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White painted furniture

Wicker furniture

The Ocean range

Teak furniture

Garden equipment

The Cutter range


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The mark of responsible forestry SW-COC-000903 © 1996 FSC

Picturesque furniture The idea of the picturesque, white painted garden furniture goes all the way back to Skagen’s golden age, when artists such as Krøyer, Ancher and Drachmann took their inspiration from the unique scenery and special light that characterises the northern tip of Denmark. Pictures from this era show the first examples of characteristic white Skagen furniture made by local cabinetmakers. This was the furniture and the aura that surrounded them as they stood in beautiful gardens amidst the picturesque scenery that inspired the modern white-painted furniture we produce today. All white-painted furniture is produced from FSC-certified eucalyptus.



DRACHMANN Design: Bernt Santesson

The symbol of Danish garden furniture design The Drachmann line is the quintessence of classic Scandinavian garden furniture design. This timeless furniture classic with the familiar cross back has several decades and remains one of our most popular items of furniture. This proves there are true classics even when it comes to outdoor furniture.

Drachmann Table 55

Drachmann Table

Drachmann Bench 120

Drachmann Bench 165

Drachmann Bench 200

W×L×H: 55×55×45 cm

W×H: 86×72 cm

W×D×H: 129×58×86 cm

W×D×H: 165×58×86 cm

W×D×H: 209,5×58×86 cm

White | S1082000

L 156 cm: White | S1082015 L 190 cm: White | S1082020

White | S1100505

White | S1100510

White | S1100515

FSC Eukalyptus

FSC Eukalyptus

FSC Eukalyptus

FSC Eukalyptus

FSC Eukalyptus



DRACHMANN Design: Bernt Santesson

Strong, lustrous paintwork Our white furniture is painted using a special method developed over several decades. This painting process consists of several steps and results in a full, lustrous finish that is also as strong as can be. The art begins before the actual painting process, when the wood is being dried to the optimum level of humidity to minimise expansion and contraction of the wood. This provides the base for the elegant white surface which is particularly suitable for outdoor use.


Drachmann Table Ø126

Drachmann Table 86

Drachmann Chair

Ø×H: 126×72 cm

W×L×H: 86×86×72 cm

W×D×H: 73×58×86 cm

White | S1082005

White | S1082010

White | S1100520

FSC Eukalyptus

FSC Eukalyptus

FSC Eukalyptus


ANCHER Design: Søren Slebo

Classic with a modern cut Despite its classic appearance and historical name, Ancher is a modern alternative to our other classic ranges. It is distinguished by its light styling and pure, clean lines. This makes Ancher the ideal choice if you are looking for garden furniture where the materials and the manufacturing process are based on sound traditions, and the design has a modern cut.


Ancher Chair

Ancher Table

Ancher Bench

W×D×H: 62×60,5×87,5 cm

W×L×H: 150×78×71 cm

W×D×H: 152,5×60,5×87,5 cm

White | S1132300

White | S1132100

White | S1132200

FSC Eukalyptus

FSC Eukalyptus

FSC Eukalyptus


SELANDIA Design: Anders Hegelund & Lars Hegelund

Selandia Table Ø94 Ø×H: 94×70 cm White | S1401015 FSC Eukalyptus

Selandia Chair W×D×H: 44,5×47,5×85,5 cm White | S1401007 FSC Eukalyptus

Selandia Table 147 W×L×H: 75×147×68 cm White | S1401010 FSC Eukalyptus

Maritime and comfortable Selandia is the undisputed classic when it comes to functional folding furniture. The inspiration comes from the light, spacesaving furniture used on the old Atlantic steamers, which were easy to fold up and clear away when the sun went down. Selandia is a modern version of these items of maritime furniture. The well-thoughtout design gives the chair unique sitting comfort.


Selandia Table 75

Selandia Arm Chair

W×L×H: 75×75×68 cm

W×D×H: 56×58×88 cm

White | S1401012

White | S1401005

FSC Eukalyptus

FSC Eukalyptus



The original deckchair Jutlandia more than meets all expectations of how a proper deckchair should look and has echoes of big cruise ships of the past on the seven seas. The classic deckchair is made with comfortable armrests, integrated leg support and a high back for impressively good comfort. The foot support can be tucked away under the chair.

Jutlandia W×L×H: 59×140×89 cm White | S1500500 FSC Eukalyptus



ADIRONDACK Design: Hans Thyge

American-style recliner The Adirondack Chair is also popularly known as “the American Recliner”. The chair can be traced back to the majestic Adirondack mountains in the American State of New York. With its simple, geometrical shapes, the Adirondack is in harmonious visual balance from all angles. Combined with the accompanying footstool the chair takes on the shape and appearance of a romantic little bridge. One pleasant detail about the chair is that the large horizontal armrest makes an excellent little resting place for a cool drink in the summer.


