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School Volume 8, Issue 3 March 2010

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Disasters continue to strike worldwide By Simon Armengol Staff Writer In the last month there have been many accidents and catastrophes, like earthquakes, flooding and plane crashes. These few examples are just a little bit of what really has happened around the world. Many things have happened such as the train collision in India, or earthquakes in Argentina and in Central America.

police helicopters airlifted tourists unable to return to the nearby city of Cuzco by rail after the southern Andean region experienced the heaviest rains in 15 years. Three hundred people were forced to abandon their hike along the Inca trail, about 7,700

feet above sea level, to Peru’s biggest tourist attraction. Heavy rainfall triggered landslides and tripled water levels in rivers such as the Vilcanota, which runs past Machu Picchu, flooding roads and destroying bridges.

British, French and Cypriot aircraft and a U.S. warship joined rescue crews searching the Mediterranean Sea off Lebanon’s coast Monday, January 25, where an Ethiopian Airlines flight crashed with 90 people aboard. By afternoon, crews had found 21 bodies but no survivors, a Lebanese military spokesman said. Ethiopian Airlines Flight 409 left Rafik Hariri International Airport in Beirut about 2:30 a.m. and was headed to the Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa.

In patches across the Haitian capital, many earthquake survivors were not waiting for an international clearing and rebuilding effort to begin. They pulled out shovels, wood and cement to slowly repair and rebuild themselves. “This is what we have to do now,” said Jean-Fritznel St. Claire. Many say Haitians are using broken pieces of buildings as construction material, including metal rebar or reinforcement bars that critically strengthen concrete but now lie twisted and bent in the rubble. That makes the bars weak and potentially unsafe.



Courtesy of :

After the 7.0 earthquake in Haiti, many were left with out a home.

Doral Sports... Page 8

An earthquake with a magnituded of 8.8 struck the Maule Region of Chile . Tsunami warnings were issued for 53 countries and more than half a million homes were destroyed. President Michelle Bachelet declared a “state of catastrophe” The current death toll is 723 and is expected to rise.

How to pay for college

The loss of By: Karenny Montan Emily Silveira Editors-in-Chief Alexander which college to atMcqueen.... tendWhenmanychoosing high school students make decision based on their financial situation. Many students end up re Page 5 their jecting their dream schools because Upcoming Concerts... Page 6-7

An earthquake with preliminary magnitude of 5.6 struck eastern Venezuela on January 15 the U.S. Geological Survey reported. The quake’s epicenter was about 25 miles from Carupano, near the Caribbean coast in northeastern Venezuela, the agency said. It was seven miles deep.



Peru’s government began evacuating 1,950 tourists stranded near the Machu Picchu archeological site following flash floods. Air Force and


they aren’t aware of all the possible ways to pay for their college experience. The best advice any prospective student can get is to become educated in all the possible ways to pay for college and to make their decision as to which school to attend then.

terest on the loan while in school.

Private Student Loans

There are a number of privately-funded (non-government) loans available to students.

Federal PLUS Loans Courtesy of

Most student directly relate graduation with the costs to come and those costs are steadily rising.

Federal Grad PLUS Loans

Student Loans

Graduate students can borrow up to the full cost of education minus any financial aid. Students receive an automatic rescheduling while in school. There is no grace period but students may request up to a 5 month tolerance after leaving school.

If you meet certain criteria, you could qualify to borrow an additional student loan such as an unsubsidized Stafford Loan or a private education load. These loans are likely to be more expensive than need-based loans.

Tuition Tax Credits

Federal Unsubsidized Loans

Students who don’t demonstrate need, or need to borrow more than the subsidized loan amount, can borrow unsubsidized Stafford loans. Unlike subsidized loans, you are responsible for paying in-

PLUS Loans are the most popular loans for the parents of dependent undergraduate students. Parents can borrow up to the full cost of education, minus any financial aid.

