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Form work – braced, filled with all form/ all face concrete Block wall – core filled 190x200x400 block After every 400mm = vertical bar Concrete characteristic strength reached – min. 28 days Form ply – LVL (laminated veneer lumber) – light, resistant, stronger and cheaper than timber, termite proof, formed with laminate and glue Oregon finish – pour on concrete to achieve pattern (aesthetic) Steel portal framed section of building – rapid construction as it is prefabricated and then brought and constructed quickly on site Timber fascia 2 windows, double door, 4 windows, double door Sound insulation: Roof d Insulation Batten Blue tongue sheeting 25mm timber floor Purlin

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Timber in-fills Mechanical ductwork in ceiling Insulation goes on inside after waterproofing and flashing Plasterboard Ceiling – tongue and groove timber Gas fireplace Skylight window Louvre to ventilate building Bolted connections Cement sheeting on timber battens – CFC 35mm top hat – screwed on timber for sound and heat insulation Hand-rail clamp – clamps on roof sheet Over-flashing sits on top of box gutter Window section – fixed External cladding – tongue and groove – yellow box wood material Voltex – cloth fabric waterproofing membrane 200mm thick retaining wall Build-ability and longevity: crucial considerations in architectural design

Week 10 Journal Submission  

Week 10 Journal Constructing Environments The University of Melbourne

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