexus warranty. Reuben van Niekerk

Issue 58 Car & Leisure



Hyundai i20

The Cost Of Excellence At first glance it’s apparent that a lot of emphasis has been placed on making the design of the i20 as striking and modern as possible.


n recent times buying a new car

a bunch of cheaply priced, poorly made cars into

fashion statement, this however doesn’t mean

has become a rare treat, with the

the market, oh no, Hyundai has long ago lost its

it’s impractical or that the styling will get old

economy still looking groggy and

reputation as a maker of unreliable cars, in fact

quickly, Hyundai’s sensibility can be seen in all

major automobile manufacturers filing

it’s producing some of the most reliable vehicles

aspects of its design, and this longevity is what

for bankruptcy most potential buyers are stick-

on the road today. And this can be perfectly

makes a good car great. And when buying the

ing to their old cars rather than buying. However

seen in the new i20, a hot new hatchback poised

i20 you can be sure you get the full service of

there is hope on the horizon in the form of

to take over South African roads.

Hyundai technology and convenience features.

Hyundai, their new fleet and the great assurance

At first glance it’s apparent that a lot of em-

Unlike other brands that wants to push an extra

packages they give customers. The only major

phasis have been placed on making the design

few thousand rands of optional extra’s into the

manufacturer to take advantage of the economic

of the i20 as striking and modern as possible.

deal the i20 comes with the whole kit as stan-

meltdown the gamble seems to have paid out

The car looks sleek and athletic on the road and

dard. This includes electric windows all round,

handsomely for Hyundai, the only manufacturer

this is accentuated by a distinctive wing that

remote central locking, remote release fuel cap,

showing solid positive growth these days. And

runs above the grill with the chromed ‘H’ logo

air conditioning, auxiliary and USB ports, an MP3

don’t think this is because they’re just flooding

in the centre. Hence the i20 is unashamedly a

compatible CD player and much more. The inte-

58 18 Issue Car & Leisure

the i20 will be available in both 1.4 and 1.6 multivalve engines, the latter providing spirited performance thanks to an impressive 91 kW and 156 Nm, numbers which will see it outperform all but the most overtly sporty rivals. If anything though, it is the smaller engine which is even punchier for its size: power output is 74 kW, and there’s 136 Nm of torque to back it up. Both enjoy the advantage of Hyundai’s Gamma generation engines, the brands most advanced design. The Gamma engines feature Continuously Variable Valve Timing (CVVT) coupled to dual overhead camshaft, or DOHC, to provide a free-revving engine which not only ensures exceptional efficiency but provides invigorating performance at the upper end of the rev range should the driver require... or desire it. The 1.4 litre will be capable of a top speed of 180 km/h and will do 0-100 km/h in 11.6 seconds while the 1.6 will get you all the way up to 190 km/h and will sprint from 0-100 km/h in 9.5 seconds. Transmission on the i20 comes in the form of rior of the i20 is also beautifully furnished with

a B-segment hatchback. And I’m not merely

a five-speed manual gearbox newly developed

high quality materials which gives the driver a

blowing smoke here, the i20 recently scored a

to be lighter, stronger and quieter. And when

high-tec, comfortable and safe feeling inside of

five star test result in the Euro NCAP crash tests,

it comes to fuel efficiency the Gamma engine

the car. Hyundai has also taken space into con-

outpacing fancied Japanese rivals in all four

optimises every last drop of fuel with Hyundai

sideration with the design of the i20, even with

categories. Some of the more noteworthy safety

claiming overall consumption in mixed driving

a full-size spare wheel the minimum luggage

features on the i20 includes seatbelt warning

shouldn’t rise above six litres per 100 km in the

space is 295 litres under a rigid boot board.

buzzers and lights, a passenger airbag which can

1.6 litre model and 5.6 litres per 100 km in the

The rear seats can also be split 60:40 produc-

be rendered inoperative via the ignition key (this

1.4 litre model.

ing a flat low surface area with a maximum load

feature available in South African models only),

length of 1.35 metres.

three-point seatbelts in the rear and unseen

the 1.4 litre and R159 900 for the 1.6 litre, com-

Pricing for the i20 will start from R149 900 for

crumple zones and door impact beams provid-

bine this with a segment leading five year/150

is not just skin deep either, the bodyshell has

ing additional peace of mind. The i20 also sports

000 km warranty and a three year/60 000 km

been designed to combine high strength and

disc brakes both front and rear and emergency

service plan and Hyundai’s amazing assurance

low weight, no easy task. But the engineers at

stopping is aided further by both ABS and EBD.

packages and you’re on your way to a great new

The modern design philosophy of the i20

Hyundai seems to have pulled it off, there’s a

And now, with all these features you may

sense of solidity within the car that gives it a

think the i20 is going to prove a sluggish little

feeling of something bigger and stronger than

vehicle, but you’ll be wrong. In South Africa

car. Johan Keyter


Volkswagen CC

The Peoples Class Volkswagen have always been known as producers of cars for the people, and the list of new car launches this year proves that point. Their lineup now has a car for every type of person from young to old. With the launch of the Volkswagen CC, drivers need to look no further when wanting a coupé that does not compromise on functionality.


he CC offers unique styling for a four-door, four-seater and in essence is a sportier, more dynamic vehicle than the Passat. You will be

forgiven for thinking that this car shares a lot of parts or resemblance with the VW Passat, but basically it only shares the platform and that is where the similarities end. This is why Volkswagen South Africa has decided that the car will be known only as the CC. This car is ideal for coupé buyers who don’t want to compromise on functionality. One of the factors that contribute to this is that the CC still has the humongous boot (535 litres) that we have come to love in the bigger VW’s, an added bonus and something that is rarely seen in sedans is that the seats can be folded down, extending the boot space, giving an even larger space that can accommodate surfboards or bicycles. Surprisingly, if one considers the price, there

58 20 Issue Car & Leisure

is no direct competitors in the South African

Continental self sealing tyre that uses a liquid

100 km/h in 8.6 seconds. Also excellent is

market for the Volkswagen CC. Although one

inside the tyre which is capable of sealing holes

its low fuel consumption of 6.1 litres per 100

could compare it to the more expensive Audi A5

in the tyre up to a size of 5 mm permanently.

kilometres. It will be offered with six speed DSG

and S5 models. The Volkswagen CC is a pure four-seater. The

The Volkswagen CC is offered with highly advanced direct-injection engines, two petrol

transmission. The Volkswagen CC range comes standard

coupé philosophy is reflected in the interior with

engines (147 kW TSI and 220 kW V6 FSI) and a

with a five year / 100 000 km AutoMotion

the seat layout as well. In both the front and

diesel engine (125 kW TDI).

Maintenance Plan and a three year / 120 000 km

rear, ergonomically designed sport seats of the

The first petrol engine to choose from is the


highest calibre are used. Very surprising was the

2.0 litre turbocharged TSI engine, producing

low level of noise and vibration felt inside the

147 kW at 5 100 rpm and 280 Nm. This great

cabin, these levels can be compared to much

performer uses 7.9 litres per 100 km in manual

more expensive luxury vehicles. Some contribut-

guise and 8.5 litres per 100 km when mated


ing factors include drag reduced mirrors and an

to the Tiptronic gearbox. VW claim that it is


R348 745

acoustically damped windscreen.

capable of reaching a top speed of 237 km/h

2.0 TSI Manual

R353 900

and can sprint to 100 km/h in 7.6 seconds (7.8

2.0 TSI Tiptronic

R365 400

seconds for the Tiptronic model).

3.6 V6 FSI 4Motion DSG

R451 260

The Volkswagen CC is being offered with numerous new and innovative vehicle dynamic technologies. One of the notable technical

The strongest petrol engine in the Volkswagen

features is the adaptive chassis control (DCC) –

CC range is a 3.6 litre six cylinder delivering

already available as option in the Scirocco and

220 kW at 6 600 rpm. It develops a maximum

Golf 6 GTI. The adjustable chassis is an optional

torque of 350 Nm from 2 400 rpm and acceler-

feature on the Volkswagen CC. Adaptive chassis

ates to 100 km/h in 5.6 seconds. Its average

control offers three different programs. Crucial

fuel consumption is 9.5 litres and it is electroni-

here is the fact that the adaptive chassis control

cally limited to a top speed of 250 km/h. The

system improves driving characteristics across

Volkswagen CC V6 is offered with the latest

the board. The suspension is constantly being

generation of 4Motion full-time all-wheel drive

adapted to the roadway and driving situation.

as standard equipment. The ‘top of the range’

Another high-end technology is the “Park Assist” parking assistance system. It automatically

model is shifted via the automated DSG dual clutch transmission.

guides the Volkswagen CC into a parking space

However the pick of the bunch has to be the

parallel to the roadway at the push of a button.

2.0 litre TDI engine that is as economical as it is

The driver no longer needs to steer in this case,

clean aswell as strong in the torque department.

but instead just accelerate and brake.

This new common rail diesel engine outputs

In the interest of safety and in an innovative

125 kW while developing maximum torque of

collaboration between Continental and Volkswa-

350 Nm from 1 750 rpm and has a top speed

gen, the CC now comes standard with a new

of 224 km/h. With this engine it can sprint to

Reuben van Niekerk


BMW 7 Series

Heavyweight Contender


have never really believed that the

in particular, inviting. Gently swinging shapes,

BMW 7 series lived up to all it could

high-quality materials as well as enhanced space

be. It never really brought the fight

and comfort give the interior a harmonious,

to its main competitor, the Mercedes

generous and luxurious impression. The driver-

Benz S-Class. But now, with the fifth genera-

oriented cockpit with its special display in Black

tion of the BMW 7 Series a new era has dawned

Panel technology, the electronic selector lever

for the BMW boys. The new 7 series enters the

on the automatic transmission on the centre

market with a brand-new interpretation of style,

console in the immediate vicinity of the Dynamic

luxury and driving experience. There are three

Driving Control unit and BMW iDrive control, as

new engine variants, namely the 750i, 740i, and

well as the multifunction steering wheel with an

730d. Additional body variants of this luxury

extended range of functions adds to the driving

sedan comes in the guise of the 750Li, with a


wheelbase extended by 140 millimetres and particular focus on extra comfort at the rear. The 750i sports a V8 petrol engine with

A first for any BMW Sedan the suspension features a double-arm front axle, integral V rear axle, front and rear axles made largely of

Twin Turbo technology and direct fuel injec-

aluminium. Air suspension at the rear comes

tion (High Precision Injection) at the top of the

standard on the BMW 750Li. Hydraulic rack-

range (300 kW), the 740i a power-optimised

and-pinion steering with on-demand steering

straight-six with Twin Turbo and High Preci-

assistance pump rounds off the package nicely,

sion Injection (240 kW), and the 730d a newly

featuring active steering.

developed straight-six diesel with turbocharger

A wide range of comfort functions are of-

and third-generation common rail fuel injection

fered, and includes a superb audio system with

(180 kW). All engine variants deliver extremely

hard disc memory, AUX-in sleeve featured as

low fuel consumption and emissions for a car in

standard, USB port, DAB double tuner, DVD sys-

this segment. All models come with a six-speed

tem at the rear, iDrive Controller for operating

automatic transmission with optimised gearshift

entertainment, telecommunication and naviga-

dynamics, faster gearshift, improved shift com-

tion functions from the rear seats, four-zone au-

fort, reduced fuel consumption, and electronic

tomatic air conditioning, active seat ventilation,

gear selector.

massage seats, contoured sliding roof optimised

The features of the car are emphasised by

for noise control, online and telematics services

its modern, progressive looks. Lightweight en-

provided by BMW ConnectedDrive (BMW Online,

gineering and innovative suspension technology

BMW Assist, BMW TeleServices) as an option,

aids the dynamic driving qualities of the new 7

and an Integrated Owner’s Manual featured as

series. Driver assistance systems and comfort


functions set the foundation for a fascinating driving experience. Through its interior design, the BMW 7 Series is a particularly modern rendition of pure luxury.

The new 7 series redefines the luxury arm of BMW. In the fight to be the top marque, BMW has stepped up to the challenge, and is now a clear favourite.

The ambience is exclusive, sophisticated and, Ewald van Zyl 58 Car & Leisure 22 Issue


Nissan NP200

Not An Ordinary Bakkie There is a certain flair to the new NP200 not found on other small bakkies, it looks more modern, more stylish and yet you get the feeling that it will drive through the Kalahari without a hitch.


any a South African motor-

tion gives it the feeling of a nimble car, not a

fers the roomiest cabin in its class and has room

ist nurtures a soft spot for the

half-ton bakkie. The diesel motor delivers an

for an additional 300 litres of luggage space

iconic Nissan 1400 bakkie, a

impressive 200 Nm of torque at just 1 900 rpm

behind the forward-tilting front seats. The new

small and sturdy workhorse

and manages an economic combined-cycle fuel

models also come with air-conditioning and an

that has seen millions of kilometres of faithful

consumption of only 5.3 litres per 100 km. The

MP3 compatible audio system, airbags for both

service. And with the introduction of the new

new petrol engines also enjoy significant power

driver and passenger and ABS and EBD makes

Nissan NP200 to the half-ton segment in October

and torque increases over the old 8-valve motor.

an appearance on the SE models, making the

last year many motorists have come to love the

Power jumps from 64 kW to 77 kW, and torque

NP200 a safe and comfortable vehicle in addition

class-leading features which Nissan has packed

increases a full 20 Nm to a total of 148 Nm. This

to its hardworking Nissan pedigree.

into the replacement for the Nissan 1400.

increased power gives the S and SE-designated

With the NP200 already known as a reliable

NP200 models a real edge, and the good news is

and sturdy vehicle, Nissan is now pleased to

that fuel consumption stays low with a combined

announce an expansion of the range for 2009.

cycle of only 8.1 litres per 100 km.

The upgraded NP200 features additional safety,

The most eye-catching feature of the NP200 is

comfort and aesthetic revisions and delivers

its updated face, giving it a fresh new look com-

a well-judged combination of sporty flair with

parable to some of the latest passenger vehicles

no-nonsense, hard-working business credentials.

in the Nissan range. The attitude of this range-

With the replacement of the Nissan 1400 legend,

topper is finished off with integrated front fog

the manufacturer has a brand new platform with

lamps and attractive 15 inch alloys as standard

which to take on the half-ton bakkie segment.

equipment. As far as practicality goes the NP200

Nissan is also giving clients a broader choice

owner isn’t left in the dark either, it has the larg-

with the introduction of the new S and SE-

est payload capacity at 800 kg in the 1.6 engine

models, packing additional features needed to

category, it has the longest load box in its class

be a contender across the full spectrum of the

and the largest load volume. The vehicle also of-

segment. There is a certain flair to the new NP200 not found on other small bakkies, it looks more modern, more stylish and yet you get the feeling that it will drive through the Kalahari without a hitch. And this youthful attitude is embraced by Nissan as Mike Whitfield, MD of Nissan SA explains; “With the addition of the new S and SE-lines to the NP200 lineup, our offering has a flavour for all tastes. No matter which model suits your needs best, you still get the practicality and sheer durability boasted by the base NP200, but now with the amenities which are always nice to have when you do get a few moments to concentrate on yourself and your lifestyle. And we’ve literally added all the extras you demand, from safety levels uniquely high in this segment to punchier engine options. There’s an NP200 which now caters to all half ton buyer categories.” Improvements on the NP200 aren’t solely aesthetic though; the range revision adds a duo of new petrol engines with a lively 16-valve engine, offering improvements both in power output and fuel efficiency. Nissan now also offers a 1.5-litre common rail turbo diesel engine option, providing ample torque and pleasingly frugal fuel consumption in all driving conditions. The new engines give the NP200 lively performance and the new suspension configura-

58 Car & Leisure 24 Issue

Johan Keyter

SPECIFICATIONS Model: Engine: Power: Torque: 0-100 km/h: ¼ Mile: 1 KM: True Top Speed: Price:

Nissan NP200 1.6, 16-valve petrol 77kW @ 5 750 rpm 148Nm @ 3 750 rpm N/A N/A N/A N/A R151 800



Bantam’s Facelift I n recent years the Ford Bantam has

all models. All of this gives the new models

like you’re driving a small car, but once you push

become a common sight on South

a pretty and modern new look of which the

down on the accelerator you can hear that it’s

African roads, it’s durable, reliable

designers at Ford can be proud. In addition to

definitely still a bakkie.

and doesn’t cost you an arm and a

these external changes the Bantam interior has

leg. Because of this it has become a favourite

also been updated with improved body sealing,

of farmers, movers, utility companies and your

a new instrument cluster and improved comfort.

average Joe. The Bantam has already made a

Another innovation worth mentioning is the new

name for itself as a reliable, heavy duty, light

noise reduction technology in the 1.4 TDCi diesel

utility vehicle. I have a friend who owned one of

model. Ford makes use of a new innovative

these tenacious little beasts and one day he had

system called ‘Accelerometer Pilot Control’, this

The Bantam has already made a name for itself as a reliable, heavy duty, light utility vehicle. an accident crashing it into a tree on a farm at

system monitors combustion noise levels and

high speed. Now this would’ve put most other

makes adjustments to the pilot main injectors

vehicles out of action for a while, but he just got

every 0.3 milliseconds ensuring an incredibly

back in, restarted it and the Bantam continued

quiet drive. And this isn’t just technical jargon, I

on its way. He drove it for another week before

can attest to the new models quietness. Cruising

taking it in, oh and he was fine by the way.

down the highway at 120 km/h can be likened

In mid May I had the pleasure of test-driving

to sitting in a quiet room with a pleasant hum

the new Bantam 1.4 TDCi XLT turbodiesel

from the air conditioning. Don’t let this give you

model. In addition to adding diesel deriva-

the impression that the Bantam doesn’t have

tives Ford has also updated the Bantam’s looks

power though, the DuraTorq TDCi engine with its

redesigning the front bumper and bonnet into

electronically controlled direct injection system

a sleeker shape and adding newly restyled

creates a peak power output of 50 kW at 4 000

headlamps. The rear lamp cluster has also been

rpm and a maximum torque of 160Nm at 2 000

updated and 14” alloy wheels are standard on

rpm. When you sit behind the wheel it may feel

58 26 Issue Car & Leisure

Johan Keyter

SPECIFICATIONS Model: Engine: Power: Torque: 0-100 km/h: ¼ Mile: 1 KM: True Top Speed: Price:

Ford Bantam 1.4 TDCi 1.4 litre TDCi turbodiesel 50 kW 160Nm N/A N/A N/A N/A R171 750


Ford Ikon

Iconic and Versatile


arlier this year Ford upgraded their

prefer diesel however the new Ikon will also

rake adjustable steering column, and front and

iconic and popular family car, the

be available in the robust 1.4 litre diesel motor

rear electric windows. Safety has also remained

aptly named Ikon for the 2009

from the old Ikon, equipped with turbocharger

a high priority and all Ikon models are equipped

model range. In recent years the

and electronically controlled direct injection.

with structural reinforcements, a collapsible

Ikon has become a common sight on roads

This means drivers will have a choice between

steering column, ABS with EBD and driver and

throughout the world with its established reli-

the 1.4 litre TDCi in Ambiente spec and the

passenger airbags providing a feeling of safety

ability, affordable pricing and comfortable driving

1.6 litre petrol in Ambiente or Trend guise. The

and security inside the car.

experience. And keeping with the recent eco-

Ambiente models features driver and passenger

nomic developments Ford’s marketing manager

airbags, body colour bumpers and door handles,

The changes to the Ikon may seem subtle from the outside but they offer a great deal of value and convenience for the customer. All

In recent years the Ikon has become a common sight on roads throughout the world with its established reliability, affordable pricing and comfortable driving experience.