Adirondack Foodstool

Adirondack Chair

W×D×H: 50×91,5×40 cm

W×D×H: 77×96×94,5 cm

White | S1500551

White | S1500550

FSC Eukalyptus

FSC Eukalyptus


Hand-made wicker furniture design Our wicker furniture is developed as an interaction of the proud traditions of wicker craftsmanship, a consistent, innovative style and the most modern wickerware technology. It creates a beautiful harmony between maritime-inspired design and hand-made wickerware. All the items of furniture are woven from our unique SunLoom速 fibres, which have a ribbed surface structure and are capable of withstanding the changeable summer weather without requiring any maintenance.



ST. THOMAS Design, Arm Chair: William Teng

The chair that does it all

SunLoom® fibre

It is classic and elegant at the same time. It offers

The SunLoom® fibre was developed

eminent sitting comfort. It functions both as a

to meet the strictest functional and

dining chair and as a stand-alone chair. It is equally


suitable for use outdoors or indoors. And it can

garden furniture. The fibre comprises

withstand just about anything. It is no coincidence

a polyester fibrous core to ensure that

that the St. Thomas Chair has become extremely

the thread retains its shape 100 %. The

popular and forms the basis of a whole line of

surface texture is like twine, and it is at-

exclusive wicker furniture.

tractive to look at and pleasant to the St. Thomas Arm Chair W×D×H: 63×62×86 cm SunLoom®


Black | S1510100 Brown | S1510200 Sand | S1510155




touch. Furniture woven in SunLoom® requires minimal maintenance and retains its shape and colour year after year. 21

ST. THOMAS Design: Hans Thyge

Compact laminate The tabletop on the St. Thomas table is made of compact laminate. This is a very strong material, made by compressing more than 100 layers of special paper under very high pressure. This results in elegant tabletops that are extremely durable and retain their shape. The tabletop is black on one side and grey on the other, so you can vary the colour of the tabletop as you wish.

Elegant, practical sunlounger The streamlined St. Thomas Sun Lounger looks lovely on the patio or in the garden. The adjustable (five-position) back enables you to always find the perfect position – regardless of whether you wish to be upright for reading, slightly lower for resting or lying flat to enjoy the warm rays of sunshine to the full. The sunlounger’s fine point is the removable teak side table. Anyone who has ever lain on a sunlounger is familiar with the problem of having nowhere to put things. Here you have a table close to hand.


St. Thomas Table 90

St. Thomas Table 150

St. Thomas Table 210

St. Thomas Sun Lounger

W×L×H: 90×90×75 cm SunLoom®

W×L×H: 90×150×75 cm SunLoom®

W×L×H: 90×210×75 cm SunLoom®

W×L×H: 205×68×40 cm SunLoom®/Teak

Black | S1540000 Brown | S1540005 Sand | S1540035

Black | S1540010 Brown | S1540015 Sand | S1540030

Black | S1540020 Brown | S1540025 Sand | S1540040

Black | S1510250 Sand | S1510255 23

ST. THOMAS Design: Designit A/S

St. Thomas Sofa W×D×H: 150×67×74 cm SunLoom® Black | S1510550 Brown | S1510555 Sand | S1510560

St. Thomas Lounge Table W×L×H: 72×72×30 cm Teak | S1510500

St. Thomas Side Table 35 W×L×H: 35,5×35,5×30 cm Teak | S1510505

St. Thomas Side Table 46

Lounge atmosphere on the patio

B×L×H: 46×46×41 cm Teak | S1510510

The eminent comfort of the St. Thomas chair takes on an extra dimension in the St. Thomas Lounge Chair W×D×H: 74×67×74 cm SunLoom® Black | S1510300 Brown | S1510350 Sand | S1510355

lounge version, where the chair’s soft shapes and gently feathered wickerwork structure are exploited to create the ultimate piece of lounge furniture for outdoor use. Beautiful, comfortable and totally

St. Thomas Pouffe

maintenance free.

