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REN Qi BSc (Hons) Chemical Technology


SIT Wan Yee BSc (Hons) Building Management in Engineering


MAK Chi Kuen, Jerry BBA (Hons) Marketing & BEng (Hons) Industrial Engineering


ZHANG Yating, Renee BBA(Hons) Major in Global Supply Chain & Minor in Finance


CHEUNG Kai Cheong, Desmond BEng (Hons) Industrial and Systems Engineering


MA Tsz Hin, Matthew BEng (Hons) Transportation Systems Engineering


MAK Wai Keung & LAU Po Ki Vicky BA (Hons) Interactive Design


CHUNG Hoi Ting, Karry BA(Hons) English Studies for the Profession


WONG Siqi, Luna BSc (Hons) Tourism Management


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Message from the Office of Careers and Placement Services Recognizing that career development is a life-long process, The Office of Careers and Placement Services (CAPS) have been striving to engage PolyU students in exploring and pursuing their career aspirations. This booklet showcases 9 individual students’ stories of their journeys from their university lives to finding their first career. This collection is also about how our students developed a roadmap for achieving their career goals successfully. Some of them found their career interests beyond their major of studies, while another chose to embark upon a career outside Hong Kong. No matter what path they are choosing, we aim to empower them in their pursuit of meaningful professional opportunities and enhance their professional competence. I hope you enjoy reading these stories and I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff at CAPS who has dedicatedly devoted their time and efforts to provide guidance to students.

Melina Lai (Ms) Director of Careers and Placement Services The Hong Kong Polytechnic University


Experiment Your Career Interest with an Open Mind REN Qi BSc (Hons) Chemical Technology I was beyond excitement when I found out that I had the chance to go to Glasgow, Scotland for my internship. I was recruited to be a research assistant in the School of Chemistry in the University of Glasgow. Our research team focused on


synthesizing pharmaceutical compounds to cure various types


Management Trainee Angliss Food Service Limited


Summer Intern - Research Assistant School of Chemistry, University of Glasgow


Summer Intern - Sales Representative Six Flags Over Texas, USA

of cancer. I was also responsible for presenting data and results in the forms of publishable scientific reports to my supervisors so I spent a great amount of time researching using numerous science databases. As a student with little experience in advanced research methods, I came across many challenges at first. Initially, I was shy and it took me a while to approach my colleagues for help. Fortunately, my colleagues were very friendly and helpful. They lent me some materials and urged me to study the theories on my own. Overtime, I became more

curious and eager to try new things. Upon graduation, I realized that I wanted to work in the field of food trading and merchandising even though I had majored in Chemical Technology. My WIE experience taught me to be always willing to try something new and think out of the box. The skills I developed during my WIE were beneficial for my future job hunting. I tapped into several reliable resources with comprehensive employment information. With a great acumen for new information, I could always locate an interesting and useful job. Whenever I had a job interview, I would rehearse with the staff from CAPS beforehand and they were always U2 CAREERS 4 THE CLASS OF 2015

willing to help. In the end, I landed a job as a management trainee in Angliss Food Service Ltd – I believe this is an invaluable experience for me as a science student to learn how to run a company and develop an entrepreneurial mindset.

Finding a Guiding Light for Career Development SIT Wan Yee BSc (Hons) Building Management in Engineering Although I was hired as an assistant building engineer in Hsin Chong Construction Limited for my WIE placement, I was fortunate to be offered many different responsibilities. The construction site I worked on was a new academic building in the HKUST. Over 8 weeks, I learnt a lot about the terminology, site logistics and work-flow of a construction site. I also drafted the shop drawing with AutoCAD. I was even once asked by the project manager to go to Guangzhou to monitor the progress of an aluminum spraying company. My WIE was an eye-opening experience as I managed to learn a lot about the gist of a construction site – something I would never learn in

