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Why we get pleasure from Homeland so significantly ? "Homeland," Showtime's highest rated show about terrorism and treason, has returned for Season Two in "The Smile." Things are getting tense indeed for your traitorous former Marine and our mentally disturbed former spy. Brody, the traitor former Marine and secret Muslim, has become a United States Congressman, trying to follow his Al Qaeda masters by influencing policy. But he soon discovers that there's no limit to treason once he's got committed it. Al Qaeda wants him to destroy into a senator's safe to get information on certain targets the terrorists want to hit. Though he expresses reluctance to engage in the taking of innocent lives, he does it anyway. He is also in line to be Vice President. The mosque's Imam is understandably upset on the gunning down of worshipers at his mosque. He does not appear to be a radical jihadist, but is not wanting to reveal if Walker was a member of the mosque. He strongly believes that the FBI is lying when they say they were fired upon first. He is correct in this assumption. Carrie, for the time being, 's all but catatonic, within the depression phase of her bipolar episode. Her life is apparently over. She is gone from your Agency and possesses failed to prevent what she believes is about to occur. No one believes her. Even so, she manages to rise from her bed and try again to find out what's going on and to stop it. In the meantime, people at the CIA discover Walker's Achilles heel. He is calling his wife's phone when he knows she actually is not there just to hear her voice. The CIA plans to use that to acquire Walker's location. But his wife needs to cooperate, answering the product and keeping him on prior to the trace is made. Unfortunately she panics and warns Walker off. Carrie, the CIA agent under consideration, recovered Nicholas Brody's, the traitorous former Marine and current Congressman showcased, suicide bomber tape from the previous season. Brody, who has been the captive of Al Qaeda for eight a number of is now working for them, ended up part of a plot to explode the Vice President and a number of other high officials. Brody failed to go through with it, but he is Al Qaeda's willing Manchurian candidate.

Brody wakes up in the room. Via a two way video hook-up, Abu Nazir reminds him which he had joined the plot as they has been told that this explosion was caused by an American drone strike, that the then CIA director lied about. That man is currently the Vice President who is currently trying to get Brody to own for office. Brody would be to accept the offer. Walker's part in the plot is just not something Brody need bother about. Brody seems now to become recommitted for the operation.

Why we get pleasure from Homeland so significantly ?  

Claire Danes has created a return to the televisio...

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