A tax credit is an amount of money you can subtract from your federal tax bill. It is a dollar-for-dollar reduction of the amount you owe. If you have family members in college and your income doesn’t exceed certain limits you may apply for a tax credit. Courtesy of

March 2010


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Social networking reaches peak

By Jessica Cordoves Viewpoint editor Back in the day, one would rummage through the white pages hoping to reconnect with an old friend. Now, in the 21st century, typing a friend’s name online and hitting the “search” button is all it takes. With social networking at its peak, it is evident that technology keeps on advancing day by day. Popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Myspace have pushed technology and communication to a whole other level. According to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, as of the beginning of 2009 Facebook had about 150 million active users from all over the world, including Antarctica. He claimed, “If Facebook were a country, it would be the eighth most populated in the world, just ahead of Japan, Russia and Nigeria.” Other social networks such as Myspace have

approximately 80 million visits per month. Finally, Twitter has about 25 million active users, many of these include celebrities that keep their fans up to date with their where-abouts. This is truly baffling. It is amazing how one simple website can connect people from all over the world. “I use Facebook because it’s easier to communicate with my family and friends that I don’t see too often,” said Doral Academy student Andrea Viejo. It seems as though these social networks have been able to facilitate the life of others. For example, instead of taking pictures and having to develop them to send through the mail to a family member across the country, social network users take advantage of the features such as being able to post up an electronic album of pictures. In a matter of seconds someone that lives across the country can view the photographs one has posted up.

Courtsey of :

The logo for todays most popular social network, facebook. Not only does the average human take advantage of these amenities, companies have benefited as well. Facebook can serve as an instant gate opener to several companies. With millions of users, companies can take advantage and promote

Where you should be

their service. It is an easy way to catch a person’s attention without having to spend thousands of dollars. These social networks have their pros, but they have their cons as well. These sites seem to serve as a distraction for people, especially those

teenage students in high school. Junior Nathalie Padron admits, “Facebook affects procrastination immensely. It is evident too because every time I’m procrastinating I update my status on Facebook complaining about my procrastination which really doesn’t help on the procrastination.” Others admit they stay up really late on Facebook. “I go on everyday sometimes I even stay on until 2 A.M,” said sophomore Gabriela Arthache. Because students procrastinate, their school work is probably not done to their best ability. For many, social networking has been the best thing that has ever happened to them. People get the chance to reconnect with old friends they thought they’d never see again. However, to others these sites could be a major source of addiction and procrastination. It is very evident social networking has impacted today’s society in a way never seen before.

By Karenny Montan Emily Silveira Editor-In- Chief




This is not the time to be slacking off. This year may be thought as the easy one, but it is extremely important to take things just as serious as if you were a junior. Be sure to maintain your G.P.A and work to improve it to meet college standards. Start practicing for the SATs and ACTs. Take practice tests and enroll in prep courses. By the time junior year rolls around, you’ll be ready which will in turn save you some stress when you become a senior.

Now is the time to be taking the ACT’s and SAT’s. If you have not done so, you may enroll for the SAT in, and for the ACT in http://www. Take these now so that you’ll have plenty of time next year to concentrate on college applications

Courtesy of: A high school student studying diligently for the SAT’s


You should get acceptance letters and financial aid offers by mid-April. Compare awards from different colleges. Questions? Talk to financial aid officers. Not enough aid? Ask if other financing plans are available. If you haven’t already, visit your final college before accepting. You should be making your final decision by May 1st and send a deposit to the college you choose.

How to deal with stress By Carla Gonzalez Staff writer These economic times bring on severe stress and hardship, and more often than not, the brunt of the stress lies on the child(ren) of the family. When compounded with all the other issues revolving around teenagers: school, social life, and home troubles, it can lead to a crisis situation. However, persons in such circumstances, though feeling helpless, are not. Getting the right attention can prevent an escalated state of affairs. The question then becomes how does an outsider deal with a child in a stressful position without raising the severity of the issue at hand? How do you lend a hand? How do you guide somebody who is desperately looking for help? At school, there are many ways in which a child in a crisis situation can get help. Such places as the USA Suicide and Crisis Hotline

(1-800-784-2433) can guide a child in a time of emotional distress, and often prevent a disaster. Just ask Ms. Latrell Carr, counselor for ninth and tenth graders. “Personality and mood changes, withdrawal from friends and family, difficulty concentrating and a change in sleeping or eating habits are all warning signs of a child in a crisis situation,” said Carr. Help can be as simple as just talking about it with a counseloror a teacher, all of whom have resources and/or schools instituted policies to guide a student in hard times. Teachers come in contact with students on a daily basis, and are often well-suited to make observations of abnormal behavior in their students. They can be the first line of defense, as most schools have procedures for this type of situation, more often than not, a teacher

showing concern “can counter the person's sense of hopelessness and helplessness.”(Suicide Prevention Resource Center: Customized Information: Teachers) .Aid also extends to the family via the community and local resources. Life has always been chock-full of obstacles and adversities, all of which raise the stress level tremendously. This is especially true for teenagers, many of whom have not yet learned the coping skills required to deal with the rollercoaster that is life (Helping Teenagers with Stress, American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry). Not knowing where to go, and feeling more and more helpless, many teenagers experience crises situations. However they are never alone, and help is only as far as asking can go.