Profile 2014

Assistant Quantity Surveyor Langdon & Seah


Summer Intern Hsin Chong Construction Limited Assistant Quantity Surveyor Trainee (part-time) TLS & Associates Limited

classroom. However, during my internship, I noticed that I suffered a bad allergic reaction to dust, thus pushing me to think about other career options. I met my mentor Dr. James Lau, a lawyer and a structural engineer, through the OPAA Mentorship Programme. Dr. Lau offered me a lot of invaluable advices and urged me to

become a quantity surveyor: a path that allows me to work in office environment while contributing to the construction industry. He shared with me much of his past experience in working in the field and suggested me starting my career in a larger firm as an assistant quantity surveyor in order to gain more experience. I was very fortunate that I landed my dream job as an assistant quantity surveyor in Landon & Seah which is my first job application. I believe that to get a good job, it is crucial to ace your interview: to arrive early, be eager, be precise, keep smiling and maintain eye contact with the interviewer. I learnt these interview skills via CAPS. CAPS offers a wide range of workshops and networking opportunities with employers such as career fairs. My current company has also and your career path.


delivered a recruitment talk in PolyU. I recommend everyone to join these activities to understand the company background, culture


Start Your Career with Early Preparations MAK Chi Kuen Jerry BBA (Hons) Marketing & BEng (Hons) Industrial Engineering I have already been to Shanghai for my exchange program


before accepting my internship in the China Minsheng Banking


Graduate Trainee Dah Sing Bank

different from working in a bank while speaking Mandarin. I was


Summer Intern China Minsheng Banking Corporation Limited



Customer Service Representative (part-time) Hang Seng Bank Sales Services Assistant (part-time) Cheung Kong Holdings Limited

Corporation. However, living there as an exchange student was very responsible for providing customer services and financial advices to clients in the BinJiang branch. At first, I was a bit worried about my level of Mandarin. But after sharing my concern with my colleagues, they offered their help in strengthening my communication and interpersonal skills. I am proud to say I can now speak Mandarin confidently and fluently. Apart from that, I now have a much stronger grasp of the differences between the banking industry in Hong Kong and mainland China. This internship has helped me to discover myself in an immeasurable degree. I never realized that I am so interested in a

career in the banking industry. Through talking to different clients, I learnt that first impression is crucial and that’s why I always attempt to look presentable and be engaged in job interviews. When I had a job interview, I would practise individual and group interviews with CAPS’ staff and my friends. Furthermore, attending career fairs will help since you get to meet potential employers. I would suggest marking deadlines of job openings on your calendar and never submit your job applications right before the deadline since HR will arrange interviews much earlier than the deadline. Practise answers for questions that tend to show up in job interviews, such as: why do you think you are suitable for this position? I often consult the staff from CAPS even before submitting my resume to different companies. The preparation has made my dream come true U2 CAREERS



Paint a Clear Picture of Your Future through WIE Please give me high-res photo

ZHANG, Yating Renee BBA(Hons) Major in Global Supply Chain & Minor in Finance Some might say it is daunting to choose a job completely different from what you studied at the University, but after completing two WIEs I discovered myself more than I ever have had before. Although I majored in Global Supply Chain

Profile 2015

Consultant Associate – Consulting Finance Group PricewaterhouseCooper Management Consulting


Research Helper School of Accounting and Finance, PolyU


Summer Intern Corporate Development Team FP Marine Risks


Summer Intern Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office at San Francisco

Management under the BBA stream, both the internships I did were related to banking. I first went to San Francisco in USA as an intern for the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office. Before I set off to America, CAPS offered useful advice regarding internship application and even helped set up the board and lodging arrangements. I enjoyed my internship tremendously and a year later, I applied for internship position of FP Marine Risks in Hong Kong. Since I was working in the Corporate Development Team, I was mainly responsible for research on information related to blooming business opportunities in China and South America. My colleagues allowed me to rotate among different function

teams and shared their incredible work experience with me. My internships helped me to identify my interests, my strengths and my weaknesses – things I never reflected myself when I was only studying. Working in two rather different internships, I realized the true calling in my life is to get into the accounting or finance industry. Eventually, I got a job as a consultant associate in PwC Management Consulting based in Shenzhen. When I first found out I was to conduct my job interview which included three rounds of interviews, I was extremely nervous. Luckily, I was well prepared for my presentation skills and with the help from CAPS, I rewrote my CV. I am CAPS. I believe my position in PwC Management Consulting is the perfect start for my career.