Ikon models will be available with a four year / 60 000 km service plan and service intervals at every 15 000 km. A widely appealing four year / 120 000 km warranty gives further peace of mind to any Ikon driver. So in conclusion,

Ben Pillay says the Ikon offers, “outstanding

15” steel wheels and a full size spare wheel.

whether it is for a family car, or simply a new

value for money in a practical and well equipped

The 1.6 Trend models offers additional features

car, the Ikon is set to satisfy all of your expecta-

package”. This means the Ikon is more attractive

which includes a sport suspension, body colour


than ever, and not only in terms of pricing. The

bumpers with fog lamps, headlights with chrome

styling has been wholly refreshed with a new

bezel integrated indicators and body colour mir-

headlamp design and revised front bumper. The

rors. Optimum aluminum interior door handles,

update also gives the Ikon a revised front end,

a painted gearshift and park brake further

new 15 inch alloy wheels and upgraded interior

improves interior looks.

trim. The new Ikon is definitely a pleasure to drive,

However the new Ikon doesn’t only sport changes under the bonnet, all upgraded models

the old 1.4 litre petrol engine has been replaced

will have beautiful new interior fabrics which

with a significantly more powerful 1.6 litre motor

gives the inside of the car a comfortable and

which produces 74 kW at 6 500 rpm and 143

pleasant feel. A brand new audio system has

Nm at 4 000 rpm. This means that in addition

also been fitted to the 2009 Ikon including four

to being a comfortable and practical vehicle

speakers and a single radio/CD player with MP3

the new Ikon also provides some fun whilst

compatibility. Other comfort and convenience

driving, the acceleration is good and shifting

features in the new Ikon include keyless remote

through the gears is smooth and quiet. If you

central locking, remote tailgate boot release,

Johan Keyter

SPECIFICATIONS Model: Engine: Power: Torque: 0-100 km/h: ¼ Mile: 1 KM: True Top Speed: Price:

Ford Ikon 1.6 Trend 1.6 litre 74 kW 143Nm N/A N/A N/A N/A R148 990

Issue 58 Car & Leisure



Chery Tiggo

New Kid On The Block And when looking at the new Chery Tiggo, both in terms of looks and quality you have to admit that the Chinese are making themselves heard.


hen you hear the word Chery,

Chery Tiggo, both in terms of looks and quality

with power being transferred to the wheels via

and referring to the car you

you have to admit that the Chinese are making

a five -speed manual gearbox. The 2.0 litre in-

don’t always feel a sense

themselves heard.

line four cylinder engine offers 95kW of power at

of performance associated

The Tiggo, a compact urban SUV is avail-

5 500 rpm with a maximum torque of 178Nm at

with other brands, you might not even have

able in South Africa as a 1.6 or 2.0 litre, the

4 500 rpm. This means that the Tiggo will sup-

heard of the brand before. But by the looks of it

latter being available in automatic as well and

ply you with a comfortable driving experience

Chery is going to become a force to be reckoned

offers drivers a well-equipped, comfortable

wherever you may choose to take it, and whilst

with in the automobile world, they’re expand-

and very affordable compact SUV. The Tiggo

it doesn’t have amazing acceleration it cruises as

ing their range and finding new territory in both

range is powered by ACTECO engines jointly

well as anything else when powering down the

emerging and well-established markets. Chery

developed by Chery and Austria AVL and they


in South Africa especially is expanding at a fast

adhere to stringent Euro III emission controls.

pace with 27 full service dealerships around the

The Tiggo 1.6 TX produces 80 kW of power at

2.0 TXE automatic, the top of the range Tiggo

country already. And when looking at the new

5 800 rpm and 147 Nm of torque at 4 300 rpm

that provides more comfort and features in a

58 28 Issue Car & Leisure

Chery is most excited however by the new

Chery than ever before. In the auto, power is

braking technology with disk brakes in the front

features a six-disc changer, both MP3 compat-

transferred to the front wheels by a four-speed

and rear and AMS and EBD in both the 1.6 TX

ible. Electric windows in the rear and front are

automatic transmission and it utilises a proactive

and the 2.0 TXE auto models. Further safety

standard on both models, while an electric

automatic transmission developed and tested in

features include dual airbags in the front as well

sunroof offers additional luxury on the Tiggo 2.0

Europe. Drivers can choose to use the full auto-

as energy absorbing crumple zones and side im-

TXE Auto. Air-conditioning is also standard on

matic option, or manually select the gear they

pact bars. Ride comfort and stability is provided

both the Tiggo models, extras that you’d usually

want by simply moving the gear lever backwards

thanks to a McPherson independent suspension

have to fork out some cash for. The Chery Tiggo

or forwards. The Tiggo 2.0 TXE Auto also has a

system in front, with a stabiliser and single cross

also has spacious dimensions for a compact SUV

special ‘winter’ button next to the gearlever that

arm that provides a solid and comfortable ride

with an overall length of 4 285 mm, a width

allows the transmission to adapt its shift pattern

when tackling dirt roads.

of 1 765 mm and height of 1 705 mm, ground

to icy and slippery road conditions, and whilst

In addition to being safe, comfortable and suf-

clearance is 132 mm, allowing you to comfort-

this may not be that common on our roads it

ficiently powerful the Tiggo range also boasts an

ably sail over even the more ruthless dirt roads.

still shows Chery’s commitment to providing new

impressive range of extras. The Tiggo has a roof

And of course the crowning jewel of the Tiggo is

and additional technologies in their vehicles.

rack and a spare wheel that’s mounted on the

its price, the entry level 1.6 TX is available from

And who knows, it might even save your life

outside to provide more space inside for loading.

R159 900 and the top of the range 2.0 TXE auto

on a rainy day. And this is one of the features

The boot also has a handy 12V power outlet to

will be yours for only R199 900. This may sound

of the Tiggo that I’m most impressed with, it

run a variety of equipment, as well as hooks to

like a lot but its price is comparable to most new

provides you with an uncanny sense of safety

keep shopping bags tidy. Audio enjoyment is

hatchbacks, making the Tiggo a steal and a very

and security.

provided by a single disc CD-front loader audio

comfortable vehicle to find yourself in indeed.

The Chery Tiggo range boasts advanced

system in the 1.6 TX, whilst the 2.0 TXE Auto

Johan Keyter

Issue 58 Car & Leisure


FEATURE Nissan Navara King Cab

King Cab Challenger


he Navara is a genuinely all-purpose executive vehicle – strong off-road, a heavy-duty hauler, well trimmed and specced for comfort inside, a

good performer, and easy on the eyes. The new Nissan Navara XE King Cab adds a regal dose of additional practicality. It enters the market as the value-leader of the extended Navara range, bringing the same advantages of this status symbol to a stricter budget, with even more benefits which will appeal to the business-oriented. Fanie Smuts, Nissan SA senior product manager, explains; “The new Navara XE King Cab is really a hardened street-fighter all dressed-up for an evening’s fun. It may be easy on the eye, but beneath the looks is still an efficient, exceptionally strong and very practical proposition. The King Cab adds a whole new dimension of practicality to the Navara lineup, and to my eyes is the best looking of the range to boot, with

models for an even smoother, more positive ac-

Occupant safety is further enhanced by the stan-

tion. The transmission helps the Navara’s overall

dard fitment of dual airbags, heavy-duty side-

tus, but considering the luxurious nature of the

consumption over competitive models, all of

impact protection beams, and active systems

Navara LE, it is still a very well-equipped vehicle.

which offer only five forward ratios.

like ABS with EBD keep braking performance

very well-balanced proportions front to rear.” That XE moniker may denote entry-level sta-

Electrically-operated windows and mirrors, for

The shorter cab and longer loadbox are

strong and consistent at all times. Inside are where the real practical strengths

instance, as well as a front-loading CD player,

visually pulled together by the signature flared

air-conditioning, and remote central locking are

wheelarches and short overhangs. This machine

of this model come into their own. The generous

all standard fare.

mixes obvious visual appeal with tough industri-

load space at the back of the extended cabin

ous credentials. For most XE King Cab custom-

is easily accessible, even for awkward objects,

tion found under the hood of the double cab

ers, high performance and rugged looks are only

thanks to rearwards-opening doors on both

diesel Navara, a 2.5-litre turbodiesel engine de-

a part of the buying decision. These vehicles are

sides of the cabin. There’s almost enough room

veloping 106 kW and 356 Nm as a 4X2, boosted

after all high-end LCVs, and although the Navara

for a second row of seating, although designed

to 128 kW and 403 Nm in 4X4 form – notice-

driver is likely to use it as a dual-purpose ve-

purely for cargo-carrying purposes. This addi-

ably punchier than rival engines of even larger

hicle, it will be spending most of its days hard at

tional cargo space adds significantly to the over-

displacement! This mountain of low-down torque

work, so it needs to deliver the goods, literally.

all haulage potential of this dual-role machine

The drive train is the same potent combina-

gives the Navara King Cab a trailer towing limit

That lengthened loadbox remains wider than

of 3000 kg on 4X4 models, once again best in

its competition, and is even more useful than

class figures.

this girth suggests thanks to minimal wheelarch

Not only is this turbodiesel exceptionally pow-

intrusion making for maximum useable flat

erful, it’s also very refined thanks to innovations

loading area. Even laden to its one-tonne cargo

like the Single Chain System. This powerplant is

capacity, the sturdy construction of this machine

allied to a six-speed manual gearbox which has

ensures it drives well, remaining stable and

had its operation further refined in the latest

controllable as it performs its heavy lifting act.

thanks to the inherent cabin-height advantage which the bold Navara design delivers. Ewald van Zyl

Issue 58 Car & Leisure



Czeers Mk1

Get Some Sun W

hen you’re out on the water

crafted, ten-metre long craft powered solely

touch-screen information panel which is used to

for a good days boating, any-

by solar energy and a custom-built lithium-ion

control the boats various functions, this ensures

one can tell you that there

battery pack. This modern marvel doesn’t just

a very smooth and uncluttered control panel,

are two seemingly endless

look spectacular either, it will reach a top speed,

consisting of only a screen and traditional steer-

things around you, sun and water. For years

using only sunlight and battery power, of an

ing wheel. The entire hull is comprised of carbon

these two have been an excellent combination

amazing 30 knots (about 55 km/h).

fibre, ensuring a strong and lightweight craft, it’s

for those seeking some ‘fun in the sun’, but a

The design philosophy behind the Czeers Mk1

also inlaid with leather trim for extra comfort.

Dutch company has combined them in a way

is one that concentrates on high-performance

The boat is propelled by, of course, the sun

never thought possible before. As the world

as well as stunning looks, and this can be seen

and this is done by placing photovoltaic cells on

is gripped in green fever and many adventure

both in the boats outward appearance and in its

almost horizontal surfaces throughout the boat,

lovers are pained to see their high-powered

interior and control layout. The boat is equipped

as can be seen in the pictures, the solar panels

cars and speedboats being replaced by slug-

with an ingenious and wonderfully futuristic LCD

on board are huge coming to a combined size of

gish electric hybrids, a small Dutch company has decided to turn the green revolution into something exciting as well. Three years ago, 22-year-old Dutch students David Czap and Nills Beers joined the Technical University of Delft’s solar boat team. Not yet knowing that they would inspire a craze that’s gripping the boating world. With the experience they had gained from their time at the University coupled with some business sense, the two founded Czeers Solarboats, a company aimed solely at developing and building solar powered watercraft. The result of this is the Czeers Mk1, a beautifully

14 square metres (keep in mind that the boat is

Czeers Mk1, prices can be obtained on request

is the cells are connected in a series of groups

only 10 metres long). By combining power from

from Czeers at their website,

so that if one section of the deck is in shade it

the solar panels and battery pack the Czeers

However those of us who don’t have six figure

does not affect the areas of the panels that are

Mk1 streaks to its comfortable top speed and in

bank accounts need not worry, as the technol-

in sunlight. The electric motor also attached

the same breath claims the title as the worlds

ogy spreads and catches on solar powered boats

to the craft will produce 80 kW of power on its

first solar speedboat.

should be a dime a dozen in less than a decade

own, so no worries of getting stranded when

(we hope).

it starts raining either. But the most important

This isn’t just an empty concept either though, the Mk1 is meant to be a luxury boat

But now for some technicalities, the Mk1 with

thing about the Czeers Mk1 is this, it uses no oil,

after all. This can be seen in the interior ele-

its combined solar and electric propulsion sys-

produces no fumes or engine noise, and quietly

ments, all of which are made from the highest

tem will produce a whopping 107 HP, the boat

generates all its own power in a completely

quality materials, the leather seats and sunbeds

weighs in at 900 kg and has a length of 10m

sustainable fashion, and for a speedboat that is

are even custom built by Perida. And since the

and a beam length of 2.7m. The theory behind

simply speaking, amazing.

Mk1 was launched at none other than the Mil-

the solar technology is based on the solar cells

lionaire’s fare, you can expect to pay a pretty

like the ones used in space. The initial prototype

the Mk1 for the time being, hopefully in some

penny for this solar powered joy ride. However,

impressed the Dutch RaboBank so much that

time we can also experience a boat ride courtesy

as most boaters know the price of fuel is one of

they have decided to fund the full development

of none other than a sunny day.

their biggest headaches, and being able to say

into a full-scale test boat. The theory used by

goodbye to that could make anyone keen to fork

Czeer is that cells in normal solar panels don’t

out for this solar powered beauty. At this stage

get as much light as the cells built into the

however it seems exclusivity is key with the

boat’s epoxy carbon matrix. The other theory

So while we can only goggle in amazement at

Johan Keyter








For trade and dealer enquires please call Leshzek Lotze on 084 802 7620 E-mail: or visit




Boating is a passion‌the ultimate getaway. The speed, freedom and fresh air all combine to form a unique experience. We design our outboards with advanced 4-stroke technologies that bring excitement and pleasure to your boating life. Technologies that deliver the power and performance while providing clean, economical operation.

Live the Dream

Just Add Water I

f hanging onto a kite while gliding at

ter toys – those you can float your whole family

charities: the Ikholwa Home and the Starfish

breakneck speeds across the surf is

on for hours of laidback chill time and those you

Foundation, courtesy of Firefish Harbour in as-

your idea of fun, then the National

can hook onto the end of your speedboat for fun

sociation with the National Boat Show featuring

Boat Show featuring Dive Expo could

that’s a little faster. Of course if you don’t have a

Dive Expo.

be just the dose of adrenalin your weekend

speedboat, the National Boat Show is the perfect


place to start looking!

Exhibitor Surfers Kite & Surf Shop will be

Expect to see some of the sexiest power

What’s more, every year the National Boat Show gives away hundreds of thousands of Rands in giveaways and prizes – and this year

hitting the road from Ballito Bay to display their

boats, sail boats and leisure toys out on the wa-

will be no different. You stand the chance of win-

fantastic range of kiteboards here in the inland

ter this summer, try out the latest scuba diving

ning a fully packaged scuba diving lifestyle and

– including top brands Starkites and CrazyFly.

equipment and explore local and exotic boating

a boating lifestyle – worth more than R 240 000.

Candice from Surfers Kite & Surf Shop says

holidays, destinations and marina properties,

In fact you can count on getting a lot more than

kitesurfing is a growing sport and is for anybody

witness spine-tingling attractions like the Wake

you came for – exciting attractions to keep the

with an adventurous heart – from age 10 to 60!

Wars Wakeboarding competition and the live

whole family enthralled, free workshops, expert

Bass Africa Classic weigh-in, catch the Rapala

advice, celebs, giveaways, prizes and, of course,

also a few places to kite in Gauteng, such as

‘Fishing for the Future’ workshops and let the

more beautiful boats than you’ll ever see in one

the Vaal Dam and Bronkhorstspruit Dam. As

kids cast for fun in live bass ponds.


Although widespread at the coast, there are

with any sport, especially those that tend to put

While the economy may be sour you can be

Get to Africa’s leading boat and leisure show:

you at the mercy of the elements, Candice says

sure the deals will be sweet – the National Boat

the National Boat Show featuring Dive Expo at

there are potential dangers. There is however a

Show featuring Dive Expo is also the perfect op-

the Coca Cola dome, Northriding, from Friday 14

growing body of qualified instructors associated

portunity to take advantage of special discounts

to Sunday 16 August 2009. Show times: 11h00

with the IKO (International Kiteboarding As-

and show deals.

to 18:00 on Friday, 09:00 to 18:00 on Saturday,

sociation), so should you be venturing into this

It certainly won’t be hard to hook more than

and 09h00 to 17h00 on Sunday. Tickets R60 for

sport for the first time, the show is a good place

your fair share of bargain deals, you can even

adults, R30 for pensioners and students with

to start for advice.

buy your new limited edition Firefish Harbour

relevant ID. Children under 12 free.

Exhibitor Water Toys will also be at the show. They have a phenomenal range of inflatable wa-

T-shirt with a clear conscience – because all the proceeds will be donated to two worthy

Issue 58 Car & Leisure



National Boat Show


Electric Outboard Engines

Cruising On A

Different Current


lectric outboard motors are a relatively unknown thing in the marine world in general. When looking for means of propulsion most still opt

for traditionally fuelled engines and designs, the electric motor being criticized as too cumbersome in the water. But Torqeedo is aiming to change that with their new Torqeedo Cruise 2.0 Electric Outboard Motor. The motor will develop thrust equal to that of a 6 HP gas engine and the Cruise series engines provides the most powerful 24-volt electric outboards available. The advantages of using an electric motor is numerous, the Torqeedo provides a quiet, clean, emission-free alternative for sailboats and powerboats up to a displacement of three tons and is available in both a short-shaft or long-shaft version. The motor, designed in Germany has a lot more than just technical specs going for it as well. Firstly it looks good, and is easily useable with its ergonomically designed dimensions, you also get a sense of quality which is sometimes lacking in the cheaper Asian brands. It must be made clear however that the little electric Torqeedo won’t propel you across the water at breathtaking speeds, but it will be more than enough for a day of leisurely cruising or quietly trolling around a fishing spot. But the most appealing aspect of the new Torqeedo is undoubtedly the fact that you’re moving across the water without using any fuel, or money for that matter. The engine runs on battery power, and the smallest unit in the line includes a lithium-manganese battery pack in the head of the unit, and folds down to fit in its included waterproof backpack, so no external battery hookup is required. The larger motors use external lithium-manganese battery packs (though you can supply your own conventional lead-acid batteries), and range up to about the equivalent of a 6 horsepower gasoline outboard, although with more torque. The torqeedos are quite new to the market, and the pricing may be out of the league of most South African boaters at the moment, seeing as they aren’t available over here yet. But this innovative and impressive technology is sure to land on our shores in the not too distant future, so keep your ears open or this noiseless little motor may sail right past you. Johan Keyter

58 Car & Leisure 38 Issue


Durban Boat Show 2009

Durban Boat Show 2009


come and feel the serenity of life beneath the

he sixth annual Durban Internation-

The latest in fun-filled sports was the new-

al Boat and Lifestyle Show displayed

est innovation from New Zealand, the fabulous

everything new and exciting in the

Blokart. This windsurfer, built for land, has a sail

world of boating at the Durban Ma-

that naturally propels the buggy forward. The

Powerboat. Acclaimed SA champion, Paul Shepa-

three wheeled cart has the operator sitting in it

rd revved the huge motor causing a stir. Garmin

while zipping along, reaching speeds dictated by

enthralled visitors with their awesome indoor

the wind velocity.

display. Every marine situation from Bass, Deep

rina from Friday 17 to Sunday 19 of July. Regulars found the new Show layout far easier to negotiate, as the entire Boat Show was situated only at the Durban Marina, extending from

New to the show was an option to enjoy life

the Point Yacht Club, past the Royal Natal Yacht

under the water. Calypso Dive and Adventure

Club and extending up to CafĂŠ Fish.

Centre also had a presence, tempting people to

58 40 Issue Car & Leisure

waves. There was even a two-seater Formula One

Sea and Ski Fishing, Sailing and Power boats had live kits displayed at their stand. The Durban International Boat and Lifestyle

Show also featured hands-on demonstrations of

well as succulent fishy take-aways on their

exhibitor boats throughout the Show period.

front deck over the Boat Show weekend.

