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Question 6: What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product? During this course I have used many programmes and websites that I didn’t know. Below are the main websites I used: Before the course I didn’t understand how owning a blog worked and via using Blogger I am now comfortable with composing my own blog posts and embedding codes which I could not have done before. I used flickr as a way to analyse magazine front covers, dps and contents pages using the “add note” tool on the website and I now know how to share these images onto blogger and other programmes. During my completion of the audience research I had to create graphs using the data I had collected. To do this I used Chartgo online which was, at first, very confusing but I can now use the website quickly and effectively. Now I can create a graph using the internet instead of Excel. To put my evaluation answers onto my blog I had to write them on word, save them as a pdf and then upload them to issuu where I could then get a embed code for my blog posts. Before this stage I had never used issuu before and now I am confident in the methods of uploading and how to share the things I have uploaded.

Before the course I would have only used PowerPoint for my presentations but now I have used prezi for analysis and my evaluation stage I realise that I have more options.

By Cara Watling

Advantages of relying on free internet applications: You have more options in the presentation of your article/presentation They are often simple to use Most internet applications give you an option to share/ make work visible to friends It is easier to link work to another site if it is already online.

Disadvantages of relying on free internet applications: If the internet goes down before saving all of your work might be lost You might forget your username or password and not be able to access your own work If the website gets too popular it might stop being free to use If someone learns your account details they could claim your work

In Photoshop I have learned how to use layers to create different effects and how to create my own graphics such as the star design on my contents page.

I have also learned how to use the blending options on Photoshop to create a drop shadow and inner/outer glow etc. By using these tools I can create a more 3D product so that the magazine doesn’t look too flat.

These are just two examples of tools in Photoshop that I am now confident in. By Cara Watling

Question 6  

Media studies evaluation part 6.

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