grateful for all the support I got from my colleagues in my WIE experiences and staff from





Know Yourself, Uncover Your True Potentials CHEUNG Kai Cheong, Desmond BEng (Hons) Industrial and Systems Engineering I have always considered myself adventurous and open-minded so I was thrilled when I was offered to work as a student analyst in both the back and front office in the HR department in the Bank of China (Hong Kong division). I had great satisfaction from my internship since I have successfully incorporated knowledge of both the academic and industrial fields into an internship project. Before my WIE, I did not have a clear career path but I had aspired to be a consultant. After landing on different internships, I noticed a trend – IT resources are readily

Profile 2015

Technical Account Manager Microsoft


Student Analyst HR Services Centre, Human Resources Department, Bank of China (HK) Marketing Assistant Office of Careers and Placement Services, PolyU


Founder & Committee Member Wealth in Mind Limited


Event Assistant Hong Kong Trade Development Council


Summer Itern, Henry Lam & Associates Solicitors


and widely available but many companies fail to realize or utilize these resources to their fullest potential. With this mindset, I went and spoke to staff from CAPS about IT consulting careers. The career advisors from CAPS guided me in the future of the industry, analyzed my suitability as a consultant, reviewed my applications and ultimately, I was accepted in the MACH at Microsoft. My WIE experience confirmed my preference in client-facing jobs and now I aspired to be a consultant despite having studied in Industrial and Systems Engineering. Now I believe in a very true principle when it comes to landing on internship and job opportunities – you have to know yourself, the company and why you are fit for the position. Prepare a strong and confident self-introduction and illustrate your values to give others a more concrete idea about you. Read up on the company before the interview and most importantly demonstrate your understanding of their values, missions and achievements and how you will apply yourself to the position.

Get Diversified, Expand Your World View MA Tsz Hin, Matthew BEng (Hons) Transportation Systems Engineering I have developed my interest specifically in Transport Systems since I was small when my father drove me around different places in Hong Kong and China. It aroused my interest in traffic and road design. I am glad that I was offered the chance to develop my engineering skillsets in 2 internships in Gammon Construction Limited in Hong Kong and Broadarski Institute in Croatia in 2013 and 2014 respectively. Not only have I developed

Profile 2015

Management Trainee Jardine Engieering Corporation


Student Helper (part-time) The Office of Careers and Placement Services, PolyU

my Civil Engineering and Electrical Engineering skills during WIE, I could also put my engineering knowledge into practice, while

Student Helper (part-time) Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, PolyU

improving my interpersonal skills tremendously when I was exposed to different cultures. Since the two WIEs were closely related to my major, I have a clearer direction in developing my

Summer Internship Brodarski Institute Limited

career path. Past experience is of paramount importance when it comes to graduation. The time I spent with CAPS really helped me a lot. I was once the student helper supporting administrative and marketing tasks with CAPS. I engaged in the setup of the website of IAESTE HK which helped polish my web


Customer Service Assistant (part-time) Wilson Parking Summer Trainee Gammon Construction Limited

programming techniques. Besides, I participated in the Career Fair 2014 and 2015. They offered precious exposures of the career options available in the employment market. In a general sense, diversifying your skillsets as well as your exposures is the key to one’s success. During my WIE, I acquired techniques from various engineering fields. To give myself an edge and increase my competitiveness, I was eager to join different volunteer activities and met with people from various cultural backgrounds to improve my global vision. The cross-cultural exposure helped me to understand the world better and was fundamental for my personal development.

university definitely make my job-searching more successful. Again, being diversified and dynamic can really enhance your career prospect!


