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Alternative Models Magazine 1/2012

Featured Models Melissa Hayward Natsuki Kishi

Gas Mask images Images from posts on our facebook page and people that sent pictures via mail.

Featured Photographers Ian Montgomery Tallee Savage

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Welcome to the first issue of Alternative Models Magazine. My name is Börje Ensgård and is the creator of this magazine. I missed a magazine that hade alternative models and photographers that photographed alternative art images and thought that we together could fill this empty space. I’m tired of not seeing images that stand out and images that are more then just a presentation of an empty shell. Hopefully this can be a starting point for photographers and models that want’s their images to be seen out there. I have been photographing since I was about 10 years old. Started my first business when I was 18. Photographing weddings and commercial products. Now I’m more of a people photographer that likes the interaction between the models and the camera. In this magazine you will be able to read interviews with models and photographers and look at their images. You will also be able to contribute to the magazine by mailing us images or posting them on our Facebook page. Hope you’ll enjoy looking in the magazine as much as I enjoyed making it. Kind Regards //BE

Model: Deirdre Lynam

Model: Koko Meow Photographer - Derek Galon Hair Stylist - Arlana Tennent of Alchemy Hair Salon MUA - Aleta Eliason

Model: Sarah Psyche Cloth from HOSS International

Melissa Hayward

What got you into modelling?

I worked in a clothes shop years ago and a fetish photographer called Hector Heathwood called in one day and asked if he could photograph me, at first I wasn’t sure then he showed me some of his books and his work was fantastic so I shot with him a few times and that lead to other photographers asking to photograph me and its gone on like that ever since. I’ve been very lucky as I’ve had some great opportunities.

How long have you been a model?

Almost 10 years! I had my first shoot when I was 17 and I’m 27 now.

Which type of assignment is your favourite?

Ah, I love all sorts of modelling. My favourites are working with creative, inspiring photographers. I love working with my friend Angela Halpin cos she’s a lunaticshe’s wrapped me in cling film and set me on fire, shot me naked on a beach in Ireland in Jan, made me get in an ice cold outdoor bath in the snow, thrown paint all over me and shot me in a cow feeding through with mice running over my feet. The results are always fantastic though.. I’m bored with pin up stuff as I feel its been done to death. Lately I feel like its a big game of ”what gross stuff can we put on Melissa” with the photographers I’ve been working with, I’ve had molasses, honey, mud, icing sugar, blood and a squid on me. I love it though, messy shoots are super fun.

Do you have any tips for aspiring models?

The alternative modelling world is a little more forgiving of things like height and weight and obviously tattoos and piercings than regular fashion/beauty modelling but its still important to look after yourself. Join model/photographer networking sites and set up some shoots with photographers in your area, practice posing and facial expressions and study your favourite models pics for ideas in these things. Keep at it, you’re not going to be what every photographer is looking for for every shoot so don’t take it personally if you’re not chosen for a shoot. Have fun and don’t worry about looking silly :)

What is your favorite part of modelling?

I love being involved in the whole process of creating beautiful photos, not just posing. I’ve done the hair, make up and styling for 98% of my shoots and a lot of the concepts are mine too. I’d love to learn photography in the furture too so when I start getting saggy and wrinkly I can keep creative beautiful, fun photos!

Do you prefer black and white photos or color better? Why?

Probably colour, black and white can be gorgeous but in general I prefer colour. I feel the same about tattoos, I much prefer colour, especially because I’m so pale colour tattoos look like stickers.

What has been your favorite location to shoot at?

Oh there’s been so many. I’m very lucky that I’ve got to work in some amazing locations. Everything from super huge studios, custom built sets, woods, beaches, museums and even a bath of milk in a field surrounded by sheep! I’ve had the chance to shoot with some amazing props too including birds, dogs, lizards, snakes and food :)

Do you love planning the shoot as much as shooting it?

Definitely! I love everything from planning the hair, make up and styling to the little props to the location- everything! I’m constantly thinking of new ideas for shoots.

What message do you portray as an alternative model?

God, I don’t know. I don’t really ever think of what message I’m portraying. I’m probably doing a lot of things wrong if I’d like to be seen as a role model or anything like that, haha. I suppose myself and other alternative models are proving that you can be covered in tattoos and have funny coloured hair and still have a successful modelling career.

If you would describe yourself as an cartoon, which one would it be?

I’ve been compared to Betty Boop and the Corpse Bride in the past, probably because of my big roundy eyes but I dig Cruella, her style is awesome.

Model: Stacey Renee Photographer: Hatter Marie Photography Fashion: Pasties and Eyepatch are Hexpoxia Designs

Model: Cat Cadaver Photographer & MUA: Kathleen Vee

Model: Jenn Martin

Model: Tiger Stenroth Photographer: Kjell Sangberg

Gas Masks

Model: Beki Newrick

Model: Lucretia Photographer: GothX

Model: Jessalyn Ruby Photo: litninrod photography

Ian Montgomery

When did you pick up your first camera?