March 2010

Issue 3

Phoenix Staff

The Phoenix Doral Academy Charter Preparatory School 11100 N.W 27th St Doral,Fl 33172 Editor in Chief Sports Editor Viewpoint School News Special Reports Photographer Adviser Principal The Phoenix is published by the Doral Academy Preparatpry journalism department. The opinions expressed are those of individuals credited and are not to represent the entire student body or staff. The Phoeninx welcomes letters to editors. Letters must be signed and submitted, and

Emily Silveira Karenny Montan Gustavo Santos Chirstian Ollino Jessica Cordoves Sasha Santti Barbara Perez Jonathan Lutz Diana Martinez Catherine Kononoff Francisco Jimenez may be edited for space and content. Staff Writers: Kathleen Acevedo ,Christian Aguilar, Simon Armengelo, Sebastian Arias, Rose Castro, Alyssa D’Bazo, Carla Gonzalez, Kevin Gonzalez, Tatiana Martinez,Jonathan Mora ,Adriana Moran, Janell Miron, Jonathan Ouaknine, Carlos Roa, Allan Valiente, Lisa Varela

March 2010

School News

Count down ‘till the SAT Sasha Santti School News Editor Kevin Gonzalez Staff Writer Many seniors are preparing to turn

in their final SAT or ACT scores to colleges or universities of their choice. “To succeed and surpass the rest when it gets time for graduation you have to strive for success and do your best in anything possible. You have to do everything that is at your reach and take advantage of the opportunities that are being handed to you,” said Ms. Diana Escobar. By the end of junior year, upcoming senior students should be taking the SAT and preparing to take it again in the fall. Colleges take SAT and ACT scores into account when deliberating over student applications. There are many SAT and ACT prep courses that may help students do better on the

exam, such as Kaplan. To find out more information about Kaplan, visit CAP Advisor Escobar’s office. It is proven that the more that one studies and prepares for the exam, the better it is, and the better they will do on the exam. “Dual enrollment is an experience that is unlike any other in high school. While high school classes are, at times, rigorous, college courses require a level of dedication and responsibility unparalleled in high school. One is given freedoms that make learning a choice, not a requirement. This is the essence of higher education,” said Lino Capelli. When it comes to college prep and deciding what future career path to take, it depends mostly on the SAT and ACT scores. If on the first attempt the score isn’t high enough, there is always the next exam in the fall. The more one studies the better their scores.

Firebirds show their skill By Sasha Santti School News Editor Doral Academy Preparatory spon-

sored its very own Battle of the Bands in which fellow students as well as artists that have graduated in previous years participated. The bands were Social Suicide, Chris & Stephen, Forward to the Past, Jordan Grana, Divine Silence and Jorge Camelo & Jorge Perez. “It was a really good event to have at school and gave our talented students means of publicly expressing themselves. I really enjoyed it and hope there will be many more to come” said Laura Pacchioni. “The night’s atmosphere was great. The audience was energetic and the musicians were talented. It’s great that people come out for an event where it may have been the first time a person performed. To be received with such openness…it is very difficult to find. Overall, it was a great experience for any musician” said Stephen Menendez who performed I’ve just seen a face by The Beatles, Daughters by John Mayor and Wonderwall by Oasis. He performed alongside his friend and fellow Editor, Chris Ollino. Not only did the bands and groups perform, but we had the creative artisitic skills of Christen Romero who drew the portrait of Diamond Dance Team member Leeza Menendez. Also include Ms.Natalie Vega and Marilynn Sanchez ,alumni from Doral Academy, performed a hip hop routine while

the special guest’s performed their song. The bands definitely had a lot to offer. They have been practicing for months and their talent truly showed. Some audience members were even impressed when some of the performers came to stage. “I was impressed with the amount of musical talent that Doral students had to offer,” said junior Christy Haimes about the outcome of the show and how amazing the bands were. It was a tough match but then the winners were decided, Social Suicide took the lead. They performed Suffocating under the words of Sorrow by Bullet for my Valentine and Laid to Rest by Lamb of God. The band was the winner of the previous talent show that was held last year and has truly improved over time. The band members, Alexander Alonso, Jose Anaya, Erik Lau, Erik Macauley and Michael Preston did their best to prove what they’ve got and did a great way of showing their success.

