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Five Tips To Consider When Starting A Home Business-Legitimate Home Based Business: 1. Begin your research: You've made the decision to start your own economic recovery. You're looking into working from home and are seeking to find the best home business for you and your family. Here's a few questions to ponder. What's your primary reason for deciding to take this step in starting a home business-legitimate home business? Are you looking for a way to supplement or replace income? What home business are you thinking of starting? What will the business model consist of? (working with consumer goods, electronic media, sports equipment, etc.) These are just a few of the questions that a person needs direct answers to when they're thinking about starting a home business. How long has the entity (company) been in existence? What's their track record and will they be around a year from today? Is the company recognized by the Better Business Bureau, Direct Selling Association, and other watch groups that help to control ethics, personal rights and insure for the most part that they are operating in an exemplary manner? Be patient and take as long as possible to get your questions answered and the facts before you sign on the dotted line. 2. Once you've located a company: Hopefully you've gotten over the initial sales pitch and (if there was one) whatever else you were told and are now ready to take a close look at this new company from a non- emotional view to see if it truly meets all of your expectations. Be sure you understand exactly what the company expects from you and what you can expect from the company. Has the business model been well explained to you and you have no issues with the mode of operation and what you will be doing? An example would be: you are now a company distributor with company "X" and are required to purchase one case of product monthly to maintain good standing and qualify for compensation. Do you understand this requirement totally? Try to find as many success stories as you can of individuals who have prospered from the company, to see if this is a business model that you feel will be well worth your time in trying to build it. If it is a business that's only geared for the real heavy hitters, chances are you may become easily discouraged attempting to reach your goals. Let's face it, some of these businesses require more work and effort than most are willing to put forth. Make your choice wisely. You must feel that it is a match for you and your family and you are comfortable with the concept. 3. The compensation program: Now it's time to dig just a little deeper and make sure that you have a clear picture of how you're going to develop the income that you're looking to make. The compensation plan is generally one area where a lot of individuals do not take the time to get a

good understanding of when starting a home business. Before taking off like a rocket to make the thousands and thousands of dollars you were told that you could make, it's best to go over the compensation plan to be sure that you understand how you get paid. Pay plans (compensation plan) may vary from company to company. Some companies have the matrix, binary, breakaway, uni-level and etc. Take the time to learn how your compensation plan works and how it will directly affect you. 4. Education: Did you ever give it a thought that once you found your "legitimate home based business" that it would require for you to become a student of the business itself. It will require that you become familiar with and understand the products or whatever merchandise it is that you're going to be working with. There are many skills that need to be developed, so you'll want to be sure that the company allows access to the training that you will need. Starting a home based business requires that you are always patient, patient, patient ( not an error) and open to educating yourself, learning new skills and implementing them. It is a continual learning process. This may also include investing in books, domain names, web hosting plans, auto-responder systems, related software and other necessary tools from time to time. If you don't already have one, be sure to seek out a mentor, or someone who has been successful in the business that you're in. Generally there will be a team of like-minded people with whom you can tie into to keep abreast of current affairs which are related to the business. 5. Action and Implementation: It is now time to walk the talk and put your plan into action. All of the planning in the world with out direct action will keep you at square one. Once you have educated yourself fully and have received the facts on the company, business model, pay-plan and etc. Once you feel you have a decent grasp on what's expected of you, then it is time for implementation of all of your recently learned skills. It is quite natural to feel afraid, anxious, hesitant and unsure about moving forward. This is normal. It's important to conquer the fear that we normally have because fear is what usually keeps a person from pursuing and reaching their goals. Taking Action has been shown to be the cure for that. Remember a home business will only work if you will. These five tips to consider when starting a home business-legitimate home based business will help you to think about some of the questions which should be asked in the beginning stages of your search for a home business that makes sense. Asking the right questions can help to eliminate a lot of the disappointment that one would face when starting a home business for the first time.

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