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About Me Education 2017-Present Nottingham Trent University BA Product Design—1st Year

Hi, I’m Cara Robinson I’m a first year BA Product Design student at Nottingham Trent University. I’ve always had a love for design and the endless possibilities it can bring. I’m very motivated when doing things I love. My strongest areas in design are sketching and CAD work, I love everything to be perfect and I love having to solve problems as it gives me a huge sense of achievement. I have a very organised approach and work well in a team, these are skills I can transfer to any organisation or situation.

2015—2017 Hawarden High Sixth Form A-Levels Product design, Maths, Physics, Welsh Baccalaureate

Skills Persona Development Problem Solving Communication Mood Boards Organisation Prototyping Teamwork Sketching CAD


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01 BPMA Bottle Top Protector - Individual Project 4 weeks

Hole for straw to go through so you can drink whilst protecting your drink

Brief Many companies are looking for a new promotional item or gadget that they can use, which has their brand or logo on it. Your design needs to reflect an innovative approach to this, however, there is no reason that traditional favourites like the pen, mug or mousemat can’t be altered in some way to include another feature that exists separately, but not yet in combination with the pen, mug or mousemat.

Design concept Space for companies logo on top of cap. Easily engraved and branded.

Whole cap made from silicone so it is flexible and easy to place on top of bottle and remove from top of bottle.

The idea behind this product is to have something to prevent drink spiking in places like concerts and night clubs. The product is made out of silicone so it can be easily removed from any bottle. The company can put their logo on the top of the cap to advertise.

Ideation I sketched many variations of this product; different shapes, features and additions. This was to help me to visualise what would work best and what wasn't necessary. It also helped me to see which shape would be easiest to brand which is the flat simple top.

Journey of Use I created a simple sketch to show how the promotional product would be used. The customer would purchase a ticket to their concert or night club . They would then attend it where they would be given a free bottle cap on the door. They would then purchase their chosen drink and put the bottle top on it. Now their drink is protected from being spiked.

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02 Wilko Travel Storage Box - Individual Project 4 weeks

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Brief Design an innovative new product for the ‘Blox’ product range to be sold in Wilko Stores across the UK. The concept should be supported by in-depth research into your chosen field. One area to look at is storage solutions & play on the go. The concepts should be gender neutral. The concepts should be able to be manufactured at a Wilko price point. The concepts shouldn’t replicate any market leading branded products. The concepts should not be kit designs unless it has new point of different/innovative features.

For on the move, the hooks o back of the storage box slide hook around the headrest of seat in front. This means the doesn't have to balance it on lap.



m of how the box works and ne with it.

The market sector for this product is children over the age of 5. This is because the youngest a child can be to play with toys with small parts, like Blox, is 5 years old. The product could be used by anyone who wants it but it is aimed and marketed towards young children.

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When the lid is taken off the flaps on the side fall down to reveal a baseplate and storage space for box and instructions. The face of the storage box has interchangeable scenes to form a background

Design Concept The idea for this product is for it to be a multifunctional, travel storage box for children to play on the go. I developed this idea from a generic storage box and added the features on that would make it better. These are things like hooks to hang it on a car headrest, fold down baseplates with a lip to stop block being dropped off the edges, and a lid with a handle to carry it when not using it.

Ideation For the ideation in this project I tried to come up with a number of different ideas that I could develop but once I came up with the storage box idea I went with it and developed it from there to get this end product.

03 Home-ware Sheet Metal Bookend - Individual Project 8 weeks

Brief Explore the commercial home-ware market, developing a single or range of products specifically for sheet material manufacturing. Understanding the production methods and materials supported by them is essential. There are no restrictions on type of product you produce however awareness of target market must be considered. There may be further neeed for stock fixings, further fabrication/finishing.

Product Description A trio of bookends inspired by the natural form of a beehive. The product has been brought into the modern home with the use of three beautiful materials, copper, brass and steel, that could fit into any design lovers abode. Giving them a brudhed finish adds to the inviting and homely feel of the products. Two rubber strips on the inner faces provide extra protection for your furniture

H ex Sheet Metal Bookend


Available in three materials

Second Year Product Design Portfolio  

Second Year BA NTU

Second Year Product Design Portfolio  

Second Year BA NTU