Skip the question. If you are unsure of an answer, skip the question and go back if time permits. Trust yourself. Rely on your instincts and never leave an easy question blank. Read, read, read. Read the questions and answers critically. Eliminate answers. Use the process of elimination. If you spend time working on a problem and eliminate two answers, you should make an educated guess. Stop and check. After every few questions, stop and check to make sure the question number on the answer sheet corresponds with the question being answered in the question booklet. Share your time. Don't spend too much time on any single question. Focus on the questions and answers.

Your job is to focus on the contents of the test, not the frequency of the answered letters. Rushing only hurts you. Work at a good pace and rely on yourself to keep track of the time remaining for each section. Enter the exam with confidence. Know the instructions for each section before you enter the exam room—don't waste time reading the instructions the day of the exam. End each section by reviewing. Revisit the questions that you circled or marked with a question mark. Tips on how not to stress before the big test Get a good night’s rest. Don’t over study. Study subjects you don’t get. Have a schedule so you can study evenly. Study with friends and people instead of studying by yourself. Use music to concentrate on studying so you can remember and not have to cram the day before the test.

“We practiced for countless days and in the end it paid off. It was definetly a tough competition but we just got up on the stage and had fun.Winning was just a bonus to the experience. Hopefully we will win more competitions and make it big.” said Alexander Alonso, member of Social Suicide

Creativity Corner

Do I Tell Her How I Feel? By Christian Ollino 12th grade

Should I stay quiet? or do i tell her how I feel. do I let it be known. or forever wait these wounds to heal honestly, what’s real has never felt so cold so do I put on my sweater and weather this storm?

Stephen Menendez and Christian Ollino perform at Battle of the Bands.

Tips on how not to get stressed during the SAT/ACT

Page 3

you see, metaphorically, Ive got these writings in my head and I swear to God, I’ve seen them, but do I walk by them instead? No. I don’t look good in red. or any color, if you ask. I’d rather take off my shirt and let people see the past. ...all my doubts and struggles all my scars and muscles all the battles I fought and all the hearts I’ve crumbled. But that’s not me.

the person staring back from a mirror. I’m the one who’s looking for an answer or a whisper my reflection just mimics my moves I think he’s worse than I am: he reverses my views.

Breathe By Nicole Soler 6th grade

Sometimes you feel like nothings okay As if you dont want to see the light of day But then some special person appears And you dont shed any tears You feel a bright light shine on you You cant beleive this is true Whats happening is your first love It seems like that person came from above Both persons look into each others eyes Then by surprise They meet for the first time And hear the sounds of a chime They heep on seeing each other And dont want any other They kiss and feel a bliss You need to catch your breath And just Breathe.

The Everafter

By Amy Huntley Melissa Cittadino Guest Writer This is a unique book and I enjoyed reading it. The novel is based on a girl, Madison who discovered she is in a place called IS. She is trapped in some type of limbo. While she is in IS objects and moments of her life are presented to her. Her journey is through these memories and at the same time discovering why she is there. She must resolve the mystery of her reason for being there. Madison will discover the painful secret for this happening to her. It is unlike anything I ever read before and I’ll definitely recommend it to my friends. The author’s originality and creativity shines in this novel.


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Upcoming concerts Alyssa D’Bazo Diana Martinez Adriana Moran Staff Writers

It’s a new year, and it’s a new start for musicians and touring artists alike. In 2010, there will be several tours all around the U.S, specifically Florida. Several bands Taylor Swift, Bon Jovi, Jay Z, Michael Bublé, and Against Me! Taylor Swift has proved to be 2009’s brightest star, and her concerts sell out in seconds, so, hurry and buy your tickets. Taylor Swift was recently nominated for eight Grammys, and by the end of the night she had won four. Jay Z has retired and gone back to rap several times, but it seems like retiring isn’t even an option anymore. Since his marriage with Beyoncé, he released his newest album The Blueprint 3.

courtesy of

The cover of Jay-Z’s latest album The Blueprint 3.

courtesy of

Taylor Swift in the music video of one of her latest hits, You Belong With Me.





