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PAUL HINDEL looks out over the class of his fellow kindergarteners. He is thinking deeply about whom he should pick to replace him as class president. MS VERSAILLES Good morning class. As you know, Paul is transferring schools this week and will no longer be in our class and since Paul is our current class president, he will pick one of you to take his place. Paul, do you know who you want to pick? Remember, choose who you think would be a good president for the whole class, not just your best friend. Paul looks at each student carefully. Students squirm in their seats anxious to see who he picks. Paul clears his throat. HINDEL I am selecting ADLER HUNTER to take my place as class president. The entire class gasps. Very shocked most of the students turn and look at Adler. Adler is shorter than most children. He is wearing his academy uniform: a white button down shirt; a vest colored black, white, and red; khaki pants; black socks; and black dress shoes. His black hair is neatly parted to his left side. He has blue eyes and a very stout face. STUDENT 1 Who is that? STUDENT 2 I think that’s the name of the quite kid that sits in the back. Adler smiles pleasingly.

Adler stands at his desk.

ADLER Thank you Paul, as your new class president, I will try my hardest to live up to the high standards that

you expect from someone with such power. fail you.

I will not

MS. VERSAILLES Uhhh… thank you Adler. president. Now childr…

I’m sure you’ll be a great

The school bell rings MS VERSAILLES Oh, I lost track of time. You can go to recess now and after you get back we will begin on history. The children race out the door. 2



It is a chilly autumn day. Adler sits alone on the swing set looking across the playground at his fellow classmates. He wants to make a strong impression. He slowly gets up and walks over to the base of the slide. Adler mumbles to himself and paces back and forth at the bottom of the slide. He looks up to the top of the slide and then climbs to it. ADLER HUNTER Hello. No one is around the slide. All of the other children are strewn out across the playground. No one notices Adler. Adler clears his throat loudly. ADLER Hello! No one is listening. Adler cups his hands around his mouth and yells as loud as he can. ADLER Hello! A few children look up at him for a second and then go back to playing. Adler grabs the top of the slide and looks down in shame. 3



Ms. Versailles is teaching about math. The students are not very interested and a few have fallen asleep. The monotony is interrupted by the school bell. MS. VERSAILLES Okay children, enjoy recess and we’ll pick up where we left off after you get back. The children run out the door. 4



The children are spread out across the playground. Adler walks straight to the base of the slide. He begins to climb it and then stops. He walks around the base of the slide preparing what he is going to say. He then climbs to the top of the slide. ADLER May I have your attention! No one looks at Adler. ADLER I have very important issues I would like to discuss with you as your class president. Again, no one listens. ADLER Ms. Versailles is evil! A few children stop what they are doing and slowly make their way to the base of the slide to hear what Adler has to say. ADLER That is right friends. Ms. Versailles has wronged us. STUDENT 1 What do you mean? Ms Versailles is pretty nice to us. ADLER Aha! That’s what she wants you think. Think back to the beginning of the year,SUSIE, this may be before your time.

Susie is shown as one of the shorter kindergarteners. ADLER (cont.) But back in the good old days our nap and snack time was 20 minutes long. Can you remember that? STUDENT 2 Hey, yeah it did used to be 20 minutes ADLER That’s right. 20 minutes of freedom, but that was stripped away from us. Did we deserve that kind of treatment? No! It is none of our faults that we now have 15 minute nap and snack times, but do you know who’s it is? STUDENT 2 Ms Versailles? ADLER That’s right! Ms. Versailles, but she didn’t do it alone. No, the plot thickens my good friends. Who had the power to stop her, but failed to do so? Silence ADLER Paul Hindel. Now don’t get me wrong my compatriots, I loved Paul like a brother, but he didn’t have what it took to lead. He was too passive to the authority of Ms Versailles. I promise you, as your new leader, I will not sellout on you. I will fight for your rights. I will fight for your well-being, I will fight for your nap and snack time! Loud applause ADLER On this day, let it be known that I, Adler Hunter will restore our snack and nap times back to 20 minutes! And if you let me, I will lead you to victory over the Fascist tyrant Ms Versailles and again restore sanity to this broken classroom.