W×D×H: 47×47×37,5 cm SunLoom®


Black | S1510400 Brown | S1510450 Sand | S1510455




Design: Hans Thyge

Design: Hans Thyge

Daybed with the wind in its sails

Uncluttered minimalism

The design of the Scirocco Daybed was in-

square styling. The uncluttered, elegant

spired by a sail blowing in the wind. This is

and downright masculine look makes for

the direct reason for the billowing skirting

an exciting contrast with the soft, light and

and the large unbroken surface. The sculp-

more feminine wickerwork. This chair is

tural daybed can be used as both a recli-

extremely suitable for outdoor and indoor

ner and an extra bench in the garden. The


Mistral is a minimalist armchair with simple,

design of the accompanying light and airy cushion for the back of the head was inspi-

Scirocco Daybed

Mistral Arm Chair

red by a fish trap to emphasise the sensa-

W×L×H: 70×200×40 cm SunLoom®

W×D×H: 65×54,4×79,5 cm SunLoom®

Black | S1530530

Black | S1520000 Brown | S1520005

tion of wind and current.

With Headrest



COCO Design: Hans Thyge

Furniture design in a nutshell As the name suggests, the inspiration for Coco comes from a coconut cut through diagonally. The chair is an attractive, sculptural piece of garden furniture and at the same time a comfortable lounge chair for balmy summer evenings. A pouffe is also available with the chair. The pouffe can be fitted with a plate of toughened glass so that it can serve as a little side table.


Coco Lounge Chair

Coco Pouffe

Glass for Coco Pouffe

Coco Bean

W×D×H: 93×91×80 cm SunLoom®

Ø×H: 42×32,5 cm SunLoom®

Ø×H: 60×0,8 cm

W×D×H: 149×92×78 cm SunLoom®

Black | S1520030 Sand | S1520050

Black | S1520035 Sand | S1520055

Incl. cushion

Tempered glass, 8 mm | S1520040

Black | S1520060 Sand | S1520065 Incl. cushion


Modern maritime design The Ocean series were inspired by modern, streamlined sailing boats evoking visions of distant horizons and the open sea. Thus, Ocean’s design is a beautiful, modern continuation of Skagerak Denmark’s maritime history. The functional and innovative ­materials underpin the elegant modern design of the furniture and help give the line an international cut.



OCEAN Design: Hans Thyge

Highly strung, light design Highly strung around a steel frame to produce unique sitting comfort. The strings spread out in a pleasant way that ventilates the body and ensures you do not slide to and fro in your seat. The Ocean String chair is made of a specially developed version of the SunLoom® fibre. It has a shiny surface that is easy to clean, and a polyester fibrous core to ensure that the strings retain their shape.

Teak with rubber joints The Ocean table with teak tabletop is available as a classic version with teak slats and a version where the space between slats is filled in with black rubber joints. This beautiful table is inspired by exclusive yachts where the deck is often made of stable, weather-resistant teak combined with flexible rubber joints.

Ocean Table, teak

Extension plate 50 cm

Ocean Table, teak

Extension plate 50 cm

Ocean String Chair

W×H: 85×73 cm Teak/Stainless steel

Teak/Stainless steel

W×H: 85×73 cm Teak/Stainless steel

Teak/Stainless steel

W×D×H: 56×60,5×75,5 cm SunLoom®/Stainless steel

L: 142 | S1380140 L: 201 | S1380120 32

For L: 142 | S1380122 For L: 201 | S1380121

L: 142 | S1380145 L: 201 | S1380125 With rubber joint filler

For L: 142 | S1380124 For L: 201 | S1380123

Black | S1380800

With rubber joint filler


OCEAN Design: Hans Thyge


Ocean Table

Extension plate 47 cm

Ocean Chair

Ocean Chair

W×L×H: 80×142×73 cm ASA Plastic/Stainless steel

ASA Plastic/Stainless steel

W×D×H: 56×58,5×75 cm ASA Plastic/Stainless steel

W×D×H: 56×58,5×75 cm ASA Plastic/Stainless steel

White | S1380200

Black | S1380300

White | S1380100 34

White | S1380110

ASA plastic

Stainless steel rusts when used out-

The moulded chair shells and tabletops in

doors if left untreated. STAINPROOF


the Ocean line are made of ASA plastic.

is a brand-new mechanical finish deve-

This is exceptionally resistant to ultraviolet

loped by Skagerak Denmark for treating

rays enabling it to retain its colour and

stainless steel. This finish makes the

lustre even if exposed to strong sunlight.

surface extremely resistant to surface

ASA tolerates large fluctuations in tempe-

rust. At the same time, it provides an

rature and pressure and also flexes easily

elegant, almost soft, silky matt surface

to provide maximum comfort. In short,

that is delightful to the touch and beau-

ASA is the ideal synthetic material for out-

tiful to look at.

door furniture.


