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Weddings are some of the most ancient and sacred ceremonies in the history of humanity as they are present all over the world but still have different customs and traditions depending on region and religion. There are, however, some unwritten norms that are required during a wedding ceremony know as etiquette. Wedding planning etiquette is not a very difficult task as this is something generally known by everyone in a certain community. Following such etiquette determines the sobriety of such an event. Wedding planning etiquette is directly related to many aspects of the ceremonies. Who Pays? The main tradition is to have the bride's family pay the bill of the entire wedding but nowadays this is no longer respected and the responsibilities of the occasion are shared between the two families. Most of the time this is the traditional procedure though there can always be exceptions such as the couple having some money of their own and paying the cost of the entire wedding. Responsibilities of The Parents One of the first rules of wedding planning etiquette regarding the couple's families concern the mother of the groom who has the first initiative of meeting the parents of the bride. The groom's family should take care of informing their own guests of the wedding to which they are invited to while the bride's parents do the same for their own guests. The brides mother is first to select her daughter's dress. A dress similar in style and color is then chosen by the groom's mother. During the reception the groom's mother is given the role of greeting the guests and introducing them to the bride and her family. It is the bride's father who must accompany his daughter down the aisle up to the alter rather than the groom, where he entrusts her to her future husband symbolically representing the fact that the primary role of the parents in the life of the bride has come to an end. Wedding Dance Yet another important rule of wedding planning etiquette is the dance. Traditionally the bride and groom are the first to dance to their special song. Then the groom's father dances with the bride while his mother dances with her son. After this the bride's parents turn to participate in the dance and then the best man may enter. This is the opening of the reception which suggests that all the guests are invited to dance.

These are some of the main issues to be remembered for wedding planning etiquette. It isn't necessary to respect all of these traditions but the more attention you pay to them the more traditional the wedding will be. Nowadays there is little preservation of wedding planning etiquette such as not taking into consideration that wedding dresses are not always white, which is the most important rule of proper wedding etiquette.

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==== ==== Do not try planning your upscale wedding alone ==== ====

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