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2014 Price List Session Fee: $100 Cake Smash Fee: $120 (this includes a cake also) Please allow for up to 2-3 hours for a Newborn Session. All other sessions are for up to 1 hour. The session fee, ONLY covers the photographer's time, talent and editing of images which are then uploaded to an online password protected gallery. The link to this gallery will be sent to you via email, where it will remain open for 2 weeks, Any further time required will incur a $20 charge per week there after, which is required before the gallery will be re-opened. PLEASE NOTE: The session fees do not include prints or digital files.

Prints & Framed Prints For each image ordered in printed form, you will receive the digital form as well either on disk or USB.

Prints 5x7” $40 each 8x10” $45 each 8x12” $50 each 11x14” $55 each

Framed Prints 5x7” (Un-matted) $150 8x10” $200 10x10” (Square) $250 11x14” $250 14x14” (Square) $340

All frames come in a choice of white or black, the square frames can hold multiple images, great for the small detail shots of a newborn baby, Or a cake smash session

Canvas's / Photo Albums & Boxes Canvas 10x10” 8x12” A3 16x24”

$160 $200 $220 $250

Photo Albums 5x7” Brag Book $100 6x6” Classic Leather $200 8x8” Crystal Cover $300

PLEASE NOTE: Other sizes are available, if you would like a quote, feel free to send me a message or email, Packages are coming soon, In the mean time however, These (packages) can be tailor made to your needs.

You will notice that Digital Images are NOT advertised for purchasing separately, That is because I prefer to sell my photography as Art for your walls, rather then shoving a disk in the back of a cupboard only to be pulled out months later, I too am guilty of this. All images ordered in print form, are included as a digital copy for you to print at your own free will, I do NOT take responsibility for the end result of those images. My images are embedded with a professional print lab's printing profiles, so how I see them on my computer are exactly how they will return from that lab.

Newborn Session

Newborn sessions are preferred anywhere between 4 & 14days old, This is to ensure we are able to capture those teeny little newborn moments, and when their bodies are able to be positioned into curly poses, However, I will photograph a newborn up to 4 weeks old, but doing so, won't guarantee that we will be able to get those sleepy curly images, baby may also be more awake and aware of their surroundings at that time, Each baby is different. Newborn sessions will take around 2-3 hours, I ask that you bring bub dressed in loose clothing (something that is easily taken off) and to loosely fasten bub's nappy to avoid marks,If possible try to keep bub awake 1 hour prior to the session, Don't worry if they fall asleep in the car, If bub takes a dummy, bring that in also, When you arrive, I will have everything set up, ready to go, we will un-dress bub, give them a top up and get them off to a deep sleep and start the session For every Newborn session booked, You will receive a complimentary 30-45 minute maternity session also, best done at 34+ weeks,3 Images are included,sent via email.

Babies from 4 months to 2 years

Babies from around 4 months of age are such happy babies, they will smile at anything and everything, They may (or may not) be loving tummy at this age, Which makes for great photographs! Simple little changes to the set up can make an image look completely different, Although we may be a little limited as far as sitting up goes, we can still have a lot of fun at this age, These types of sessions typically run for about an hour, and are best done when bub has had a good sleep, So try to keep that in mind when booking your session (the last thing we want is a grumpy baby who isn't having a bar of anything) I recommend bringing in a couple of outfit changes to each session, and to keep patterns & logo's to a minimum, Plain but cute outfits are best, something that isn't too distracting All other ages, we can photograph during their growth stages, wether it be sitting up un-aided and possibly crawling at 6 months, (also another fun time) standing against furniture or beginning to walk at around 8-9months and then their first birthday at 12months of age All sessions (apart from newborns) are typically an hour long, sometimes longer, or shorter.

Cake Smash (1 year) Cake smashes are becoming a popular way to celebrate the first year of life of your little one, For anyone who hasn't herd about cake smashes, They are just that, we photograph your bub smashing up a cake, These sessions are about an hour long, and will start off as a normal session to get your bub warmed up to me and also the camera, then we'll introduce a cake and let them whack into it Please note that these sessions are a bit messy, I assure you not to worry about the mess at all, I will clean that up afterwards You will notice these sessions have an extra charge, that is to cover the cost of the cake also, Your choice of filling and colours and i'll organize it If bub has any food allergies, please let me know so that I can organize a cake that won't contain those foods

If you have any other questions, feel free to send me a message via facebook : or via email : I look forward to hearing from you soon! Kara XX

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