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To be an effective email marketer, you need to make sure that your email broadcasts look right. Before you send an email out to your subscribers, always send yourself a test email to make sure the formatting is okay and that the links are working properly. A couple of days ago, when I tried to do this within Aweber, an error message appeared saying that too many test messages had already been sent out from this account and that I had to wait 6 seconds before another one could be sent. 6 seconds! I almost laughed to myself. Alright, so after the 6 seconds had gone past I tried again, and again the same error message appeared! This time I waited a few minutes but when trying again, the same error message appeared. Very frustrating. Anyhow, I didn't bother with it anymore thinking that it was maybe a glitch in the system and that the next day everything should be okay. Lo and behold, the next day the same error message appeared. I didn't bother trying it a few times like I had the previous day but instead emailed Aweber's support. They responded promptly to my support request with an instruction to clear out my cache and restart the browser. I don't like to clear out my browser cache because doing so will remove all the stored website logins. To get around this I deleted just the "aweber" cookies. To my great joy, when next sending out a test message, no error message appeared. To remove the Aweber cookies, do the following: Firefox browser Go to Tools > Options Select the Privacy tab Click on the "remove individual cookies" link In the Cookies window, type in "aweber" in the Search field Highlight all the aweber cookies and click on the Delete Cookie button

Internet Explorer browser Go to Tools > Internet Options

In the Browsing History section, click on the Settings button Click on the View Files button In the search field, type in "aweber" Delete all the aweber cookies

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==== ==== How would you like to have EVERY email of Every Business in your town? ==== ====

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