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Kacy the  Beagle    

Wri/en by  Cara  Carlucci     Illustra6ons  from  Google  and  arranged/edited  by  Cara  Carlucci  

Kacy the  Beagle   Wri/en  by  Cara  Carlucci  

A li/le  girl  named  Sara  always  wanted  a  beagle.     Every  night  at  bed6me,  Sara’s  mom  read  her  stories.  Sara's  favorite  was  a  story  about  dogs.  Sara   learned  about  the  many  breeds  of  dogs.  She  liked  them  all,  but  her  favorite  was  the  beagle.     Not  only  was  the  beagle  cute,  but  the  book  said  that  with  its  strong  sense  of  smell,  it  could  sniff  its   way  home  if  it  ever  got  lost.  

Sara collected  lots  of  stuffed  animal  beagles,  beagle  hats,  beagle   beach  bags,  and  had  a  case  with  a  collec6on  of  glass  beagles.       OJen,  Sara  would  ask  her  mom  and  dad  for  a  real  one.  

When Sara  was  in  1st  grade,  her  dad  said,  “Maybe  it's  6me  to  look  at   geNng  a  beagle.”     They  looked  in  the  paper  and  saw  there  were  beagles  for  sale  in  a  li/le   town  not  far  away.  

When they  called  the  owner,  they  learned  that  the  males  were  already  sold  and  the  only  female  leJ  had  a  broken  tail.     “Oh,  that's  too  bad,"  said  Sara's  mom.  Sara  and  her  mom  thought,  “Maybe  that  is  not  the  beagle  for  us.”     They  hung  up  the  phone,  then  thought,  “Maybe  that  li/le  beagle  needs  us,"  so  they  decided  to  go  look  at  the  dog.  

When they  arrived,  the  most  adorable  beagle  puppy  with  a  crooked  tale  came  running  up  to   where  Sara  was  standing.       Sara  picked  up  the  puppy  and  it  licked  her  face.       She  knew  instantly  that  she  had  to  have  this  dog.  

Sara named  her  beagle  Kacy.     “That's  K  -­‐A-­‐C-­‐Y”,  Sara  said,  “KACY,  the  Beagle!”  

Sara couldn’t  stop  talking  about  her  new   dog.     She  wrote  about  Kacy  all  the  6me  in   school.  

Sara's friends  and  neighbors  loved  coming  over  to  play  with  the  cute   beagle  puppy.  

Sara always  took  care  of  Kacy  and  spoiled  her.     Sara  even  let  Kacy  sleep  in  her  bed  at  night.    

Over the  years  as  Sara  grew,  she  always  took  care   of  her  beagle.     Kacy  went  everywhere  with  Sara.       She  went  on  lots  of  walks,  went  to  the  park,  and   even  went  on  family  trips.  

When Sara  was  old  enough  to  drive,  Kacy  went   everywhere  with  her  in  the  car.  

When It  was  6me  for  college,  Sara  was  both  excited  to   go,  but  also  sad  to  leave  her  dog.    

Sara called  her  parents  oJen  to  check  on  Kacy.     Kacy  was  older  now  and  Sara  wanted  to  make  sure  her  mom  and  dad  help  Kacy  keep  the  ac6ve  lifestyle  she  has   always  had.  It  kept  her  young.  

Kacy goes  along  on  every  trip  to  visit  Sara  at   college.       Sara’s  parents  know  just    how  much  Kacy  means   to  her.  

Kacy was  the  best  dog.       She  really  was  right  beagle  for  Sara.  

I hope  you  enjoyed  my  book.  It  is  a  true  story   about  my  dog  and  I’m  just  as  crazy  about  her   now  as  I  was  back  then.    

Children's Book  

ECE Final Book Project

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