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“Theres too many schools in the area, making the roads congested during the school runs.� Janice Paul, 69

“Stop the bogus sales on doors”. Heather Pilfold”. 81

“The Mojoes nightclub is to noisy as near old peoples home.” Amanda Wells,63

“Keep the historic value as Winstin Churchil Constituancy.�Kirsty Banks, 37

“Woodford is changing with the over crowded areas.” Claire Williams, 45.

“Stop building more.”Phillip Simons, 50

“There are too many gangs coming from The Broadmead Estate.’ James West, 25

“It’s quite convient for the shops.” Alissa Plumb, 18

“We need to look after Knighton Woods.” David Davighi, 66.

“People need to drive more carefully, especially down the quiet roads.� Jenny Lambert, 32

“Theres not much to do for young people it’s boring.” Emily Johnson, 16

“We need a playground for the children.”Doris Buck, 59

“People of Woodford need to respect eachother.” Amelia Jacobs, 26

“It’s not too concrete.” Ernie Jordan, 45

“Keep the low level buildings and open space.� Julie Daler, 33

“Although new in parts Woodford Green still maintains its beauty.� Alison Smith, 47

“Bring back the lake and the pond.� Micheal Stuarts, 52

“No more shops on Woodford Broadway.” Alan Ford, 70

“The way it used to be is the way it should be.” Steve Good, 51

“People need to stop vandalising the street signs.� Ross Stari, 44



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