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With the rapid growth of the Internet, children and adults have the ability to learn and educate themselves with this online library of media. Unfortunately it contains the most outrageous and sick content in history - which seems to spread the fastest being viewed by thousands of minors a day. With X-Rated content just a simple click away, parental control computer software needs to be taken seriously - before the damage is done. This kind of content could warp any adults mind, never mind a Child's. You shouldn't let one bad apple spoil the basket - The internet is an excellent educational tool when proper protection and supervision is taken into action. Several reasons why it's vital to install parental control computer software: oLog conversations in chat rooms Store chat room and instant messaging conversations in a private folder, which you can review anytime. Prevent malicious characters getting in contact with your children. oStore browser history Collect and save users browser history - even when the user deletes or clears the history folder. oBlock specific websites Block inappropriate and time-wasting websites. oBlock software installations Prevent installation of unacceptable software that could harm or corrupt the system. Stop software installing which bypass security. There are several sources online which show you how to configure protection on system. Although, I found it really difficult and only really useful to the tech savvy. I can just imagine screwing up the family system with these heavy tweaks. The easiest method for me was installing parental control computer software. All setup in 5 minutes and I can keep tabs on the kids without them even knowing! ==== ==== You really need to take this serious if you are a parent. Take your responsibility and buy a parental control software and protect your children from all online threats today. Click here if you want to know more about this product. ==== ====

Parental Control Computer Software