The Simply Sailing Regatta took place over

Sticking to the theme of fish restaurants,

the weekend of the Show. This all-class event

the first 3 000 paying patrons that visited the

featured everything that sails, from radio-

Durban International Boat and Lifestyle Show

controlled yachts, through dinghies, hobies and

was rewarded with a R20 John Dory’s Voucher

multihulls, up to racing and cruising yachts. An

from Wilson’s Wharf.

excellent viewpoint for the public was the lawns

Ferries were also available from Berth One

of the Royal Natal Yacht Club, which was open

at Wilson’s and the refuel jetty at the Durban

to all Boat Show patrons for the duration of

Marina - R20 one-way and R30 for a round

the Show. Patrons joined in their beer garden


atmosphere, and sampled the enticing menus on offer. On the other side of the Show, the Point Yacht Club was also open to all, enticing hungry patrons with their renowned buffet menu. Durban’s premier fish restaurant with possibly the best view in the City, Café Fish, offered patrons their normal mouth-watering menu items, as

Ewald van Zyl


Honda F-15X and F-15

Here To Stay... T

he Honda AquaTrax PWCs were one

you can ride at your present speed given your

emissions four-stroke design consumes less fuel

of the first watercraft to be turbo

remaining fuel. We’re pleased to report that this

than a comparable two-stroke engine and meets

charged when launched, and now

system is also in place on the F-15.

CARB three-star and EPA emissions standards.

Honda has added a new boat to the

stable for 2009 – the base model F-15. The F-15 is basically the same craft as the F-15X, except the engine is not turbocharged. A liquid-cooled, 16-valve, 1 470cc, fuel-injected,

For pricing contact your nearest Honda Marine dealer.

- Exceptional high performance is provided by a water-cooled IHI turbocharger with water-

Unique features:

cooled intercooler. The AquaTrax turbocharger

- Multifunction meter indicates approximate

produces a maximum boost of 10 psi to gener-

remaining ride time in minutes.

ate more power than a normally aspirated engine. The turbine bearing is an enclosed,

four-cylinder engine powers the F-15. According

- Honda Ignition Control System (ICS) pro-

to Honda, the low-emissions four-stroke design

tects the engine from abnormal operating condi-

ceramic-ball design that withstands sustained

consumes less fuel than a comparable two-

tions but can allow the rider to operate the PWC

high-rpm compressor operation while providing

stroke engine. The engine pumps out about 150

in reduced power mode.

nearly vibration- and friction-free performance.

hp, compared to 200 hp in the F-15X. Honda says the dry-sump design allows the engine to be mounted low in the hull, resulting in a very low centre of gravity that aids in han-

- Gear-driven dual engine balancer system

Water cooling of the turbocharger housing main-

virtually eliminates high-frequency engine vibra-

tains optimum turbine operating efficiency, while


the water-cooled intercooler ensures a denser

- Crankcase breather system featuring three

intake charge to provide maximum power and

dling and performance. Also, a raised bond-line

breather chambers prevents oil loss or breather

combustion efficiency. An Electronic Control Unit

design should help with splash protection and

system clogging if the PWC is accidentally over-

(ECU) monitors atmospheric pressure, boost



pressure, engine speed, oil and water tem-

According to Honda, the fiberglass reinforced

- AquaTrax hull design provides excellent

perature, intake air temperature and an engine

plastic hull is designed to be a stable platform

overall stability and exceptional low- and high-

knock sensor to manage an electronic wastegate

when remounting from deep water and easily

speed turning performance without sacrificing

valve that controls turbocharger boost, protect-

uprighted should it become overturned. Also,

low-speed maneuverability.

ing vital engine components and maintaining

foot-well areas have an anti-slip surface. The handlebars are not adjustable and too low if you want to ride while standing. One of our favorite features from the F-15X

Engine/Drivetrain - Lightweight, liquid-cooled, DOHC 16-valve,

long engine life. - A side-mounted cam chain and ultra-narrow

1 470cc fuel-injected, 200-bhp, turbo-charged

cylinder-sleeve spacing reduce engine size and

dry-sump, four-cylinder engine features a one-


is the ‘time-to-empty’ display on the scrollable

piece upper-crankcase/cylinder block engineered

- Crankshaft main bearings feature a micro-

digital dash. It calculates in minutes how long

to withstand the rigors of marine duty. The low-

grooved bearing surface to improve oil retention

58 42 Issue Car & Leisure

and bearing durability as lateral loading occurs throughout a broad range of operating conditions. - DOHC-actuated valves use a simple, lightweight and direct cam-over-bucket design. - Four-valve cylinder-head design with a narrow 30-degree included valve angle creates a compact combustion chamber for optimum efficiency and power output at all rpm levels. - Silent-type cam chain reduces engine noise, while an automatic chain tensioner reduces maintenance. - Automatic idle adjustment eliminates the need to fine tune. - Winged intake grate provides a smooth flow of water to the impeller, reducing vibration and noise. - Oil jets located on the crankcase main journal castings continually cool piston undersides, ensuring consistent operating temperatures and even better durability under maximum power. - Forged pistons and connecting rods are designed to withstand the rigors of turbocharging. The top piston ring land is anodized, and a chrome-plated top ring further enhances durability. - Four waterproof, transistorized, directignition coils integrate the spark plug cap and the ignition coil to produce a high-voltage, longduration spark, providing maximum performance at high engine output levels. - Iridium-tip spark plugs produce maximum spark performance and minimal carbon buildup for consistent engine operation and long spark plug life. - Air-intake system features an intake port mounted centrally in the hull and a labyrinth airbox construction with paper air filter. Together, they keep water out of the engine during normal operation and if the craft is accidentally overturned. - High-pressure programmed fuel injection (PGM-FI) delivers fuel to a single 54mm throttle body. Fuel is delivered through four laser-drilled holes in each of the four injector nozzles, producing a highly combustible air/fuel charge for maximum combustion efficiency and power. - The ECU provides digital 3-D fuel-injection maps for each cylinder, creating the ideal fuel mixture and spark advance settings. A sophisticated throttle sensor and advanced fuel-injection mapping combine to produce smooth and linear throttle response, responding precisely to minor

- Cooling system design permits coolant water

pump with three-blade impeller is precisely

throttle and wastegate changes to maximize

to drain easily from the water jackets when not

matched to the engine power characteristics.

driveability, acceleration and drive-pump perfor-

in use for easy winterization.

A proprietary Honda impeller design and ECU


- Dry-sump engine incorporates an oil res-

control of the turbocharger wastegate minimize

- Special, compact oil-cooled alternator also

ervoir mounted adjacent to the cylinder bank.

pump cavitation, resulting in quiet operation and

drives the oil pump, contributing to the engine’s

The tank shape and location, together with a

extended impeller life.

lightweight design.

specially designed internal multi-baffle system,

- Engine cooling system allows water from the jet pump to circulate through the engine and is directly injected into the exhaust body, ensuring

assemble pump, driveshaft and driven coupling,

ety of marine operating conditions.

and an easily accessible driveshaft-bearing

- Engine output is directly coupled to the

consistent operating temperatures and quiet

jet pump drive via a rubber damper, providing

operation. Engine-cooling water also circulates

shock-free, efficient power transfer while mini-

through the turbocharger housing to ensure

mizing lateral crankshaft load forces.

optimum compressor function.

58 44 Issue Car & Leisure

- Pump servicing features include easy-to-dis-

optimize engine lubrication under the wide vari-

- Axial-flow single-stage Solas 155mm jet

grease fitting. Ewald van Zyl

McCarthy - Member of the Bidvest Group

For more information, or your nearest dealer contact AMP on (011) 392 0770 or

The Power Of A



Neighbourhood Electric Vehicle

A particularly exciting model is the new GEM Peapod from Chrysler, a quirky little car with a futuristic design and a futuristic way of getting around.


ticking to the spirit of our environ-

futuristic design and a futuristic way of getting

an onboard charger. The vehicle is charged from

mental issue, I went to take a look

around. Straight from the drawing boards of

a standard wall socket for 6 to 8 hours and has a

at some new “green” vehicles that

GEM, Chrysler’s Global Eco Mobility unit, the

range of about 50 kilometres, making it perfect

is coming our way. But not just any

Peapod promises increased power, safety and

for a daily urban commuter vehicle. Don’t expect

one, we took a look at a new NEV or Neighbour-

luxury features previously not found on your

ferocious speed from this little car though, as

hood Electric Vehicle, a classification for speed-

more spartan electric vehicles. The GEM Peapod

NEV’s are limited by law to a top speed of 25

limited, battery-powered vehicles. And a par-

is powered by an electric motor that uses the

mp/h (about 40 km/h), and aren’t allowed on

ticularly exciting model looks to be the new GEM

energy stored in six 12-volt flooded electrolyte

highways. This may sound quite cumbersome,

Peapod from Chrysler, a quirky little car with a

batteries and a 72-volt battery system that has

but the Peapod is designed for neighbourhood

commuting, taking the kids to school, doing

the GEM Peapod is the ideal way to contribute

tion GEM vehicles have averted more than 150

shopping, going to work and back, and other

to a greener planet, and a healthy lifestyle,”

tons of pollutants from reaching the air, while

short trips. The GEM Peapod works in two

said Peter Arnell, Chrysler LLC’s Chief Innova-

saving 10 million gallons of gasoline. This is

modes, ‘Low’ with a top speed of 25 km/h and

tion Officer who led the design process. Chrysler

definitely promising news from GEM, both for

‘High’ with a top speed of 40 km/h, this puts the

will show the styling model for the production

the environment and for your wallet. Many look

output of the car at about 12 horsepower and it

2009 GEM at the company’s headquarters on the

down on electric vehicles as being small, slow

makes use of regenerative braking to conserve

23rd of September, and the re-designed GEM

and silly, but just imagine taking the kids to

energy. One of the most striking features of the

is scheduled for production in 2009. GEM cars

school, driving to work, coming back and simply

Peapod though is its looks, the vehicle’s innova-

are available in six models: two-, four- and six-

plugging your car into the socket while you sleep

tive design with its striking pod-like shape and

seater passenger cars and three utility vehicles.

to find it filled up and ready to go again the next

sleek lines reflects the environmentally friendly

In addition to the 2009 GEM Peapod neighbour-

morning. There is no word yet on when or if the

and technologically advanced nature of the

hood electric vehicle, GEM has plans to market

Peapod will make it to South Africa, but with

vehicle. This is enhanced by its newly designed

a new light-duty, battery electric commercial

these constant improvements you can be sure

centre console which offers iPod integration as

truck and a larger city electric vehicle, with

we’ll see our share of new electric vehicles in a

well as hands-free operation of the customer’s

more range and performance. These vehicles

few short years.

iPhone. You can even use your iPod or iPhone

are scheduled for production within the next

to start the vehicle instead of the traditional

year, according to GEM CEO Bruce Coventry.

key by inserting it into the iPod dock, a fun and

“The Peapod represents the first in a series of

cutting-edged way of starting up the car. Other

product launches that will redefine the future

innovations include ergonomic, supportive, mesh

of electric vehicles,” said Coventry. By pursuing

seating which enables air circulation for comfort

its mission of replacing conventional vehicles,

and uses eco-friendly recycled and recyclable

GEM vehicles can reduce overall emissions of


pollutants, particularly during short trips when

“These vehicles use no gasoline and emit no

conventional vehicles create the most tailpipe

pollutants. So whether it’s a trip around the

emissions, exactly the thing the Peapod was

neighbourhood or the drive to school or work,

designed for. In its few short years of opera-

58 48 Issue Car & Leisure

Johan Keyter


Yamaha XT660Z Ténéré

Dirty Harry Mention the name Ténéré in adventure riding circles and riders will immediately know that you are talking about a rugged Adventure Sport Dual-purpose model that was originally launched in the early 1980’s. Originally developed from Yamaha’s highly successful Dakar race winning factory bikes, these bikes built up a huge following of loyal owners during the 80’s and 90’s.


ith a reputation for durabil-

of choice for numerous round the world travel-

has been tuned to deliver strong low to mid-

ity, strong on and off road

lers and to date, the original Ténéré and its

range power. This gutsy powerplant makes

performance, high levels of

successors have most likely clocked up more

the Ténéré 660 a strong performer in a wide

long distance comfort, and

orbits of the earth than any other single-cylinder

range of riding situations, from urban commut-

the ability to handle hostile off road terrain,

motorcycle. It was a tough reliable and stylish

ing through to highway touring and off road

the Ténéré was one of the best selling models

all rounder that could perform well in almost any

exploring. Equipped with a highly efficient four

throughout Europe.


cylinder head with a 10:1 compression ratio and

The Ténéré had a ‘go anywhere, do anything reputation’ and therefore became the machine

58 50 Issue Car & Leisure

Powering the Ténéré is a 660cc liquid cooled, four stroke single cylinder SOHC engine which

featuring bore x stroke dimensions of 100 mm x 84 mm, this new engine delivers excellent

throttle response for lively off the line and roll

front wheel travel. At the rear is a lightweight

on acceleration.

aluminium swing arm which reduces unsprung

will certainly help to deflect wind away from the

The smooth-shifting five speed transmission is

a stylish front cowl and tall screen which

weight for enhanced rear suspension perfor-

upper body. The front cowl also features durable

equipped with carefully chosen gear ratios that

mance offering 200 mm of rear wheel move-

protectors on either side of the bodywork which

are designed to optimise the bikes strong, low to

ment. This combination ensures good handling

help prevent accidental damage, while the

mid range torque output.

performance over all road conditions.

engine is also equipped with compact guards,

The XT660Z Ténéré is equipped with an

Further boosting the bikes serious long dis-

which can easily be replaced should they get

all new chassis whose rugged, go anywhere

tance potential is a large 22 litre fuel tank that

character perfectly complements the big single

is nicely integrated into the front cowl. Despite

engine. The extremely strong yet new light semi

the large size the width and height of the tank

fer a new generation of adventure seeking riders

double cradle frame is compact and slim and has

is kept to a minimum by extending the fuel tank

the opportunity to explore a new world of possi-

been designed to offer an optimum balance of

beneath the riders seat, which also helps to

bilities as was an integral part of the original go

strength and rigidity for good handling qualities

centralise mass.

anywhere philosophy. The best part is that this

on and off road.

With its upright riding position and long dual

Helping deliver high levels of rider and pas-

seat, this bike is an extremely comfortable ma-

senger comfort while smoothing out a variety

chine, whether the journey is to work and back

of off road terrain, the new Ténéré is equipped

or across the country. To help reduce rider fa-

with long travel forks which give 210 mm of

tigue on long journeys the bike is equipped with

damaged. The 2009 XT660Z Ténéré was designed to of-

can be done without breaking the bank, with the 2009 Ténéré, retailing for R89 500. Reuben van Niekerk

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BMW Eco 1000 challenge

Time For An

Adventure? I

t is not necessary to traverse faraway continents and rugged landscapes to fully appreciate the potential and capabilities of a BMW GS motorcycle, especially when one’s own country has so much to offer. The BMW GS Eco 1000 is an event which will truly appeal to all owners of the legendary BMW GS motorcycle - the bike that truly captures the spirit of adventure touring. From registration to the start of the BMW GS Eco 1000 you have seven weeks to round up your fellow riders, and plan the most scenic, adventurous or challenging route that you and your mates can find – the choice is yours. We know that the environment is important too. That’s why BMW are dedicated to making the event as eco-friendly as possible. And to giving back to such a wonderfully scenic and diverse country.

On 18 September 2009, several hundred BMW GS riders will commence a journey of exploration from four starting points around the country. Over a two day period, they will travel South Africa’s highways and byways, culminating in a national gathering of these intrepid riders and their machines at Gariep dam. The only criteria for participation is that all

But even before all of this has begun a large

plans that much different, even more adventur-

riders must have valid motorcycle licences, be

caravan of equipment and people will have

ous, exploring places and terrain never before

18 years or older and ride a GS motorcycle

descended upon Gariep Dam. The largest Bed-


It is unique in that the GS Eco1000 is a

ouin Tent in the Southern hemisphere will have

There are various different routes that can be

huge caravan travelling from all corners of the

been erected to accommodate more than 500

taken including rider routes, dealer routes and

country. It is constantly on the move. It requires

hungry travellers. Mobile kitchens will have been

the main support routes.

considerable planning and a very large mobile

shipped in, together with all the necessary pro-

The rider routes are routes plotted by custom-

infrastructure. More than 500 riders travelling a

visions and equipment. Including chefs, kitchen

ers who want to ‘do their own thing’ and make it

myriad of pre-planned routes will be converging

staff, waiters and waitresses and Worldsport

a personal adventure. Your route can vary from

on Gariep Dam for a Great Gathering of BMW GS

crew 60 people will be busy at the campsite,

all-tar to one that equals the most challenging

owners and their motorcycles. Never before has

assisted by 60 helpers from the resort itself. And

GS Challenge red route. The most important

such an event been held in South Africa, or the

there will be entertainment, of course.

factor is that you don’t go out of your comfort

world. And it is not only a journey of explora-

A workshop will be situated at Gariep Dam to


tion, or self-exploration, but a journey convey-

ensure that rider’s bikes are in good order for

Make sure that route the planned does not

ing a message about the responsibility of BMW

their journey back home at the end of the GS

demand long days in the saddle. BMW want you

motorcycle owners to the environment.

Eco 1000.

to enjoy the experience - seeing new sites and

On the first day of the event, the official start

BMW Motorrad, wants to “get in touch” with

visiting new places. Dealer routes are routes plotted by the deal-

points of Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban

the greater GS community. And the BMW GS

and Port Eliizabeth will be manned by staff from

Eco 1000 is seen as an event which will enhance

ership for the benefit of riders. The dealership

BMW Motorrad, their event partners Worldsport

both the lifestyle of the new and traditional GS

could develop one general route comprising on

and official start sponsors, Maxi’s restaurants.

rider. The recipe is simple; plan an adventure,

and off-road sections. Or more than one route

The process of registration and commencing the

explore the countryside, sleep under the stars,

could be plotted to cater for riders of varying

journey will begin.

and interact with other GS riders.

skill levels.

Once the rider’s set off, they will be accompa-

Maybe an over-ambitious statement, but it is

The Main support routes are the routes that

nied by teams of paramedics, recovery vehicles

what BMW Motorrad hopes you will achieve, and

all support vehicles will take from the start point

and BMW Roadside Service.

it begins with the word “plan”. Many GS riders

to the first overnight stop, and then the follow-

are exclusively “road riders”, some enjoy off-

ing day to Gariep Dam. The support vehicles will

be in place at the overnight stops of Clarens,

road riding, but there are those who still want to

include medical, vehicle recovery and technical

Beaufort West and Graaff Reinet. They will

experience off-road riding, perhaps for the first

– and any vehicles the dealer may wish to take.

ensure everybody is checked in safely at the end

time. This event caters for all styles of GS rider.

No private vehicles may form part of the support

of their first day’s ride, accommodation will be

And there are 12 000 GS owners in South Africa.


As this is commencing, teams will already

organized, and they will all be well fed. There

Knowing that you will be riding routes that

will also be technical support for any “running

are well supported by fellow GS riders, med-

repairs” such as punctures, and minor damages.

ics and recovery crews, perhaps will make your

For more information or to register visit Reuben van Niekerk

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Aprilia RSV4

WSBK Street Racer T he roadgoing version is remarkably

at Monza in May by establishing a new World

chanical slipper system to keep the motorcycle

close to the WSB machinery. The

Superbike top speed record of 326 km/h. The

honest during heavy deceleration.

adjustable geometry chassis allows

super compact 65 degree V4 combines the

parameters such as the position

factory’s mechanical engineering know-how,

important in a motorcycle that’s so track-

and inclination of the steering head, and the

gained in winning well over 300 World Champi-

focused, and Aprilia’s gone to a lot of trouble

height of the rear swingarm pivot to be adjust-

onship races, with state of the art electronics,

to trim any potential lard from this beast. The

ed. The positioning of the engine in the frame

to produce a truly significant engine for the 21st

engine makes much use of ultralight materi-

can also be altered to change handling charac-

Century. It utilises full ride-by-wire technology

als, with all valve covers and external housings

teristics to suit rider preferences and different

with no mechanical link between the twist-grip

being made from magnesium. The frame, at just

circuits. The Factory version that’s just arrived

and the throttle valves, which are controlled by

10.1 kg, weighs virtually the same as that of the

has Öhlins Racing front forks, with their 43 mm

the latest generation Marelli control unit. Each

twin cylinder RSV, while the very trick aluminium

stanchions titanium nitride coated to minimise

cylinder bank has a dedicated servo unit, actuat-

swing arm weighs just 5.1 kg. New forged

friction. As in Biaggi’s and Shinya Nakano’s race

ing the relevant throttle bodies only, allowing

aluminium rims reduce weight by approximately

bikes, the forks allow precision adjustment of

the processor to manage the fuelling for each

1kg when compared with those of the RSV twin,

preload and compression and rebound damping.

cylinder independently. There are three engine

while the new front brake rotors account for a

Looking after the rear end is an Öhlins Racing

mapping programmes available, controlled from

further 500g reduction in mass. For track use,

shock absorber that can be adjusted for preload,

the handlebars, allowing the rider to change the

the turn indicators can be very quickly removed

compression and rebound damping, and length,

power delivery mode to suit prevailing condi-

along with the mirrors and licence plate holder.

allowing ride height to be optimised to suit rider


preferences. Brakes up front are the finest radial

By using a 65 degree V angle layout rather

Weight - or the lack thereof – is extremely

The Aprilia RSV4 Factory is simply the closest anybody can get to buying a World Super-

calipers that money can buy – Brembo monob-

than the 60 degree of their V-twins, Aprilia was

bike works racer from their local motorcycle

locs – mated to 320 mm diameter stainless steel

able to build the engine very over-square, with

dealer. It has a gorgeous, powerful V4 engine, a

floating discs developed by Aprilia especially

the resulting large bores allowing for very big

lightweight, super-strong frame that’s fully ad-

for this machine. A Brembo “Serie Oro” system

valves and high revs – the bike revs happily to

justable, and top quality suspension and brakes.

utilising a 220 mm stainless disc and dual piston

14 200 rpm and produces its peak power of 180

It costs R245 995, but you get real value for

calliper with a racing type pump and integrated

bhp at 12500 rpm, with the torque peak of 115

that money. However the standard RSV4 with

reservoir retards the rear wheel on demand.

