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I can vividly recall delivering my groom wedding speech a number of years ago. It was not the most complicated task due to the fact I had taken several public speaking class in college. Public speaking gave me the butterflies because I was being evaluated. But to tell you the truth, the groom speech was much easier than speech class because it was like giving a campfire talk. I treated is just as talk. I was not being graded or evaluated. If I could impress my bride and my inlaws, that is what really counted. If I could not bore the rest, then I would deem myself a success. Regardless, for some people delivering a groom wedding speech is a daunting task for them because they are usually not confident about speaking in public. Many people have never given any public talk. Rest assured that I will cover ways to leap over any hurdles that you have about giving your groom wedding speech. If you can just remember that your wedding speech is just a heart to heart talk, then you will do just fine. You can be a lousy public speaker. Maybe you are not even a funny guy. Don't sweat it, because you can be any of these and still give a great groom wedding speech. Don't fake anything because your wife and parents will know. My advice is to be yourself and act sincere. Your fiance' found something attractive about you. Hone in on those qualities. Now that I've told you that you don't need to be fantastic or funny, you're in all probability wondering what the secret is to giving a truly good groom wedding speech. Hold breath and count to ten. There is no secret. Grab onto a few key points that will guarantee success. The key is correct preparation and planning. Now you are thinking "I knew there was a catch!" Slow down. I am going to show an insiders secret to delivering a killer groom wedding speech. The insider secret is using wedding planning books and guides to prepare your wedding speak. I utilized a guide that I purchased on-line to assist me in writing my groom wedding speech. The guide had a large number of real life examples and this really helped me out. I used one of the templates that seemed custom tailored to my personality. I added my own words making it my own original creation. It was like taking a fill in the blanks test at college with the answer key right in front of me. Once I created the speech, I practiced it a few times and then recorded it on my computer. Since the words were really my own, I did not have to memorize it. I used a few note cards with the key points of the talk. The speech guide integrated a lot of wedding examples speeches including the well anticipated father of the bride toast and the best man toasts. In all honesty, I never knew that any of these talks were not all expected, they are required! For the most part, I was more interested in the available single women and eating the free food than I was in the wedding or reception talks.

I learned that it was imperative to coordinate with my best man, father of the bride, and my bride about what I was likely to say. I didn't need to repeat what they were going to talk about. I also learned to square every away with my best man before he ruined the wedding intentionally or unintentionally. Don't let him drink any alcohol until after he has given the best man toast! Additionally, I didn't want to throw any surprises in my groom speech that would embarrass any individual within the wedding party or guests. The wedding planning guide that I used assisted me from start to finish in my speech preparation. Your marriage day is one of the most significant moments of your life; you ought to give a speech will be remembered by all. Just don't blow the candle light away from your bride. Make sure that people will remember how beautiful she was rather than how funny and witty you were during your groom speech. It's usually expected to start out with how the two of you met and also a few humorous points that happened for the duration of your courtship. Skip trying to be witty or sound like a statesman unless your really are. Take a few moments (not hours) to thank people who contributed to making the wedding a success. Thank your in-laws, mother and father, brothers and sisters, and all of us else such as the wedding party who made this a incredibly successful marriage day. Most essential all, thank your bride! Just to make certain that you just have included every person. Just say in a nice way that you are sort of nervous and cannot recall every person. A few people are going to offended no matter what because you did not say enough about them. Think of your honeymoon and forget these people. Chances are that you will never have to deal with them again. I would like to caution you to utilize humor with extreme care as you truly don't wish to hurt anyone's feelings. Your wedding day could turn into a family brawl and be remembered for ever as that. Be prepared for the best man toast. Know exactly what he is going to say. The best man toasts have a tendency to make fun of the groom so expect retribution in-kind. You can always get even with him after your wedding. Some of your respective guests like humorous groom speeches and some will not. If you are not Jay Leno, then skip any Hollywood type of humor. If it is possible to be amusing and get away with it by all means do it. But in case you are not a stand up comic, bad jokes have a tendency to let the wind out of one's sails. Worse yet, your bride will also be embarrassed. If you do joke, they gotta be clean! No off color jokes of any kind. I would look online at sites like or YouTube for some humorous wedding speeches and locate what works and what doesn't. Look at bad examples. People post these all the day and they are funny as all get out! I admit that I feel sorry for those grooms that were such geeks and all the dorky things that they said. Learn from the loosers! I think I have said way more than I intended.

Do yourself a favor and use a template or a guide. Forget shelling out hundreds of dollars for some ding bat to write a speech for you. I found that professionally written speeches make you sound like a politician. Unless you are running for mayor, save your money!

Jim Water lives in the Bay Area with his wife Tracy. They enjoy inline skating, drinking Peets Coffee, and relaxing. Jim started a high tech copy writing business and enjoys helping people out. Take a look at Jim's Groom Wedding Speech blog to get a few more tips on giving your wedding speech. He has Youtube videos of great groom toasts, worst groom wedding speeches, and funny groom speeches.

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