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Global recession has caused many businesses and firms halting their operations and opting to go for downsizing. Leaving large number of people out of work, let alone in January 2011, unemployment was high as 9.8 percent in U.S. This has been a huge setback for many of the new graduating from universities. With gloomy future ahead, many are thinking to redirect their approaches from traditional way to seek job, using social media as medium proves to be vital for their success in professional career. Apart from getting jobs through social media, like BranchOut and Linked inn, and other such sites, young graduates are also becoming an entrepreneur which has been in their favor. Working round the clock and making things work has matured most of them before time and for the better. This degree of hard work would not have otherwise been witnessed if these young guns were employed in some firm; it takes much more then blood sweat and tears to make your own firm grow. Apart from this, a lot of university students already have jobs when they are barely into their second year. This smart decision enables them to collect experience at various firms and industries, which can prove to be fruitful when they finally graduate and enter the real world. So besides going for the traditional approach, try social media not only to stay connected with friends and family but also as to enhance your career possibilities.

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Global Recession and Unemployment