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The town was covered in Rats In every crack and every hole

They fought the dogs and killed the Cats Destroying every townmans soul

At last the corporation sat For the town had finallyCracked

If they did not rid of the rat The mayor would beSac ked

A stranger came and knocked on the door And appeared to be a little Hyp er

Their mouths dropped and hit the floor They were in company of the Pied Piper

The Pied piper set his Price and the council agreed with glee

He'd rid them of the rats and leave the Mice And it appeared they would pay the fee

Onto the street the piper fell and took out his pipe and began to Play

Every rat was under his spell not a single one survived theDay

The piper went to collect his guilders and the council laughed in his Face

Not safe now were their childers They had over stepped their Place

Once more he stepped to the street And started to play his Song

All the children followed his feet And paid for the councils Wrong

They looked for their kids high and low and soon ran out of Time

Named the street after their foe To remind them of their Crime


& written byCara Murtagh

Dedicated toCiaran Caoimhe AndCormac

the pied piper  

3rd year Vis Com illustration work

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