Fibre concrete


The Ocean table cast in fibrous concrete has a rustic,

Design: Hans Thyge

raw radiance because if its heavy, solid concrete tabletop. The tabletop is made of a blend of cement, quartz sand and fibreglass that is far more resistant to water and frost than ordinary concrete. The tabletop is coloured charcoal grey and will change colour over time to take on lighter shades of grey, accentuating the raw look.

Ocean Table, fibre concrete W×H: 85×73 cm Fibre concrete/Stainless steel L: 142 | S1380155 L: 201 | S1380150

Ocean Café Table Ø×H: 65×72 cm ASA Plastic/Stainless steel White | S1380175

Powerful accentuation of the lightweight design

Ocean Café Table, compact laminate Ø×H: 80×73 cm Compact laminate/Stainless steel

It is as if the thin, strong material known

Black | S1380165

as compact laminate was just made for the light, elegant styling that is characteristic of the Ocean line. At only 12 mm thick, it is almost as if the black tabletop is hovering over its frame. Despite its light and airy appearance, however, this is a very strong, Ocean Table, compact laminate

Extension plate 50 cm

sturdy table. The smooth, matt surface is

B×H: 85×73 cm Compact laminate/Stainless steel

Compact laminate/Stainless steel

scratch-resistant, waterproof, UV-stable

L: 142 | S1380170 L: 201 | S1380190 36

For L: 142 | S1380171 For L: 201 | S1380191

and extremely easy to clean. 37

The ideal type of wood Teak is far and away the best type of wood for garden furniture. This wood is strong, stable and very easy to work with. At the same time, teak has a uniquely high content of natural, impregnating oils that give it the capacity to resist rot and mould. Accordingly, quality teak furniture can be used outdoors all year round with no treatment required other than regular cleaning. If you want to preserve the beautiful colour interplay and dark tones, you need to apply oil to the furniture.



DRACHMANN Design: Bernt Santesson

Wooden furniture with Skagen roots Like the white-painted version, teak Drachmann garden furniture takes its inspiration from old Skagen. This wood really comes into its own in the coastal areas. Breezes, rain, strong sunlight and, of course, the high level of salt in the atmosphere would make most types of wood perish after a few years. But with its unique properties, teak is able to resist even extreme effects of the weather. All that happens is that it develops an attractive silvery-grey patina, just as you see with the deck of a ship.


Drachmann Chair

Drachmann Bench 120

Drachmann Bench 165

Drachmann Bench 200

Drachmann Table 55

Drachmann Table 86

Drachmann Table 156

Drachmann Table Ø126

W×D×H: 73×58×86 cm

W×D×H: 129×58×86 cm

W×D×H: 165×58×86 cm

W×D×H: 209,5×58×86 cm

W×L×H: 55×55×45 cm

W×L×H: 86×86×72 cm

W×L×H: 86×155×72 cm

Ø×H: 126×72 cm

Teak | S1040520

Teak | S1040505

Teak | S1040510

Teak | S1040515

Teak | S1042000

Teak | S1042010

Teak | S1042015

Teak | S1042005


SELANDIA Design: Anders Hegelund & Lars Hegelund

Maritime and comfortable Selandia is the undisputed classic when it comes to functional folding furniture. The inspiration comes from the light, spacesaving furniture used on the old Atlantic cruise ships, which were easy to fold up and clear away when the sun went down. Selandia is a modern version of these items of maritime furniture. The well-thoughtout design gives the chair unique sitting comfort.

Selandia Table

Extension plate 50 cm

Selandia Table 75

Selandia Arm Chair

W×L×H: 100×180×73 cm

Teak | S1450525

W×L×H: 75×75×68 cm

W×D×H: 56×58×88 cm

Teak | S1400512

Teak | S1400505

Teak | S1450520



BALLARE Design: Jakob Berg

The dancing chair “Ballare” means to dance in Italian, and the inspiration for the Ballare range was a dancer. This is evident from the attractive curves of the chair, accentuating the dancer’s poise: proud, straight and supple. The elegant, feminine curves help to give the chair its sculptural look.

Ballare Table w/rubber joint filler

Ballare Table

W×D×H: 56×56×86 cm Teak | S1505100

W×L×H: 90×196/296×73 cm

Teak | S1505200

Ballare Chair

Teak | S1505300

W×L×H: 90×196/296×73 cm With 2 extension leaves

With 2 extension leaves



GRENEN Design: Mogens Holmriis

The quintessence of genuine garden atmosphere Grenen is a contemporary reinterpretation of the garden furniture, steeped in tradition, found in the formal gardens of the 19th century. Today’s version emphasises comfort, while maintaining the classic cosy ambience. The furniture is produced using solid teak slats, which are mounted on a frame of galvanised, green- or white-painted steel.