Loud Applause ADLER Thank you all. Adler bumps his chest with his fist and then extends his arm straight out to flash a peace sign to his audience. He has a triumphant smile across his face. He looks over his classmates one last time. Everyone who listened to him is applauding and some of the children across the playground are looking on with inquisitive faces. Adler climbs down off of the slide. 5



The students reenter the classroom after recess and take their seats. Ms Versailles restarts her lesson. MS VERSAILLES Okay children, I have written some math problems on the board, who wants to try them out? The clock slowly winds around. Ms Versailles continues to teach. Then, the school bell rings. MS VERSAILLES Have a good day children. Remember to practice the alphabet. Whoever can sing it to me gets candy. See you tomorrow. The students pack up their things and leave the room except for Adler. Adler waits until everyone has left and then goes to speak with Ms Versailles. ADLER Hey Ms Versailles MS VERSAILLES Hello Adler. What are you doing? The school bell already rang. You better hurry up so as not to miss your bus. ADLER I would like to Ms Versailles, but I have something very important to talk to you about.

MS VERSAILLES Oh, what is it Adler? Are the other children making fun of your silly haircut? ADLER No, its about… MS VERSAILLES The time you picked your nose and wiped it on the girl in front of you? ADLER What? No, I never even did that. about…

I want to talk

MS VERSAILLES The circus! You want to know how those motorcycle guys go around the circle cage without falling down don’t you. ADLER Quit guessing what I’m about to say. I want to talk about our nap and snack time. I think we need to extend the time we are currently allotted for napping and snacking. MS VERSAILLES Is that so Adler? Well I think we already agreed to change the time to 15 minutes. ADLER I can appreciate that Ms Versailles, but I come to you as a representative of the rest of the class. You see, I only want ensure the best possible learning experience for everyone in the class, including you Ms Versailles. Currently, we have to divide napping and snacking into about 7 and a half minutes each. If you take away the time it takes to properly digest food and then actually get comfy for a nap, we are left with about 10 minutes total. I believe this has led to an increase in in crankiness and overall indignation in the classroom. This of course is not

good for anyone. If the students are sleepy and cranky they can’t learn properly, thus making your own job more difficult. That is why I propose we extend nap and snack time to 40 minutes. MS VERSAILLES Wow Adler, I’m impressed that you have thought this over so thoroughly and are taking the role of class president so seriously. You really are a role model for the other students. I can’t however extend the nap and snack time to 40 minutes. How about back to 20? ADLER I appreciate the compliment, but must insist that the nap and snack time be a little longer. How about 39 minutes. MS VERSAILLES Are you bartering with me Adler? Ok, 25. ADLER 35 MS VERSAILLES 26 ADLER I wont settle for anything under 30 Ms Versailles MS VERSAILLES 29 Adler. That’s my final offer. Take it or leave it. ADLER Okay, it’s a deal. Thank you Ms Versailles, I really think you made the right decision. I’m sure this will make some of the students hate you a little less. Okay, I’ve got to go now. Adler runs out the door. Ms Versailles looks a little confused as to what just happened and then goes back to shuffling papers on her desk.




It is the next day at recess. Adler is pacing back and forth at the bottom of the slide thinking about what he is going to say. The grass that was once below the slide’s ladder has turned to a patch of dirt from Adler’s pacing. Adler mumbles to himself and looks up to the top of the slide. He takes one last deep breath and climbs to the top of the slide. Once on top of the slide Adler looks down. This time, almost all of the children are surrounding the slide looking up at him, waiting for him to speak. ADLER Classmates, friends, we have done it! The crowd cheers. ADLER For you, I risked myself and in doing so, have extended our nap and snack times beyond the original 20 minutes! Loud applause ADLER I have spoken with Ms Versailles, and after long debate defeated her. She was strong at first. Adamant about not changing the nap and snack times, but I remained true to my word. I remained true to you and have extended our nap and snack time to 29 minutes. Gasps. One girl in the front row passes out from excitement. ADLER Do you know how much longer that is than our original nap time? STUDENT 1 Uh… nine minutes. ADLER That is right. Nine minutes. Nine minutes longer than any nap time ever. Nine,nine, nine! This is unprecedented. We are making great changes and I

believe the power of our class continues to expand. I believe we have the potential to be the first class to dictate our own play times! Loud cheers ADLER This of course, will not be an easy task. It will require a consolidated group effort. We will need to work together as one. Cheers ADLER This brings me to my next point. I believe there are certain individuals amongst us who do not care for the good of our class, for the good of each other, for the good of you or me. Does anyone know who these people are? I warn you, they are amongst us now as we speak. Silence ADLER Who are the first ones out the door at the beginning of recess? Who are the ones who always get the best ball or the best toys? Who are the ones who most often get to play with the Opimus Prime toy, while we are left to play with old GI Joes? STUDENT 2 TIMMY always gets the best ball. STUDENT 3 THOMAS always plays with Optimus. STUDENT 4 And STEPHANIE always gets astronaut Princess Unicorn Barbie, leaving me fat Barbie. ADLER That’s right my friends. Timmy, Thomas, and Stephanie and what do they all have in common?