Engineering is an indispensable profession to our daily lives. The professional and specialized knowledge I have gained while I was still at


Creative Minds Thrive

MAK Wai Keung BA (Hons) Interactive Design I started my design career early with various projects


internationally before I graduate from PolyU. Therefore I realize


User Experience Design Intern Alibaba Inc., Hangzhou Headquarter

before you start your role there. So each time when you join a


Instructor of Information Technology AIESEC Programme

that no one will really know about the real working culture new company, fitting in and understanding the expectations could be a challenge. I am lucky to join as an intern in Alibaba Inc. Someone asked me why I chose a Chinese company as the starting point of my career. Personally I think the open culture and the room for idea creation are ideal for young designers. The working culture here is fully reflected in the entire operation management and the personal growth and advancement of my colleagues here. A strong cooperation mindset is your powerful weapon and we can always accumulate more knowledge and experiences by taking the initiative to communicate with others. You cannot complete the entire project by yourself and by working with so many different departments to tackle various problems in a project, you get to understand the entire work process, and what other departments need to make things work. This is a question on how


much you are willing to give before gaining more for a successful outcome.


LAU Po Ki, Vicky BA (Hons) Interactive Design Working in such a large and non-local corporation is an unforgettable experience for me. As a designer, having a multidimensional mindset plays an integral part in our career. I have improved my communication skills tremendously here in Hangzhou as I am interacting with people from various cultural and professional backgrounds every day. Exploring a different culture can definitely be beneficial to our career in the long run, especially in design industry which requires a lot of brainstorming. It also provided me an opportunity to become more independent. We found that at Alibaba, they really emphasize the design thinking process and treat design seriously. Therefore, working here allow us to apply what we have learnt in class, and we also learn enormously from our professional colleagues. Moreover, I think CAPS makes the whole thing of working outside Hong Kong easier with their on-going support so we could




learning as an intern and experience life here fully.

Profile 2015

User Experience Design Intern Alibaba Inc., Hangzhou Headquarter


Interactive Designer Paul Design Limited Interactive Design Intern On-Off: Design and Technology

2011- Graphic and Web Designer 2013 Lolli Media Limited U2 CAREERS THE CLASS OF 2015 11

A Language Degree Can Get You Far CHUNG Hoi Ting, Karry BA(Hons) English Studies for the Profession There is always a cliché that student studying languages would probably become a teacher in the future. However, I don't think this applies to me and I believe that we could all choose our future by determination and hard work. Since year 2, I have cultivated a strong interest in event planning and marketing during my project experiences with YMCA. Therefore, I started to seek practical work experience in both the government and private PR firms. When I got in touch with the field of PR, I found myself a clearer and brighter pathway. My experience as an intern in a PR firm and a summer intern in the Hong Kong Competition Commission is the major motivation for me to pursue my career in the marketing field after graduation. More importantly,


I would like to have a job in a statutory body like the


Management Trainee Hong Kong Trade Development Council PR and Marketing Executive Anaiss Bridal

their priority, which is different than that of profit-making

PR officer PR 4Good Summer Intern (Law Department and Public Affairs Department) Hong Kong Competition Commission

For a better career preparation, I have joined quite a number of

Exhibition Assistant Sotheby’s Hong Kong Limited

me an eye-opening opportunity to understand the workplace


Teaching Assistants British Council



Survey Assistant AC Nielsen

and take corresponding actions to sharpen your strengths while



Competition Commission that put Hong Kong’s wellbeing as business entities. Thus, I am very glad that I finally become an Executive Trainee at HKTDC now. My experience with CAPS is my key to success in job-hunting. CAPS activities before. I have joined the recruitment talks, mock interview, Career Fair and Career Lab before graduation. Joining these activities allows me to understand myself better and further confirm my career passion. My WIE experience also gave in reality including the interpersonal skills and the social manner

My motto is: No pain no gain! Step beyond your comfort zones, polishing your weaknesses. We can all make a difference if we have faith in ourselves!