Nm arriving a little earlier, at 10 000 rpm. The

slightly less power and less expensive suspen-

With all these top-drawer components

unique timing system makes extremely compact

sion and brakes will be here early next year

making the RSV4 Factory the most race-ready

cylinder heads possible, measuring only 250 mm

for those who’d rather sacrifice a little perfor-

superbike money can buy, one would have

high at the rear. The four valves per cylinder are

mance to ease the load on the family budget.

expected it to be difficult for Aprilia to come up

operated directly by camshafts driven by a com-

The Aprilia comes with a 24 month unlimited

with a brand new four-cylinder engine – their

bined chain and gear system utilising a lateral

distance warranty.

first - capable of delivering the performance the

timing chain and central gear train. And, talking

chassis deserves. The Italian engineers’ creation

of gears, the RSV4 uses a compact cassette

is superb, though, and Max Biaggi proved it

gearbox with a wet multi-plate clutch and a me-

58 Car & Leisure 54 Issue



Who You Gonna Call? ICE ID is dedicated to the idea that any person who is active outdoors should be wearing an In Case of Emergency tag. In a country where we have both an abundance of outdoor activity and many ways we can be hurt, choosing to wear ICE ID is a way we can feel and be safer.


ael Joffe, an aspiring triathlete and

to penicillin, what your blood type or medical aid

they can be at our side as quickly as possible

runner, finding herself far from

number is. It’s not always practical to carry cell

and we want to ensure that we receive proper

home, friends and family, was

phones when we are walking, hiking, running,

medical treatment. Simply by wearing ICE ID

struck by the vulnerability of train-

cycling, surfing etc. At these times we need

these needs can be answered. ICE ID is a wearable In Case of Emergency

ing by herself with no identification. She wanted

wearable-identification that can’t be dropped,

something strong and simple. Something that

lose signal, be broken in a fall, get stolen or left

Identification product. Currently there are dif-

could speak for her when she couldn’t. Some-


ferent forms, including shoe ICE and wrist ICE, soon to be followed up with ankle ICE. All prod-

thing stylish enough to be worn on all occasions.

ICE ID says a lot about you, not only in the

Returning to South Africa, Yael set out to create

event of emergency but also as a lifestyle state-

ucts carry Scotchlite™ 3M reflective material

something that all South Africans could wear

ment. Whether you’re a runner, cyclist, walker,

adding another layer of safety when outdoors

on their person, containing all the information

hiker, climber, surfer, swimmer, kayaker, boater,

in low light conditions. The ICE ID range allows

needed In Case of Emergency. Yael has made

motorcyclist or just someone who doesn’t spend

everyone no matter what their choice of outdoor

ICE ID her personal mission to improve the

their life on the couch, you should wear ID. We

activity to find a comfortable, stylish way to car-

safety of all South Africans enjoying the great

don’t think twice about wearing a seat belt or a

ry their ID at all times. There is also a military


cycling helmet, yet we repeatedly venture out-

style dogtag version that can carry the informa-

doors with no identification. It’s not just adults

tion on one side and be customised with a logo

Case of Emergency. Throughout the world every-

that need ID, kids need it too. Every child at

of your motorcycle etc on the reverse side.

one is encouraged to enter the acronym ICE into

every time of the day should have ID, whether

their mobile phone with the person’s number

at school, riding a bike, playing in the park, in a

they would like contacted In Case of Emergency.

shopping center, at the beach or visiting friends.

ICE ID takes it a few steps further. In case of

Imagine paramedics not knowing who to contact

an emergency you may need more than just a

simply because they did not have ID. In the

contact number. You may want paramedics to

event of an emergency, minutes matter. They

know that you are a diabetic, that you’re allergic

want family to be contacted immediately so that

ICE is an internationally known acronym for In

58 Car & Leisure 56 Issue

For more information or to order your ICE ID today, visit Reuben van Niekerk

The Sand Man A tracked-all-terrain vehicle (T-ATV) is defined as a vehicle that travels on low pressure tires supported by a continuous track in the back which is responsible for the unbeatable traction, with a comfortable seat that is straddled by the operator, along with handlebars for steering control. As the name implies, it is designed to handle a wider variety of terrain than most other vehicles. The rider sits on and operates these vehicles like a motorcycle, but the extra track gives more traction, stability and safety at all speeds and highly increases the offroad capabilities.

Issue 58 Car & Leisure





-ATV’s use a rear track made of a kevlar composite. They are designed to be operated on different kinds of surfaces including safe and

fast operation in deep sand, dunes and requires no road or trails. The world’s fastest and safest Tracked All Terrain Vehicle SAND-X 800 T-ATV is the pefect vehicle for special operations, military Target acquisitions and all kinds of peacekeeping and rescuing missions. If your mission is policing the borders and getting through the desert as fast and safe as possible, the SAND-X 800 T-ATV is the vehicle for you. From now on the sands are owned by SAND-X which not only out-performs the most powerful quads it is also safer by miles. The entire weight of the SAND-X is low down and the two front wheels are far apart. There is no way, even intentionally, that you could roll it down a hill. It does not require ground clearance; in fact, the rear track hugs the ground. The SAND-X is safe - safer than any other sand vehicle and the sensation you get from this machine is incredible and defies all of what you’ve previously experienced on the sand. There is no slippage of the wheels meaning that the SAND-X will soon revolutionise dune riding as we know it. The advantages of the SAND-X 800 is that it is faster and safer than any other sand vehicle and can carry more gear combined with a bigger fuel range (>350km) for long range operations. It also offers unbeatable traction and can sprint from standstill to 100 km/h in less than three seconds, on its way to a top speed of 185 km/h. Along with this impressive straight line performance is handling and cornering speeds that have never been achieved in such conditions A SAND-X 800 T-ATV can be equipped with a

before, mainly thanks to the very low centre of

cal fans. This engine uses a groundbreaking

gravity, which means it is hardly impossible for

system where fuel is injected into the transfer

wide variety of accessories like GPS navigation,

it to roll over.

port of each cylinder. This semi-direct injection

communication devices, cameras as well as mili-

process reduces emissions and increases fuel

tary armaments like machine guns, guns, rescue

800 cc two-stroke Rotax engine. Rotax have

economy, without sacrificing power - all with the

materials and emergency kits. The SAND-X 800

been building the most intelligent, streamlined,

light weight and high performance that one can

T-ATV can be transported by many carriers such

powerful engines for more than 40 years. This

expect from a ROTAX two stroke engine.

as helicopters, small aeroplanes, boats and cars.

Powering the vehicle is a high performance

engine with class comparable power and the

Certain applications require a specific power-

Availability in South Africa is unconfirmed as

addition of eRAVE exhaust and electronic semi-

to-weight ratio along with reduced emission and

the worldwide distributors have not yet allocated

direct injection make it more fuel efficient and

sound levels. For these particular applications

a South African dealer, but let’s hold thumbs be-

cleaner-burning, with the engine meeting U.S.

BRP-Rotax has introduced an advanced two-

cause this machine will be great fun on the mine

EPA 2006-2010 emissions standards and having

stroke engine technology, which is superior to

dumps surrounding Gauteng.

a fuel range of approximately 300 kilometres.

conventional two-stroke engines by significantly

Keeping the engine cool in warm desert operat-

reduced sound and fuel emissions combined with

ing temperatures is a middle east specification

an optimized power-to-weight ratio and light

liquid cooling system that is aided by two electri-


58 60 Issue Car & Leisure

Reuben van Niekerk




147 1.6 3dr Progression 147 1.6 5dr Progression 147 2.0 3dr Distinctive 147 2.0 5dr Distinctive 147 1.9 JTD Multijet 5dr MiTo 159 1.9 JTS 159 2.2 JTS 159 2.4 JTD Q-Tronic 159 3.2 V6 Q4 GT 1.9 JTD Multijet GT 1.9 JTD Multijet Q2 GT 3.2 V6 24V Brera 2.2 JTS Brera 3.2 V6 Skyview Spider 2.2 JTS Spider 3.2 V6 Q4

R 229 900 R 240 700 R 249 000 R 259 500 R 282 750 R 241 000 R 303 500 R 347 700 R 396 000 R 445 700 R 335 700 R 351 900 R 395 100 R 432 700 R 530 400 R 476 100 R 573 000


Vantage V8 420 Coupe Vantage V8 420 Coupe Sportshift Vantage V8 420 Roadster Vantage V8 420 Roadster Sportshift DB9 V12 Coupe Touchtronic DB9 V12 Volante Touchtronic DBS V12 Coupe DBS V12 Coupe Touchtronic


A3 1.4T FSI Attraction 3dr A3 1.8T FSI Ambition 3dr A3 1.8T FSI Ambition 3dr S-tronic A3 1.9TDI Attraction 3dr A3 1.8T FSI Ambition convertible A3 1.8T FSI Ambition S-tronic convertible A3 2.0 TDI Ambition 3dr A3 2.0 TDI Ambition 3dr S-tronic A3 2.0T FSI Ambition 3dr A3 2.0T FSI Ambition 3dr S-tronic A3 2.0T FSI Ambtion 3dr Convertible A3 2.0T FSI Ambtion 3dr S-tronic Convertible S3 quattro 3dr A3 Sportback 1.4T FSI Attraction A3 Sportback 1.8T FSI Ambition A3 Sportback 1.8T FSI Ambition S-tronic A3 Sportback 1.9TDi Attraction A3 Sportback 2.0TDi Ambition A3 Sportback 2.0TDi Ambition S-tronic A3 Sportback 2.0T FSI Ambition A3 Sportback 2.0T FSI Ambition S-tronic S3 Sportback 2.0T FSI quattro A4 1.8T FSI Attraction A4 1.8T Attraction Multitronic A4 2.0T Ambition A4 2.0T Ambition Multitronic A4 2.0T Ambiente A4 2.0T Ambiente Multitronic A4 2.0TDi Attraction A4 2.0TDi Attraction Multitronic A4 2.0TDi Ambition A4 3.0TDi Ambiente quattro A4 3.2 FSI quattro tiptronic A4 Avant 1.8T FSI Ambition A4 Avant 1.8T FSI Ambition Multitronic A4 Avant 2.0T Ambiente A4 Avant 2.0T Ambiente Multitronic A4 Avant 2.0TDi Ambition

R 1 850 000 R 1 920 000 R 1 950 000 R 2 020 000 R 2 650 000 R 2 850 000 R 3 600 000 R 3 800 000

AUDI CENTRE ARCADIA Tel: (012) 300 8300

R 241 500 R 261 500 R 278 500 R 241 500 R 313 500 R 330 500 R 281 000 R 298 000 R 303 000 R 320 000 R 355 000 R 372 000 R 380 500 R 249 000 R 269 000 R 286 000 R 249 000 R 288 500 R 305 500 R 310 500 R 327 500 R 388 000 R 277 500 R 293 500 R 314 000 R 330 000 R 353 500 R 369 500 R 302 000 R 318 000 R 339 000 R 429 500 R 422 000 R 315 000 R 331 000 R 370 500 R 386 500 R 339 500

A4 Avant 2.0TDi Ambition Multitronic A5 Coupe 2.0T FSI A5 Coupe 2.0T FSI Multitronic A5 Coupe 3.2 FSI quattro tiptronic S5 Coupe 4.2 quattro S5 Coupe 4.2 quattro tiptronic A6 2.0T A6 2.7 TDi multitronic A6 2.8 FSI multitronic A6 3.0T quattro tiptronic A6 3.0 TDi quattro tiptronic A6 4.2 FSI quattro tiptronic A6 Security 4.2 FSI quattro tiptronic RS6 5.0T quattro tiptronic A8 3.0 TDi quattro tiptronic A8 4.2 FSI quattro tiptronic S8 5.2 FSI quattro tiptronic R8 4.2 FSI quattro R8 4.2 FSI quattro R-Tronic TT 2.0T FSI Coupe TT 2.0T FSI Coupe S-Tronic TT 3.2 V6 Coupe quattro TT 3.2 V6 Coupe quattro S-Tronic TTR 2.0 T FSI TTR 2.0 T FSI S-Tronic TTR 3.2 quattro TTR 3.2 quattro S-Tronic Q5 2.0 TDi Q5 2.0 T FSI S-Tronic Q5 3.0 TDi quattro tiptronic Q5 3.2 quattro S-Tronic Q7 3.0 TDi quattro Tiptronic Q7 3.6 FSI quattro Tiptronic Q7 4.2 FSI quattro Tiptronic Q7 4.2 TDi quattro Tiptronic

R 355 500 R 402 000 R 418 000 R 505 500 R 611 500 R 652 500 R 372 500 R 462 500 R 467 599 R 571 500 R 555 500 R 670 000 R 1 676 500 R 1 069 000 R 785 500 R 913 000 R 1 122 000 R 1 420 000 R 1 465 000 R 390 000 R 406 000 R 487 000 R 503 000 R 425 500 R 441 500 R 552 500 R 538 500 R 407 000 R 460 500 R 533 500 R 515 0 R 605 500 R 597 500 R 698 000 R 756 000


BMW 116i 3dr BMW 116i 5dr BMW 116i 5dr auto BMW 118i 3dr BMW 118i 3dr auto BMW 118i 5dr BMW 118i 5dr auto BMW 120i 3dr BMW 120i 3dr auto BMW 120i 5dr BMW 120i 5dr auto BMW 120d 5dr BMW 120d 5dr auto BMW 130i 3dr BMW 130i 3dr auto BMW 130i 5dr BMW 130i 5dr auto BMW 120d coupe BMW 120d coupe auto BMW 125i coupe BMW 125i coupe auto BMW 135i coupe BMW 135i coupe auto BMW 120i convertible BMW 120i convertible auto BMW 125i convertible BMW 125i convertible auto BMW 135i convertible BMW 135i convertible auto BMW 320i Start BMW 320i Start auto BMW 320d BMW 320d auto BMW 323i BMW 323i auto BMW 325i BMW 325i auto BMW 330i BMW 330i auto BMW 330d BMW 330d auto BMW 335i BMW 335i auto BMW M3 Sedan BMW M3 Sedan M-DCT

R 241 000 R 246 000 R 262 000 R 254 500 R 270 500 R 259 500 R 275 500 R 272 500 R 288 500 R 278 000 R 294 000 R 302 500 R 318 500 R 342 000 R 360 100 R 347 500 R 365 600 R 325 500 R 341 500 R 338 500 R 356 600 R 418 500 R 436 600 R 344 500 R 360 500 R 395 000 R 413 100 R 482 500 R 500 600 R 286 500 R 302 000 R 341 500 R 357 000 R 337 000 R 352 500 R 367 500 R 383 000 R 424 000 R 439 500 R 432 500 R 448 000 R 447 000 R 492 500 R 679 000 R 718 000





BMW 320i Touring BMW 320i Touring auto BMW 320d Touring BMW 320d Touring auto BMW 325i Touring BMW 325i Touring auto BMW 320i coupe BMW 320i coupe auto BMW 325i coupe BMW 325i coupe auto BMW 335i coupe BMW 335i coupe auto BMW M3 coupe BMW M3 coupe M-DCT BMW 330i convertible BMW 330i convertible auto BMW 335i convertible BMW 335i convertible auto BMW M3 convertible BMW M3 convertible M-DCT BMW 520d BMW 520d auto BMW 523i BMW 523i auto BMW 525i BMW 525i auto BMW 530i BMW 530i auto BMW 530d BMW 530d auto BMW 550i BMW 550i auto BMW M5 BMW M5 touring BMW 650i coupe BMW 650i coupe auto BMW 650i convertible BMW 650i convertible auto BMW M6 coupe BMW M6 convertible BMW 730d standard auto BMW 740i standard auto BMW 750i standard auto BMW 750Li standard auto BMW Z4 2.0i BMW Z4 2.5si BMW Z4 2.5si auto BMW Z4 3.0si BMW Z4 3.0si auto BMW Z4 3.0si coupe BMW Z4 3.0si coupe auto BMW Z4 M coupe BMW Z4 M roadster BMW X3 xDrive 2.0d BMW X3 xDrive 2.0d auto BMW X3 xDrive 2.5i BMW X3 xDrive 2.5i auto BMW X3 xDrive 3.0i auto BMW X3 xDrive 3.0d auto BMW X5 xDrive 3.0si BMW X5 xDrive 3.0d BMW X5 xDrive 3.0sd BMW X5 xDrive 4.8i BMW X6 xDrive 35i BMW X6 xDrive 35d BMW X6 xDrive 50

R 322 000 R 337 500 R 360 000 R 375 500 R 386 500 R 402 000 R 344 500 R 360 000 R 383 500 R 399 000 R 546 500 R 572 200 R 703 500 R 745 200 R 524 000 R 539 500 R 624 000 R 649 700 R 790 000 R 831 700 R 432 000 R 448 500 R 407 000 R 423 500 R 471 000 R 487 500 R 548 000 R 564 500 R 548 500 R 565 000 R 723 000 R 739 500 R 1 036 000 R 1 081 500 R 931 500 R 949 500 R 1 022 500 R 1 040 500 R 1 256 000 R 1 348 000 R 928 000 R 907 500 R 1 135 500 R 1 243 500 R 366 500 R 447 000 R 461 800 R 539 500 R 554 300 R 468 500 R 483 300 R 596 000 R 619 500 R 419 500 R 434 600 R 471 500 R 486 600 R 521 000 R 537 500 R 586 000 R 608 500 R 652 500 R 702 000 R 680 000 R 724 000 R 845 500


BLS 1.9D sedan BLS 2.0T sedan BLS 2.0T sedan auto BLS 2.8 V6 auto sedan CTS 3.6 V6 VVT STS 4.6 V8

R 306 127 R 280 759 R 295 638 R 407 337 R 425 000 R 519 630

Rhino Standard 2.2 single cab Rhino Standard 2.2 single cab 4x4 Rhino Standard 2.8D single cab Rhino Standard 2.2 double cab LWB Rhino Lux 2.2 double cab SWB Rhino Lux 2.8D double cab LWB Inyathi Minibus






87 000 168 000 115 000 99 900 109 000 125 000 179 00


PT Cruiser 2.4 Touring PT Cruiser 2.4 Touring auto PT Cruiser 2.4 Limited Cabrio PT Cruiser 2.4 Limited Cabrio auto Sebring 2.4 Touring auto Sebring 2.7 V6 Limited auto Sebring 2.7 V6 convertible auto 300C 3.5 V6 auto 300C 5.7 V8 Hemi auto 300C 6.1 SRT8 Grand Voyager 3.8 LX auto Grand Voyager 2.8 CRD LX auto