STUDENT 2 They all have the best things? STUDENT 4 They all have T’s in their names. STUDENT 3 They all have red hair? ADLER That’s right! They all have red hair. Is this a coincidence? No! And why do you think none of them are here right now? Because they have the best toys because they are not loyal to the class. STUDENT 2 They do all have red hair.

Well, what can we do?

ADLER My friends, we must put an end to the red headed menace. STUDENT 4 Lets not play with them anymore. STUDENT 5 Lets not talk to them anymore. STUDENT 3 No, lets talk to them and ask them to share the toys. ADLER I wish it was that simple, but I fear it is not. These red heads cannot be reasoned with. I have personally tried to talk to them, but they dismiss me and refuse to listen. We need to be more assertive, we need to deal with the red heads now. STUDENT 2 Lets take the toys from them.

STUDENT 4 No, lets just not let them play at recess anymore. ADLER I believe we have a final solution to the red headed menace my friends. We shall not let them play at recess any longer. Cheers STUDENT 3 Isn’t that a little mean? STUDENT 4 No, its for the good of all of us. STUDENT 5 Yeah, they have wronged us. We have to stand up to them so we don’t get walked over. They are evil. ADLER We shall prevail. restore sanity.

We shall overcome.

We shall

Wild applause. Adler looks out over the roaring crowd with and confident smirk and then climbs down the slide. 7

INT. CLASSROOM – DAY 7 It is the next day. Ms. Versailles is teaching. It is raining outside. The children sit anxiously, waiting for the recess bell to ring. MS VERSAILLES Good job BILLY, that’s right. Does anyone else want to try reading aloud for the class? Silence MS VERSAILLES Okay, how about you Adler? ADLER The cow goes moo. The cat goes meow. Darth Vader says, Luke, I am your father. The dog goes w…..

The bell rings. Adler stops reading and all of the kids jump out of their seats to rush to the corner of the room where all of the toys and games are kept for indoor recess on days the weather is too bad to play outside. The red headed children are at the head of the pack because they sit closest to the toy box. Adler jumps over a desk and beats them to the toy corner. As soon as Thomas is about to pick up a toy a hand is put in front of him and forces him to stop cold. ADLER Halt! All the children freeze in place. TIMMY What’s going on Adler? ADLER Timmy, Thomas, and Stephanie I need to have a word with you guys. THOMAS What?

Get out of the way Adler, we want to play. STEPHANIE

Yeah, I want to get princess unicorn Barbie. Points to Barbie on the toy shelf. ADLER That is exactly what we need to talk about. STEPHANIE Princess unicorn Barbie? TIMMY Why would we talk about princess unicorn Barbie? She’s dumb. THOMAS She is dumb. We should talk about transformers. Those are cool.

TIMMY Or wrestling. Wrestling is awesome because they do flips and shit and they are really fighting. Its so cool. STEPHANIE Wrestling is not cool. are dumb.

They wear silly clothes and

Adler loudly clears his throat. ADLER I do not want to talk about barbies or wrestling or uhh.. transformers or toys or anything like that. I’d like to… I want to inform you that we’ve had a discussion and have come to the… THOMAS Who had a discussion? ADLER Me and the class. The rest of the class, and we’ve decided that you are tearing apart the delicate framework of our class structure. STEPHANIE What? ADLER You are forbidden to play with any toys for the rest of the year. Go sit in the corner. TIMMY You can’t do that. ADLER Silly naïve redheads, I believe I just did. TIMMY This isn’t funny Adler. ADLER