Aim High & Go Beyond Your Major WANG Siqi, Luna BSc (Hons) Tourism Management Travel industry has always been one of the four pillar industries in Hong Kong. I foresee a great future in this industry and I decided to devote my efforts to improve myself in order to survive in this industry. I once worked as the Corporate Travel Officer of Swire Travel

Profile 2015

Management Trainee John Swire & Sons (H.K.) Ltd.


Research Analyst Horwath HTL Consulting Company


Corporate Travel Officer Swire Travel

and the Research Analyst of Horwath HTL Consulting Company. From the two WIEs, I learnt that communication skill is crucial in order to be successful in this industry. Since I am not a native speaker of Cantonese, to bolster the bond with

colleagues, I started to learn Cantonese to communicate with them in order that I could also understand the local culture of Hong Kong more. I also improved my communication and presentation skills to deal with business clients. Flexibility and working beyond colleagues’ expectation allow you to gain their trust with ease. To summarize my two WIE tips, I would say stepping out of our comfort zones is imperative and it also helps shape our future. Above all, I explored myself and found that I would like to work as a generalist that can rotate to different departments. Therefore, I targeted for the position of Management Trainee when applying for jobs. Though I have realized the bright future of tourism, I am an open-minded person who would not limit myself in specific industry. Therefore I would like to explore areas that enable me to learn more and unleash my potential, especially when it comes to my graduation job. During job hunting, I was very thankful to CAPS for their help. I sought help from Career Lab and the Mock Interviews also helped polish my interviewing skills. Since working in a prosperous business hub really requires a bit of network, joining recruitment talks and alumni sharing could help in this sense.

weaknesses could secure you a success in the future!


Enrich your personal experience by exploring uncharted areas! Realize your strengths and

THE CLASS OF 2015 13

What were the key factors contributing to your success in the recruitment selection processes? ZHAO Yi Ting BBA(Hons) Marketing

Current job: Management Trainee, Unilever I think it is important to have the passion for the career you are applying for and the full understanding of the company. Understanding yourself through an internship is the most important step. Faking yourself in an interview can never get you the dream job. After finding your passion, you should do a thorough research on the company.

CHEUNG Kai Cheong, Desmond BEng (Hons) Industrial and Systems Engineering Current job: Technical Account Manager, Microsoft There are three 'knows' I prepare myself for before every interview – To know yourself, to know the company, and to know why you are a fit for the company.

Jacky Chung

BBA (Hons) Accounting Current job: Associate in Risk Assurance, PWC First and foremost, it is always about attitude. To be honest, employers are not expecting fresh graduates to provide immediate business impacts to the company. Instead, it is an investment for the company. Second, learning by trying also prepares you for the next interview.

CHAN Ka Yee, Christine BBA (Hons) Major in Management, Minor in Japanese

Current job: Management Trainee, South China Group There are three prime factors that can help me to outperform other candidates in the selection process, including a positive attitude, a truthful presentation and sufficient preparation.


How did CAPS’ Services help support your career development? HING Li Ying, Tracy BSc (Hons) Hotel Management

Current job: Room Dining Trainee, Singapore Fullerton Hotel While I was planning to apply for an oversea placement, CAPS officer, Ms. Ponny Lam was very helpful and provided lots of useful information to me. Besides, I also visited PolyU Job Portal website to look for overseas WIE opportunities. The offshore placement pre-departure briefing also helped me to understand clearly about my 6-month WIE program and how I could transfer my skills from university to future workplace.

CHAN Ka Yee, Christine BBA (Hons) Major in Management, Minor in Japanese

Current job: Management Trainee, South China Group I joined Career Talks, Alumni Sharing and Career Consultations before, which could support my job hunting process greatly. Career Talks provided me with the updated information on job openings provided by different companies, and a

CHOI Kai Ming

chance to get to know the company more and meet with their people. This could benefit my initial stage of

Double degree in Business Administration and Engineering

job hunting.

