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First overseas holiday? My first time on a plane was to visit London when I was 19. I’d heard about a play called Stones in his Pockets by Marie Jones, which was taking the West End by storm and I just had to see it. I was blown away. I spent the week walking around London mesmerised by this huge city and being a complete tourist. The palace, the tower, the dungeons, Sherlock Holmes and the Jack the Ripper tours … you name it I did it.

Favourite city you’ve visited? I had an amazing time in Chicago recently, touring a show. It was my first time there. The architecture is incredible and I spent most nights listening to ridiculously brilliant blues bands in various blues bars. I’d love to go back and explore it more.

MY TRAVEL NOTEBOOK Actor Aaron Monaghan is a familiar face on Irish stage and screen, his CV including roles in Hollywood films (Assassin’s Creed, The Foreigner), critically acclaimed indies (71, Patrick’s Day, Maze) and TV (RTÉ’s Striking Out). Fresh from the Edinburgh Festival, where he performed in Waiting for Godot, Monaghan is treading the boards as Richard III in a new DruidShakespeare production ( at Dublin’s Abbey Theatre, October 3-27.

Three must-pack items? Whatever book I’m reading; a notebook for whatever show I’m working on and an iPad with a lot of movies downloaded. Country that you would love to visit? I’m fascinated about the idea of exploring Greece and seeing the islands and architectural ruins, where all those famous myths and legends began. I’m pretty sure the sun and the food would also make it worthwhile. Favourite hotel you’ve stayed in? I’ve a soft spot for the Parker New York as it’s where I stayed the first time I visited NYC and I stay there most times. The views over Central Park are fantastic and it has some sweet touches like Tom & Jerry cartoons in the lifts and the most amazing and secret burger bar in the lobby. Milkshakes and cheeseburgers to die for.

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Favourite theatre to perform in? Dublin’s Abbey Theatre is always close to my heart. I spent two years there when I first came out of college and learned more in that time there than I could ever have wished. Druid’s theatre, the Mick Lally Theatre in Galway, feels like home too. There is a magic in that room and so many memories of all the amazing work I’ve gotten to be part of.

Favourite childhood holiday memories? I never went far as a kid as I loved spending the summer holidays on the neighbouring farms. All the locals used to chip in and help the farmers with their work, herding cattle and shearing sheep. It was always such a thrill as a kid, driving tractors and riding round on top of trailers packed high with bales of hay. It was as wild as it got for a kid in Cavan!

What is your road most travelled? The road home to Cavan, to see my family. I love walking up the little country road at this time of year, kicking through the autumn leaves.

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Cara October/November 2018  

Cara October/November 2018