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D202 project review Section 1 Swap advert: I think the swap advert came out well since it fitted all of the criteria had good information and had professional looking animations in most parts. Plus it fitted its general audience because it did not include any content that would put off one group of people; I did this by keeping the language simple but not patronising and I used a relatively bright colour scheme but kept it consistent. Plus I used visual assets that all age groups could find entertaining. I used assets that I had created in fireworks like DR swap and the swapamatic because this made them copyright free. The only real problems I had creating assets was creating the three different animations for the three different product slides. I overcame this by creating one animation then adapting it to fit each of my slides. The most useful feedback was from my teacher which told me too making the text sizes and font’s consistent on each page. To improve this product I would provide more information and possibly add another slide on another fair trade product. Promotional movie: I think my promotional movie was a success since it came out with a professional look and sound. I liked the music I made with Dance ejay because it changes as the video changes. I also like some of the camera work since I got a wide variety of different shots from different positions. If I had more time to improve I would like to film again with a better quality camera and tripod to reduce camera shake. I believe the product is suitable for the target audience because it is similar in style to some very popular mountain biking videos and the target audience is mountain bikers. I believe the product was suitable for the purpose of promoting the event because it had all the required information to attend the event and information on how to find out more information. My assets create the right effect for the viewer because the video and music work in time so you don’t just see how the video changes you also hear it. I created all of the assets myself filming the video near my house and creating the music in dance ejay, this means they are completely copy right

free. I encountered problems creating the music because I had no idea how to start, however I overcame this be experimenting to see what worked and I eventually got an outcome I liked. I got two pieces of feedback one telling me that the clips went on to long and another telling me my font was boring. I used both pieces of feedback by using more but shorter clips and adding different font. Information point: I think I made a good information point because it fitted all of the criteria, had good information and humour and it had professional looking vector art that is animated on the main slide. I made it fit its teenage audience by including humour and informal language. My assets create the right effect for the target audience because they are simple and do not distract from the important information in the text. I had problems making an animation that could have several links on it but I found the correct settings in mediator. I got feedback about the text from my test buddy pointing out a few errors that mediator does not pick up. To improve this product I would add more information and improve the navigation system so you could get from any page to any page without having to go back to the main menu.

Section 2 The starting goal of this project was too create three different products to promote fair trade. I think I have achieved this objective well, with professional looking products that fit their target audience. Also I think my plan worked out quite well though I did set over ambitious targets when it came the how long it would take to create some of the products so I fell behind my plan but I did spend extra time outside of lessons getting everything finished long before deadlines so I think I managed my time quite well. I believe I chose the correct people as reviewers since they always gave some kind of constructive criticism or target. The only thing that really went wrong was that for a reason I could not discover my swap advert in power point would not advance slides automatically and my logo would not play its animation but that was isolated to the swap advert. My test buddies’s often acknowledged the quality of my vector images and animations and were mostly positive about my work. If I had

the time I would find a way to fix the problems with my swap advert but that would take a lot of research into the cause of the problem. If I did this project again I would set aside more time for producing each of the products instead of planning to use so much on the e-portfolio. Section 3 I think I worked quite well during this project since I met all of the deadlines with high quality outcomes, though a few of my class mates did distract me some time’s. My work on this project did not positively affect my work in other subjects since it took time away from other course work and the skills were not transferable, but I do feel I have benefited from this project as it has taught me new skills and helped to improve my work ethic. If I did this project again I would: Focus more so that I would be less easily distracted. Spread my allocated time more evenly. Read criteria more thoroughly before starting each task. Check my work more thoroughly after completion.


Review of my work in D202

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