Current job: Graduate Trainee, Hong Kong Broadband

plentiful information ranging from industrial prospects to

I’ve joined Career Lab and I found it very useful. Career

look at a company or a position from another

advisors in CAPS have helped me learn more about my


own job preference and helped me customize a CV that

Career Consultations provided me with constructive

suits me. The CV has helped me get quite a lot interviews.

suggestions for interviews and reinforced confidence.

I also joined several Recruitment Talks and learnt a lot

This certainly helps me in my later stage of job hunting.

Alumni sharing surely are eye opening events, with company cultures and job openings. This helps me to

about different industries and positions. I strongly recommend my fellow students to join career lab and sit in different Recruitment Talks.


Snapshot of CAPS programmes 2014-15

Expanding Horizons through WIE

• Valuable WIE Opportunities outside Hong Kong • Pre-WIE Trainings and Pre-departure Trainings

CAPS Services at Your Fingertips


• 1-on-1 Career Coaching • Recruitment Talks & Annual Career Fairs • Job Platforms and e-Resume Builder

Opportunities / Exposures Outside Your Discipline

• Networking with Industry Experts • Market knowledge in new industry sectors • Mentorship Programme


About The Office of Careers and Placement Services

Our Mission • To provide valuable opportunities for students to apply classroom learning in the real-life work environment • To provide various services and support to students’ career planning and development • To train and nurture students to become “preferred graduates” for employment

Our Services The Office of Careers and Placement Services (CAPS) aim to provide a link between employers and students to optimize students’ career plans. We offer comprehensive career guidance, resources and services to PolyU students, including the following: • Career development and training programmes to help students identify career interests, prepare for workplace requirements and hone their job searching skills • Personal and small group career coaching and guidance to optimize students’ career plans • Local, China and International internship opportunities for the fulfilment of Work-Integrated Education requirements • Meeting and networking with prospective employers to learn about graduate job opportunities at recruitment talks, career fairs and industry seminars • Various internship opportunities, graduate permanent placements and career information to be posted on the U2 CAREERS

PolyU Job Board and Joint Institutions Job Information System

18 THE CLASS OF 2015

Hong Kong 2015 WIE Hong Kong by Industries

2015 WIE Hong Kong by Faculty Faculty of Applied Science & Textiles


Faculty of Business


Faculty of Construction and Environment


Faculty of Engineering


Faculty of Humanities


Faculty of Health and Social Sciences


School of Design


School of Hotel & Tourism Management







Accounting, Banking and Finance Building, Construction and Property

5% 3% 3%

Consumer Products & Retailing, Hospitality, Catering and Tourism Enducation, Health Services, Hopitals and Community Services Govemment


IT, Engineering, Industrail & Manufacturing


Logistics, Supply Chain and Procuremen Public Utilities and Transportationt

*As of 31 August 2015

Mainland China 2015 WIE Mainland China by Cities

2015 WIE mainland China by Faculty Faculty of Applied Science & Textiles


Faculty of Business


Faculty of Construction and Environment


Faculty of Engineering


Faculty of Humanities


Faculty of Health and Social Sciences


School of Design


School of Hotel & Tourism Management







1% 4%2%


Beijing Hangzhou


Nanjing Shanghai Shenzhen



Xi’an Huzhou Ningbo

International 2015 WIE International by Regions

2015 WIE International by Faculty 12

Faculty of Business


Faculty of Construction and Environment


Faculty of Engineering


Faculty of Humanities


Faculty of Health and Social Sciences


School of Design


School of Hotel & Tourism Management




3% 2% 2% 9% 9%



Europe Russia


Canada Turkey Japan


Australia Middle East


Faculty of Applied Science & Textiles

THE CLASS OF 2015 19

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