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Top, Port de Nice where the vast yachts of the megarich moor, above, local lad Guiseppe Garibaldi atop his plinth in Place Garibaldi.

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early use of fire about 300,000 years ago and may have indulged in a little cannibalism, but only for ritual purposes. For someone like me city who needs history like meat strolling needs salt, this is all heaven. Nice is a particularly nice city At noon every day, in which to perambulate. Smart when a loud cannon phone addicts can download any startles me, I remember of a number of city walking apps for Scottish visitor Sir Thomas Coventryguidance, whereas those of the More, who is said to have old school may find it more instituted this daily boom interesting to just stroll in 1861 as a reminder to his and discover. wife to get his lunch on.

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It was the Greeks of Marseilles who founded the city, three and a half centuries before Christ, and named it for Nike, the winged goddess of victory who heaps rewards on winners. And Nice is full of winners, such as the wellheeled Anglos with their villas on the exclusive lush promontory of St-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, just east of town. (The famous Promenade des Anglais is named for the English, not because they lifted a hand to build it but because they commissioned the starving locals

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