Grenen Chair

Grenen Arm Chair

Grenen Table 120

W×D×H: 47×58×92 cm

W×D×H: 64×58×92 cm

W×L×H: 77×122,5×74 cm

Teak/White Metal | S1406003 Teak/Green Metal | S1407003

Teak/White Metal | S1406005 Teak/Green Metal | S1407005

Teak/White Metal | S1406015 Teak/Green Metal | S1407015 47

GRENEN Design: Mogens Holmriis

Nostalgia in shades of green and white The nostalgic Grenen furniture comes in both a traditional green-painted frame and in a newly developed white-painted version. The seat and back of both models is of solid teak which will change colour over time into lovely shades of silvergrey, accentuating the furniture’s historical origins.


Grenen Bench

Grenen Table Ø75

Grenen Chair

W×D×H: 122×58×92 cm

Ø×H: 75×72,5 cm

W×D×H: 47×58×92 cm

Teak/White Metal | S1406020 Teak/Green Metal | S1407020

Teak/White Metal | S1406018 Teak/Green Metal | S1407018

Teak/White Metal | S1406003 Teak/Green Metal | S1407003 49

VENDIA Design: Mogens Holmriis

Furniture for little cosy corners The Vendia line is characterised by its practical elegance, making it the obvious choice when space is at a premium. This is why they make ideal furnishings for balconies, small patios and the suntrap in your garden. These are items of folding furniture, and the chair provides an eminently comfort able seat.


Vendia Table Ø75

Vendia Chair

Ø×H: 75×67 cm

W×D×H: 41×52,5×82,5 cm

Teak | S1600400

Teak | S1600522




Design: Jakob Berg

Design: Povl B. Eskildsen

Multi-function furniture of outstanding design The Riviera plank sunbed is a unique combination of stylistically consistent design and high functionality. The elegant lattice principle makes the Rivera a light piece of furniture with a style all its own. The lattice principle also gives it the refinement of variable length, so it can function as a comfortable plank sunbed, a practical bench or a low table.

The practical garden sculpture Lido’s elegant, supple style makes it a little piece of sculpture its own right. At the same time, it is comfortable, weather resistant and very useful outdoors and indoors. The table cloth is made of Texteline, a weather-resistant, dimensionally stable synthetic material. This ensures that the Lido

chair retains its beautiful shape even after


W×L×H: 55×133×92 cm

many years of use.

W×L×H: 73×115/202×33 cm

Teak/Texteline | S1580520


Teak | S1701505



Indestructible English class


The England Bench has a sturdy construction and is virtually indestructible. The classic design reminiscent of an English garden makes the bench an elegant piece of furniture in the garden and on the patio. At the same time, with its combination of durability and elegance, the bench is ideal for public spaces.

A bench with design as the priority Facet is a solid teak bench with great architectural qualities. Its taut, stylistically consistent composition and slightly curved back and sides distinguish the bench as a beautiful and distinctive design object, whatever purpose it is used for.

A deckchair with several positioning options The maritime atmosphere from the great cruise ships has been transferred most attractively to the Steamer deckchair. The chair has five positioning options to enable you to find just the sitting position you desire.


Steamer, adjustable

England Bench

Facet Bench

W×L×H: 58×163×100 cm

W×D×H: 152×63×89 cm

W×D×H: 160×55×81 cm

Teak | S1550505

Teak | S1350505

Teak | S1300515



Cushions with true tailoring For most of our garden furniture, we have designed cushions specifically for the individual item of furniture. The core is high-quality high-resilience foam, while the cover material is sturdy cotton. This offers impressive comfort, while adding the finishing touch to the furniture. The surface of the cushions is practical, as it has been specially treated to be dirt and water repellent. You will feel even more reluctant to get up out of our furniture if it is fitted


• • • • •

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n, an D


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Grey Grey Mionetta

• • • • •







• • • • •
















out with our tailored cushions.



Under full sail Just as when a sailing ship is most beautiful when all sails are set, the finishing touch for a set of garden furniture is a beautiful umbrella. Our umbrellas are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials. Our sturdy umbrella feet keep your umbrella upright when a summer breeze tautens the canvas.