R 199 900 R 209 900 R 254 900 R 264 900 R 224 900 R 274 900 R 309 900 R 369 000 R 444 900 R 539 900 R 329 900 R 369 900

CITROEN Benny 1.3 sedan Lux Benny 1.3 sedan Exclusive Chana Star 1.0 single cab Chana Star 1.0 club cab Chana Star 1.0 club cab tipper Chana Star 1.0 double cab Chana Star 1.0 double cab tipper Chana Star 1.0 mini-panelvan Chana Star 1.0 mini-panelvan (7-seater) Chana Star 1.3 single cab Chana Star 1.3 club cab Chana Star 1.3 club cab tipper Chana Star 1.3 double cab Chana Star 1.3 double cab tipper Chana Star 1.3 mini-panelvan Chana Star 1.3 mini-panelvan (7-seater) Chana Star 1.0 Rainbow Chana Star 1.0 Rainbow (10-seater) Chana Star 1.3 Rainbow Chana Star 1.3 Rainbow (10-seater) Chana Maxi 1.3 (1.5ton)

77 900 89 900 68 400 74 400 70 400 80 400 80 400 85 400 95 400 78 400 84 400 80 400 90 400 90 400 95 400 105 400 80 400 90 400 90 400 100 400 99 900

C1 1.0i C1 1.0i Play C2 1.4i VTR C2 1.6 VTS C3 1.4i C3 1.4 Hdi Look Pack C3 1.6i C3 1.6i Look Pack auto C3 Pluriel 1.4 C3 Pluriel 1.6 Sensodrive C4 1.6 Saloon C4 1.6 Hdi Saloon C4 1.6i VTR coupe C4 2.0i VTS coupe C4 Picasso 1.8 C4 Picasso 1.6 Hdi C5 2.0 Hdi auto Berlingo Multispec 1.4i Exec Berlingo 1.4i panelvan (lv) Berlingo 1.9 D panelvan (lv)


QQ3 0.8 TE 5dr QQ3 0.8 TX 5dr QQ3 0.8 TX AMT QQ3 1.1 TE 5dr QQ3 1.1 TXE 5dr QQ3 1.1 TXE AMT J5 2.0 TE J5 2.0 TX J5 2.0 TX auto Tiggo 1.6 TX Tiggo 2.0 TX Tiggo 2.0 TXE Tiggo 2.0 TXE auto


Spark 5DR Hatch Spark 5DR Hatch LS 1.0L Spark 5DR Hatch LT 1.0L Aveo 1.6 L A/C 5dr Hatch Aveo 1.6 LS 5dr Hatch Aveo 1.6 LS A/T 5DR Hatch Aveo 1.6 LT A/T 5DR Hatch Aveo 1.6 LS 4DR Sedan Aveo 1.6 LS A/T 4DR Sedan Aveo 1.6 LT 4DR Sedan Optra 1.6 Optra 1.6 LS Optra 1.8 LT Lumina Sedan 6.0 V8 SS auto Lumina Sedan 6.0 V8 SS 6-speed man Lumina Sedan 6.0 V8 SS auto Lumina Sedan 6.0 V8 SS 6-speed man Lumina Ute 6.0 V8 SS auto Lumina Ute 6.0 V8 SS 6-speed man Lumina Ute 6.0 V8 SS auto Lumina Ute 6.0 V8 SS 6-speed man Captiva LT 2.4 FWD 5 Speed man Captiva LT 2.4 AWD 5 Speed man Captiva 2.0 Diesel LTZ 5 Speed man Sunroof Captiva 3.2 LTZ 5 Speed auto Sunroof

R 69 900 R 77 900 R 83 900 R 83 900 R 93 900 R 99 900 R 154 900 R 164 900 R 174 900 R 164 900 R 179 900 R 189 900 R 199 900 Barloworld City PTANorth Tel: (012) 5292800

R 77 490 R 93 170 R 104 450 R126 970 R144 370 R155 840 R 165 700 R144 370 R 155 840 R 165 700 R 175 870 R 194 770 R 223 110 R 415 320 R 415 320 R 415 320 R 415 320 R 405 600 R 405 600 R 405 600 R 405 600

Charade 1.0 Classic Manual Charade 1.0 Classic Auto Charade Celeb Manual Charade Celeb Manual PS Charade Celeb Auto PS Copen 1.3 Manual Sirion 1.3 Std Manual Sirion 1.3 Std Auto Sirion 1.5 Sport Manual Sirion 1.5 Sport Auto Materia Man Materia Auto Terios 4x2 Manual (Soft Cover) Terios 4x2 Manual (Hard Cover) Terios 4x4 Manual (Soft Cover) Terios 4x4 Manual (Hard Cover) Terios 4x4 Auto (Soft Cover) Terios 4x4 Auto (Hard Cover) Terios 4x4 Manual (Soft Cover only) Terios 4x2 Manual (7 seater) Terios 4x2 Auto (7 seater) Terios 4x4 Manual (5 seater) Terios 4x4 Manual (7 seater) Daihatsu Delta truck 3.5 ton Chassis Cab Daihatsu Delta truck 4.0 ton Chassis Cab Daihatsu Delta truck 3.5 ton Dropside Body Daihatsu Delta truck 4.0 ton Dropside Body

R 98 500 R 119 000 R 135 995 R 164 000 R 136 000 R 148 500 R 148 500 R 165 000 R 195 295 R 220 495 R 185 000 R 205 000 R 180 000 R 235 000 R 230 000 R 260 000 R 344 995 R 159 995 R 129 995 R 139 995

Diahatsu Wonderwaters 012 - 567 0020

R 104 995 R 114 995 R 109 995 R 114 994 R 124 995 R 209 995 R 129 995 R 139 995 R 139 995 R 149 995 R 164 995 R 174 995 R 199 995 R 204 995 R 219 995 R 224 995 R 229 995 R 234 994 R 249 995 R 219 995 R 229 995 R 234 994.99 R 239 995 R 229 995 R 240 995 R 246 995 R 256 995


Caliber 1.8 SE Caliber 1.8 SXT Caliber 2.0 SXT CVT

R 184 900 R 194 400 R 204 900

Caliber 2.0 SXT CRD Caliber 2.4 SXT Nitro 3.7 SXT auto Nitro 2.8 CRD SXT Nitro 2.8 CRD SXT auto Nitro 3.7 R/T auto Journey 2.7 V6 SXT auto Journey 2.0 CRD R/T

R 239 900 R 214 900 R 324 900 R 344 900 R 354 900 R 354 900 R 259 900 R 349 900


Palio II 1.2 Active Base 5dr Palio II 1.2 Active 5dr Power Steering / A/C Palio II 1.2 GO! 3dr Palio II 1.2 GO! 5dr Fiat 500 1.2 Pop Fiat 500 1.4 16v Sport Fiat 500 1.4 16v Lounge Grande Punto Series 1 1.4 Active 5dr Grande Punto Series 1 1.4 Dynamic 5dr Grande Punto Series 1 1.3 Multijet Dynamic 5dr Grande Punto Series 1 1.9 Multijet Emotion 3dr Grande Punto Series 2 1.2 Active 3dr Grande Punto Series 2 1.4 Active 5dr Grande Punto Series 2 1.4 16v Dynamic 5dr Grande Punto Series 2 1.4 T-Jet Dynamic 5dr Grande Punto Series 2 1.4 T-Jet Sport 3dr Bravo 1.4 T-Jet Active 5dr Bravo 1.4 T-Jet Dynamic 5dr Bravo 1.4 T-Jet Sport 5dr Bravo 1.9 Multijet Dynamic 5dr Multipla 1.6 Active Multipla 1.9 Multijet Dynamic Panda 1.1 Active Panda 1.2 Dynamic Panda 1.2 Climbing 4x4 Panda 1.4 16-valve 100 HP Doblo’ Cargo 1.4 Scudo Combi 2.0 Multijet 8-seater Ducato 2.3 MH1 Vetrato minibus (10m3) Ducato 2.3 MH1 Panel Van (10m3) Ducato 2.3 MH2 Panel Van (11.5m3) Ducato 2.3 LH2 Panel Van (13m3) Ducato Chassis Cab Strada 1.2 EL Strada 1.4 X-Space Base Strada 1.4 X-Space Adventure Strada 1.6 EL Strada 1.6 ELX

R 95 300 R 104 200 R 92 600 R 94 800 R 155 100 R 194 200 R 194 200 R 134 800 R 162 900 R 173 400 R 207 400 R 126 800 R 142 700 R 175 000 R 197 300 R 206 000 R 222 800 R 235 200 R 247 700 R 260 100 R 241 400 R 268 700 R 111 500 R 131 700 R 182 400 R 154 200 R 148 800 R 390 000 R 301 400 R 294 700 R 301 000 R 326 800 R 285 200 R 111 500 R 115 900 R 164 500 R 118 200 R 153 300


Ka 1.3i 3dr Ambiente Ka 1.3i 3dr Collection Fiesta 1.4 5dr Base (2007) Fiesta 1.4 Ambiente 5dr (lv) Fiesta 1.4 TiVCT Titanium 3dr Fiesta 1.6 TiVCT Ambiente 5dr (lv) Fiesta 1.6 TiVCT Titanium 3dr Fiesta 1.6 DV6 5dr Ambiente Fiesta 2.0i ST 3dr (2007) Ikon 1.6 Ambiente Ikon 1.6 Trend Ikon TDCi Ambiente Focus-sedan 1.8 Ambiente Focus-sedan 2.0 Si Focus-sedan 2.0 Si auto Focus-sedan 2.0 TDCi Si Focus 1.8 Ambiente hatchback Focus 2.0 Si hatchback Focus 2.0 TDCi Si hatchback Focus 2.0 TDCi Si hatchback auto Focus 2.5 ST 3dr Focus 2.5 ST 5dr Territory 4.0 4x2 TX auto Territory 4.0 4x2 Ghia auto Territory 4.0 4x4 Ghia Territory 4.0 Turbo ST auto Bantam 1.3i Base Bantam 1.6i Base Bantam 1.4 TDCi Base Bantam 1.6i Montana Ranger 2.2i Ranger 2.5D Ranger 2.5TD Hi-Trail XL 4x2 Ranger 2.5TD Base 4x4 Ranger 2.5TD 4x4 Safety Ranger 3.0 TDCi XLT Hi-Trail 4x2 Ranger 2.5 TD Super Cab Hi-Trail 4x2 Ranger 3.0 TDCi Super Cab XLT 4x2 Ranger 3.0 TDCi Super Cab XLT 4x4

R 86 590 R 109 300 R 117 570 R 153 950 R 178 650 R 164 050 R 186 500 R 187 650 R 198 601 R 141 550 R 157 950 R 162 200 R 185 590 R 235 150 R 243 800 R 269 750 R 185 590 R 235 150 R 254 850 R 269 750 R 287 690 R 308 650 R 330 401 R 375 900 R 410 000 R 453 800 R 101 950 R 115 950 R 141 250 R 147 060 R 140 850 R 173 810 R 197 300 R 234 950 R 246 700 R 261 990 R 221 850 R 284 670 R 328 670


R 244 200 R 238 490 R 294 550 R 332 600 R 344 500 R 376 750 R 388 800 R 286 300 R 297 100 R 338 990 Honda Menlyn (012) 470 9200

Honda Hatfield (012) 342 4290

Jazz 1.4 V-TEC LX Man Jazz 1.4 V-TEC LX Aut Jazz 1.5 EX V-TEC Man Jazz 1.5 EX V-TEC Auto Jazz 1.5 V-TEC EX-S Man Jazz 1.5 V-TEC EX-S Auto Civic 1.8 V-TEC LXi sedan Man Civic 1.8 V-TEC LXi sedan Auto Civic 1.8 V-TEC Exi sedan Man Civic 1.8 V-TEC Exi sedan Auto Civic 1.8 V-TEC VXI sedan Man Civic 1.8 V-TEC VXI sedan Auto Civic Hatch 1.8 V-Tech EXI Man Civic Hatch 1.8 V-Tech EXI Auto Civic Hatch 1.8 V-Tech VXI Man Civic Hatch 1.8 V-Tech VXI Auto Civic Hatch 2.2 C-TDI Man Civic Type R 2.0 V-Tec Man Civic Type R Championship Ed Man FR-V 1.8 V-TEC Man FR-V 1.8 V-TEC Auto Accord 2.0 V-TEC sedan Man Accord 2.0 V-TEC sedan Auto Accord 2.4 V-TEC sedan 17” Man Accord 2.4 V-TEC sedan 17” Auto Accord 2.4 V-TEC sedan 18” Man Accord 2.4 V-TEC sedan 18” Auto Accord 2.2 D-TEC sedan 17” Man Accord 2.2 D-TEC sedan 17” Auto Accord 2.4 V-TEC 17” Tourer Man Accord 2.4 V-TEC 17” Tourer Auto Accord 2.2 V-TEC 17” Tourer Auto CR-V 2.4 V-TEC RVI Man CR-V 2.4 V-TEC RVI Auto CR-V 2.4 V-TEC RVSI 17” Man CR-V 2.4 V-TEC RVSI 17” Auto CR-V 2.4 V-TEC RVSI 18” Man CR-V 2.4 V-TEC RVSI 18” Auto CR-V 2.2 C-TDI RVSI Man S 2000 2.0 V-TEC Man

R 166 900 R 178 900 R 187 900 R 199 900 R 201 900 R 213 900 R 210 900 R 222 900 R 224 900 R 236 900 R 251 900 R 263 900 R 239 900 R 245 900 R 261 900 R 279 900 R 289 900 R 304 900 R 314 900 R 261 900 R 274 900 R 283 900 R 297 900 R 329 900 R 343 900 R 338 900 R 352 900 R 363 900 R 381 900 R 357 900 R 371 900 R 402 900 R 331 900 R 345 400 R 374 900 R 388 400 R 381 900 R 395 400 R 396 900 R 423 900


Atos Prime 1.1 GLS A/C Manual i10 1.1 GLS Manual i10 1.1 GLS Automatic i10 1.2 GLS Manual i10 1.2 GLS Automatic Accent 1.6 GLS A/C Manual Accent 1.6 GLS HS Manual Accent 1.6 GLS Automatic Accent 1.6 GLS Manual 3DR Azera 3.3 GLS Automatic Elantra HD 1.6 GLS Manual Elantra HD 1.6 GLS Automatic Elantra HD 2.0 GLS Manual Getz 1.4 GL A/C Manual Getz 1.4 GL HS Manual Getz 1.6 GL Automatic Getz 1.6 GL HS Manual Getz 1.6 HS Manual Sport Getz 1.5 CRDi HS Manual Sonata 2.4 GLS Manual


R 412 650 R 417 900 R 454 650 R 459 900 R 490 350 R 495 250 R 541 886 Hyundai Zambesi Tel: 012 523 2700

R 91 900 R 105 900 R 115 900 R 112 900 R 122 900 R 146 900 R 159 900 R 169 900 R 162 900 R 374 900 R 189 900 R 199 900 R 201 900 R 127 900 R 143 900 R 158 900 R 145 900 R 149 900 R 162 900 R 248 900

R 259 900 R 246 900 R 296 900 R 239 900 R 242 900 R 299 900 R 294 900 R 374 900 R 384 900 R 409 900 R 419 900 R 319 500 R 335 500 R 319 500 R 295 900 R 236 900 R 146 900 R 152 900 R 174 900 R 269 900 R 364 900 R 237 900 McCarthy Menlyn (012) 3692000

McCarthy Villieria (012) 331 0034

KB 200i LWB KB 200i LWB Fleetside KB 240i 4x4 Fleetside KB 360iV6 Extended Cab LX KB 240i double cab LE KB 240i double cab 4x4 LE KB 360i V6 double cab LX KB 360i V6 double cab 4x4 LX KB 360i V6 double cab 4x4 LX auto KB 250c LWB KB 250c LWB Fleetside KB 250 D-TEQ 4x4 Fleetside KB 300 D-TEQ LWB LE KB 250 D-TEQ Extended Cab LE KB 300 D-TEQ Extended Cab 4x4 LX KB 250 D-TEQ double cab LE KB 250 D-TEQ double cab 4x4 LE KB 300 D-TEQ double cab LX KB 300 D-TEQ double cab LX auto KB 300 D-TEQ double cab 4x4 LX KB 300 D-TEQ double cab 4x4 LX auto

R 138 202 R 145 760 R 243 287 R 268 652 R 264 092 R 318 835 R 309 943 R 357 823 R 367 285 R 173 793 R 181 237 R 252 247 R 263 990 R 241 064 R 325 983 R 290 221 R 333 826 R 328 274 R 336 277 R 370 739 R 378 662


Daily 35S12V8 panelvan Daily 35S12V10 panelvan Daily 35S15V12 panelva


H3 Man 4WD H3 Auto 4WD H3 Adventure 4WD H3 Adventure auto 4WD H3 Luxury 4WD H3 Adventure V8 auto 4WD H3 Luxury V8 auto 4WD

Sonata 2.4 GLS Automatic Tiburon Coupe 2.0 GLS Manual Tiburon Coupe 2.7 V6 GLS Automatic Tucson 2.0 GLS 4x2 Manual Tucson 2.0 GLS 4x2 Manual Mono Tucson 2.0 CRDi 4x4 Automatic Tucson 2.7 GLS 4x4 Automatic Santa Fe 2.2 CRDi 4x2 Manual Santa Fe 2.2 CRDi 4x4 Manual 7 Seater Santa Fe 2.2 CRDi 4x4 Automatic Santa Fe 2.2 CDRi 4x4 Automatic 7 Seater Terracan 2.9 CRDi Manual Terracan 2.9 CRDi Automatic Terracan 3.5 Automatic H1 Bus 2.4 GLS (9-seater) H1 Panelvan 2.4 GL (3-seater) Bakkie 2.6 Chassis Cab Bakkie 2.6 Deck 1.3 ton Bakkie 2.6 Tipper Truck HD72 Chassis Cab Truck HD72 Tipper Truck HD65 Chassis Cab



price Ranger 4.0i V6 Super Cab XLT 4x2 Ranger 2.5TD Hi-Trail 4x2 double cab Ranger 2.5TD XLT 4x4 double cab + safety Ranger 3.0 TDCi XLE 4x2 double cab Ranger 3.0 TDCi XLE 4x2 double cab auto Ranger 3.0 TDCi XLE 4x4 double cab Ranger 3.0 TDCi XLE 4x4 double cab auto Ranger 4.0i V6 XLE 4x2 double cab Ranger 4.0i V6 XLE 4x2 double cab auto Ranger 4.0i V6 XLE 4x4 double cab auto

R 225 150 R 250 800 R 230 000


XF 2.7D V6 Luxury XF 3.0 V6 Luxury XF 4.2 V8 Premium Luxury XF 4.2 V8 SV8 Super charger XJ 4.2 V8 SV8 Sovereign XJ 4.2 V8 R Super charger XJ 4.2 SV8 Super charger XK-coupe XK-convertible XKR 4.2 coupe Super charger XKR 4.2 R convertible Super charger

R 540 00 R 530 000 R 645 000 R 830 000 R 719 000 R 794 000 R 867 000 R 995 000 R 1 035 000 R 1 080 000 R 1 160 000


Jeep Compass 2.0 CRD Limited Jeep Compass 2.4 Limited Jeep Compass 2.4 Limited CVT Jeep Patriot 2.0 Limited Diesel Jeep Patriot 2.4 Limited Jeep Patriot 2.4 Limited CVT Wrangler 3.8 Sport Wrangler 3.8 Sahara auto Wrangler 2.8 CRD Sahara auto Wrangler 3.8 Rubicon

R 299 900 R 259 900 R 269 900 R 279 900 R 249 900 R 259 900 R 239 900 R 279 900 R 314 900 R 299 900

Wrangler Unlimited 3.8 Sahara auto Wrangler Unlimited 2.8 CRD Sahara auto Wrangler Unlimited 3.8 Rubicon auto Jeep Cherokee 2.8 CRD Sport Jeep Cherokee 2.8 CRD Sport auto Jeep Cherokee 3.7 Sport auto Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.0 CRD Laredo auto Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.0 CRD Overland auto Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.7 V6 Laredo auto Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.7 Overland auto Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 Jeep Commander Limited 5.7 Jeep Commander 3.0 Limited auto Jeep Commander 3.0 Extreme Sport auto


