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==== ==== How would you like to have EVERY email of Every Business in your town? ==== ====

If you subscribe to any interent marketing newsletters of visit any of the forums, you have probably heard people refer to Aweber quite a bit. The fact is, Aweber has been of the most popular and trusted internet marketing services around for over a decade. Aweber is a very useful e-mail management system; you pay a monthly fee and are able to efficiently maintain a large number (depending on your level of service) of newsletter and e-mail lists. Remember, just because e-mail marketing looks pretty easy on the surface does not mean that it is actually an easy task. It's only when you use a service like Aweber that e-mail campaigns become as simple as they appear. Why do so many internet marketers value this particular service above all others? Aweber's been in business for a decade, or more. It came into existence, publicly, in 1998. Over the last decade (plus a few years) upgrades have been made to the system that helps e-mail marketers keep up with a Web 2.0 marketplace. They have progressed from just autoresponders to the total email marketing solution. Seems many customers are very happy with the functional aspects of Aweber, and it has outpaced its main competitors in the area of staying current with online business developments. If you want to optimize your email marketing campaigns, then you'll want to use tracking in your list marketing emails. Of course, tracking your success and subscribers is difficult if you try to do it yourself. As you may have guessed, Aweber will do this for you with tracking and analytics. What this allows you to do is know your email conversion rates by tracking the clicks to your site, or other offers. And that's the important factor to getting the most out of any marketing campaign. Can you do all the necessary list management tasks on your own? Aweber will do your list maintenance and keep track of people who both sign up and opt out of your list for you. Another exremely useful feature is tracking those who buy from your list, and you can use that to manage your marketing even better. Of course there are protections in place for spamming considerations as they'll always know who you can email and who you cannot. There's no reason why email marketing should be difficult to make money with. If you know what you're doing, it's a most lucrative method to make money in internet marketing. Of course, if you do not have the right tools to help you, your might find that you are spending a lot of time building something and not getting the returns that you desire. Aweber has over 10 years worth of experience and improvements. It's so popular because people think it is valuable.

Any business who needs to manage email lists can benefit from using Aweber, from diversity

training companies keeping track of their students, to lawnmower review sites who want to email offers to their subscribers.

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==== ==== How would you like to have EVERY email of Every Business in your town? ==== ====

Great way to gather EVERY Email Address of Every Business in your City or Country  

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