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Contributors Hailing from Dublin, but based in London, Ontario, EMMA DONOGHUE is a novelist, playwright and literary historian whose latest book of stories, Astray, is all about journeys. Her new play – The Talk of the Town – premieres at the Dublin Theatre Festival (to October 14). With her partner and children, Donoghue recently spent ten months in Nice on the French Riviera (see page 70) eating way too many pains au chocolat (which, she was delighted to learn, are at least considerably lower-calorie than pains au raisin). “The only problem is that when I tell people about it, their eyes slightly cross with resentful envy,” she laughs. “There’s a quality of beauty to the place that gave every ordinary day there an extraordinary overtone.” Editor at large for National Geographic Traveler magazine, ANDREW MCCARTHY has written for the New York Times, The Atlantic and The Wall Street Journal. He was recently named “Travel Journalist of the Year” by the Society of American Travel Writers. Despite these dubious achievements, Andrew is best known for kissing Molly Ringwald (in Pretty in Pink), dragging a dead body through two films (Weekend at Bernie’s I & II) and for trying to keep Robert Downey Jr. off drugs (Less Than Zero). His memoir, The Longest Way Home, has just been released. His story (see page 120) is an example of “one of the multitude of things discussed in the book that I have had to get over in order to get on with life.”

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Based in London, NICOLA ISEARD is an award-winning freelance travel writer. She is also the editor of Fall-Line, a skiing magazine, so she spends much of her time on the slopes – something she’s had a passion for since she learnt to ski at four years old. Last winter, Nicola travelled to the Jura Mountains, tucked in the northern French Alps, for Cara. “A world away from fast-paced Geneva just 15 minutes away, this is a peaceful region, carpeted with vast stretches of wilderness”, remarks Nicola. “But, despite having three ski areas, it is relatively undiscovered by the hoards of skiers that descend upon the Alps. For my husband, Christian, and I looking for a long weekend’s ski jaunt, it was a no-brainer”. ON THE COVER

Kitesurfing on Achill Island, Co Mayo, in the run-up to the Aer Lingus Kite Surf Pro. Photographed by Peter Dybowski and David Sciora of Big Smoke Studio.

CARA MAGAZINE October/November 2012  

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