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==== ==== How would you like to have EVERY email of Every Business in your town? ==== ====

AWeber Review for the masses of Marketers who could be using this Auto-Responder tool. As you know, home based business owners come in all Varieties. Marketers can be any of the following: Affiliate Marketers, Network Marketers, MLM'ers, Social Media Users and Business Owners/ Entrepreneurs, Special Marketers like Email Marketers, Bloggers, Video Marketers and etc. There are three things needed by all Marketers? #1 Tools (techniques and strategies that can help you leverage your business to become optimized) #2 Training (how to communicate with your prospects and be a leader) #3 Leads (targeted prospects) Lets says you have number #2 and Number #3 covered. AWeber can give to the tool to be able to #2 communicate effectively with your #3 prospects You might be saying, "I know I am building a list, but what am I supposed to be telling them along the way, I can't just keep selling them can I?" Excellent Question, here is the answer: you will continuously give them valuable info and Yes you can keep selling them if your info is perceived as useful and valuable and you give understanding to the buyer before you try to offer anything. This is the Technique used by Most Marketers via AWeber: Free Newsletter for your opt-in subscribers (by the way AWeber has easy to make opt-in forms that you see on blogs and squeeze pages). The newsletter should be specific to your market ie Attraction Marketing Techniques, Network Marketing Tools. Reviews on Leadership Books, Software, E-books, Video Marketing Techniques, etc., many of these could be Affiliate Products or your own products. "Content is king!" If your newsletters are not Valuable and not targeted to your prospects then you will not be able to eventually get them to purchase anything from you if that is your intention. "The money's in the list" and that is true. Treat your subscribers like you would want to be treated. AWeber can claim the 99.34% message delivery rate because AWeber has formed strong relationships with AOL, HOTMAIL and YAHOO etc. This alone makes them stand out from any other autoresponder service.

Pros: -A benefit that I personally enjoy and use from time to time is AWeber's Video Tutorials (I love these), Live Chat, and Phone Support -No software needed, as it is web-based. -Sends messages with option of pre-set schedule. -Emails are individualized with customer names (personalized). -Provides 30 day money back guarantee. -AWeber also provides an RSS to email function for webmasters with RSS feeds (such as blogs) so you can Email all your subscribers just by posting on your blog! -Also you can track a lot of info, like Who opted-in, Where and When they opted-in or opted-out, Who opened the messages you sent, Who opened up a link in the message you sent, and more. And the the following is just part of the list given at the AWeber web site: AWeber has been around for 10 years. Unlimited autoresponders. Unlimited personalized follow up messages. Unlimited message length, unlimited changes, and full integrated HTML creator and/or plain text and dozens of other benefits listed on the webiste.... Anybody in business for themselves understands the IMPORTANCE of FULL OPTIMIZATION, Auto-responders allow you not to have to be there when a prospect initially enters your sales funnel, and that is key, because you can send them an automatic message to let them know that you are aware of their importance and their presence. Have you ever bought something from a store in which no one was there to help you...pretty impossible right? This tool is Practical, Easy to Use, and can Optimize your business POINT BLANK (also the price is low, no rip off here).

To Your Success, Albert Torres Go here to get a link will give you a discount on AWeber of up to 40% To learn more about being an affiliate with other types of products you currently use and/or registering with BlueHost, go to my blog here (it will be in the section on the far right) Well Folks, I hope you find my information on Social Media, Mindset Training, and Marketing Strategies useful.

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==== ==== How would you like to have EVERY email of Every Business in your town? ==== ====

Great way to gather EVERY Email Address of Every Business in your City or Country  

Software that finds EVERY Email address of EVERY business in your city to send Email Campaigns too.

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