Picanto Base Man Picanto Base Auto Picanto LX Man Picanto LX Auto Picanto EX Man Picanto EX Auto Rio 1.4 Man High Rio 1.4 Auto High Rio 1.6 Man Sport Rio 1.6 Auto Sport Pro_cee’d 2.0 Man Pro_cee’d Sport 2.0 Man Sedona 3.8 V6 EX Auto Sedona 2.9 CRDi EXN Man Sedona 2.9 CRDi EX Auto Carens 2.0 CCVT Man Carens 2.0 CCVT Auto Sportage 2.0 4x2 Man Sportage 2.0 4x2 Auto Sportage 2.0 4x4 Man Sportage 2.0 4x4 Auto Sportage 2.7 4x4 Auto Sportage 2.0 CRDi 4x4 Man Sportage 2.0 CRDi 4x4 Auto Sorento 2.5 CRDi 4x2 Man Sorento 2.5 CRDi 4x2 Auto Sorento 3.8 V6 4x2 Auto Sorento 2.5 CRDi 4x4 Man Sorento 2.5 CRDi 4x4 Auto Sorento 3.8 V6 4x4 Auto K2700 Workhorse Chassis Cab - PS K2700 Workhorse - PS K2700 Workhorse Tipper - PS Soul 1.6 Man


Defender 90 2.4 County S/W Defender 110 2.4 Pick-Up a/c, r/cd Defender 110 2.4 Pick-Up H/C a/c, r/cd Defender 110 2.4 Hard Top a/c, r/cd Defender 110 2.4 County a/c, r/cd, c/lock Defender 130 2.4 D/Cab H/C Pick-Up a/c, r/cd New Discovery 3 L319 V6 Diesel S New Discovery 3 L319 V6 Diesel SE New Discovery 3 L319 V6 Diesel HSE New Discovery 3 L319 V8 Petrol SE New Discovery 3 L319 V8 Petrol HSE Freelander 2TD4 S Freelander 2TD4 S Auto Freelander 2TD4 SE Freelander 2 TD4 SE Auto Freelander 2 TD4 HSE Freelander 2 TD4 HSE Auto Freelander 2 3.2 i6 S Freelander 2 3.2 i6 SE Freelander 2 3.2 i6 HSE Range Rover Sport HSE 4.4 V8 Range Rover Sport S/C 4.2 V8 Range Rover Diesel 3.6 V8 Range Rover Big Body “Vogue” 3.6 TDV8 Range Rover Big Body S/C 4.2 V8

R 304 900 R 339 900 R 324 900 R 339 900 R 349 900 R 299 900 R 444 900 R 519 900 R 379 900 R 494 900 R 599 900 R 499 900 R 519 900 R 439 900

Kia Wonderwaters Tel: 012 567 0020

R 102 995 R 111 995 R 114 995 R 124 995 R 131 995 R 142 995 R 154 995 R 164 995 R 177 995 R 187 995 R 249 995 R 289 995 R 373 995 R 373 995 R 383 995 R 243 995 R 253 995 R 248 995 R 258 995 R 263 995 R 273 995 R 297 995 R 292 995 R 302 995 R 319 995 R 343 995 R 348 995 R 349 995 R 373 995 R 378 995 R 152 995 R 158 995 R 180 995 R 189 995

Land Rover Pretoria (012) 369 2400

R352 000 R 331 500 R 342 000 R 342 000 R 389 500 R 389 500 R 550 000 R 593 000 R 663 000 R 545 000 R 658 000 R 377 500 R 387 500 R 404 000 R414 000 R 453 000 R 463 000 R 383 500 R 410 000 R 459 000 R 811 000 R 882 000 R 862 000 R 1,105 000 R 1,135 000

IS250 6M S IS250 6A S IS250 SE 6A IS250 Sport 6A GS300 GS300 SE GS450 S GS450h SE LS 460 8A SC430 6A RX350 auto RX350 XE auto RX400h V6 E-CVT (200kW)

R 381 500 R 399 200 R 471 400 R 497 100 R 561 700 R 613 100 R 679 700 R 727 800 R 988 300 R 885 000 R 544 700 R 607 300 R 661 000


Elise 1.8 IIIR Elise 1.8 SC Exige 1.8 Exige 1.8 S Exige 1.8 SC Europa S

R 499 000 R 599 000 R 535 000 R 715 000 R 599 000 R 660 000


Xylo 2.5 CRDe E2 8 seater Xylo 2.5 CRDe E8 8 seater Xylo 2.5 CRDe E8 7 seater Scorpio 2.0 4x2 7 seater Scorpio 2.0 4x2 8 seater Scorpio 2.6TD 7 seater Scorpio 2.6TD 7 seater 4x4 Scorpio 2.6 CRDe 7 seater Scorpio 2.6 CRDe 7 seater 4x4 Bolero NEF 2.5TD 4x2 loader Bolero NEF 2.5TD 4x2 flatbed Bolero NEF 2.5TD 4x2 Bolero NEF 2.5TD 4x4 Bolero NEF 2.5TD double cab 4x2 Bolero NEF 2.5TD double cab 4x4 Scorpio Pik-up 2.5TD 4x2 Scorpio Pik-up 2.5TD 4x4 Scorpio Pik-up 2.5TD double cab 4x2 Scorpio Pik-Up 2.5TD double cab 4x4

164 900 194 900 199 900 171 000 174 600 183 000 220 200 197 200 229 900 116 900 117 500 127 995 174 990 154 990 184 990 157 900 194 900 199 900 239 900


Mazda2 1.3 Active Mazda2 1.3 Dynamic Mazda2 1.5 Dynamic Mazda2 1.5 Individual Mazda3 1.6i Mazda3 1.6 Original Mazda3 1.6 Active Mazda3 1.6 Dynamic Mazda3 2.0 Dynamic Mazda3 2.0 Individual Mazda3 2.3 Individual Mazda3 Sport 1.6 Original Mazda3 Sport 1.6 Active Mazda3 Sport 1.6 Dynamic Mazda3 Sport 2.0 Dynamic Mazda3 Sport 2.0 Individual Mazda3 Sport 2.3 Individual Mazda3 2.3 DISI Turbo MPS Mazda5 2.0 Original Mazda5 2.0 Active Mazda5 2.0 Individual Mazda6 2.0 Original Mazda6 2.0 Active Mazda6 2.5 Dynamic Activematic Mazda6 2.5 Individual Mazda MX-5 2.0 Soft Top Mazda MX-5 Roadster Coupe Mazda CX-7 2.3 DISI Turbo 6-speed auto BT-50 2500TDi SLX 4x2 BT-50 2.6i 4x2 BT-50 2.6i 4x4 (safety)

159 800 177 900 186 500 205 100 184 750 199 000 219 600 225 700 242 300 258 000 270 250 199 400 217 950 224 100 242 200 254 350 266 800 299 850 244 600 256 400 291 900 256 000 279 300 316 600 324 700 302 200 337 200 429 600 240 120 185 400 234 600

BT-50 Drifter 3000CRDi SLX 4x2 BT-50 Freestyle 2.5TDi 4x2 SLX BT-50 Freestyle 2.5TDi 4x4 SLX BT-50 Freestyle 3.0 CRDi 4x2 SLX BT-50 2500TDi SLE 4x2 double cab BT-50 2.6i SLE 4x2 double cab BT-50 2.6i 4x4 double cab (safety) BT-50 3000CRDi SLE 4x2 double cab BT-50 3000CRDi SLE 4x2 double cab auto BT-50 3000CRDi SLE 4x4 double cab

262 320 256 870 301 670 289 900 302 460 290 370 270 400 326 070 338 070 370 170





Vito 120 CDI Sport 8 seater Sprinter 308 CDI Panelvan Sprinter 309 CDI Panelvan Sprinter 315 CDI FC single cab Sprinter 315 CDI Panelvan Sprinter 416 CDI High roof panelvan Sprinter 518 CDI double cab

478 800 265 620 271 434 266 760 311 220 346 788 364 002


A170 Classic A170 Classic Autotronic A180 CDI Classic A180 CDI Classic Autotronic A200 A200 Autotronic B170 B170 Autotronic B200 B200 Autotronic B200T B200T Autotronic B200 CDI B200 CDI Autotronic C180K Classic C180K Classic auto C180K Classic Estate C180K Blue Effeciency Sedan C180K Blue Effeciency Estate C200K Classic C200K Classic auto C200K Classic Estate C220 CDI Classic C220 CDI Classic Auto C220 CDI Classic Estate C280 Elegance auto C280 Elegance Estate auto C320 CDI Elegance auto C320 CDI Elegance Estate auto C350 Elegance auto C350 Elegance Estate auto C63 AMG C63 AMG Estate CLC200 K Sports coupe CLC350 Sports coupe CL 500 coupe CL 600 Bi-turbo coupe CL63 AMG 7G-tronic CL65 AMG Bi-turbo 5-speed auto CLK350 convertible 7G-tronic CLK500 convertible 7G-tronic CLK63 coupe AMG CLS350 7G-Tronic CLS500 7G-Tronic CLS 63 AMG E 200 K Classic Speedtronic E 200 K Speedtronic E 220 CDI auto E 280 auto E 320 CDI auto E 350 auto E 500 auto E 63 AMG auto E500 Guard S 320 CDI 7G-Tronic S 350 7G-Tronic S 500 7G-Tronic S 500 L 7G-Tronic S 600 L 7G-Tronic S 63 AMG 7G-Tronic S 65 AMG 7G-Tronic S600 Guard SL 500 5.5 V8 auto SL 600 5.5 V12 auto SL 63 5.5 V8 AMG auto SL 65 6.0 V12 AMG auto SLK 200 Compressor SLK 350 AT 7G-Tronic SLK 55 AMG 7G-Tronic R320 CDI R 500 ML 320 CDI 7G-Tronic ML 350 7G-Tronic ML 500 7G-Tronic ML63 AMG 7G-Tronic GL320 CDI 7G-Tronic GL500 7G-Tronic Viano 2.2 CDI Trendline Viano 3.0 V6 CDI Ambiente Vito 115 CDI Crew Cab Vito 115 CDI Panelvan Vito 115 CDI Crew Bus Vito 120 CDI Crew Bus

222 000 235 700 253 000 266 700 264 000 277 700 253 000 266 000 283 000 296 700 303 000 316 000 308 000 321 000 314 000 327 700 232 000 314 000 323 000 334 000 347 700 343 000 354 000 367 700 363 000 424 000 433 000 453 000 462 000 455 000 464 000 765 000 774 000 353 000 427 000 1 455 000 1 910 000 1 885 000 2 220 000 710 000 798 000 919 000 712 000 870 000 1 160 000 393 000 431 000 454 000 505 000 561 000 577 000 725 000 1 039 000 1 729 000 900 000 880 000 1 100 000 1 190 000 1 500 000 1 480 000 1 950 000 5 900 000 1 370 000 1 865 000 1 775 000 2 140 000 498 000 655 000 844 000 661 000 763 000 650 000 640 000 742 000 1 105 000 825 000 940 000 451 896 568 062 316 236 269 154 373 920 454 860

MINI Cooper S Clubman auto MINI Cooper convertible MINI Cooper convertible CVT MINI Cooper S convertible MINI Cooper S convertible auto

283 560 272 500 288 600 327 500 343 600


Lancer 1.5 GLX Lancer 2.0 GLX Lancer 2.0 CVT auto Outlander 2.4i GLX 4x4 Outlander 2.4i GLX CVT 4x4 Pajero 3.2 Di-D GLS SWB auto 4x4 Pajero 3.2 Di-D GLS LWB auto 4x4 Pajero 3.2 Di-D GLX LWB auto 4x4 Pajero 3.8i V6 GLS SWB auto 4x4 Pajero 3.8i V6 GLS LWB auto 4x4 Triton 2.4 MPI double cab Triton 2.5 Di-D double cab Triton 3.5 V6 4WD double cab Triton 3.2 Di-D 4WD double cab Triton 3.2 Di-D 4WD auto double cab Triton 2.5 Di-D Club cab Triton 3.2 Di-D Club cab 4WD Triton 3.5 V6 Club Cab


Micra 1.4 Visia+ 3dr Micra 1.4 Visia 5dr Micra 1.5dCi Tekna 3 dr Micra 1.5dCi Acenta+ 5dr Tiida 1.6 Visia sedan Tiida 1.6 Visia+ sedan auto Tiida 1.8 Acenta sedan 6 speed Tiida 1.6 Visia+ hatch Tiida 1.8 Acenta hatch Livinia 1.6 Visia Livinia 1.6 X-Gear Visia Grand Livina Acenta Qashqai 1.6L Visia Qashqai 2.0L Acenta Qashqai 2.0 dCi Acenta 4x2 Qashqai 2.0 dCi Tekna 4x4 350Z coupe 350Z Roadster X-Trail 2.0 XE 4x2 6 speed X-Trail 2.5 4x4 SE 6 speed X-Trail 2.5 4x4 SE CVT X-Trail 2.0 dCi XE 4x2 X-Trail 2.0 dCi SE 4x4 X-Trail 2.0 dCi SE 4x4 auto Murano 3.5i V6 4wd X-tronic Pathfinder 2.5DCi 4x4 LE Pathfinder 2.5 DCi 4x4 LE tiptronic Pathfinder 4.0 V6 4x4 LE tiptronic Patrol 3.0Di GL Patrol 4.8 GL Patrol 4.8 GRX tiptronic Patrol Pickup 4.2D 4x4 Patrol Pickup 4.2 TDi 4x4 NP200 1.6 8V Base NP200 1.6 16V S NP200 1.5dCi Base NP200 1.5dCi SE NP300 2.0i swb NP300 2.0i lwb NP300 2.4i SC hi-Rider 4x2 NP300 2.4i lwb 4x4 NP300 2.5 Tdi S lwb single cab NP300 2.5 Tdi High Rider single cab

205 000 230 500 247 500 326 000 381 000 494 000 594 000 508 000 461 000 580 500 272 500 298 000 358 000 362 000 379 000 262 000 331 000

Global Nissan Sinoville Tel: 012 - 543 8700

272 000 126 500 146 000 174 500 180 500 159 000 193 000 214 500 178 000 212 500 139 900 151 000 171 000 220 500 273 000 295 000 320 000 460 000 520 000 268 300 359 000 379 000 299 000 371 000 391 000 463 000 421 900 446 500 453 900 559 500 573 000 644 500 314 700 348 500 99 800 129 800 139 800 169 800 127 000 147 000 200 000 215 000 169 000


230 000 217 000 252 000 303 000 267 000 330 900 341 900 374 900 330 900 348 900 371 900 400 900 329 000 293 000 395 000 217 000 284 000 McCarthy Menlyn (012) 3692000


Saga 1.3 Gen.2 1.6 GL Gen.2 1.6 GL auto Satria Neo 1.2 Savvy 1.2 Sport Auto Satria Neo Persona 1.6 Arena 1.5i Arena 1.5 GLX


McCarthy Villieria (012) 331 0034

Corsa 1.4 lite 3dr Corsa 1.4 lite (lv) 3dr Corsa 1.4 Essentia (lv) 5dr Corsa 1.4 Enjoy auto 5 dr Corsa 1.6 OPC+ Turbo 5dr Astra 1.6 Essentia Astra 1.8 Sport Astra OPC+ Corsa Combo 1.4 Corsa Utility 1.4 (lv) (2007) Corsa Utility 1.4 Club Corsa Utility 1.8 Corsa Utility 1.8 Club Corsa Utility 1.7 Dti Corsa Utility 1.7 Dti club Vivaro 1.9 CDTi Enjoy bus Vivaro 2.0 Base Vivaro 1.9 CDTi base panelvan Vivaro 1.9 CDTi Base panelvan (lv)

87 440 98 650 155 520 189 600 249 930 199 530 239 560 335 660 155 940 105 500 132 490 129 840 151 010 148 370 172 220 325 990 230 150 245 010 256 090


107 X-Line 1.0 207 XL 1.4i 3dr 207 XR Plus 1.4 Vti 5dr 207 1.6 VTi 5dr 207 1.6 Gti THP 3dr 207 1.6 Hdi 5dr 207 CC Sport One 1.6 207 CC Sport Two 1.6 THP 308 X-Line 1.6 VTI 5dr 308 XS 1.6 VTI auto 308 1.6 hdi 5 dr 6 speed 308 1.6 XT 1.6 THP 5dr 308 SW 1.6 Vti 5dr Partner 1.6 Partner 1.6 Hdi Partner 1.9 D delivery Expert 2.0 HDI panelvan L1H1 Boxer MH 2.2 Hdi Boxer MH 2.2 Hdi XLH 4 ton Boxer MH 2.2 Hdi panelvan 3.3 ton Boxer LH 3.o Hdi panelvan

124 900 141 850 155 580 192 800 228 700 202 550 243 880 275 500 197 500 249 500 246 500 252 900 250 588 155 900 168 200 143 000 248 550 239 500 314 900 275 500 313 500



price NP300 2.5 Tdi lwb 4x4 single cab NP300 2.5 Tdi double cab NP300 2.4i Hi-Rider double cab NP300 2.4 Hi-Rider 4x4 double cab NP300 2.5 tdi Hi-Rider double cab Navara 2.5 dCi 4x2 double cab Navara 2.5 dCi 4x2 double cab auto Navara 2.5 dCi 4x4 double cab Navara 4.0 V6 4x2 double cab Navara 4.0 V6 4x2 double cab auto Navara 4.0 V6 4x4 double cab Navara 4.0 V6 4x4 double cab auto Primastar 1.9 dCi Interstar 2.5 dCi panelvan HR Interstar 2.5 dCi taxi Cabstar 20 Cabstar 20 double cab

Twingo 1.2 Dynamique Twingo 1.2 Dynamique Plus Clio III 1.4 Extreme 5-dr Clio III 1.4 Extreme 3-dr Clio III 1.6 Extreme 5-dr Clio III 1.6 Extreme 3-dr Clio III 1.6 Extreme 5-dr A/T Clio III 1.6 Dynamique 5-dr Clio III 1.6 Dynamique 3-dr Clio III 1.5dCi Expression 5-dr Clio III Renault Sport 2.0 3-dr Logan 1.6 MPI Expression Megane Sedan II 1.6 Authentique Megane Sedan II 1.9 dCi Dynamique Megane Hatch II 1.6 Shake It! 5-dr Megane Hatch II 2.0 Shake It! 5-dr Megane Hatch II 2.0T GT 5-dr Megane Hatch II 1.9 dCi Dynamique+ 5-dr Megane Renault Sport 2.0T 5-dr Megane Renault Sport 2.0T R26 3-dr limited edi Megane Renault Sport 2.0T R26 3-dr special edi Megane coupe cabriolet II 1.6 limited edition Megane coupe cabriolet II Dynamique 2.0T Megane coupe cabriolet II Dynamique 2.0 A/T Megane coupe cabriolet II Dynamique 1.9 dCi Scenic II Joie de vivre 1.6 Limited Edition Scenic II Dynamic 1.9dCi Scenic Navigator 2.0 Scenic Navigator 1.9 dCi Grand Scenic II 1.9 dCi dynamique Sandero 1.4 8v Authentique 5-dr Sandero 1.6 8v Expression 5-dr Sandero 1.6 Expression pack 5-dr Sandero 1.6 Expression pack 5-dr Sandero 1.6 8v Dynamique 5-dr Koleos 2.5 4x2 Manual Dynamique Koleos 2.5 4x4 Manual Dynamique Koleos 2.5 4x4 CVT Dynamique Premium Koleos 2.0 dCi 4x4 manual Dynamique Premium Kangoo Express 1.4 Gen07 Kangoo Express 1.5 dCi Gen07


109 995 155 995 165 995 104 995 128 995 143 995 148 995 88 995 120 995

Renault Wonderwaters 012 - 567 0020

R 129 000 R 138 000 R 156 000 R 159 000 R 168 000 R 171 000 R 179 000 R 173 500 R 173 500 R 172 000 R 244 000 R 116 500 R 179 000 R 239 000 R 198 000 R 222 000 R 255 000 R 250 000 R 297 000 R 315 000 R 331 000 R 290 000 R 343 000 R 305 000 R 345 000 R 223 000 R 275 000 R 275 000 R 285 000 R 291 000 R 98 800 R 111 800 R 126 800 R 136 800 R 142 800 R 292 000 R 313 000 R 362 000 R 378 000 R 142 000 R 155 000



