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I met Caroline at undergrads uni. It was the Univ of Lincoln I think between 1999 and 2002. The campus pub called the Hogs Head had an offer on ‘2 double vodkas for 1’ it was a warm day so we sat outside and ended up having four double vodkas with orange all before lunch and were pretty drunk for our lecture. Our lecturer found out as another student told him and he was great about it. Told us to bring a bottle onto our exam to jog our memories. We both passed the cognitive psychology lecture.

We were regularly drunk like most at uni. Once in conversation we talked about what open star names we’d have if we ever changed career. Caroline’s was cucumber.


Caroline, I met you at Long Road Sixth Form College and sat next to you in those glorious history lessons!! All I can remember from those lessons is Tim telling us how to catch a fly - very useful indeed!! And we had Psychology together – much more useful – and look what it has led us both to today. Hope you like my pics from our history trip to Dublin and our leavers ball. I also managed to find one of you at my hen party. I am so pleased and honoured that you’re my friend and we have managed

to keep in touch over all these years. Enjoy your hen night and I look forward to seeing what the next chapter of your life brings you. Lots of love my dear friend xxx

“Best friends are people you know you don’t need to talk to every single day. You don’t even need to talk to each other for weeks, but when you do, it’s like you never stopped talking”


Me and Caroline went to school together from the age of 11 but didn’t really become close friends until she was near the end of university. We did, however, go on holiday with a group of friends after our A-levels when we were 18 to Mallorca. We spent pretty much the entire time stalking one of the men who worked as an entertainer at the hotel. Wherever he went, we weren’t far behind. In the mornings we would play bat and ball near to where he was and purposely hit it towards him so we could take turns retrieving it. We’d follow him to the beach and at night

we’d sit at the bar staring at him. That is where we first got out taste for sex on the beach cocktails! I moved to Switzerland for 8 months in 2001 and just before that we met up at what was to become our favourite haunt, the Rat and Parrot in Cambridge. I found a letter Caroline wrote to me about the Rat and Parrot, Sex on the beaches and bouncers! For a few years we spent every spare minute at the place and became quite friendly with the bouncers. We went so often the staff named me ‘Rat’ and

Caroline ‘Parrot’ and we also gave all the bouncers and bar staff their own names. One of our most memorable (drunk) nights ended up with me being told to f***ing leave one of the bouncers alone and Caroline falling asleep and being carried downstairs by the bouncer we had named her dad. We marched around like we owned the place and even had our own table. We will never get over the fact it has become Revolution, it’s just not the same. We’d usually get a really early bus into

town to start our nights out dressed like sluts when everyone else was still in town shopping. We’d get the late bus home (if you can call 11pm late) and stagger home in the dark to Caroline’s where we’d binge on toast. One time we got on the bus but then stupidly decided to get off again and see if one of the bouncers would take us home. We ended up getting a taxi.


The photos are of course of us having fun, getting drunk. We took over the flat of my ex-boyfriend when he went away for 3 months and threw a party for all of his and our friends. I remember our party food consisted of a bowl of cheese and pineapple! I also remember us getting up ridiculously early the next morning and cleaning for hours in our hungover state.


It’s kind of a bit complicated how I know Caroline - my husband Simon’s 89 year old Nan a few years ago married James’s Granddad as they both lived in the same old people’s sheltered housing place in St Ives…so I guess you could say we are kind of family!! And we have all got on ever since! The picture is taken in Browns Cambridge on a night out with them with lovely food & drink!


Meeting dermot

Cuddling my son Sam he calls you Dr Aunty Caroline


My wedding with Carolne as bridesmaid

Off to a wedding a year where we went to 6 weddings!


I met caroline at the start of training and we survived training! We've had some cool nights out


We met on the Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at UEA in 2008 & have been friends since. We’ve had many great times together as a group of friends, including nights out & birthdays, weddings and graduation celebrations. I mostly remember Caroline on her 30th birthday and how tipsy she was dancing on the dance floor, having a great time & also our trip to Edinburgh, where we had great fun!

It has been a pleasure to get to know you over the last 4 years. You remained a calming influence throughout training and have since become one of my most trusted friends. I have fond memories of nights out, Dublin trip and great gossips. I will always value your warmth and patience, and hope that we will share many more memories and fun times in the future.



You and James so clearly belong together and I am happy to wish you both all the love in your future as husband and wife. I am very much looking forward to celebrating the end of your ‘Miss’ era and the start of your married life.

I met Caroline the evening before starting clinical psychology training in October 2008. Caroline and I had the pleasure of sharing a small cottage with another trainee in “Spixworth”. I was very nervous about starting training and living in Cambridge having just moved from Ireland. Caroline was the first fellow trainee that I met and she soon became one of the closest trainees to me on the course. I immediately liked Caroline. Caroline was friendly, sincere and very modest. I very quickly felt at ease with Caroline. The three years of training were emotionally draining and Caroline was typically the first person on the course that I spoke to about any problems to do with training or personal. Caroline is always generous with her


time and support and always ready to listen. We shared many a “moan” and a story on drives to and from “bloody UEA”. Since finishing training and moving away from Cambridge I still turn to Cazza for advice and support, and she has never let me down. I first met James a few months after I met Caroline when he gave me a lift home from the train station after a shopping trip to London with Caroline. I remember thinking that they were so well suited; both gentle, caring and friendly. I am really happy that I can celebrate with Caroline and James in July and am excited to be part of her hen party celebrations.

What happens when you disclose your fear of lying to a group of fellow Trainee Clinical Psychologists? The next thing you know you are booked on a flight to Edinburgh and crying your eyes out in front of complete strangers! Thankfully I can now fly to my hearts content and have wonderful memories of a fab girls weekend away. No one else has ever bought me in flight Champagne again though... x


Caroline hen01