I grew up in Australia in a very working class city and actually did not have a camera of my own until much later in life. The first camera I owned was a point and shoot Canon that was waterproof so that I could take it surfing. I made a rubber strap that allowed me to shoot and then it would tuck into my armpit and not be too in the way when I was paddling. I remember growing up my parents had a 35mm that had no metering system nor could you see thru the lens to focus. My mother had a little chart to set the exposure settings and somehow it would be mostly pretty close. I was never allowed to use the camera but I used to love to hold it whenever I could. My first experience with SLR’s was in high school. I was lucky enough to go to a school that had a photography department, which was really one amazing teacher who had somehow managed to get the school to buy a handful of really cheap Praktica cameras that you could borrow and I think I permanently had one on loan for a few years.

Where do you prefer to shoot, in the studio or on location, and why?

I like to shoot more based in the studio simply because in San Francisco the weather is terrible I actually quite like the fog but it really isn’t the best thing to shoot in, its cold, wet and dark. We get 1 month of beautiful light, going into and out of winter. Actually right now the light is amazing and the city looks so beautiful.

Do you prefer color or black and white? Why is that?

Strangely I prefer colored black and whites, if that makes any sense. I end up doing this way too often but I love putting a blue tint through my black and whites, just a very tiny amount. Something about that look I love. I really find shooting color such an incredibly hard thing to do. With black and white, you light your subject low with some nice shadows and you pretty much cant fail. Lately I am going into shoots thinking more and more about color.

What camera brand do you use?

One of the things I find intriguing about photography is people’s belief that cameras take great pictures, not the photographer. I would say at least 80% of people who view my photographs the first thing they say is ”wow... what sort of camera do you have.” For this reason I have not spent any money on equipment and use a very basic Canon Rebel Xti that I bought used for $250 three years ago. Its only recently I begun to realize the limitations of the camera whilst preparing for an exhibition and the reality of having to get prints made. When the shots just stay in the online world, you can get away with allot more whereas paper doesn’t lie. I am shopping now for new gear but will stay with Canon unless the good people at Leica or Hasselblad want to change my mind with the offer of free gear........

What is you favorite lens?

Seeing I have one lens, it’s not really a hard question to answer... I have the standard, slow as hell 16-70 f4-5.6 Canon zoom. I leave it set wide and never touch it because it’s the only chance I have of getting the images with any sort of sharpness.

Flash or natural light? Why?

When I shoot in the studio I use tungsten video lights. I am a partner in a Video Production company and it made sense to buy lights that are dual purpose. Lighting has also been something I have loved to do throughout my life. I put myself through university doing light shows for rock bands and theatre productions. Lately I have been lighting with two 3500 lumens video projectors I purchased really cheaply off Ebay. I have been experimenting with image mapping onto the models with one projector and the backdrop with the other. Its very time consuming and hard for the models as I need them to stand really still whilst I cut and paste images onto them through photoshop and I wouldn’t say I have come anywhere near mastering it yet but its an interesting pursuit.

Do you edit your own images and what program do you use?

I edit all my own images and really enjoy this process. I use Lightroom for much of my post processing in combination with a few Nik plugins and of course Photoshop. I would rate my Photoshop skills as average at best but I really think its the most incredible piece of software. If I spent the rest of my days inside that program I still think I would have only scratched the surface. I am old enough that I got to learn photography when darkrooms still existed and always loved being in one. There was something so alluring and mysterious about going through a light trap into those dimly lit red rooms that stunk of chemicals and had prints hanging everywhere like clothes on a line.

What do you want the viewer to feel when he/she looks at your images?

Art is such a personal thing, which is part of the appeal for me. What is art to me could be to the next person something quite awful, so I don’t bother thinking about what anyone else might think about my images. I make a living as a film editor and that is a job you really need a thick skin to do. There are so many people whose opinion you have to react to. You have to let go of much of your vision and not be attached too much because film is the most collaborative form of art there is. Part of the enjoyment of photography is that I don’t have to listen to anyone else’s opinions and can create, as I want. I love the collaborative process of film making but its certainly liberating to be selfish with photography.

If you would describe your self as a cartoon, which one would it be? I am one part Rocky and one part Bullwinkle.

Model: Amie Vera

Photographer: Shana Fox

Model: Raven Taylor Photos shot by Version 2.0 Productions

Model: Naomi

Model: Laura Paige

Model: Kat K Photographer: Jeff Cohn

Photographer: Jenni Capella Model: NFern

Model: June Summer

Model: Gabriela Acosta Photographer: Leonardo Medina

Natsuki Kishi

What got you into modeling?

When I was teenager, I was suggested to apply for a big model audition by one of my best friends. I got the right to entry the final audition but my parents disagree on it. But I realized that modeling is very special and exciting work for me at that time, this was the beginning of my career as a model.

How long have you been a model?

I started modeling when I was 18years old under a model agency in Japan. After working for several years I took ” break-time ”, I needed it because I got pregnant and gave birth. Then I re-started modeling 4 years ago once again.

Which type of assignment is your favorite?

