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spring 2014


There is every reason to smile RIG-TIG by Stelton brings you just what you need for handling cheese – in delightful shapes and colours. The set comprises of a cheese slicer, generally used for soft cheese, and a cheese plane – ideal for hard cheeses.

A lovely, practical carafe for all your beverages. Keep a carafe of water or fruit juice etc., in the fridge so you always have chilled drinks on hand. The carafe has a smart open-and-close detailing – just flip the ball down for pouring, and then up again to seal the carafe. WATCH FILM

SAY CHEESE SLICER & PLANE (ART. Z00069/z00069-1/Z00069-2) Design: Klaus Rath COOL-IT water carafe (Art. Z00071-/Z00071-1/Z00071-2) Design: Francis Cayouette

Crumbs in your kitchen? Not anymore! The Sweep-it broom and dustpan makes rapid cleaning a cinch. The set takes up hardly any room under the sink or in the drawer – or why not hang this graphically attractive design on the wall? It’s easy to mount the set on a wall or inside a cabinet.

Sweep-it dusTpan and broom

SWEEP-IT dustpan- & Broom (ART. Z00073) Design: Klaus Rath

crush-it mortar

Enjoy crushed peppercorn or ground cinnamon from your own mortar. The mortar from RIG-TIG by Stelton has a generous capacity so you can even make your own pesto in it. The inside is rough to provide traction for spices. The silicon lid fits the base of the mortar to prevent it from slipping while in use. WATCH FILM

crush-it mortar (ART. Z00072) Design: Halskov & Dalsgaard

novelties spring 2014

RIG-TIG presents a set of four fantastic mini bowls in great and inspirational colours. Use them for serving anything from nuts, olives, dip, vegetables etc. or use them for your yoghurt.

RIG-TIG sink-caddy holder keeps your sink area tidy. Place all your washingup utensils in the holder by the sink. Add colour to the cleaning with a sinkcaddy dish brush. The bush head is interchangeable, with a second head included in the purchase.

SINK-Caddy holder (ART. Z00067) / SinKCADDY dish brush, 2 brush heads (ART. Z00068/Z00068-1/ Z00068-2) Design: Troels Seidenfaden mini bowls 4 pcs (ART. Z00207-1) Design: Jens Fager

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