Jay Z

March 7th

Bank Atlantic Center Sunrise, FL

8:00 PM

Taylor Swift

April 18th

Bank Atlantic Center Sunrise, FL

7:00 PM

Michael Bublé

March 12th

Bank Atlantic Center Sunrise, FL

8:00 PM

Bon Jovi

February 22

Bank Atlantic Center Sunrise, FL

7:30 PM

March 2010

Women’s and men’s spring fashion collections Adriana Miele Features Editor

The two words that inspire the most excitement among fashion lovers around the world: fashion week. While Fall Fashion Week is arguably the most important of them all, Spring Fashion Week certainly holds its own glory. Many fashion powerhouses, such as Chanel and Givenchy, gave in to many new trends; however, they did so by adding them as twists to their previous classic items (with Chanel having an impeccable new suit). While there were m any amazing spring collections shown in Paris and New York this past January, here are some of the highlights:

Chanel: Following a more conservative ideal, the Chanel couture show managed to remain true to the classic aesthetic of the historic brand all the while not literally remaining true to its colors. Karl Lagerfeld, headdesigner, explained, “It’s the first time in my whole career I’ve done a collection without black or navy. There’s not one gold button.” In fact, the entire line was an array of silvers, whites and grays, with a futuristic appeal. However, Lagerfeld insisted that he doesn’t “believe in avantgarde clothes for a future that will never happen. Fashion is always now.”

Givenchy: After examining the designer brand’s upcoming couture collection, Sophomore Vanessa Echevarria gushed, “It is absolutely incredible, yet very strange.” Indeed, that is the consensus of the majority of fashion week followers. Head designer Riccardo Tisci was inspired by “the idea of this strong, erotic phase of Parisian women I related to.” Marc Jacobs: The Marc Jacobs ready-to-wear collection was, according to Nicole Phelps of, inspired by Jacobs’ ability to “pull references from everywhere and nowhere, and, filtered through his febrile imagination, they have the shock of the new.”

courtesy of

Jon Ouaknine Staff writer D&G “Thick Fair Isle sweater-coats, trapper hats, chunky turtlenecks, shimmery ski pants, shearlings and bombers” ( are the heavily layered essence of D & G’s Milan show. Also boasting a variety of well-designed suits and somewhat out-of-place Mickey Mouse shirts, D & G definitely got some attention from the Milan show. Hermès Defined by craftsmanship, Hermès is at it again with their fabulous work with skins. Their suits, also appealing to the eye, are cut slimmer than American suits, so wear with caution. Overall, their Paris show was enjoyable, despite the heave “rich French guy” vibe. Alexander McQueen Though a bit strange, McQueen’s entire print collection was intriguing. Some of the prints were a bit obscure – featuring piles of skulls and bones – and others were real head-scratchers. phrased it best by saying, “You could try to make sense of it all, or just accept it as McQueen being his usual subversive, brilliant, mischievous, visionary self.”

A model walking down the D&G Spring 2010 runway.

Many action blockbusters expected to hit theatres this year By Christian Aguilar Sebastian Arias Staff writers Legion- Director Scott Stewart Release: January 22, 2010 The basis of the plot focuses on God losing faith in humanity. As a result, Archangel Michael retaliates

the second coming of Christ. The only thing standing in his way from succeeding is the Archangel Gabriel, as the leader of the army of God.

a real life hero after reading about them in comic books. He calls himself Kick-Ass, and later finds

Clash of the Titans-Louis Leterrier Release: March 26, 2010 Clash of the Titans is a remake of the 1981 film of the same name. The story of Clash refers to Greek mythology and the journey Perseus must make to stop the god Hades from seizing power from Zeus. Along the way, Perseus must fight a giant Kraken, Medusa and several other foes in order to get to Hades.

courtesy of

A still from the upcoming movie starring Aaron Johnson as “KickAss.” two vigilantes, Big Daddy and his daughter Hit-Girl. They team up to take down a drug lord, Frank D’Amico. Iron Man 2- Jon Favreau

courtesy of

courtesy of

The poster of the movie Legion, which debuts January 22, 2010. as the leader of the surviving human race. He must protect a waitress, Charlie, who is impregnated with

Whiplash, and his corporate rival Justin Hammer.