Boxster PDK Boxster S PDK 911 Carrera PDK 911 Carrera convertible PDK 911 Carrera S PDK 911 Carrera S convertible PDK 911 Carrera 4 PDK 911 Carrera 4 convertible PDK 911 Carrera 4S PDK 911 Carrera 4S convertible PDK 911 Targa 4 911 Targa 4S PDK 911 Turbo 911 Turbo tiptronic Cayman PDK Cayman S PDK Cayenne 3.6 V6 Tiptronic Cayenne S Tiptronic 4.8 V8 Cayenne GTS 4.8 V8 Cayenne GTS Tiptronic 4.8 V8 Cayenne 4.8 V8 Bi-Turbo tiptronic Cayenne 4.8 V8 Bi-Turbo S tiptronic

595 000 695 000 1095 000 1195 000 1195 000 1295 000 1195 000 1295 000 1295 000 1395 000 1275 000 1375 000 1950 000 1990 000 650 000 795 000 595 000 750 000 995 000 995 000 1495 000 1695 000

9-3 1.9 TiD Linear 6 speed 9-3 2.0 LPT linear 9-3 2.0T Vector 9-3 2.8 V6 Aero auto 9-3 2.0 Sports Combi stationwagon auto 9-3 2.0 T5 Linear 5 speed converible 9-3 2.0 T5 Linear auto converible 9-3 2.8 V6 Aero Converible auto

250 971 278 554 326 865 397 687 298 579 448 434 507 444 507 444


fortwo pure coupe auto MHD fortwo pure coupe auto fortwo turbo pulse coupe auto fortwo turbo passion convertible auto

149 000 149 000 161 000 180 000

Kyron M200 Xdi 4x2 Man Kyron M200 Xdi 4x2 Auto (5 spd T-tronic) Kyron M200 Xdi 4x4 Man Kyron M200 Xdi 4x4 Auto (5 spd T-tronic) Kyron 270 Xdi AWD Man Kyron 270 Xdi AWD Auto (5 spd T-Tronic) Musso Sports Pick up 4x2 Auto Musso Sports Pick up 4x4 Auto Rexton 270 Xdi Auto LS T-tronic Stavic SV 270 xdi Auto (5spd T-tronic) Stavic SV 270 xdi Man Low Spec Actyon Sports 4x2 Man Actyon Sports 4x2 Auto (6 spd T-tronic) Actyon Sports 4x4 Man Actyon Sports 4x4 Auto (6 spd T-tronic)

SsansYong Gezina, PTA (012) 335 7978

R 279 995 R 299 995 R 299 995 R 314 995 R 349 995 R 369 995 R 244 995 R 284 995 R 439 995 R 334 995 R 299 995 R 259 995 R 274 995 R 294 995 R 309 995

SUBARU Impreza 1.5R 5 door Impreza 2.0R 5 door Impreza 2.5 WRX 5 door Impreza 2.5STI 5 door Legacy Sedan 2.0R Legacy Sedan 2.0R auto Legacy 2.5 GT Premium sedan Legacy 2.5 GT Premium sedan auto Legacy 2.0R Wagon Legacy 2.0R Wagon auto Legacy 2.5 GT Premium Wagon Legacy 2.5 GT Premium Wagon auto Forester 2.5 X Forester 2.5 X auto Forester 2.5 XT Forester 2.5 XT auto Outback 2.5i Outback 2.5i auto Outback 3.0R auto Outback 3.0R premium auto Tribeca 3.6 Auto


174 000 225 000 309 000 489 000 239 000 251 000 379 000 379 000 249 000 261 000 395 000 395 000 269 000 301 000 349 000 364 000 291 000 303 000 353 000 399 000 516 000

Suzuki Tel: 012 - 4230900

Swift 1.5 GL MT Swift 1.5 GLS MT Swift 1.5 GLS AT

R 141 900 R 158 900

Swift 1.5 GL MT Swift 1.5 GLS MT Swift 1.5 GLS AT SX4 2.0 MT SX4 2.0 AT Jimny 1.3 VVT MT Grand Vitara 2.4 MT Grand Vitara 2.4 AT Grand Vitara 3.2 AT

R 141 900 R 158 900 R 172 900 R 204 900 R 219 900 R 179 900 R 315 900 R 330 900 R 377 900


B-Line LE Indica 1.4 LEi Indica 1.4 DLS Indigo 1.4 GLS Indigo 1.4 GSX Indigo 1.4 SW GLS Indigo 1.4 SW DLX Xenon 3.0 Dicor 4x2 single cab Xenon 3.0 TD 4x4 single cab Xenon 3.0 TD double cab 4x2 Xenon 3.0 Dicor double cab 4x4 Safari 2.2D 4x4 Telcoline 2.0 4x2 TDI Telcoline 2.0 4x2 double cab TDI Telcoline 2.0 4x4 TDI Telcoline 2.0 4x4 double cab TDI Telcoline 3L Diesel Worker

75 995 84 995 113 995 104 995 126 995 104 995 124 995 134 450 179 995 179 995 199 995 253 995 106 900 129 995 159 995 189 995 104 995

Yaris T1 3 door Yaris T1 5 door Yaris 1.3 T3 5 door Yaris 1.3 T3+ 5 door auto Yaris Sedan 1.3 T3 Yaris Sedan 1.3 T3+ auto Auris 1.4 RT Auris 1.6 RS MMT Auris 1.8 RS Auris 2.0 RS D-4D Corolla 1.3 Professional Corolla 1.4 Professional Corolla 1.6 Professional Corolla 1.6 Advanced MMT Corolla 1.8 Advanced Corolla 1.8 Exclusive auto Corolla 2.0D-4D Advanced Corolla 2.0D-4D Exclusive Corolla Verso 160 Corolla Verso 180 TX Prius Hybrid Avanza 1.3 S Avanza 1.5 SX Rav4 2.0 GX 5dr 4x4 Rav4 2.0 VX 5dr 4x4 auto Rav4 2.2 D-4D GX Fortuner 3.0 D-4D 4x2 Fortuner 3.0 D-4D 4x2 auto Fortuner 3.0 D-4D 4x4 Land Cruiser Prado 3.0DT Land Cruiser Prado VX 3.0DT auto Land Cruiser Prado 4.0 VX auto Land Cruiser 70 4.5 Pick-Up Land Cruiser 70 4.2 TD Pick-Up Land Cruiser 70 Station Wagon 4.2D Land Cruiser 200 VX 4.7 auto Land Cruiser 200 VX 4.5 diesel auto Avanza 1.3 panelvan Quantam 2.7 Panelvan Quantam 2.7 10 seater Quantum 2.7 Ses’fikile 14 seater Quantum 2.5 D-4D panelvan Quantum 2.5 D-4D 10 seater Quantum 2.5 D-4D 14 seater Hilux 2.0 VVT-i Hilux 2.7 VVT-I Raised Body Raider Hilux 2.5 D-4D Hilux 2.5 D-4D Hi raised Body SRX Hilux 2.5 D-4D Hi 4x4 SRX Hilux 3.0 D-4D Raised Body Raider Hilux 3.0 D-4D 4x4 raider Hilux 2.7 VVT-I Raised Body Raider dc Hilux 4.0 V6 I Raised Body Raider dc auto Hilux 4.0 V6 4x4 Raider dc auto Hilux 2.5 D-4D Raised Body Raider dc Hilux 3.0 D-4D Raised Body Raider dc Hilux 3.0 D-4D Raised Body Raider dc auto Hilux 3.0 D-4D 4x4 Raider dc Hilux 3.0 D-4D 4x4 Raider dc auto


TenaCiti 1.4i CitiStorm 1.4i CitiSport 1.4i CitiWolf 1.4i Citi Billabong 1.4i CitiXcite 1.4i CitiRox 1.4i CitiSport 1.6i CitiRox 1.6i Golf 5 3.2 V6 DSG Golf 6 1.4 TSi Trendline Golf 6 1.4 TSi Comfortline Golf 6 1.4 TSi Highline Golf 6 1.6 Trendline Golf 6 2.0 TDi Highline Golf 6 2.0 GTi Golf 6 2.0 GTi DSG New Beetle 2.0 Highline New Beetle 2.0 Highline auto New Beetle 1.8T New Beetle 2.0 Cabriolet Scirocco 1.4 TSi Scirocco 2.0 TSi Scirocco 2.0 TSi DSG

McCarthy Toyota Sinoville Tel: (012) 567 9600

116 200 126 400 152 300 178 200 155 100 181 100 189 400 226 200 230 500 258 900 177 200 169 800 193 400 218 400 215 400 251 500 237 600 264 000 221 200 268 800 330 500 129 600 153 700 287 700 356 200 363 700 335 300 345 500 375 600 486 500 542 000 542 000 358 400 382 700 421 700 848 300 885 000 132 700 237 200 307 000 242 600 250 500 320 200 332 200 153 100 221 000 176 400 215 300 258 500 254 800 298 000 283 200 326 000 389 400 294 700 319 800 330 400 363 800 374 200

McCarthy Volkswagen Tel: (012) 567 9313

83 900 87 500 94 400 95 200 97 300 97 500 102 400 105 800 111 600 424 000 227 900 238 400 272 900 214 400 298 900 317 300 331 800 278 500 290 000 299 900 344 800 282 000 322 000 336 500

Jetta 1.6 Trendline Jetta 1.6 Comfortline Jetta 1.6 Comfortline tiptronic Jetta 1.9 TDi Comfortline Jetta 1.9 TDi Comfortline DSG Jetta 2.0 Trendline Jetta 2.0 Comfortline Jetta 2.0 T FSi Sportline Jetta 2.0 T FSi Sportline DSG Jetta 2.0 TDi Sportline Passat 1.8 TSi Comfortline Passat 1.8 TSi Comfortline tiptronic Passat 1.8 TSi Highline Passat 1.9 TDi Highline Passat 2.0 TDi Highline Passat 2.0 TDi Highline DSG Passat 2.0T FSi Sportline Passat 3.2 V6 Sportline Tiguan 1.4 TSi Trend & Fun 4x2 Tiguan 1.4 TSi Trend & Fun Tiguan 1.4 TSi Track & Field Tiguan 2.0 TDi Track & Field Tiguan 2.0 TDi Track & Field Tiptronic Tiguan 2.0 TDi Sport & Style Tiguan 2.0 TDi Sport & Style Tiptronic Tiguan 2.0 TSi Track & Field Tiguan 2.0 TSi Track & Field Tiptronic Tiguan 2.0 TSi Sport & Style Tiguan 2.0 TSi Sport & Style Tiptronic Eos 2.0 FSi convertible Eos 2.0T FSi convertible Eos 2.0T FSi DSG convertible Polo 1.4i Trendline Polo 1.4i Comfortline Polo 1.6i Trendline Polo 1.6i Comfortline Polo 1.6i Special Edition Polo 1.6i Comfortline auto Polo 1.8T GTi Polo 1.9 TDi Highline Polo 1.9 TDi Highline Polo 2.0 Highline Cross Polo 1.6 Cross Polo 1.9 TDi Polo Classic 1.4i trendline Polo Classic 1.4i Comfortline Polo Classic 1.6i Trendline Polo Classic 1.6i Comfortline Polo Classic 1.6i Special Edition Polo Classic 1.6i Comfortline auto Polo Classic 1.9 TDi Highline Polo Classic 1.9 TDi Highline Polo Classic 2.0 Highline Touran 1.6 Trendline Touran 1.9 TDi Trendline Touran 1.9 TDi Trendline DSG Touran 2.0 TDi Highline Touran 2.0 TDi Highline DSG Touareg 2.5 R5 TDi Tiptronic Touareg 3.0 V6 TDi Tiptronic Touareg 3.6 V6 FSi Tiptronic Touareg 4.2 V8 Tiptronic Touareg 5.0 V10 TDi Tiptronic Touareg R50 5.0 V10 TDi Tiptronic Caddy 1.6i Life Caddy 1.9 TDi Life Caddy 1.9 TDi Life Maxi Caddy Maxi 1.9 TDi Life (7 seater) Caddy panel van 1.6i Base Caddy panel van 2.0 SDi Base Caddy panel van 1.9 TDi Base Caddy panel van 1.9 TDi Base Maxi Caddy Maxi Crew Bus 1.9 TDi Beach 1.9 TDi Beach 2.5 TDi Beach 2.5 TDi 4MOTION California 2.5 TDi California 2.5 TDi 4MOTION Caravelle 2.5 TDi Caravelle 2.5 TDi Tiptronic Caravelle 2.5 TDi 4MOTION Kombi 1.9 TDi SWB Kombi 2.5 TDi SWB Kombi 2.5 TDi Tiptronic SWB Kombi 1.9 TDi LWB Kombi 2.5 TDi LWB Kombi 2.5 TDi LWB Tiptronic Pick up 1.9 TDi LWB single cab Pick up 2.5 TDi LWB single cab Pick up 1.9 TDi LWB double cab Pick up 2.5 TDi LWB double cab Panel Van 1.9 TDi LWB Panel Van 2.5 TDi LWB Crew Bus 1.9 TDi SWB Crew Bus 2.5 TDi SWB Crew Bus 2.5 TDi SWB tiptronic Crew Bus 2.5 TDi SWB 4MOTION Crew Bus 1.9 TDi LWB Crew Bus 2.5 TDi LWB Crew Bus 2.5 TDi LWB Tiptronic Crew Bus 2.5 TDi LWB 4MOTION Crafter 35 2.5 TDi MWB

216 200 238 700 250 200 255 500 270 000 221 300 245 800 308 000 322 500 292 700 280 000 291 500 298 000 281 000 308 000 322 500 348 000 414 000 297 300 318 800 328 000 379 300 391 600 379 300 391 600 405 900 418 200 405 900 418 200 341 000 385 000 398 500 141 600 157 700 163 600 183 600 191 600 195 100 244 000 213 600 234 900 201 700 199 200 229 500 148 200 164 300 169 800 189 800 198 200 201 300 219 700 240 000 207 600 253 000 281 000 295 500 329 000 343 500 543 000 603 000 545 000 680 000 853 000 968 000 225 800 241 400 253 500 240 200 166 600 178 000 194 100 203 100 213 100 375 400 407 400 434 400 574 000 604 000 505 500 523 000 527 500 389 300 427 500 445 000 397 300 435 500 453 000 222 200 270 500 237 200 285 500 279 000 334 700 322 700 367 600 385 100 389 600 330 700 375 600 393 100 381 900 324 500





Crafter 50 2.8 TDi LWB Crafter 50 2.8 TDi XLWB Crafter 35 2.5 TDi MWB Crafter 50 2.8 TDi LWB Crafter 50 2.8 TDi XLWB

386 000 396 000 350 500 415 300 425 300


C30 1.6 C30 2.0 C30 2.5 T5 C30 2.5 T5 Geartronic C70 2.5 T5 C70 2.5 T5 Geartronic S40 2.0 S40 2.4i S40 2.4i Geartronic S40 2.0D S40 2.0D Powershift S40 2.5 T5 S40 2.5 T5 Geartronic S40 2.4 D5 Geartronic S60 2.0T S60 2.0T auto S60 2.4 D5 S60 2.4 D5 GearTronic S80 2.5T Geartronic S80 3.0T Geartronic S80 3.2 Geartronic S80 V8 Geartronic S80 D5 Geartronic V50 2.0 V50 2.0D V50 2.0D Powershift V50 2.4i V50 2.4i GearTronic V50 2.5 T5 V50 2.5 T5 GearTronic V50 D5 Geartronic XC60 D5 manual XC60 D5 GearTronic XC60 3.0T Geartronic XC70 3.2 Geartronic XC70 D5 Geartronic XC90 D5 geartronic 5 seater XC90 3.2 Geartronic 5 seater XC90 V8 Sport geartronic R-Design 5 seater

216 500 241 000 297 000 307 000 511 500 521 500 256 500 277 500 287 500 282 500 298 000 317 500 327 500 329 000 301 500 313 500 354 000 365 500 405 000 524 000 444 000 590 500 444 000 261 500 287 500 303 000 282 500 293 000 322 500 332 500 334 000 469 500 481 000 515 000 475 500 487 500 547 000 536 000 637 000




(Includes pre-rig for motor. Excludes trailer & motor) Paradise Series Paradise 220 R 235,000 Paradise 250 R 262,000 Paradise 250 Enntertainment R 276,000 Paradise 250 Sundeck R 279,000 Paradise 290 R 299,000 Paradise 290 Sundeck R 328,000 Tropical Series Tropical 180 Fish and Party R 115,000 Tropical 210 Fish and Party R 169,000 Tropical 180 Family R 132,000 Tropical 210 Family R 169,000 Tropical 250 R 210,000 Tropical 250 Sundeck R 205,000 Tropical 270 POA Tropical 290 Sundeck R 250,000


Aqua Scape Aqua Scape Ultra Clifton Clifton 18 Clifton 20 Clifton Skier SkiCraft SkiCraft Leisure Tijuana Tijuana 17 Tijuana 19 O/B Tijuana 19 I/B



SugarSand Oasis Oasis LX Calais Calais LX Mirage Mirage LX Mirage Fun & Fish Tango Super Sport Tango Super Sport GT Tango Xtreme Tango Xtreme GT Sting StarCraft Deck Boats Aurora Star Step 190 Aurora Star Step 200 Aurora Star Step 221 Calais 2310 FD 161 Cruise FD 191 Cruise FD 226 Cruise Limited 1950 O/B Limited 2000 I/B Limited 2000 O/B Limited 2009O/B Limited 2010 I/B Limited 2010 O/B Limited 2015 I/B Limited 2015 O/B Limited 2210 I/B Limited 2210 O/B Limited 2310 I/B Limited 2410 I/B Limited 2410 O/B


Runabouts Cruiser 2650 Express Limited 1600 O/B Limited 1700 I/B Limited 1700 I/B fish Limited 1700 O/B Limited 1700 O/B Fish Limited 1700 I/B Sport Limited 1800 I/B Limited 1800 I/B Fish & Ski Limited 1900 RE Limited 19010 I/B Limited 2100 RE Limited 2150Cuddy RE Limited 2312Cuddy RE Pontoons Classic 140 Cruise Classic 140 Fish Classic 180 Classic 180 RE Classic 180 RE Fish Classic 200 2 Point Classic 200 4 Point Classic 200 CR Classic 200 RE CR Classic 200 RE CR Fish Elite 206 Elite 206 CR Elite 206 RE Elite 206 RE CR Elite 226 Elite 226 CR Elite 226 RE Elite 226 RE CR Elite 226 RE CR Camper Elite 226 RE CR Weekender Elite 226 Sport Fish RE CR Elite 246 Elite 246 CR Elite 246 CR Camper Elite 246 CR Weekender Elite 246 RE Elite 246 RE CR Limited 200 CR Limited 200 RE CR 4 Point Limited 240 CR Limited 240 CR 2 Point Limited 240 CR 4 Point Majestic 216 CR Majestic 236 CR Majestic 256 CR Starfish 227 CR Starfish 227 RE CR Starfish 246 CR Starfish RE CR Gekko Revo 7.1 Revo 6.7 Revo 6.7i GTR 22 GTX 22 GTO 22 GTS 20



Supreme V232 V212 V208 V220 220SP







Crownline Crownline 180BR Crownline 200LS Crownline 210LS Crownline 230LS Crownline 260LS Crownline 270BR Crownline 320LS Crownline 220EX Deck Crownline 240EX Deck Crownline 250CR Crownline 270CR Crownline 255CCR Crownline 275CCR Crownline 315SCR Malibu Malibu Response Lxi Malibu Wakesetter VLX Malibu Response 21XTI Malibu Wakeset 23XTI Malibu Wakeset 23LSV QuickCatch QuickCatch 16 F/C QuickCatch 16 C/C QuickCatch 186 F/C QuickCatch 186 C/C Sunsport Sunsport 1700BR Sunsport Limited Sunsport 1800BR Sunsport 170 SunDeck Sunsport 170 SunDeck Econo Sunsport 180 SunDeck Sunsport 190 SunDeck Sunsport 2100 OBR Sunsport 2100 IBR Outrage 2100 BR