I enjoy most of all kind of theme as long as the theme is creative, unique, artistic and original. But I’m not interested in some particular concepts such as ” gorgeous woman and big car, bike, guitar. They are too common but I’d enjoy if I were allowed to break them in the photo!!

Do you have any tips for aspiring models?

Be healthy. Mentally and physically. Modeling is such a tough work. And find your strength which is original, unique, different from other models.

What is your favorite part of modeling? I enjoy entire process. But when I

express something as I feel in front of the camera, I don’t need to think anything else; I love the shooting time the most.

Do you prefer black and white photos or color better? Why? I prefer

B/W images but I feel so happy when I work with some photographers who are really good at colored images on the other hand.

What has been your favorite location to shoot at?

I love shooting in the nature. In the deep forest, with lots of green, water...I feel I’m a part of them, the feeling is amazing.

Do you love planning the shoot as much as shooting it?

Yes, I love it. Since I’m a freelance model, I have to organize everything by myself. It’s so tough but I can enjoy it.

What message do you portray as an alternative model?

It depends on each session, but I always try to show people our natural emotion such as happiness, anger, sadness, loneliness...And I’d like people to know that particular height, weight, age, appearance don’t matter to portray these things. I’m not tall or young, but I don’t think they are my week points as a model.

If you would describe yourself as an cartoon, which one would it be? Haha, what an interesting question!! I’m not so familiar with cartoons, but let’s say ” Sponge Bob ” , unique and creative. :)

Model: Genny Jay

Model: Genny Jay

Model: FayeKennett

Wilker Photography

Model: Miss Lizzy D. Vine Photography by Tim Engle Hair by Erik Foldhazi Make Up by Martha Millan

Model: Aly Katt Photography: Ryan Laessig SuZy’s

Photographer: Derek Galon

Model: Ropo

Model: Haywire Photographer: Mira Fertin Hair stylist: Roxanne Cahill Make up: Stephanie Sloane Wardrobe: Kornelia Kloset

Model: Cyndiemyst Photographer: Scott Church

Photography: David Denofreo Model: Miss Meow MUA: Miss Meow

Model: Evee Euphoria Photographer: Swankorama

Tallee Savage

When did you pick up your first camera.

I was about 10 years old and the camera was a Kodak Instamatic 50. Animals, insects and people where my first objects to photograph.

Where do you prefer to shoot, in the studio or on location, and why? I prefer two places and this is why: The Studio: Because of the control it gives me, getting exactly the result I want and need. I have the model, styling, props and light, pretty much set up before I start working and then of course, I need to adjust the light after what the situation requires. Preparation is very important in the kind of photos that I do. Live photography: Live concerts are different. It is a challenge! Thousands of fans behind you and a band going crazy onstage never standing still. This is capturing an artist at work. Light changes frequently and is never sufficient. I can´t really be prepared... I know what to do when the concert starts. Usually photographers from the media are allowed three songs, so there is very little time to mess around. I need to capture what the audience is feeling. I love it!

What camera brand do you use?

I use a Nikon D3. Perfect in all situations.

What is you favorite lens?

I use a Nikkor 24-70, works great in the studio. But will soon get a 70-200 to get better live shots.

Flash or natural light? Why?

Both ... Flash in the studio and outdoors. Outdoors it helps to even out contrast and to brighten shadow areas. Softens up unflattering facial shadows cast and so on. Most venues does not allow flash. And you are better off without. Best ”feel” is with the actual stage lightning.

Do you prefer color or black and white? Why is that?

You know, I do prefer black and white or monochone because of its classic, romantic and art appeal. Seeing things in the shades of grey makes us pay more attention to lines, details, contrasts, textures and shadows making them more prominent. Nothing distracting our brain to think about colors. It captures more emotion, I think. One of my favorite photographers, Nick Brandt, uses monochrome tones on his amazing photos of wild animals. I love his way of thinking. BUT, I love colors too and most of my work is in colors. Working with fantasy photos and being a make up artist makes me want to share and accentuate the mood. A Melancholy, evil, happy mood can be enhanced by the colors. Also my clients usually wants their images in color. Anyway both color and black and white have their benefits and their possibilities. Lets leave it at that : )

Do you edit your own images and what program do you use?

I edit my own live photos. My studio shots are edited by my husband Mattias. Great graphic Designer that makes all customers demands and wishes come true. We think a like and he interprets my images in a way that makes me happy. We are getting a lot of customers and work now. So I will have to pic up and help out in the retouch area pretty soon.

What do you want the viewer to feel when he/she looks at your images?

I want people to feel happy about our images. I want them to come back and take a look again and find something they did not notice before.

If you would describe your self as an cartoon, which one would it be?

”Tarzan” - Life in a tree house in the jungle surrounded by animals always intrigued me. Courageous, loyal, intelligent, generous, gracious and always taking the side of the weaker. Athletic and good looking ... hm...sounds like I have crush on this character. Well, I guess I had. Anyway his philosophy had an impact on me. Except when he favored raw meat. I favor vegetarianism!

Models: Emma Kya Dirnberger, Oliver Heartmont and Emelie F채rdigs

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Alternative Models Magazine