Still of Avatar star Sam Worthington in Clash of the Titans Kick-Ass-Matthew Vaugn Release: April 16, 2010 The plot of Kick-Ass concerns a teenage boy who decides to become

Release- May 7, 2010 Now that the world knows Tony Stark is Iron Man, he is under pressure from the public and government to share his technology. He fears that the information may fall in the wrong hands and keep his technology to himself. Tony is now pitted against his Russian enemy,

courtesy of

Robert Downey Jr. in the Iron Man 2 trailer. Toy Story 3 -Lee Unkrich Release- June 18, 2010

In the succession to one of the most popular animated movies ever made, Toy Story 3 returns with all the characters from the previous film. Andy, the owner of the toys, is now departing for college, so he is going to put all the toys in the attic. Before he can, the toys are accidently thrown away, and they find themselves in a day-care. Woody and Buzz must find a way

courtesy of

The third installment of the Toy Story franchise is released this summer. to save the toys and escape, but things get complicated when Buzz is damaged during an escape. They reset him, but end up reverting him to his past delusions in the first film and leave him in Spanish mode.


March 2010

Page 5

Alexander McQueen commits suicide on the dawn of New York Spring Fashion Week

courtesy of

The late designer at one of his brand’s fashion shows. Adriana Miele Features Editor Alyssa D’Bazo Staff writer

Praised and highly contentious designer Alexander McQueen was pronounced dead on the morning of Thursday, February 11th, the first day of New York Fashion Week. The forty-year-old designer, born Lee Alexander McQueen, was found dead at his London home, reportedly from suicide. A colleague of McQueen, milliner Philip Treacy said, “Creativity is a very fragile thing, and Lee was very fragile.” In fact, the designer, who began his career as a designer working for the famous fashion house Givenchy, had lost his mother five days prior to his death, on Saturday February 6th. McQueen’s closest friend and stylist Isabella Blow also took her own life on May 7th, 2007, which reportedly took a huge toll on McQueen emotionally. The designer will be remembered for his provocatively notorious designs. He is said to have felt

pressured to conform his designs and creativity in order to make pieces that would sell in the very competitive fashion design industry according to an article in The Wall Street Journal. McQueen also had a great deal of difficulty succeeding financially after leaving his first fashion design gig at Givenchy as of 2000 and beginning his own company, of which design power house Gucci purchased a whopping 51% of that year. However, McQueen failed to turn a profit until 2007. Despite the many difficulties he faced throughout the course of the past decade, McQueen tried to keep his spirits up. His last tweet, posted on the Sunday prior to his death said, “Sunday evening been a… awful week, but my friends have been great. But now I have to somehow pull myself together.” Unfortunately, he did not succeed in composing himself, and wound up taking his own life. He will be remembered as a genius who often left the fashion industry without words.

courtesy of

courtesy of

Lady Gaga wearing Alexander McQueen at the 2010 Grammy Awards.

Sarah Jessica Parker wearing a hat designed by McQuee’s close friend and colleague, Philip Treacy.

courtesy of

McQueen’s close friend and admirer, famous pop singer Lady Gaga.

courtesy of

courtesy of courtesy of

Alexander McQueen’s Spring 2010 Ready-to-Wear Collection

The designer’s, who won the British Fashion Designer Award four years in a row, Spring 2008 collection.

courtesy of

Famous British model Kate Moss alongside the late desinger. courtesy of

Alexander McQueen’s Fall 2008 Ready-to-wear collection.

courtesy of

courtesy of

A couture Alexander McQueen gown, which is featured in the Met Gala’s Fashion Expo.

The late designer was well-known for his impeccable taste in show design. His most recent collection, Spring 2010, featured these very popular, aquatically inspired shoe collection.

courtesy of

British model Lily Donaldson wearing McQueen on the runway.