Messina Ø210 cm

Messina Ø270 cm

Messina 300×300 cm

Umbrella Cover

Atlantis Ø330 cm

Atlantis 330×330 cm

Capri Umbrella Foot 30 kg

Capri Umbrella Foot 50 kg

Pole, Ø×H: 3,5×220 cm

Pole, Ø×H: 3,5×250 cm

Pole, Ø×H: 4,8×270 cm

PVC coated polyester

Pole, Ø×H: 4,8×285 cm

Pole, Ø×H: 4,8×285 cm

Meranti | S1910100

Meranti | S1910110 Aluminium | S1910115

Meranti | S1910120 Aluminium | S1910125

For square umbrellas | S1910200 For round umbrellas | S1910210

Meranti | S1910090

Meranti | S1910095

Ø×H: 50×43 cm Pole, max Ø4 cm

Ø×H: 60×45 cm Pole, max Ø5 cm

Foot min. 42 kg

Foot min. 42 kg



Foot min. 42 kg



PANTRY MODUL Design: Maria Zachariae

Beautiful, sturdy workplace The Pantry Module tables were designed to function as a beautiful sturdy workplace for the garden – next to the barbecue grill, for storing items or as an exclusive worktable for potting or planting plants. Naturally, however, the table can also be used indoors, where the Pantry Module 1 in particular has made its way into kitchens and family rooms. The frame and shelves are of teak and the worktable is of fibrous concrete.


Pantry Modul 1

Pantry Modul 2

W×L×H: 60×63×91,5 cm

W×L×H: 60×114×91,5 cm

Teak/Fibre concrete | S1600810

Teak/Fibre concrete | S1600820



The Olympic flame in your garden The Firebowl is a sure-fire way of creating a cosy evening atmosphere in your garden. The exclusive black cast-iron hot plate keeps the fire in check and adds a beautiful contrast to the flames. The Firebowl can also be used as a barbecue when combined with the associated stainless steel grill.

Seeing the garden torch in a new light The Oil Torch is a beautiful garden ornament – whether it is lit or not. In the evening hours, there is an air of cosiness and romance when you light the torch; during the day, it stands as a beautiful, stylish slender column in the garden. The torch is made of powder-coated aluminium. It has a built-in safety function that prevents the oil from escaping if knocked over.

Barbecue Set L: 41 cm Teak/Stainless steel Barbecue Fork | S1600280 Barbecue Palette Knife | S1600285 Barbecue Tongs | S1600290


Barbecue Skewer


Steel Grill

Oil Torch

Foot f/Oil Torch

W×L×H: 65,2×3,6×1 cm

Ø×H: 58×19 cm

Ø×H: 56×4,3 cm

Ø×H: 7×148 cm

Ø×H: 23×12 cm

Teak/Stainless steel | S1810530

Cast Iron | S1810512

Stainless steel | S1810525

Black aluminium/ Meranti | S1991415

Concrete | S1991416



Lean W×D×H: 45×50×47,5 cm Laminated birch


Walnut veneer | S1530000

W×D×H: 45×50×47,5 cm Laminated birch Black melamine | S1530005

Dania Beach Chair W×D×H: 38×61×57 cm Teak | S1530050

Fun and games in the garden Working with furniture designer Hans Thyge and Japanese designer Akiko Kuwahata, have developed two exclusive versions of the classic garden games, croquet and pétanque. Both games are delivered in elegant teak boxes so that they are easy to move around and beautiful to behold – even when packed away.


Akiko Croquet

Akiko Petanque


L×W×H: 30×21,2×50 cm

L×W×H: 28×21,5×12 cm

Teak/Hot-dip galvanised steel

Teak | S1994020

Teak | S1994000

W×D×H: 60,4×41×3,1 cm | S1935115 W×D×H: 75,8×51,5×3,1 cm | S1935116 65

Simple, sculptural styling The stylish Cutter range set out to challenge the nostalgic and romantic design that had typified wooden garden benches for many years. Accordingly, designer Niels Hvass focused his design on the clean-cut, simple and sculptural styling and created a bench that is so striking in its idiom and has such a broad field of applications that it is among our most popular furniture today.



CUTTER Design: Niels Hvass

From bench to furniture line Starting from a single bench, the Cutter design has been continuously developed into a line that now consists of a range of beautifully designed utility products for the entire home. Teak, oak and stainless steel are the recurring materials, and the exclusive implementation bears witness to uncompromising cabinetmaking that is steeped in tradition.