Edenvale Tel: (011) 452 8280

POA POA R 585,000 POA POA POA POA R 685,000 R 795,000 POA POA POA POA POA R 550,000 R 830,000 R 760,000 POA POA R 169,500 R 165,000 R 249,500 R 245,000 R 115,000 R 125,000 R 129,500 R 159,500 R 119,500 R 139,500 R 219,500 R 269,500 R 345,000 R 225,000


Riviera Flybridge 33 Series II Flybridge 37 Flybridge 40 Flybridge 42 Flybridge 47 Flybridge 51 Flybridge 58 Flybridge 51 Enclosed Flybridge 61 Enclosed Flybridge 60 Flybridge Sport Cruisers M360 M400 3600 Spots Yacht 4700 Sports Yacht Superceded Models M290 M370 M430 33 Series I Flybridge Riviera 47 Riviera 58 Fairline Phantom Phantom 50 Phantom 48 Phantom 40 Squadron Squadron 74 Squadron 68 Squadron 68 Squadron 68 Squadron 58 Squadron 58 Squadron 58





Sun Tracker





RUNABOUT BOATS Cobalt Boat & Yachts Monterey Boats & Yachts Tahoe Boats





Sea Doo Can-Am Evinrude Spyder MERCURY

Jet Ski 800SX-R STX-12F STX-15F Ultra 250X

R 61,995 R 95,995 R 109,000 R 139,995


Inboard & Outboard Motors


Air Nautique Series 210 220 226 Crossover Series 211 216 226 236 Ski Series 196 206


2600 SS Cuddy Bow Rider 2500 Mid-Cabin Cruiser 2300 SS Sport Cuddy 2100 SS Sport Cuddy 2600 SS Dual Console 2400 SS Dual Console 2400 SS Single Console 2100 SS Fun Cruiser 2300 SS Bow Rider 2200 SS Bow Rider 2100 and 2200 Extreme 2100 SS Bow Rider 2200 SS Bow Rider 180 SE Bow Rider 190 SE Bow Rider 200 SE Bow Rider



(Prices include smallest recommended outboard) Africa Boats deckExtreme runabout sunExtreme runabout Angler slipExtreme 17 slipExtreme 19 AquaQuad Classic Ute Buccaneer africaExtreme 380 africaExtreme 420 africaExtreme 470 africaExtreme 500 africaExtreme 5.5 africaExtreme 6.0 deckExtreme 17 Falcon Inflatables ribExtreme 4.5 ribExtreme 5.1 ribExtreme 5.75 ribExtreme 6.4 ribExtreme 7 Mallards celeb170 celeb190 celeb210

Esprite 17 Infinity 181 Elite 18 Excel 19 SunPrince 204 Style 215 Style 232 Infanta Inflatable Inflatable Inflatable Inflatable

R 100,000 R 120,000 R 118,000 R 158,000 R 220,000 R 350,000 R 400,000 R 100,000 R 118,000 R 128,000 R 200,000



Azimut Yachts Cruiser Yachts



price Targa Targa 62 Targa 62 Targa 52 Targa 52 Targa 52 Targa 47 Targa 47 Targa 44 Targa 40 Targa 40 Targa 38 Targa 38 Formula 240 Bow Rider 260 Bow Rider 280 Bow Rider 260 Sun Sport 280 Sun Sport 330 Sun Sport 370 Super Sport 400 Super Sport 27PC 31PC 34PC 37PC 40PC 45 Yacht 48 Yacht 271 Fastech 292 Fastech 353 Sport 353 Fastech 382 Fastech Rinker FV250 FV280 FV300 FV320 FV350 FV370 FV400 FV420 Formula 240 Bow Rider 260 Bow Rider 280 Bow Rider 260 Sun Sport 280 Sun Sport 330 Sun Sport 370 Super Sport 400 Super Sport 27PC 31PC 34PC 37PC 40PC 45 Yacht 48 Yacht 271 Fastech 292 Fastech 353 Sport 353 Fastech 382 Fastech

R 250,632 R 125,661 R 133,555 R 220,906 R 55,206 R 113,722 R 66,404 R 66,404 R 93,865 R 133,511 R 144,015 R 174,887 R 116,144 R 101,340 R 130,853 R 188,577 R 179,986 R 180,645 R 134,630 R 208,903 R 240,187

6.5 Sport Inflatable 250 RatCat Sport Fisher Pencil RatCat 5.5m Tri-Maran


GTI 130 Regal Red GTI SE 130 Abyss Blue GTI SE 155 Abyss Blue GTI 130 Regal Red *Rental* WAKE 155 Viper Red WAKE PRO 215 Black-Red GTX 155 Cosmos Blue GTX 215 Cosmos Blue RXP 215 Bright Yellow RXP-X 255 2008 Mod RXP-X 255 RS Hyper Silver RXT 215 Bright Yellow RXT 215 Silver Metallic RXT-X 255 2008 Mod RXT-X 255 RS Hyper Silver GTX Ltd iS 255 Topaz Mist Metallic RXT iS 255 Bright Yellow


WATERWORLD Tel: (011) 462 4390

R 119,900.00 R 129,900.00 R 149,900.00 R 129,900.00 R 169,900.00 R 199,900.00 R 179,900.00 R 189,900.00 R 184,900.00

R 194,900.00 R 229,900.00 R 219,900.00


1450 BR Sensation 1600 BR Sensation 1700 BR Sensation 1800 BR Sensatio 1900 BR Sensation 1900 IBR Sensation 1900 Deck Sensation 2000 BR Sensation 2000 IBR Sensation 2100 I-Deck Sensatio 2100 BR Deck Sensation


BassSeeker Boats Bass Seeker 570 Bass Seeker 480 Escape Boats Escape 17 Escape Cat 510 Escape19 Focus Boat Focus BR Horizon Boat Horizon 17 Sportsman Boat Sportsman Suzumar Boats Suzumar 2.90A Suzumar 310RIB Suzumar 390A Unreel Boats Unreel CC Unreel CC Unreel CC




RZ2 24Vé 22Vé 20V 22i 21i 20i



2000 Pretoria Yamaha Tel: 012-4040090/1/2


R154 294 R184 384 R287 532 R201 064 R283 000 R199 700 R312 654 R319 597

Fazer Boats FAZER X & 130 HP FAZER X & F115 HP FAZER XT & 130 HP FAXER XT & F115 HP FAZER XTC & 130 HP FAZER XTC & F115 HP FAZER 19 & 200 HP FAZER 19 & F225 HP FAZER 19 WR & Z200 HP LEGACY 17 & 130HP

R148 800 R176 200 R171 966 R201 221 R178 347 R207 502 R268 216 R350 798 R371 305 R165 653


R254 209 R261 519 R307 990 R305 055 R339 254 R349 732 R392 665 R403 531

Waverunners Model FX140 FX140 Cruiser FX160 High Output FX160 High Output Cruiser GP1300R GP1300R LTD SJ700 VX110 Sport VX110 Deluxe VX110 Cruiser VX700

R121 100 R122 240 R127 140 R129 000 R115 000 R125 000 R56 801 R95 200 R99 999 R99 999 R84 600








ATV Mini Kolt 50 Cobra100R Cobra 100 High Performance Cobra 180 Sport RS Cobra 220 Sport Cobra350S Crossland 300 Side by Side Cube 300 Cube 350 Recreational ATV TE450 BUGGY Bugrider 250SS Special Bugrider 250 Twin Seater


R 10 500 R 14 600 R 17 995 R 16 995 R 19 995 R 29 995 R 30 995 R 52 995 R 76 995


G450X G650 Xcountry G650Xmoto F650 GS F 800 GS F800S F800ST R1200RT R1200 HP2 Sport R1200GS HP2 mega R1200GS FL R1200S R1200R R1200GS Adventure FL K1200LT FL K1200S K1200R K1200GT K1300S K1300R K1300GT

Buell Lightning City X Buell Lightning Long Buell Lightning Low 1125CR 1125R Buell Ulysses touring Buell Ulysses


R 109 000 R 125 000 R 125 000 R 155 000 R 155 000 R 149 000 R 145 000

GT650R GT 250R RX125D GV650


R 72 950 R 44 950 R 23 950 R 78 950

Honda Menlyn (012) 470 9200

WATERWORLD Tel: (011) 462 4390

R 39 995 R 25 500 R 38 500


Road Bikes RS 125 Pegaso 650 Strada Shiver 750 Dorsoduro 750 Mana 850 Tuono 1000 R Tuono 1000 R Factory RSV1000 R RSV 1000 R factory Adventure Bikes Pegaso 650 Trail Off road racing Enduro RXV450 2007 Enduro RXV450 2008 Enduro RXV550 2007 Enduro RXV550 2008 Motard SXV450 2008 Motard SXV550 2008 Motard SXV550 2009





R 54 995 R 85 995 R 89 995 R 89995 R 122 995 R 122 995 R 139 995 R 135 995 R 159 995

DS 250 Renegade 2008 Renegade 500cc Renegade Std 800cc Renegade X 800cc Outlander 400 Outlander 400 Max Outlander 400 Max-XT Outlander 500 XT Outlander 500 Max-XT Outlander 650 Outlander 650 XT Outlander 650 Max Outlander 650 Max-XT Outlander 800 Outlander 800 XT Outlander 800 Max Outlander 800 Max-XT Outlander 800 Max-XT LTD

R 34 900 R 89 900 R 119 900 R 139 900 R 154 900 R 98 900 R 113 900 R 124 900 R 119 900 R 135 900 R 119 900 R 129 900 R 135 900 R 146 900 R 136 900 R 147 900 R 149 900 R 162 900 R 178 900

R 87 994 R 66 000 R 74 000 R 68 000 R 76 000 R 75 000 R 77 000 R 103 155

Lifestyle 011 690 2600

R 79 040 R 68 250 R 75 500 R 88 510 R 105 525 R 88 500 R 99 750 R 149 350 R 224 952 R 153 500 R 133 000 R 115 850 R 105 050 R 143 500 R 194 500 R 135 950 R 114 000 R 155 770 R 163 140 R 153 900 R 183 810


Sportster Standard Sportster Low Sportster Roadster Sportster Iron Sportster Custom Sportster XR1200 Sportster Low Sportster Nightster Sportster Custom Dyna Super Glide Street Bob Dyna Super Glide Custom Dyna Fat Bob Softail Custom Softail Night Train Softail Fat Boy Heritage Softail Classic Softail Rocker Softail Rocker Custom Softail Cross Bones Road King Road King Classic Electra Glide Standard Electra Street Glide Electra Glide Ultra Classic CVO Ultra Classic CVO Dyna Fatbob CVO Springer CVO Road Glide V-Rod Night Rod Special Muscle

R 87 000 R 90 000 R 102 000 R 105 000 R 105 000 R 129 000 R 118 000 R 113 000 R 129 000 R 175 000 R 185 000 R 199 000 R 214 000 R 210 000 R 248 000 R 254 000 R 230 000 R 261 000 R 234 000 R 263 000 R 276 000 R 241 000 R 284 000 R 314 000 R 449 000 R 339 000 R 369 000 R 379 000 R 214 000 R 229 000 R 227 000


R 142 999 R 137 999 R 147 999 R 102 999 R 117 999 R 83 999 R 109 999 R 118 999 R 94 999 R 106 999 R 32 999 R 12 999 R 108 999 R 95 999 R 74 999 R 61 999 R 34 999 R 35 999 R 16 799 R 15 999 R 14 999 R 11 999 R 21 449 R 29 999 R 19 999 R 30 999 R 78 999 R 62 999 R 35 999 R 19 999 R 10 999 R 82 999 R 21 999 R 42 999 R 40 999 R 49 999 R 65 999 R 75 999 R 45 999 R 63 999 R 77 999 R 89 999

ROAD BIKES EX250K9F Ninja250R ER6-N 2008 ER6-N 2009 ER650F std ER650F ABS ZR750 2008 ZR750 2009 ZR1000 2008 ZR1000 2009 SUPER SPORTS ZX6-R 2008 ZX6-R 2009 ZX6-R 2009 Monster ZX10-R 2008 ZX10-R 2009 ZX14 NINJA 2008 ZX14 NINJA 2009 ZX14 NINJA 2009 Special Edition ZZR1400 ABS 1400GTR ZG 2008 1400GTR ZG 2009 CRUISER VN900B9 CLASSIC VN900C9 CUSTOM VN900C9 CUSTOM Special Edition DUAL PURPOSE KLE650 VERSYS 2008 KLE650 VERSYS 2009 KLR650 2009 MOTOCROSS KX65 2008 KX65 2009 KX85B 2008 Big Wheel KX85B 2009 Big Wheel KX125M 2008 KX250T 2008 Four Stroke KX250W 2009 Four Stroke KX250W 2009 Monster KX450E 2009 Four Stroke KX450E 2009 Monster ENDURO KLX140 2009 KLX450 2009 ATV KVF360A PRAIRIE 4X4 KVF360B PRAIRIE 2X4 KVF650F BRUTE FORCE I KFX450R KFX700 V FORCE SIDE BY SIDE KAF400A MULE610 4X4 KAF400B MULE600 2X4 KAF950F MULE4010 DIESEL KRF750 TERYX 2008

R 45 995 R 64 500 R 72 995 R 64 500 R 67 800 R 74 995 R 85 995 R 94 995 R 99 995 R 89 995 R 119 995 R 124 995 R 119 995 R 149 995 R 125 995 R 149 995 R 152 995 R 114 995 R 129 995 R 179 995 R 96 995 R 96 995 R 99 995 R 69 500 R 89 995 R 54 995 R 19 995 R 21 995 R 24 995 R 27 500 R 43 995 R 54 900 R 79 995 R 83 995 R 84 995 R 73 995

990 Supermoto R 990 Supermoto T Adventure 990 Adventure 990 Adventure 990 Adventure R Hard enduro 690 Enduro 690 Enduro R 950 Super Enduro 950 Super Enduro Erzberg Duke 690 Duke 990 Super Duke 990 Super Duke R RC8 1190 RC8 1190 RC8 1190 RC8 R

R 137 999 R 131 999 R 127 999 R 141 999 R 145 999 R 89 999 R 92 999 R 119 999 R 129 999 R 92 999 R 124 999 R 135 999 R 174 999 R 180 000 R 225 000


ATV Fox 100 Rustler 200 XL 2x4 Rustler 260 XL 2x4 Rustler 260B Rustler 300 2x4 Rustler 300 4x4 Rustler 400 4x4 Rustler 520 4x4 Rustler Rebel 300 Scooter Prince 70 Eggy 125

R 15 000 R 25 000 R 34 000 R 35 000 R 38 000 R 46 000 R 54 000 R 67 000 R 60 000 R 6 500 R 8 950

price FK110SD AGRICULTURAL TF125 DR200SE TRAIL 126cc - UP DL650 DR650SE DL1000 ROAD 126cc - 800cc DRZ400SMK8 DRZ400SMK9 GSR600 GSX-R600 GSF650S GSX650F SV650S GSX-R750 ROAD 800cc - UP GSXR1000K8 GSX-R1000K9 GSF1250S GSX1300BK GSX1300R COMPETITION RM85 RM85LK8 RM125 RM250 RMZ250 RMZ450 QUADRUCYCLES LT-F160 LT-F250 LT-Z250 LT-F400F LT-A400F LT-R450 LT-A750X OFF ROAD DR-Z125L DR-Z400E CRUISER VZ800/Z VLR1800K9

R 14 450 R 21 500 R 29 800 R 87 000 R 67 000 R 109 000 R 61 850 R 68 650 R 69 900 R 111 400 R 71 200 R 74 500 R 68 700 R 118 995 R 146 100 R 155 650 R 92 000 R 116 900 R 163 000 R 36 400 R 37 400 R 43 800 R 56 500 R 61 700 R 78 570 R 32 500 R 48 950 R 49 950 R 74 200 R 59 800 R 89 900 R 19 820 R 61 400 R 99 900 R 155 000


R 29 995 R 74 995 R 65 995 R 59 995 R 72 995 R 57 500 R 59 500 R 79 995 R 69 995 R 159 995 R 124 995


Minicycles 50 SX 65SX MX 85 SX 125 SX 250 SX 250 SX-F 450 SX-F Enduro 2-stroke 125 EXC 200 XC-W 250 XC-W 300 XC-W Enduro 4-stroke 250 XCF-W 450XC-W 530 XC-W ATV 450 XC 525 XC 450 SX 505 SX Supermoto 450 SMR 690 SMC 690 Supermoto 690 Supermoto R 990 Supermoto




R 28 999 R 36 999 R 39 999 R 59 999 R 68 500 R 69 999 R 77 999 R 61 999 R 67 999 R 74 999 R 76 999 R 79 999 R 83 999 R 85 999 R 81 999 R 89 999 R 99 999 R 99 999 R 84 999 R 91 999 R 84 999 R 89 999 R 124 999

Scooters PMX110 Naked T-Rex 125 G-Max 125 G-Max 200

R 15 995 R 16 995 R 19 995 R 26 500


Recreational ATV Trailblazer 330 Scrambler 500 4x4 Outlaw 525 IRS Utility ATV Trailboss 330 Sportsman 300 Sportsman 500 HO Sportsman 800 EFI Sportsman 550 XP Sportsman 850 XP Ranger Ranger 500 EFI Ranger 700 EFI XP Ranger RZR Ranger 6x6

R 62 500 R 105 500 R 125 500 R 64 750 R 77 000 R 93 00 R 118 500 R 125 000 R 145 000 R 149 000 R 165 000 R 211 000 R 212 500

Daytona 675 Daytona 675 LE Street Triple 675 Street Triple 675 R Bonneville 865 Carb Bonneville 865 EFi Bonneville T100 865 2007 Bonneville T100 865 2008 Bonneville T100 EFI Bonneville T100 EFI 50th Bonneville America EFI Speedmaster EFI Scrambler 865 2007 Scrambler 865 2008 Scrambler EFI Thruxton Carb Thruxton EFI Sprint ST 1050 Sprint ST 1050 ABS Speed Triple 1050 Speed Triple 2 1050 Tiger 1050 Tiger 1050 ABS Rocket III Rocket III Classic Rocket III Touring


R 94 500 R 99 500 R 83 500 R 93 500 R 73 500 R 88 500 R 79 500 R 88 500 R 93 500 R 99 500 R 89 500 R 92 500 R 68 500 R 79 500 R 88 500 R 79 500 R 92 500 R 109 995 R 114 995 R 98 500 R 113 500 R 119 500 R 124 500 R 178 500 R 184 500 R 194 500

031 710 6400


MODEL SCOOTER AN125 AN400 AN650A 0 - 125cc EN125-2A COMMERCIAL AX100

R 13 900 R 65 460 R 96 500 R 15 500 R 9 269

MODEL PW50 TTR50E PW80 TT-R110E TTR125LWE BW100 XC125E TMAX 500 YBR125SD DT125 DT175

R 11 960 R 12 250 R 14 280 R 22 695 R 28 560 R 17 945 R 14 934 R 91 155 R 15 790 R 29 500 R 30 975


R 26 500 R 32 445 R 36 668 R 32 130 R 48 450 R 33 558 R 79 588 R 89 385 R 121 099 R 106 050 R 119 600 R 148 655 R 151 052 R 151 498 R 156 560 R 171 700 R 176 750 R 197 455 R 199 500 R 85 000 R 229 000 R 34 000 R 116 500 R 165 000 R 89 000 R 87 413 R 119 180 R 155 000 R 19 999 R 36 575 R 48 000 R 42 500 R 43 500 R 59 500 R 65 500 R 78 254 R 60 594 R 75 743 R 88 500 R 62 693 R 87 035 R 89 528 R 106 998 R 107 134 R 130 000 R 137 280 R 141 440 R 142 480 R 30 594 R 31 615 R 34 866 R 35 937 R 51 974 R 58 000 R 66 000 R 76 500 R 69 500 R 66 944 R 62 394 R 77 500 R 73 500





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