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If used correctly, an email campaign can be more profitable than a traditional direct mail campaign. You are about to discover some powerful tools for getting the most from your next email campaign. The basic principles of direct response marketing still apply here. In fact, some basic response principles even increase in importance. The most important principal is getting the customer's attention (and keeping it). With direct response mail you have 5-15 seconds to get the customers attention, but with email you have about 1-5 seconds. Nail the Subject line You really need to make the first thing they notice powerful and compelling. This has to be accomplished with strong professional visuals and persuasive copy. The most important of which is the headline. The headline for your email is the subject line, remember your email is competing with dozens of other emails in your customers inbox, so make yours standout. The main benefit of your product or service should be in the subject line. It is best to state the benefit up front. The subject line should be simple and easy to understand and yet compelling enough to motivate them to open the email. Stay away from common "junk" email words and phrases, like "Save", "Money", "Bargain" or "Limited-time offer". When you are able to include (HTML) you can actually add visuals to your message, just remember to make them professional. Hit the target Everything I've mentioned so far relies on one thing. That one thing is a target market, your main customers you serve. There is a wide spectrum of emails flying across the internet and into the inboxes of potential customers everyday. On the lowest end is the unsolicited bulk emails, which are completely untargeted. At the highest end of the spectrum are emails to your own current customer database which is completely targeted. And in the middle are the rented email lists you can get of magazines, ezines or other list brokers. You'll want to know where the emails come from, for example what products or services these people have purchased in the past. Knowing what they purchased will help you know what they will purchase in the future. Qualify the list

The best list to rent are the double opted in lists. These list are harder for a customer to subscribe to because they ask for two responses to confirm they want the emails. Some of these lists actually reconfirm the customers desire to get the emails every few months. You'll pay top dollar for them but you'll also get the best response, too. The quality of the list determines the quality of the response you'll get. Just like in regular mail, spend a lot of time searching for the right list. There is a list for just about every product or service. Here's a tip, most lists owners can be negotiated with. So, ask for everything you want, like using the list several times (or, better pricing). Include Links Make it easy for the them to go to your main website for more information or to place an order. Do this by adding at least three or more links throughout email. Show Testimonials I like including testimonials in the email or providing a link to a testimonial page. The testimonial is a third party endorsement of your product or service. It's more believable because it's coming from someone who has actually used the product or service. And this is important, make the testimonials as believable as possible. Use real people, complete names and occupations maybe even the city and state. To give the testimonials more punch I use the actual photos of the people. The final thought Give the customer an easy way to opt-out of any future mailings. The best thing about email is the speed of the feedback you get. Pay attention to what the market is saying and adjust your message accordingly.

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==== ==== Hi, have you ever tried this for email campaigns? ==== ====

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