Cutter Bench 120

Cutter Bench 160

Cutter Box

Cutter Box

Cutter Mini-Wardrobe

W×D×H: 121×40×43,5

W×D×H: 159,5×40×43,5

W×D×H: 26×30×14 cm

W×D×H: 30×36×34 cm

Teak | S1920400 Oak | S1920405 Black | S1920403

Teak | S1920410

Teak | S1920430 Oak | S1920435 Black | S1920433

Teak | S1920420 Oak | S1920425 Black | S1920423

W×D×H: 30,8×30,2×18,6 cm Stainless steel Teak | S1920452 Oak | S1920451 Black | S1920454



The entire Cutter line is made in oak, teak and black lacquered oak.

Design: Niels Hvass

Cutter Wardrobe W×D×H: 120×34×13 cm Stainless steel Teak | S1920450 Oak | S1920455 Black | S1920453

The story of the Cutter bench Cutter was designed by Niels Hvass for the ”Planken Ud” exhibition, held at the Danish Museum of Art & Design in 1999. The idea of the exhibition was for young

Cutter Coat Rack 72

Cutter Coat Rack 100

Coat Hanger Pilot

W×D×H: 72×8,6/11,8×7 cm Stainless steel

W×D×H: 100×8,6/11,8×7 cm Stainless steel

Stainless steel

Teak | S1920483 Oak | S1920482 Black | S1920484

Teak | S1920481 Oak | S1920480 Black | S1920489

Teak | S1600607-1 Oak | S1600606 Black | S1600602

furniture designers to create new furniture using a plank. The final solutions and rights for them were sold at a Bruun Rasmussen auction and the proceeds were donated to a special foundation. Skagerak Denmark bought the rights to the Cutter bench and since that time, the design has been expanded into a whole furniture line.


Cutter Hooks 3

Cutter Hooks 5

W×D×H: 18×3,6×4,6 cm Stainless steel

W×D×H: 30×3,6×4,6 cm Stainless steel

Teak | S1920490 Oak | S1920492 Black | S1920494

Teak | S1920491 Oak | S1920493 Black | S1920495

Cutter Mirror, Vertical

Cutter Stool

W×D×H: 50×5,7×110 cm

W×D×H: 40×40×43,5 cm

Teak/Glass | S1920440 Oak/Glass | S1920445 Black | S1920443

Teak | S1920460 Oak | S1920465 Black | S1920466 71

Sterling craftsmanship, indoors and outdoors The underlying parameters for developing quality furniture for outdoor use are of equal value when creating indoor furniture. ­Taking the trouble, respecting the materials and creating innovative solutions based on best practice and traditions. This is the basis of our furniture – outdoors and indoors.





Design: Hans Thyge

Design: Tepf Parker

Classic elegance The Classic folding chair is an exclusive development of the familiar director’s chair. The lightweight folding chair is shrouded in cosy elegance and will look great by the fireplace, in the office or in the lobby.

Simply solid Regatta furniture is Danish furnituremaking craftsmanship at its best. The table weighs 70 kg. The slow-growing Canadian oak is extremely hard. The selection of the wood takes place with almost exaggerated perfectionism, and most of the processing of wooden parts and weaving of wicker chair seats is done by hand.


Regatta Chair

Regatta Arm Chair

Regatta Table

Extension plate 45 cm, black

Classic Chair

Classic Chair

Director’s Chair

Director’s Chair

W×D×H: 48×50×78 cm

W×D×H: 60×50×78 cm

W×L×H: 92×205×72 cm

Linoleum | S1508125

Soaped Oak | S1508200

Soaped Oak | S1508250

Soaped Oak | S1508100

W×D×H: 56×60×90 cm Leather

W×D×H: 56×60×90 cm Leather

W×D×H: 57×43×87,5 cm Teak

W×D×H: 57×43×87,5 cm Teak

Teak | S1990578

Oak | S1990576

Texteline | S1900584

Canvas | S1900585 75



Design: Jakob Berg

Design: Designit

Flexible drawer and shelving system Dock is a drawer and shelving system that can elegantly and informally be used for storing and decorating throughout the home. The line includes a chargerdrawer, a drawer module and an open model without drawers.

The design is

classic Skagerak with a solid, dovetailed cabinet in exclusive teak and a black drawer front painted with rubber paint that is beautiful to look at and pleasant to touch.