This is no joke. You are disrupting the harmony of the class and be it that you are redheads only intensifies the problem. Thomas jumps at Adler. Adler jumps backwards avoiding Thomas. Timmy goes to help Thomas. Stephanie begins to cry quietly. The other kids in the class playing behind them stop and watch. ADLER TREVOR, MIKE, get over here. The two biggest kids in the class come over and stand, arms crossed, in between Adler and the redheads, staring with grim faces at the redheads. ADLER Take them away. The red headed children drop their heads and walk to the other corner of the room. Timmy whispers something resentful under his breath and Stephanie begins crying louder. Adler turns around to face the other children in the class and throws up his hands. ADLER Girls and boys I have done it! I have fixed the redheads. We can now play in peace. As soon as Adler gets the last word out Ms Versailles swiftly grabs his wrist and yanks him towards her. MS VERSAILLES What in the world do you think you’re doing Adler? Come with me immediately. Ms Versailles pulls Adler over to the door and presses a button to the classroom intercom. There is a click and then a voice comes over the intercom from the other end. INTERCOM Hello, this is the office, how may I help you? MS VERSAILLES Would you send down MR. ROOSEVELT immediately. We have a situation with one of the students being very disrespectful.

INTERCOM Will do. The intercom clicks off. Ms Versailles stares intently at Adler, looks over to the corner of the room where Stephanie is still crying, and then looks back at Adler with an even more rage filled gaze. A few seconds pass and footsteps are heard coming down the hall through the door. They get louder and louder until a tall man with a black suit, a tie, and shiny shoes enters the room. He looks around for a second and then looks at Ms Versailles and Adler. MR ROOSEVELT What’s the problem Elanor? MS VERSAILLES This young man made those three children She points to the redheads in the corner of the room MS VERSAILLES (cont) Over there go to the corner of the room and would not let them play with any of the toys or the other children. Mr Roosevelt looks down at Adler. MR ROOSEVELT Is this true? Adler looks up and Mr Roosevelt and then looks back down at his shoes. Mr. Roosevelt looks at Ms Versailles MR ROOSEVELT Don’t worry Elanor, I’ll take care of this. Mr. Roosevelt grabs Adler by the hand MR ROOSEVELT (cont) Come with me lad. Mr. Roosevelt escorts Adler out of the room and down the hall. 8



Roosevelt is sitting behind his desk staring at Alder. Adler is seated directly in front of Roosevelt in a small classroom chair. Roosevelt glares at Adler. Adler has his head lowered, looking at his shoes. ROOSEVELT I don’t believe we’ve properly met before. I’m Mr Roosevelt, I’m sure you know me. What is your name? Adler looks up at Roosevelt ADLER I’m Adler.

Adler Hunter. ROOSEVELT

Well Adler Hunter, we both know what brought you here, now would you like to tell me why you were being mean to your fellow classmates? ADLER For the good of the class sir. ROOSEVELT Excuse me? Roosevelt looks confused ADLER You see sir, I am the class president and as such I feel it is my responsibility to ensure that the class runs as smoothly as possible. Don’t you agree? ROOSEVELT Uh… yes. ADLER Well, I took the initiative to improve the failings in the classroom. I started by getting out nap and snack time extended to improve productivity and overall wellbeing in the classroom on part of the students and our dear Ms Versailles. ROOSEVELT

That’s very thoughtful of you. ADLER Why thank you. And after that I went to solving the next biggest problem in the classroom, our lack of good toys and the selfish habits of certain students. The class agreed that the students which I supposedly banished today are the same students who hog the best toys for themselves. Mr Roosevelt, sir, I meant only to make the rest of the class happy and give other students a chance to play with the good toys. ROOSEVELT Well Adler, I can’t really punish you for trying to help your classmates, but you should have come to me or Ms Versailles for help. You are not responsible for dealing with those issues. ADLER I apologize Mr. Roosevelt, I was only trying to help and I know how busy Ms Versailles and you are at ensuring that us students have the best learning experience possible, I figured I could solve this problem for you guys. ROOSEVELT Thank you Adler, but from now on come to me or your teacher with these types of problems. Now I would like for you to write an apology to your classmates for not letting the play and me and Ms Versailles will see to it that everyone gets to play with the good toys from now on. ADLER Thank you oh so very much sir. ROOSEVELT Okay, now get back to class. Adler stands up and heads out the door. Roosevelt looks down at his desk and begins messing with some papers. Adler looks back quickly and then walks out the door. As he is walking out he whispers under his breath.

ADLER You may have won this time, but by mein got in Himmel I will get you reheads.

Adler Hunter script  

script, t206, final

Adler Hunter script  

script, t206, final