March 2010

Page 6

Firebirds fight hard to end the year as champions By Gustavo Santos Christian Ollino Sports Editors

Baseball This year’s baseball team is more than ready to take on any foe that may dare challenge them. They have been training since the Fall sports season under the instruction of Coach Barry Brown. The team held try-outs early in the year and are now familiar with each other’s strengths and weaknesses, which will surely help them during their games. Senior veteran Robert Alfaro said, “We’re working hard and we’re fighting. We set our goals high and we’re not ending the season empty handed.” On February 25 the they proved they do not plan on backing down from anyone; the team defeated Monsignor Pace, one of the best teams in the state, 6-5 being led by pitcher Jean Acevedo with seven strike outs. Track & Field As the final sports season of the year kicks off, so does the track and field season. The team has undergone a series of changes this year. Daniel Selsky and Johann Odermatt, the team’s new coaches, have implemented a new set of drills to the practices to help train the rookies starting off on their first year and to improve the returning runners’ techniques. New team captain Dante Figueroa said, “We’re working harder than ever to reach the goals we set at the beginning of the season, and we’re

Photo Courtesy of Dante Figueroa

Senior Gilda Arendese practices hurdling for her upcoming meet.

Photo Courtesy of Gilda Arendse

Pamela Vargas sprints to the finish line at the Crusader Invitational.

not giving up until they’re fulfilled.” Goals began to be realized when Lauren Burns broke the 400-meter school record with a time of 71 seconds during the first time trial. The team performed great at the season opener at the Crusader Invitational with a new school record being set by Chris Hameed in the long jump with a distance of 17’4’’ and is more motivated than ever to to continue their season at Barberra Goleman on Tuesday March 7. Softball The softball team this year looks like they are going to have a great season. There are a couple of players who are new to the game, yet inversely, there are experienced players such as Ericka Acevedo and Kathy Acevedo who have both made All-Dade. They also have new coaches this year, Amanda Torres and Sandy Acevedo. They are two very

experienced coaches who expect to have a great season coaching the girls softball team. The girls started off their season strong with their first victory against Hialeah Gardens with a final score of 22-0 and currently have a record of four wins to four losses. Tennis This year’s tennis team is very promising. There are many returning players, such as veteran Valentina Di Stefano who holds a State Championship medal. There is a new trainer, Coach Daniel Gonzalez. When asked about the future of the team, he said, “The team looks very promising this year again and I’m very excited to help them reach their personal goals.” Against Mater Academy, the girls tennis team swept their opponents, winning 7-0 and the boys team is excited to play Coral Shores on Thursday March 18.

Photo Courtesy of Gilda Arendse

Lauren Burns sprints to pass her opponent right beforen the finish line.

Super Bowl Sunday excites America

Photo courtesy of

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees holding up the Lambardi Trophy celebrating.

New Orleans Saints running-back reaches to complete a first down. year’s NFC champions were the New Orleans Saints, playing against AFC champions the Indianapolis Colts. Interestingly, while most people usually don’t pay much attention to sports betting anymore, new forms of betting have taken form in the Super Bowl, side bets involving commercial awards, the half-time show run-time and Kim Kardashian? The TV star who is romantically involved with Saints running back Reggie Bush is a subject to side-betting, the bet being how many times she would be shown on television during the Super Bowl.

By Jonathan Mora Staff Writer As the time drew near to Super Bowl Sunday, excitement began to draw the attention of fellow South Floridians. The 2010 Super Bowl was held at the Dolphins Stadium on February 7 and the City of Miami expected a great turn out. The Super Bowl has been, for a long time, a big money drawing event. It is the key to helping any state in any type of financial crisis, and it was here in Miami. The playoffs began and people began to root for their hometown teams. Unfortunately for the Miami Dolphins, they were unable to secure their spot in the Bowl but promised to come back stronger next year. This

Super Bowl 44 logo.

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

More and more students here at Doral Academy were excited about the event, all having their own opinions of who would be the Super Bowl champion. Senior Rolando Baca was asked the question on everyone’s mind, who would win? Based on the playoffs he predicted “The Saints are taking it, the Colts had their time as champs and now it was the Saints turn.” As the dust settled over the Super Bowl excitement the Saints made New Orleans proud by winning the Bowl over the Colts with a score of 31-17.

The Phoenix 2009-10 Issue 3  

Doral Academy's Phoenix Newspaper, 2009-10 Issue 3

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