Take it easy The designer Jakob Berg is known for creating furniture with soft curves, beautiful details and minimal use of materials. His chair, Easy Chair, is an exquisite exponent of all three design ideals. The beautifully turned curves give the chair a sculptural quality. The elegant details include Easy Chair’s attractive joints,


Easy Footstool

Easy Chair

W×D×H: 44×57×38,5 cm

W×D×H: 66×84,5×102,5 cm

white-oiled oak/ dark grey wool | S1509141

white-oiled oak/ dark grey wool | S1509140

which bear witness to the eminent handi-

Dock Chargerdrawer

Dock Drawer

Dock Shelf

craft behind the creation of the chair. A

W×D×H: 42,1×26×18 cm

W×D×H: 42,1×26×18 cm

W×D×H: 42,1×26×18 cm

chair which is both classic and modern

Teak | S1930110

Teak | S1930100

Teak | S1930120

with outstanding sitting comfort. 77


Practical quality for your entire home Our range also includes a range of small furniture that can be used throughout the home. There are stools, small tables, boxes and a comprehensive range of handicrafts and gift items. Explore the entire range at


Nautic Table 53

Nautic Table Ø62

Nautic Folding Seat

Nautic Laundry Container

Dania Step Ladder

Dania Stool

Fionia Stool

Royal Chair

W×L×H: 53×53×50 cm

Ø×H: 62×50 cm

W×D×H: 34,6×35,8×8,5 cm

W×D×H: 48×48×70,5 cm

W×D×H: 36,6×37,6×50,7 cm

W×D×H: 38×34,5×27,5 cm

W×D×H: 40×33,5×44 cm

W×D×H: 64,5×37×58,5 cm

Teak | S1600535

Teak | S1600530

Teak | S1600524

Teak | S1600690

Teak | S1600517

Teak | S1600630

Teak | S1600505 Black | S1600532

Teak | S1600510


Jakob Berg, MDD Ballare – Lido

Tilde Nygaard, MDD & Hugo Dines Schmidt, MDD, VE2 St. Thomas Lounge – Ass. Accessories

Designed for generations When we point out that our products are “designed for generations”, we don’t simply mean that we use the best materials. We also choose skilled designers to bring our visions to life. That is why we collaborate with a permanent team of designers and architects to create products that unite the designers’ ideas with your ­needs and our product philosophy. This gives each piece of furniture a strongly individual ­identity that nevertheless blends into the overall concept.

Hans Sandgren Jakobsen, MDD Lean

Niels Hvass, MAA Cutter

Hans Thyge, MDD Mistral – Ocean – Regatta – Scirocco – Ass. Furniture and Accessories



High quality is environmentally responsible Skagerak Denmark A/S constantly strives to deliver

A sustainable partnership

the highest achievable quality throughout the value

Our products are mainly manufactured in Thailand

chain. Accordingly, quality is also a matter of socially

and Indonesia. Here, we collaborate with a small

and environmentally responsible production based

handful of suppliers. We are a very large customer to

on sustainable, renewable resources – and, just as

them and we are both interested in a long-term part-

important, having respect for the people who are

nership. This means we are able to exert maximum

­affected by the manufacture of our products in one

influence on production processes and conditions in

way or another.

the companies that supply to us, so we are able to work for ongoing environmental improvements.

Environmental responsibility also extends to the service life of products. When you choose a quality

For instance, it is crucial for occupational health rea-

product in a design you like, it will last many years

sons that employees do not have to work in dust-filled

– in terms of both its functionality and its aesthetic

environments. Accordingly, we have been instrumen-

qualities. This way, you minimise the environmental

tal in bringing about the installation of extraction and

impact of extracting raw materials, production and

ventilation facilities. At the same time, we ensure that

transportation. There is a big difference whether a

basic safety gear is available on site and we make sure

suite of furniture lasts twenty years or whether you

the employees are thoroughly trained in how to use it.

replace your furniture four or five times in twenty ­years – even in purely environmental terms.

Precisely because we collaborate with supplies over the long term, they are very open to dialogue, and we

White furniture made from FSC-certified wood

use this to develop and improve the working environ-

It is our declared intention that, as far as possible and

ment for employees.

as far as is justifiable in terms of quality, we must and we will use FSC-certified wood. This has led, among

Code of Conduct

other things, to all our white-painted furniture now

All manufacturers of Skagerak Denmark A/S pro­

being produced using FSC-certified eucalyptus.

ducts adopt our Code of Conduct, through which they undertake not to use child labour, to buy all

Teak from Indonesian plantations

wood legally, to ensure optimum working conditions

Our garden furniture in teak is produced mainly by

for employees and to participate actively in making

our two Indonesian partners from Indonesian plan-

­ongoing improvements of manufacturing conditions

tation wood. The Indonesian plantations are very

for the purpose of maximising plant safety, etc.

old which enables them to supply timber from trees that are old enough to have developed the core substances which are essential for teak’s unique weather ­resistance and extremely long service life.

This brochure has been printed in compliance with Nordic Swan requirements. The paper is from well-managed forest, and other controlled sources.



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